Iranian Military Base Attacked With Drones 'Launched From Inside Iran' ZeroHedge


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Seems about right. Been monitoring the Israeli press. They are making all the moves. 1. Cemented Arab alliance today by releasing major trade deal with BOTH Egypt and UAE. 2. Domestically nationalist fervor high- Jerusalem day march was off the chain. Protects domestic government and allows for public perception to take a major right turn? 3. Lots of news stories calling out Iran- ie- "Iranian immunity is over." 4. Biden signals nuclear deal is impossible and keeps Iran on terror list- complicated but plays right into and strengthens Naftali's hand. 5. Israel issues warning for citizens in Turkey to come home. It seems all we are lacking is for someone to turn on the fan. The sh*t is in place.

Iranian Military Base Attacked With Drones 'Launched From Inside Iran'


An apparent drone attack targeting Iran’s Parchin military complex earlier this week was launched from within the country, The New York Times reported, suggesting the deadly incident followed a "pattern" of previous strikes carried out by Israeli operatives.

Blasts erupted at a research unit at the sensitive military site last Wednesday, killing a young engineer and injuring one other person, according to the Times, which cited three Iranians and one US official familiar with the incident. The sources said the attack involved multiple quadcopter suicide drones, but did not specify their make.
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