Imminent Alien Disclosure?

Don't the C's mentioned that there are also members in the secret orders that do more STO than the average members?
So that it is in balance...
Maybe I missremember that.
Not sure if this is the session you're thinking of, but it fits:


Q: (L) So it is necessary to have a pathway of service to self in order for the pathway of service to others to exist?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And those who are in the quorum and the illuminati ...

A: Blends in middle.

Q: (L) So it is necessary to have the darkness in order to have the light...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And it is necessary to have the Lizzies in order to have the Cassiopaeans...

A: Close.

Q: (L) And both groups evolved through the Masonic organizations..

A: Freemasonry is human reflection in physical of these processes.
And from this post:
In the Wave, Laura wrote: “We begin to see that everything is not quite as simple as we might have thought. You can’t just say that the good guys wear white hats and the bad guys wear black T-shirts. There is no easy answer. But, we knew this all along. We know it from our own natures, and from the fact that every family has black sheep and white sheep and everything in between. We can’t get on our soapbox and declare that the Masons or Illuminati are implementing a plan to control the world and take away free will. On the other hand, there may certainly be elements in both organizations and others with such plans. And, of course, the practical implication of this is the fact that the followers of the Service-to-Self pathway use their free will to violate the free will of others through lies and deceptions. And, of course, the cleverest of these lies is to blame everything that they do themselves on someone or something else while they, themselves, continue to conceal their presence and true nature.”

On the Brotherhood of the Serpent references in 11/11/95, Laura writes: “The Cassiopaeans are here indicating that there is a subtle, but distinct difference between the Brotherhood of the Serpent and the Quorum. Yes, the Quorum is a group with advanced knowledge and abilities, but their objectives and intent are to preserve Free Will for all, while the objectives of the Brotherhood are to manipulate, dominate and control others.”
Yesterday I saw the following german video (I saw the 2h version behind a pay wall):

UFO-Insider-Konferenz an der Stanford-Universität: The Sol Foundation

UFO Insider Conference at Stanford University: The Sol Foundation

The video description (DeepL translation):

Key experts, military and intelligence officials spoke at Stanford University last weekend about the planned disclosure of UFO information and materials. Robert Fleischer was there for you.

The SOL Foundation is a newly established think tank that addresses the philosophical, political and scientific implications of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). The Foundation is led by Prof. Garry Nolan from the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine and the sociocultural anthropologist Dr. Peter Skafish. SOL is legally advised by, among others, the former Inspector General of the secret services, Charles McCullough III, who also represents the whistleblower David Grusch as a lawyer.

Over two days, leading researchers from around the world discussed the various challenges associated with the disclosure of UFO information. Speakers included Harvard astronomer Prof. Avi Loeb, astronomer Dr. Beatriz Villaroel, physicist Dr. Kevin Knuth, researcher Dr. Jacques Vallée, religious scholar Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, New York Times journalist Leslie Kean, long-time intelligence scientist Dr. Harold Puthoff, Canadian Member of Parliament Larry Maguire, former US Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Tim Gallaudet, political scientist Dr. Jairus Victor Grove, former US Army Colonel Karl Nell, AI entrepreneur Jonathan Berte, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon, space medicine expert Dr. Iya Whitley, religious scholar Dr. Paul Thigpen, Rice University Dean Dr. Jeff Kripal and UFO whistleblower David Grusch.

Among the 200 invited guests were numerous high-ranking military personnel, intelligence officers and scientists as well as investors and a few journalists. Robert Fleischer was the only German to attend the conference and reports first-hand on the course that was set for the future of UFO Disclosure.

Guests at the conference had the following rules
No pictures/videos.
You can talk about what the speakers said, but not about the private conversations between them.
And this what Robert reports here.

I took the transcript of the video and translated it:
at Stanford University in California last weekend there was a high-profile ufo conference the HU
is HU of experts, military and intelligence officers debated the future of UAP research there and
about the disclosure of government information on how to protect humanity as much as possible.
that there are no human intelligences with superior technology on our planet.
what exactly is discussed there you can now find out first-hand here
First Contact Welcome back to First Contact, the programme about the most important issue facing humanity.
or if we don't watch out that it threatens to overrun us I would like to say right at the beginning if you like the
this programme seems a bit us and my statements are peppered with many contradictions then
it's because I'm still completely jet lagged 9 hours time difference between Europe and San Francisco
leave their mark especially when you have to do this jetl twice in a row but I have someone here
with me who will hopefully save my arse and that is, as always, my fabulous pomann pomann ja save your
ass ready okay um yeah so let's start right away the uh
so that right at the beginning as a uh as a warning but I would like to start before
we talk about this scference which is really the event of the decade
I really have to say that I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my book is now finally available for pre-order, so you are here what
now published by tigerpress you can pre-order it it should be ready before Christmas and uh exactly
go to the website and you will find one in this book a very
very good overview of this topic especially intended for beginners
but also for people who already know a lot about it and the implications and the
yes I'll say borderline scientific aspects of the phenomenon you will get a very very good
overview and the fact that this conference is now being held at Stanford University has also shown me that I can really
gold right with what I wrote there, both in terms of the cases and the developments
and the implications, so I think a book like this has been published in German-speaking countries in recent years.
and it's going to take some time, it's not just going to be 200 pages, that's for sure.
I think it's probably more like 400-500 pages that's not yet the case
so please get it pre-ordered I would be very happy so and now we are talking about the
conference it was a it was the
founding meeting of the Soul Foundation and oh so and so that you believe me that I was there yes so here is
my here is my my my my nametag that's what I'm going to do that you can also
that's the best proof because no, no, that's what Ros over there in the copy shop said to me and
they'll never get that out and here's the programme booklet what they had on our chairs, um
Photo evidence would make more sense and that's exactly and that's just the point now there is no photo evidence so
because we've all been instructed not to take photos or record under any circumstances and
uh and that so that has its reasons so you have to first of all
to the framework of this whole story you have to say first of all um it has to do with the
um it took place here at Stanford University in a building uh that was called Yang Seng uh
some moment here this is this this is this building up here on the top floor there's a big
um well such a big conference room and that was in there
um in the breaks you could always go out here and this is a huge complex this this uh
campus so it's really you can get lost in there you really have to know where it is and um it was already a
little bit hidden and exactly the day before I went there with my
dear friend Dr Beatrice bia Roel we were both jet lagged and so we could
so early in the morning, she's from Sweden and was also one of the speakers there and just wanted to
where it was and we took a little walk from the hotel to there, about 20 minutes to get there.
um, that's the main building there in the background, that's the main building right there and you can
so here this is the main building so from the side again the weather was about the same as here on
Mallorca so 18° a little bit windy a little bit stormy and it was a closed
round so it was an event where you could only come in with a special invitation and as I said you could
I already realise who I am from and you weren't allowed in Berlin took forever
took so long until here exactly so you were not allowed to take photos in the hall but then I took a photo here during the break
from the courtyard so you can see that this was really an official Stanford University
event and not just something where someone had rented a room in the conference room in order to
to pull off something crazy, the whole thing was organised especially by these two
people here that I'm going to show you again right now, Professor Gary Nolan from the Department of Pathology
Institute of Stanford University School of Medicine and from the sociocultural
anthropologist Dr Peter Skayfis, who is also more of an international person, so he has
who has actually only ever lived abroad and has a very
international perspective on the whole topic, there were 200 people there, the
event was actually opened with the urgent appeal that
nothing should be filmed nothing should be tweeted during the event and that people from
of the government are also present and that it is important to remember that this is a classified meeting
i.e. a non-classified meeting and that and it was explicitly called for no secret
information here and that was of course therefore important
because there were many people many insiders from the secret service there were many scientists experts and so on
and we want to go through it here now and we can't do it in the we can't do it in full length
on Youtube I would like to say briefly who was there e.g. AVI Lob
Gary Nolan jacqu Diana wel Pulka the religious scientist Peter
skayfish Leslie Kane was there dr Harold putthof was there by the way who was a total
nice totally nice person I really have to say that moment I still get this
I couldn't help but take a selfie with him, he is a legend of the
man so okay this has now is proof this is clearly Stanford you and putof
that has to be first you can do it all in photoshop the gpt4 take a picture
of me and H and then Larry muire was there a
member of the Canadian parliament who recently made a name for himself because he wrote this letter that became known to the public.
to the Minister of National Defence in which he gives information about the fact that the five secret services
community itself, i.e. transnational UAP research on these recovered
space dishes yes then the Rear Admiral Timothy Gallow was there so
former Rear Admiral of the US Navy it was a political scientist
from the University of Hawaii jirus Victor Grove who talked about the future scenarios of disclosure
what needs to be prevented who was also there I'm going to show a
a little bit out of the sewing box nobody can forbid me that was at the
bus journey where for some reason I ended up on the shuttle bus with the speakers
here we see Beatrice B Roel no she was the reason why I was there she has
she said she wants to take me there she is sitting there next to the former colonel Karl Nell who
who worked with David grush and who confirmed him and that
here is Harold Putthof and here we see Christopher Manon and back here we see Jonathan Berte who is also a
Belgian and also plays an important role at the sou Foundation, so he was also a Belgian.
then we had Jonathan Berte who gave a very interesting talk
about the European perspective of Christopher Mellon, who we'll talk about later, who I heard there
then an absolute highlight was that the former inspector general
in the intelligence community and NSA special investigator Charles McCollo the third
was there and told a bit about the yes about the
investigations about the work he is doing to make the whistleblowers heard i
Whitley from it's a space scientist and
a space psychologist and a space medical scientist who has special expertise in space science.
states of consciousness of astronauts and that you have to take this seriously and that this has big implications for the whole
UAP topic then there was a religious scientist called Paul thickpan then Jeff gpel spoke
from Rice University who, uh, well, who in my opinion
has one of the best inside insights you can imagine uh Jeff gple and it became the
David grush was added at the end and it is, as always, the most important
things that the most important things that have been discussed don't happen during the conference of course.
but um in the round about um I'll stick to I'll stick to
to the agreement in this programme that I will talk about what has been discussed
and that I also mention from the people you know who was in the audience and what they said but that I now
I'm not going to go into who said what to me on the sidelines of the conference, er
I just think it's fair because we don't have to, it's not that I have to
secret or anything like that or that I've somehow risen in some kind of mountain club or
something like that but it's just about um that it was a very important meeting that was not an ufo conference
but it was a meeting where the most important decision-makers really seriously, uh, in a protected setting
talked about how we bring the topic to the public now that's the question then would be
how did you get in there I'm a decision maker no I'm not no it was but there were also a few
journalists there so there were a few uh a few American podcasters
were also there and I had also registered on the website
had asked if I could come in and I also knew someone from before who was there at the sol Foundation
and he made sure that I got my invitation as the only German there.
I didn't meet anyone else from Germany, but I did meet someone who came up to me and said
he was an Austrian, an Austrian scientist who had been in Austria since 2004.
California at another university doing research in the biomedical field and
who was also interested in the topic and that's when we briefly
German otherwise I didn't see anyone there who was German
mhm but that's also what it's called in good German
that now times there Robert will not point out but the importance of you in this community is not in the range
the so to speak esoteric shallow water dwellers but you have now arrived in the attic yes so if you
the names we've just heard it would have been shorter to mention who wasn't there than
to list who all was there because that's actually all now I'm just wondering if I can really think of anyone
maybe our German professor who works with avilob Kal
no he works Hakan Kayal doesn't work with avilob oh okay no he doesn't work with avilob
that's true, but I have already um so I really like to inform everyone
from the German community about everything
off the record and so on because I really like to
because I think that, and it's also become clear, that will now also be the case in the further
progression, so while we're here in Europe and still wasting our time
talking about whether UFOs even exist and branding all people and on psiram and elsewhere
as crazy ufospinners is going on at Stanford an an an an
the leading university at one of the leading universities in the world in a blatant elephant round table already
about how to get this out to the public and how to do it with the help of investors and so on.
I want to say briefly that there was a man sitting to the left of me who was quite a
million billion what probably uh investor uh who just
one of the many investors I was talking to a lot of people of course and on the other side sat a
a well-known fighter chat pilot that you know from
uh from the American yes so that's not really a
doubt that this issue is real it's just not recognised in Europe and especially in
Germany, at least not officially, and I think that's a great pity because I am somehow
German by nationality even if I don't live there anymore, but I think it's a shame that I have to watch how Germany is lagging behind.
Germany, the land of poets and thinkers, is missing out here
here just an incredibly important trend but well let's let it go
we don't need to talk about it, it will catch up with us, so to speak, there's no question whether that will happen
but then you can just talk about it uh who the consultants or who the
regulators of public opinion and whether you can do anything else with these people except them
um to send them into horticulture yes that's the consequence but let's go inside because I have your notes now
and without blushing I can say that you said the
most important of the last 10 years or what did you say so I would call it one of the most important ever my
opinion, so from what I've read, I would say that's hard to top now because it's about
so it's a lot of insights but the importance of how deep it goes and about
what we're actually talking about and then how it's no longer like you said
no longer talked about whether it exists but with what dosage
homeopathic or allopathic or how to take it
facts into the bloodstream of societies without severe immune reactions with fatal consequences.
anaphylactic shock that has been the topic of this conference apart from the facts
in itself who knows what and where do we actually stand there has been the main topic yes
how do we get that into the discussion in people's heads now?
without causing a catastrophe exactly so m the first few speeches at
we can summarise them like this on YouTube, but I would like to ask for your understanding that we have to
that we will make the most important part of the programme in the closed area for our subscribers on exoagazin TV, namely
so if I add up my travelling expenses alone then I come to three and a half to 4000 $ there are
not including the taxis and the and and going out to eat with people and the
all around costs and time and what else you spend there, not to mention the stress
so it was a it was I went there at my own expense I have to do it again somehow
otherwise I'll get stressed with my wife and my children also want to get something for Christmas, so I can't spend the money here.
family money and then not try to recoup the money somehow, so please, if you don't mind
topic seriously interests you, please take out a subscription to exomagazin TV and you'll get the full picture.
I want to say I just read my favourite quote for Chuck nor it is now that Chuck Norris
occasionally manages to convince his wife that he was right and she was wrong for the rest of the world that
not yes um well so my wife is very understanding I really must say that
but that was that was of course I mean that's one that's one that's not
so that's really one that was also really exhausting these 9 hours
time difference at all and in a short time uh and then back again and so as I said I'm
all still a bit plem plem so let's start now avilob was there at the beginning and has
I saw him a fortnight ago at Sorbon University, by the way, and he's
astronomy professor from Harvard University director of the Galileo project, which is about searching for
extraterrestrial intelligence and he's got a lot to say about his research.
that it all started with the discovery of interstellar objects
namely umua mua and then there were two others who presented the Galileo project and he talked about the
gave more details about which m which methods they use in the Galileo project to
to do celestial monitoring so they have a go to make that clear again
it's about three interstellar objects that have hit the Earth or have flown past it, so to speak, at
in any case objects that are not from our solar system but are travelling through it, so to speak, or just like in the
case of what they pulled up in the Mariana Trench where they found it, so at least remnants of it around
then to see what it is yes, what has passed by us, so not a comet or anything else but
extrastellar objects g the size of a football field yes and in August
In 2019 there was a Boris, uh, that was probably a metre tall
must have shown no abnormal properties but uh they were
in any case interstellar that means from outside the um the solar system
that's how I understood it so and and and then he showed a few pictures and also
um his observation systems which is a kind of observation station which consists of
different sensors there costs a total of 250 000 dollars for such an observation station there
so there's a dalc infrared dalc for the sensors, for example, they call it
it really looks a bit like the dalc at dr who this thing and
came infrared direction infrared cameras in all directions to monitor the sky in the infrared range there
the most interesting things happen and then there's an OS system for acoustic
surveillance then you have a skyw system which is a passive radar system
oh so the acoustic surveillance system also makes recordings in the infrasound and ultrasound range then you have
then you have another one called PacMan that records the environmental conditions like magnetometers
temperature humidity and so on then they also monitor the microwave spectrum and they also have a
high-resolution camera and it's all connected to cloud computing and the
file, the data is then uploaded to the cloud using Elon Musk's Star Link satellites and then stored there.
analysed there are apparently currently two observation stations from the Galileo project, one called pigeonide and
then they've also had an Oberon Ranch since September 2023 and it even uses satellite images to look for
down and of course they want to install more such monitoring stations
but as I said, it costs quite a lot of money and avilob also said so if it is
there is an investor here who wants a sensor station after his name then you are welcome to come to me
maybe we will have the Warren bey sensor station soon or I don't know so it's really us
a lot of investors then he talked about this interstellar
meteor expedition in June 2023 that cost 1.5 million there are
they went by boat into the Atlantic Pacific Ocean there
where they were made aware by the Ministry of Defence that something had really come down there
um sorry today is allowed or it is now after the time
in los in in in San Francisco it's now early at 6R or so 6 o'clock in the morning
we have 3 o'clock 4 o'clock we have now yes so 7 and I have the and I have been through the night now so please
always keep that in mind um and they talked about it before um they are there by boat
went out there with a big magnet um so little metal balls um collected 717 pieces in number
and examined them and found out that the iron isotopes are different and the composition of the
are very strange elements like l lantinum berelium and others
and this composition of this metal structure of these metallic spheres is very different from, uh, from
that normally occurs in the solar system he also said something about the fact that he was in the mainstream press
criticised that people are claiming that this is just coal ash and there
so he said please guys we've used magnets in we've used magnets to pull these things from the ground from the ocean floor
so how is that Co as contains very little iron yes so that
is a impossible that we have mixed it up, well, one of his rules is not to be friendly with
science advocates in quotes who ignore facts that don't agree with their models so that's constant
he gave a very similar lecture a fortnight ago in Paris, where he also mentioned the name he was referring to as a
game developer known to all of us who is hoped by the mass media as the great defender of science
and a clear-thinking person who said no, so people like that should be put on
in any case and let's keep our eyes on the ball and not on the audience and avoid getting muddy in the
the highest heights of scientific practice where the oxygen content is too low for your critics also nice yes
exactly and then at the end he said a very, very wise sentence it's important to be an optimist that
Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy that's exactly how I see it aVI is great so and
then it was Beatrice B's turn um and I would like to see her again right away
show typical swede yes how does that actually come about no she is her
so her family comes from Spain, she comes from Russia and
she doesn't really have much of a connection with Spain anymore but she did live in but Maline lived in
Spain also speaks Spanish also speaks Russian also speaks English and Swedish so she is a
very very so she is a very bright and smart person and such an incredible person.
and incredibly likeable, so we really got on really well and we will definitely talk about a lot of things in the future.
is an assistant professor at I think the Nordic Institute in Stockholm if I remember correctly I still have to
I'll have to see if I'm talking rubbish m Assistant Professor at Nordic
Institute for Theoretical Physics in Sweden and she's the director of the basco project and that's just about
that you um uh that you uh
um on old photographic plates to find objects that might then disappear
so the idea is to discover UFOs in space on old photographs before there were satellites, so to speak, and it has
actually so um talked about it she has photographic plates of 19 of the
50s which are less sensitive than CCD sensors but it's
there were no satellites back then and that's why it's so good for
c c research I'm sorry as long as you don't do Yeti research
you can still do research she has terabytes of image data in the
automated searches through 600 million objects and has found thousands of
of short-lived phenomena, so something like lightning that
within 15 minutes, they are on one photo and not on the other, and on 12
April 1950 nine simultaneously appearing nine simultaneously appearing such
appearances that were on one disc and a few minutes later they were no longer on the other disc.
and they have investigated this in detail, so they have no astrophysical explanation for it
so objects that are not simply in the starry sky but appear and disappear again that exactly those go away
then go away again and that and and what is that supposed to have been yes and so there is no
astrophysical explanation for it meteors and everything can be ruled out they even have that also that the
photo plate would be defective is not possible they even have someone said well
uh maybe it went maybe maybe no maybe someone spit on it on the photo plate and
that's it could be no or spit on it and then they have so the then they have so
the spitters or whatever on the photo plate compared to what
you see there and that doesn't fit so it's also not a nuclear fallout so no image interference because of
nuclear tests or anything, and there can't be any reflections from
from satellites because there were no satellites before, no satellites
and um and it's interesting so you really have several examples where
these weird objects are listed like in a row on um from two
dates that are interesting and if I remember correctly 28 July 1952 and 19.07.152
m these are also such transients so such strange phenomena and these were, by the way, exactly the days has
she dropped by the way that those were exactly the days at
when this wave of surveillance took place over Washington DC oh well
that could of course be a pure coincidence yes so she is of course as I said the hard-core scientist who
who doesn't subscribe to any conspiracy theories or esoteric nonsense but it is
of course an interesting coincidence and she now has a global network of telescopes
which are synchronised and which are created precisely for the purpose of
to find such fleeting phenomena
and so their goal is to
to find such objects that flash for a second or so
they want to create a whole network of them they want to exclude the false positives and the last one
ultimate goal of this global telescope network project is to end up with
to bring such an extraterrestrial spaceship to earth to be able to study it there mhm which I think is a great idea.
thing and she's doing it with a she's also doing it with a with a high-ranking scientist
Dr Joffrey Marcy director of space laser awareness and director of great
breakthrough Listen programme so that's like I said that's at the at the at the
topnot City Community so the whole thing so dre
years if you want to do that it costs per telescope for 3 years
000$ for the instruments and for things that you have to rent together, so you also need money and I'm
confident that I will find someone who will allow her to do this research and then there was Kevin Knut who
is also a physicist I think
associate professor of physics at the University of Albany don't ask me what state that's in and
he talked about the physics of UAP and how to record it and how to monitor it and
and what is and what you could say about the drive and he has
so oh he's a member of uapx that's also a private organisation
company that examines the umm shore sightings to see what you can get out of it what you can get out of it
and he said, um, especially at the beginning of his presentation
that we don't actually understand that much in physics at the moment, um above all there is no
quantum theory about gravity that can't be explained that doesn't exist and that could be this ignorance
could influence our interpretation of unidentified anomalous phenomena mm so I think it has
that with the quantum theory of gravitation, for example, he said that, uh, it doesn't support the physical world view.
is not so watertight that you can, uh phenomena when they are seen
should be dismissed because they cannot be explained by physics because that was his example, that would be an essential element
gravitation is one of the four fundamental forces cannot be explained by quantum theory we are
so not so far that you could say we don't need to deal with it because it doesn't fit into the
science so that's a bit like the conversation you had with Harald Lesch at the moment, yes, whether the
physical realities whether we really understand all this so the answer from Kevin Knut was no we do
and that's why we should be open to phenomena, as we were at the beginning of science, that is, if you
can measure something can recognise something that does not fit into the explainable
um structure then we should still deal with it because we
not know everything are far from it exactly so Kevin Knut has then
still talked about the so his idea is just on the basis of the testimonies what you so
found in the Nimitz incident to the technical characteristics of this UAP.
the propulsion capabilities and so he started with that with the observables
with these five observables according to Luis elisondo and with the nimits with the nimits
incident in 2004 when these ticag-shaped objects hovered around the aircraft carrier off the west coast of the US there
it was observed how this ticag accelerated so fast in only 0.78
seconds from an altitude of 28,000 feet, i.e. just under 10 kilometres, to 0, i.e. to the surface of the sea
and he calculated how much energy was needed for this in
this lightning-fast acceleration and for this blatant uh speed and
he came up with 1100 gigawatts, which is an um a
multiple of the nuclear output of the USA if I'm right now
uh if I remember correctly here as I said it would have been much easier to report on it if I had been allowed to film something or
at least have a tape running but this way I have to rely on my own um notes
um he also said that um he also quoted Hermann Obert
oh so the exact he quoted Herman Obert he said there's incredible speeds that go through
radar observations so Hermann Obert is the father of that
of space travel who then went to the USA and so he also has
also the French scientist Claude vom mon naational Recherche scientific so V national
research centre in France also has radar observations of an object.
that has reached speeds of up to 350, i.e. 350 times the speed of sound, which is
is of course completely impossible according to our physics and has just said that there are such UAPs that have always been
have always been observed at supersonic speeds that show no signs of energy release when rimming off
or stop and he also said that electrical and magnetic effects have also been observed
and said they can also move between different environments like air and
water that is called transmedium travel or transmedium journey and has a
case described by a David Barnett in New Zealand I have to have a quick look here in the exact
February 1987 there was an incident 175 miles
northeast of New Zealand's North Island it was that one
there from November 1986 with daily
exercises from the Pacific Ocean from the Pacific Ocean.
Ocean and the ship was recognised as a
according to this report from a large uso we'll call it a uso submarine object now
unidentified submerge they call it a submarine unidentified submarine object
the ship was tracked by the it was 50 metres wide and 800 FET is 300 250 metres 250
m approximately so bigger than the biggest submarine the typhoon class ever built was exactly 30% longer
the ship first tracked at a distance of 20 km and then moved to a distance of 25 to 30 km.
seconds from this 20 km distance directly under the ship
swam or sank, i.e. the naval vessel that it observed, i.e. that it detected via the sonar yes
and then all the electricity on board failed, so they then
also calculated that the minimum speed was 1492 miles per hour, so over
2000 to 2000 km/h probably and the minimum that was more the
minimum acceleration was 4.5g with incredible speeds of almost 3000 miles
per hour and interestingly enough, this object was observed on sonar
m and he also gave several examples and said that so this transmium story that the
objects change from the air into the water and back that this has been reported for over 140 years since
so there's also the first case was from 187 1879 uh from the Persian Gulf and has
therefore suggested that we should observe our oceans but also the oceans
in the solar system there are also on other celestial bodies I think there's a moon of Jupiter
where there are also oceans there you should definitely have a look and and he also mentioned briefly at the end that
he is now starting a project with Professor Matthew Sidagis from the Albany
University on the question of how to attract UFOs to study them
um, and he says that we know that the UFOs
or detect nuclear weapons somehow and how do they actually do that and that's why now
his colleague Professor Sidegis has a lithium-powered nuclear fission reactor
so this is fusion fission is fission nuclear fission a lithium
fuelled nuclear fission reactor that can be used to create the UFO
observation facilities and so that is now the project bait like a fishing lure like a lure exactly exactly exactly
So that's the plan now and then there was a roundtable
Meeting with avil Beatrice be rel and Kevin Knut and there AVI was asked are
they had already been contacted by the secret service and then he, uh, first so a little bit
but then he said we make everything public and there were people from Arrow there, so from the one from
from the Pentagon and wanted to know from us what our technology looks like, what our technology looks like, it was very collegial
we are only interested in things that national security is not interested in
uh and that's true, I mean the
you have to be interested in public issues, so maybe he will certainly be interested somewhere
some secret service then that can't be said in that area he said he talked to him
and they were friendly and what they do is normally because
intelligence was primarily about the fact that he had no knowledge of skills
and sources and methods you would say or what is technically possible not
or what is being worked on is not leaking out, he is not there when he is there
objects travelling through space, it's not in the realm of national security
travelling just like that and then there was another lecture
by Gary Nolan about material science, or materials science, or
what do you call it in German from UAP material science
The background to materials science is that there are a whole range of
of materials that have been recovered from alleged UFOs
incidents and he gave several examples, but first of all he pointed out that actually
Stanford University all the big breakthroughs that have been made there in his field alone
m that were all driven by exobiology
so his people at his institute have always found it interesting and they're all
and patents came about and made a lot of money
so I think that's why he mentioned that, so that the people present
investors that there is real potential here if you analyse it and then he talked about the UAP
material knowledge material analysis he spoke through Jacques valet is yes
he came into contact with it, who has collected a whole range of such materials over the decades
and has said that he has
materials from several cases, and he presented a case in big Lake Park
Council blovs in Iowa from 1977 v
17:12177 he also showed a photo of a floating object that was seen by several people at the time
witnesses saw a hovering object and something dripped from it to the ground and then he took a photo
of such a big one of such a big puddle of metal slag that
was in the process of cooling down and so five parts of it were analysed and the analysis showed that the
material composition of this found metal slag was totally strong, no matter where it was found.
just where you took the sample that was always completely different he said they were completely different
like chocolate and ice cream and strawberry so they were so different and and he says it's really
funny because when you make material then that is so different in different places then
you get structural problems and then it breaks somewhere or something, so that's something that has to be on an industrial scale.
process and then he asked himself how this could be investigated even better and then for the first time
as far as I know the results of his atom probe tomography so
there, so to speak, at the nano or atomic level, they look at how the
how it is composed the sample is then examined atom by atom and a 3D map of the position
and then he also showed a 3D animation of the material of Council Blus which he has underneath and has
so the data clearly shows that this is something industrially produced but we don't know what it's for and so and so
industrial means in the Z I think simply process so that there is not that there is a power plant in the sky
flying around but that is a process that has produced something of
of which we have found these remnants I would ask you again as a reminder that has
impressed me a lot back then I was in Sweden in my arte documentary where these so-called
ghost rockets were observed shortly after the Second World War where a lot of research was done where
where people have seen, by the way, also transmedial in how they disappeared into the lakes and they even found imprints of them on the bottom of the lake so
in a size that could not be made with a sunken rowing boat or something like that
forged crop circles and there were several people who even handed in parts
so where they say things were dripping from the UFOs to the ground and the description
from the authorities was slag that it was just slag they wanted some technical equipment
they wanted to find but maybe Mrs Villa rel should look into that I had that in there
I don't know if they still exist, but that would be interesting in this context
because that's a very similar description of the process to what is now given here with the metal sheet yes, well
yeah well I don't know if beatr can do anything about it because it's more for UFOs in space
and but someone in Sweden should deal with it when you hear this now yes that's so analogue
to what was described there they thought it was a comet yes there were several more
such cases what was new to me was that it was a
that is also the case with the famous case of Socoro New Mexico where the policeman
at Deron policewoman in wrong-way driver
and then became aware of such a landed object that from the case also such
debris existed and they also examined it and it was made of aluminium and zinc and the
and the aluminium was incredibly pure
and there was only one oxygen atom in it they say and it was very precise with zinc
way so really here up to here zinc and then here next atomic layer equal to aluminium so like this
so precisely connected that you can't even imagine a process like you normally do
and he said what it was for and why, which definitely points to an industrial process and he also
the analysed material from the ubba Tuba case from 1957 in Brazil there is also such a
object flew over this city of ubatua over the beach and material dripped down and he analysed that.
also analysed it and found that the isotope ratios in one of the two samples were conspicuous and he
concluded that isotopes had been used here instead of elements, uh the material itself shows
no signs of technology, but the material is clearly the result of a
industrial process he says and there is an unusual content of pure silicon with
impurities and this was already in Brazil in 1950 why does he say yes and
then he introduced his initiative the Stardust Repository where
is about bringing together as many laboratories and analytical instruments as possible to analyse such contaminants.
debris together with standardised tests and to examine the
to organise this under one roof, which should be financed by donations or grants, the data should be
be made public in order to advance research in this classified area and then
came my absolute aha experience at this
day because you are yes you have to imagine you are sitting there in the room of people you don't even know you
have no idea who they all are yes you're typing along the whole time you don't really have time to think about it
and then a man steps up to the microphone during the question and answer session from a, let's say, very large and
very well-known American defence company and
Professor Nolen asks is what you have shown here the same data set
that Eric Davis has already shown and there are
says Professor Nolen no, so this is now something new here that we only frantically put together on Friday
so the answer is no so it's something new and then this man from this famous big
American rum company, so if these materials are suitable for
shielding effects to achieve shielding effects then they would
I would like to talk to you about it later in peace and quiet and Professor no said yes, of course, and
then there was a pause then you just know how something like that works yes, that's clear to me for now
I realised what a great round it is yes you're there you're there in the heart of the centre where the
decisions are made I also met up with a very nice man afterwards
I talked about it on the terrace with a very well known ufoscher and I said, uh
can't believe it at all uh what a blatant difference there is here so every normal German who
has his ufo education from television, his head will probably explode because he doesn't realise that for
possible um that in Germany the topic is completely talked down and there
you're thought to be ridiculous if you're interested in it, and here at Stanford University you have billions of dollars in funding.
investors, the top scientists in the world who are here talking about how to analyse the recovered UFO debris.
and where to find the money for it and so on I mean it doesn't fit together at all and he said na
yes of course that's how the Americans are, they're just practical people
if you bring them something abnormal then they say hey hey let's investigate that, that's exciting, maybe we can find some kind of
benefit from it and if you go to Europe with something like that then the Europeans say no, so that's a good idea
that doesn't fit in with our philosophy that can't be the case there can't be any UFOs where are they supposed to be?
that's why there can't be anything to it and that's why we don't investigate it and please make sure that the man who
about it loses his position as a professor yes and that is the reason why Europe is falling behind
and and and and that is also the reason why it is so important for us to talk about this and at this point
as I said, the reference to the many other people who have spoken here
namely, among others, the former inspector general of the
intelligence services Charles mccollo the third one who is the lawyer of David grush and also the lawyer or the counsellor of sol
Foundation it was also Christopher Mellon who spoke it
Nell spoke the colonel the one and that is one of the
most important contributions that we will now talk about in detail because he spoke with the law on
controlled disclosure of government information about uaps has to do very closely with it and it
there is a precise roadmap of what is supposed to happen by 2030 that's what he presented, that was very very
interesting and of course we have Christopher mon and Jonathan Berte from
Belgium who also reported the whole thing from the European perspective what does it mean for the economy
in Europe that's an important thing but also the
social sciences were also discussed, namely what yes what what has what is that anyway
phenomenon, for example, one of the highlights for me was the
religious scholar Diane Wal Pulka, who has written important books, including her latest book
encounters where she portrayed this new world view of people who have such
UFOs and how this will change society
incredibly exciting as I said you can see the rest on and I would like to add
for your understanding W I have to recoup my costs somehow otherwise I'll get stressed with
my wife so please who wanted that exactly who wanted that please have pity on her
go to exomagazin Frau but you will not only find this programme but also many others
exciting information only for free spirits that you won't find anywhere else and what you are now reading here about
this sol Foundation event that you won't find anywhere else
anywhere else in the German-speaking world anyway and that's it here on YouTube and we'll see you soon
continue on exomagazine

Wow, looks like the disclosure is speeding up.

Are there any other guests from this conference who have already published a report?
Does someone have a good explanation for why these US congress shenaningans, like Chuck Schumer, are – or at least appearing to – support disclosure of this UAP/UFO/Alien stuff? I mean, for instance, you couldn't find a more dishonest and slimy politician than Schumer (well, actually, they are all pretty much on par!). And, when has there ever been any kind of disclosure of anything real, or truth telling in US politics? These people lie as easily as they breathe, and we can be 100% sure they do not have a real interest in us useless eaters and deplorables. So, what's the deal?

Is it because they sense this is a popular 'movement' and they want to get more voters and popularity? Is it all a big distraction? Just fun and games for them – create more chaos, collapse of society for the 'Big Reset'? Or, have they recently made a new deal with the alien critters? Are they afraid of something? As we know, the only thing psychopaths are 'afraid' of is a bigger and nastier psychopath.

Just throwing this out here since I've been thinking about this from time to time, and can't come up with a satisfying answer. ;-)
Does someone have a good explanation for why these US congress shenaningans, like Chuck Schumer, are – or at least appearing to – support disclosure of this UAP/UFO/Alien stuff?
I wonder the same about people like John Podesta pushing for disclosure.

Maybe they see some form of UFO disclosure as a 'get out of jail free card.' With a controlled reveal controlled completely by the government, they can push the angle of "we were justified in doing XYZ because of UFOs". So much from the deficit in the US to past crimes could be swept under the rug with such a reveal. It is kind of like the use of war to maintain power and exert control.

Another thing is that I think it was mentioned in a previous session that more and more UFOs, etc are going to be seen (and possibly things related to the Wave and hyperdimensional events happening, like what happened at the observatory in the SW US a few years back) and people like Schumer and Podesta are trying to get out in front of that.
Does someone have a good explanation for why these US congress shenaningans, like Chuck Schumer, are – or at least appearing to – support disclosure of this UAP/UFO/Alien stuff? I mean, for instance, you couldn't find a more dishonest and slimy politician than Schumer (well, actually, they are all pretty much on par!). And, when has there ever been any kind of disclosure of anything real, or truth telling in US politics? These people lie as easily as they breathe, and we can be 100% sure they do not have a real interest in us useless eaters and deplorables. So, what's the deal?
This all started with lobbying by Tom DeLonge and TTSA. It skyrocketed after Grusch filed his IG complaints and testified to both the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and brought along many of his witnesses to provide evidence. This was the direct inspiration for Schumer's legislation, which was written in part by Grusch's boss, Karl Nell.

For a lot of people in the legislative branch, the motivation is probably simple: they found out that they're being lied to and being kept out of the loop on a LOT of stuff. It's debatable how many of them are actually pro-"disclosure". Many will probably be happy being read in, making the programs "legal", and telling the public nothing. But there is a small but strong pro-disclosure group being lobbied hard by the TTSA and Grusch-connected people, among others.
Is it because they sense this is a popular 'movement' and they want to get more voters and popularity?
Nope, it's an unpopular movement, and the UFO vote is tiny (but vocal).
Is it all a big distraction?
Nope, most in the intel/mil community would like to see it go away, and while it's being covered here and there in the MSM, I'd still argue it's being almost systematically ignored. No one's distracted because very few are paying much attention.
Just fun and games for them – create more chaos, collapse of society for the 'Big Reset'? Or, have they recently made a new deal with the alien critters? Are they afraid of something? As we know, the only thing psychopaths are 'afraid' of is a bigger and nastier psychopath.
Some probably are, but like the Cs said, there are many factions. There are those who know and aren't scared, those who know and ARE, and then subgroups of each who are against any form of disclosure, and those who support it. And there are subgroups of all of these, and more. It's a mess of competing motivations and aims.
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I wonder the same about people like John Podesta pushing for disclosure.
There are many in government, like Podesta and Chris Mellon, who seem to have a genuine interest in the phenomenon (same with Bill Clinton), but who are not insiders. There have been plenty of people like that over the years: relatively high-ranking people (including presidents), who know they're still on the outside and want in.
Maybe they see some form of UFO disclosure as a 'get out of jail free card.' With a controlled reveal controlled completely by the government, they can push the angle of "we were justified in doing XYZ because of UFOs". So much from the deficit in the US to past crimes could be swept under the rug with such a reveal. It is kind of like the use of war to maintain power and exert control.
Much easier to stave off disclosure completely, in that case, which is what some factions are trying they're hardest to do. If there is a controlled disclosure, it will be because their hand was forced. In which case, there's the very real risk that it is not as controlled as they would have liked.
Another thing is that I think it was mentioned in a previous session that more and more UFOs, etc are going to be seen (and possibly things related to the Wave and hyperdimensional events happening, like what happened at the observatory in the SW US a few years back) and people like Schumer and Podesta are trying to get out in front of that.
Yep. I just don't think Schumer and Podesta have that level of knowledge or access.
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For a lot of people in the legislative branch, the motivation is probably simple: they found out that they're being lied to and being kept out of the loop on a LOT of stuff. It's debatable how many of them are actually pro-"disclosure". Many will probably be happy being read in, making the programs "legal", and telling the public nothing. But there is a small but strong pro-disclosure group being lobbied hard by the TTSA and Grusch-connected people, among others.

Yeah, I imagine is a feedback loop where they hear some things in their inner circles around this topic being discussed at the top/something big approaching, and they either have the command or the instinct to get in the know for power and influence, I highly doubt most of them would want to share this with the general public.

Although it was interesting, I have some huge doubts about that Tom Delonge.

He was on the show Coast to Coast on March 27th 2016.

You can listen to part 1 :

And part 2 :

The last minutes of part 1 and the beginning of part 2 (I was not able to finish part 2), he explains how he managed to break into this very closed circle of insiders to UFOs phenomena and projects.

He tries to persuade us that the military and others are good guys and are doing their best to protect us from evil aliens.
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