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By threatening her life you indeed show that it is not a religion of hatred ...

Christians constantly take mockery and are always a culteral punching bag, yet they turn the other cheek. Sadly, the Muslim community has a lot of rotten appels. And that is saying it lightly.

If you are unable to live in an open democratic society, accept freedom of speech and prioritises violence over discourse you have outstayed your welcome.

Affaire Mila: French Elites Defend ‘Right to Blasphemy’ in Row Over Schoolgirl Who Criticised Islam

A 16-year-old French girl has earned fame and infamy after a live-stream on Instagram in which she called Islam a “religion of hatred”. The teen is staying home from school and has been put under police protection.

Several top-tier French politicians, including President Emmanuel Macron, have thrown their weight behind the girl who has faced a massive backlash from Muslims and the left after ranting about Islam online.

“The law is clear: we have the right to blasphemy, to criticise, to caricature religions,” he said in an interview to a local newspaper this week. “What is forbidden is to incite hatred and to attack dignity.
He was referring to the ‘Affaire Mila’, a controversy that started in mid-January when a 16-year-old girl – identified only as Mila by French police for security reasons – criticised Islam during an Instagram live-stream.

What did she say?

Mila, who lives in southeast France, said a Muslim guy was making advances to her during the stream, and she made it clear she was a lesbian and “blacks and Arabs” were not her type.

The girl claimed a “Muslim commentator” had called her a “dirty lesbian” and a “dirty -jezebel-” in response, and she immediately went into a rant about Islam.

“The Koran is a religion of hatred, there is only hatred in it. Islam is s**t, your religion is s**t,” she said, describing in obscene terms what she would do to Allah.

What was the reaction?

The video of her outburst has gone viral, prompting a severe backlash in the country that hosts the largest Muslim population in Europe. Mila reportedly began receiving death threats and was forced to move to a new school.

Police had looked into the online abuse she received and into whether she had incited religious hatred, a punishable offence in France. The hate speech investigation has since been dropped after it was ruled that she expressed a personal opinion and did not call for targeting individuals based on their beliefs. Interior Minister Castaner said last week that the teen and her family were put under police protection.

Mila appeared on a popular French talk show last week, where she refused to back down on her comments and insisted on her right to “blaspheme”.

What did other French politicians say?

Apart from Emmanuel Macron, Mila had the support of the right-wing National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, who said the girl had “more courage than the entire political class in power for the past 30 years".

Bruno Retailleau, the Senate leader of the centre-right Les Republicains, praised her for speaking out against what he called the “political Islam that is trampling our values”.
On the other side, Segolene Royal, a former ecology minister and candidate for president, said she stood by Mila’s right to criticise religion, but suggested that the teenager could have shown more “respect, manners and knowledge”.

Abdallah Zekri, a member of the French Council for the Muslim Faith who monitors Islamophobic sentiment in the country, argued that the ‘Affaire Mila’ is not about freedom of speech, but rather about her being “being vulgar and insulting”.

France’s justice minister, Nicole Belloubet, initially called Mila’s remarks “an infringement on freedom of conscience” but backtracked and apologised for being “inaccurate” and “clumsy” following a backlash.

“The Mila case has shed light on the issue of the right to blasphemy. That right exists. In our country, everyone is free to blaspheme. That is self-evident,” she stressed. “France is not a land of fatwas.”

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It is an sts planet after all. What are the main differences between true and distorted religion? One of the main determinants is that in distorted religion obedience to authority is one of the great strongholds. In all religion in some more, and in others less, the concept of obedience plays an important role. True religion does not obey. It is free. True religion is a willing process: a free, self-determined action, derived from understanding. It makes people act from their own conviction and never from fear, nor from the desire to please and appease a more powerful person, being, or authority. Obedience to authority has been encouraged by exponents of religion under the half-true and only partly valid argument that humanity was too much enslaved by its passions to be let free. Therefore obedience had to be stressed in order to protect society. For although it is true that the overall development of humanity is not advanced enough to be free of destructive impulses, the laws to prevent such destruction need not be combined with religion. In other words, religion would not have to convey the idea of a stern God-authority in order to prevent crime. There are other means to effect that through civil law. Religion need not be distorted and truth obscured by encouraging humanity’s weakest, sickest, and most immature tendencies. It is those tendencies that are exploited in order to maintain false religion.

One of your great struggles is overcoming the unconscious desire to remain a clinging, protected child, to refuse the apparent hardship of adulthood, self-responsibility, and independence. To the child in you it seems much better to remain helpless, to force the powerful adult world, or God, or any substitute for these two, to take on the responsibility for your life that you yourself should carry. The tremendously damaging effects that this hidden attitude has on the personality can be discovered only when it becomes conscious. But unconsciously you battle against this very awareness, wishfully thinking in your unconscious that the disadvantages of adulthood can be avoided by remaining a child, who at the same time refuses to face the tragic disadvantages of prolonged childhood. This soul-crippling attitude finally succeeds in really making you helpless, while the god-authority you desire to take over your responsibility is just not there. This, in turn, causes bitterness, rebellion, and a deep feeling of injustice. You feel cheated. After all, you have obeyed, often to the letter. But, obedience of this sort always has the wrong motive: “If I obey, you will protect me. You will make decisions for me. I will not be held responsible and I will be rewarded with happiness for being an obedient little child.” Since God does not “reward” such unhealthy attitudes, you must feel cheated. You cannot help but feel injustice in the world. Religion has encouraged and capitalized on this very sick tendency. It has set up rules and dogmas, and has distorted the law into such a rigid concept that humans fell easily into this submissive and dependent attitude.

So where there is outer religious faith, obedience, and appeasement, try to find not only the clinging helplessness, but also the hidden resentment that God has not come forth to provide you with what you need and want, to lead you by the hand, to make life right for you, to eliminate from this earth cruelty and injustice, suffering and pain. Such general complaints are often motivated by the inner subjective disappointment of not being “taken care of.” When you find manifest rebellion and aggressiveness, a drive for overindependence, try to find deep down in you a wish for the strong hand of authority that is utterly good to you, and your disappointment that you could not find it. Your conscious right opinions are worth very little when they are undermined by your unconscious beliefs. If you do not live, experience, and feel these right ideas, they become powerless. They are empty. Only when beliefs are incorporated at the emotional level, integrated in the whole character structure, will they have power. Whenever you wonder why things happen to you that run counter to your beliefs and the spiritual laws you know so well, you can be sure that, at least in some respect, you deviate inwardly. It will be your task to find how and how much you unconsciously deviate from your correct conscious opinions. While you may know perfectly well that God is neither a benign nor a hostile authority, that God has freed us and it is up to us to develop, you may often find that your emotions completely deviate from such knowledge. Problems you carry through many incarnations and through your childhood are instrumental in bringing these unconscious conflicts to the surface.

Once blind obedience is eliminated from religion and from the soul of the individual, rebellion against what is truly good, wise, and loving in religion will cease because religion will lose that tinge of hypocrisy and sanctimoniousness that it so often has for a number of individuals. True religion, genuine spirituality, aims primarily to make you free, to make you strong, to make you responsible so that you do not wait for justice to be dished out to you, but discover your own justice. With the wrong attitude, you not only fail to eliminate your self-imposed helplessness, you encourage it, as well as encouraging false religion, even if the weakness and clinging to authority happens to take a consciously secular form. Thus you must see that such immaturity and soul deviations play hand in hand with false authoritarian religion. Anything false always brings an equally false countermeasure. Developing your own resources and strengths instead of obtaining them from a being outside of yourself is no less divine.


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Wasn’t it a Christian church then a mosque? Now a museum? Is this another symbolic show of Islamic fundamentalism?

Also very telling that only Russia protests this. It's not that the West favors Erdogan at all. He rather sticks with his own agenda then act like a puppet. But in matters like this they stay silent. I guess both want to see the downfall of Christianity. Russia is the only nation left with Christian values.

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