How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website


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Are you using the Dark Reader that the video discusses, or just doing the Dark Mode thing on individual websites?


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I'm using the Dark Reader for the sites that don't offer the Dark Mode possibility.
I was using Dark Reader for awhile, but found that it was REEEAAALLLY slowing down my browser. Pages were taking ages to load and sometimes wouldn't load at all. So I stopped using it. It's a shame, though, because I really like it :-(
"Dark Reader" be setup for specific sites only, like here.
  1. Set to 'On'
  2. Go to "Site List"
  3. Select "Invert Listed Only"
  4. Click on "Toggle <site domain name>" in upper left
  5. (done / repeat above for each individual site)
Pages were taking ages to load and sometimes wouldn't load at all.
It depends on how "dynamic" (concerning "refresh rate") the page elements are. (For example, Facebook would be much more slow than, say, the "Drudge Report" site.)
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Yeah, I don't use those pages much, so I haven't noticed any page loading rate change at all.... and it's nice to be able to turn this feature on or off as some pages have colors, like usgs, that don't work well, makes them look murky.

The only slowdown I've encountered recently is the latest updated Ubuntu.... yes, I could've waited for the long term support one, but..... it was there... I had time... it's mostly slowed down the startup... fan sometimes... not often....

but this Dark Mode is nicer.... nice find.
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