Interconnection assisted by a group of consciousness from Sirius?


I apologize in advance for my state of knowledge in march 2019...

My life coach at that time did Akashic Records and I got curious so I went for a session...

(I only took notes because I could not record. So I’ll put them as answers.)

Q: who are you?
A: we are your brothers.
Q: How many are you?
A: We’re an unified thought form like a shoal of fish.
Q: Where are you?
A: Sirius
Q: Sirius?
(I did not know that Sirius is a star….)
A: You lived in Sirius. You are in Sirius. The planet has liquid crystal.
Q: Why am I here?
A: You contributed to the creation of earth. You have reverence for the realms. More with the realms, tones, colors and frequencies, interpreted by matter through shapes, consequence of the human creative act.
Q: did I also had something to do with the creation of humans?
A: Yes. With others. You came here to see how humans experience the Christic enlightment.
( I did not ask about it further because I had no idea what to even ask)

Q: What are dreams?
A: The dream is always, rest is related to your biology.
Q: Why do I always have problems with time?
A: Because time does not exist.
Q: Why did I like England so much?
A: The humid weather.
Q: What I should do? (I was asking about career or a job)
A: We are not going to tell you that. Discover yourself.
Q: Do I have karma from other lives that I have to pay in this one?
A: No.
Q: How many past lifes I had?
A: You’ve been in all realms.
Q: Why did my mum had a risky pregnancy with me?
A: Energy incompatibility.

The session was for only an hour and I did not take notes of all. At the end I said:

Q: Thank you for this communication, whoever you are.
A: We are a group of consciousness that assists this interconnection.

Rare things that happened:
At the beginning It was hard to find me with my full name, she then used only my first name and that worked. Then the woman during the session felt her body in water, she also in a moment had to bring a crystal that had a star shape like a modular star I don’t remember exactly what was the exact number of points but apparently that helped the communication. They put a lot of examples of fish and related my answers to water. I did not take notes but they said a number of times that the fact that I like the ocean, rainy days, swimming or have weird body temperature is because of being "from Sirius". About that I think they could have said something else, I did not understand.

I wonder…. Does she connected with a clever dead dude or what was it really…? What do you think?

At that time I thought she made it up. But now, reading it again maybe they said one truth: time does not exist. Also it was the first time I heard the word "Realm".

Well that was my experience with channeling, later that year I found The Wave that I am now reading and enjoying very much.
I wonder…. Does she connected with a clever dead dude or what was it really…? What do you think?

It's hard to tell, could be made up as you suspected. And what does liking the ocean and rainy days have to do with being from Sirius, I wouldn't know. But thanks for sharing your experience.

Well that was my experience with channeling, later that year I found The Wave that I am now reading and enjoying very much

Have fun reading the Wave! :-)
I thought the pleaides, men in black and others (blue) came from SIRIUS (Spiritual) and the reptiles/Grey's AND fish (merovingian) came from ORION (Royalty)
I'm just reminded that the C's told us that "there are no Sirians".

Yes, they said that there are no 3rd density beings but they leave it open for 4th through 6th density ones. 🤷‍♀️ Also I found here in a different session from October 7th, 1995 a little more about locations and channeled material:

Q: (L) Getting back to what you said at the beginning, is it possible that all other channeled material that is designated as this or that 'alien group' comes through a 'transfer point' and then is corrupted so that the person receiving it believes that it is from an actual alien race?

A: Yes, remember, Matrix material, like all others, contains confused concepts at some points. Antareans, Arcturians, and Cassiopaens refers more to the transfer locator for channel groove rather than residence. Some have come in after the fact and planted fables regarding "races" of beings living in, and travelling from, various places as referenced from your perspective.

Q: (L) Well, who are all these groups giving this information?

A: Many different groups and individuals. Now, there are indeed actual residential locators mentioned in various writings which are factual. Orion, obviously, Zeta Reticuli, Rigel, Barnard's Star, Sirius Region, though not the actual astronomic body as mentioned.

(End of quote)

Apparently Sirius Region can be a residential locator... I still need to read more sessions to understand more!
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