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I suppose I've spent the majority of my adult life being moderately left wing. My frame of mind traditionally is from a 'live and let live' framework - with a belief in equality - but a belief in equality which was tempered by the fact that in the west at least that whatever demographic you pointed at, the members were basically treated equally to other demographics. Albeit, equally awfully in some contexts. I would have unquestioningly described myself as a feminist, I would have supported the concept of welcoming people from anywhere. How could that be wrong?

Feminism was the point where the entire narrative started to fall apart for me. I stumbled upon a PDF version of a book by Esther Vilar called The Manipulated Man, which was written back in the heyday of modern Feminism - and questioned much of the Feminist grievance narrative. In many cases, Vilar turned conventional Feminist wisdom on its head, to show that in many domestic and more macro contexts, it was men doing the bidding of women throughout their lives right from childhood, that formed much of the framework of modern society (I won't go on too much, worth a read)

I have to say, this book made me even more cross when my wife confirmed a great deal of what had been written regarding how women engage with men. Anyway, life goes on and I dismissed it as anachronistic, until one year my brother visits for Christmas and shows me a YouTuber called Karen Straughan (an anti-Feminist) - and this is where the entire Feminism onion got peeled so resolutely for me, that even sleeping at night was challenging for a while; my brain wouldn't cease processing the arguments - and well, that's cognitive dissonance for you.

Feminism is such a political quagmire and so poisoned at this point, that even the question 'Do you believe in equality for women?' is no longer directly answerable. What do you mean by 'equality'?.. equality of what?..If you mean equality of rights, legal recognition and social opportunity then it should exist - but why does that require my belief when it's already a long established fact for women in the west? So even within that sub-categorisation of what you might mean by 'equality', I still can't answer the question because by doing so means I believe in it - which contains an inherent agreement from me that I think that equality doesn't currently exist, which I know it does

If however by 'equality' you mean that women as a demographic on average earn less than men as a demographic, there are fewer women in politics, STEM fields, boardrooms and so on, then no I don't believe those are statistical discrepancies that innately need irradicating, or assuming the discrepancies exist because sexism is the primary (if not entirely) the driving force behind that inequality.

Just that simple question is so politically motivated and deliberately packaged to trap you - and Feminists I'm afraid to say, rather disingenuously slide between those two definitions of 'equality' to suit the context of the argument they happen to be in. And it's trapping everyone from lecturers, to school-boards, to HR departments in corporations, to politicians, to presidents and prime-ministers. These traps are providing grievance narrative with a frankly obscene amount of power over people who have no victim currency to play, and playing a large and unmandated part in our durrent political direction and nature of social discourse.

Vastly disproportionately, there are so many assistance programs for women in all aspects of their life:- education, when they leave education, when they go for jobs in the STEM field they are favoured 2:1 over males, they are out-earning their male counterparts in the 18-35 age bracket, they are being hired simply for being female and showing up to the interview, they are favoured in the court system, divorce settlements, being put in to positions of political power simply so that the leader can say their cabinet is 50/50 (this is 2018 guys, come on stop being dinosaurs)... Even the #metoo movement which was poisoned from the outset by trivial stories of men asking women out when they didn't want to be asked out. How many men's lives, careers and reputations have been destroyed already by mere accusations that happen to have originated from a woman?.. Are women becoming unquestionable deities in modern society? The absolute sanctimonious and self-righteous abuse of power going on by the grievance brigade at the moment is utterly disgraceful - and yet we seem powerless to stop the unmandated steam-roller of this postmodernist progressivism which seems to be using accusation, virtue-signalling and mass shaming tactics to force social agreement to change - rather than reasoned debate... And they're achieving outstanding success

All of this driven at it's root, by Feminism. And none of it is to do with equality - primarily, it is a postmodernist, politically weaponized attack against what western society values, because what western society values is (as far as they are concerned) as a direct result of the male, heteronormative, oppressive hierarchal social structure they call patriarchy. That's the same social structure most of us comparitively, live in very comfortably and despite its faults, has provided humanity with the most promising direction to date - by a long chalk

I'm singling out Feminism because it was where I started to walk away from the political left, but when you look at how the left is currently engaging with society, you could apply equal and sometimes identical arguments concerning all of their grievance narrative talking points. Their steam-roller of 'justice' is so far rolling on unimpeded and many ot he people in positions of power that you'd hope would put a stop to this mindless, aggressive insanity - are also equally as powerless as the rest of us, or are joint-architects of its relentless progress....

Many think the left at this point have lost the plot with grievance politics but I'd contend that it's us (including the polical sector of most countries in the west) who have lost track of the plot, and even that there is a plot. They've been hoodwinked in to believing the movement is honest and moral by all the variously adjusted manifestations of the disengenuous, yet debate-disabling question 'Don't you believe in equality for women?' The psuedo moral position that pretending to be concerned about the fate of others has provided them with, makes them a formidable destructive force against every conventional value of the west - and they appear to intend to take the lot.

Karen Straghan (AKA Girl Writes What) _karen straughan


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I am actually really happy because I am a women and I don't feel deprived of anything, I don't like jobs in the STEM field or politics but that doesn't mean I'm stupid or useless. Striving for power but not being able or interested to learn how to cook, in my opinion that's silly ( I'm refering to my mother).


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I am actually really happy because I am a women and I don't feel deprived of anything, I don't like jobs in the STEM field or politics but that doesn't mean I'm stupid or useless. Striving for power but not being able or interested to learn how to cook, in my opinion that's silly ( I'm refering to my mother).
Sure, and I think that reflects, or at least aligns with, the feelings of most women (certainly that I've spoken to on the subject) and more power to them. For me, the important thing is that women and men are equally free to pursue their lives in the way that give them whatever fulfillment they feel they need (within the boundaries of law and morality)

It's interesting that in some of the Scandinavian countries that have been most influenced and politically led by Feminist principles, it's been found that rather than this lead to equality of representation in the various professions as Feminist predictive modelling would have you believe, it's rather lead to the exact opposite. The more people are free to pursue what direction they want with their lives, secure in the knowledge they can comfortably live and make a go of it, the more men and women have tended to separate in to different career paths.

I think much of these different tendencies are lead by our different physiologies and different reproductive roles. I'm not sure what Feminism is going to do to combat this innate and inescapable barrier to their agenda, but it looks like it may include legislating that gender doesn't exist.
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