It That Shall Not Be Named - UFO/Racism Connection


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watchandcompass said:
If these are sufficient answers/explanations for you all then I'm telling you again: that explains why we are here now.

Look at our planet. I am under no illusions that race is being used against people. I am simply speaking of confronting it with as much truth and honesty as possible. I am not going to trust the same people who have been lying to me like many of you seem to have. Anything from politicians or doctors or teachers are likewise questioned by me because they have all been tainted in some way. By tainted I mean deliberately altered by malevolent forces towards malevolent ends.

That goes for everything from the UFO and paranormal community at large. Our very genetics and history are in question via mundane and non-mundane sources. These people have been putting out "information" for years in these communities. Likewise there have been revolutions of sorts across the planet politically speaking. Yet, as a species, we are truly no closer individually or collectively to sovereignty or divinity.

Racism IS by and far the largest contributor. It is the most easily recognizable thing next to gender/sex expression that people utilize against one another. I know personally that gender, sex, and orientation are being used against people. I know personally race is being used against people -- everyone. But we're not all equally accountable. We're not all equally hurt by this. We're not all equally privileged. That is where qualifying evils done by people individually or collectively really matters. As it stands we live in a world where more good people suffer than good is done in the world.

As a group of people, particularly in the US, white people have a power few else have. Yet here we are. Whites are killing themselves via suicide. Mass overdose. Mass shootings. White collar crime. Crime in the government, via the media and judicial institutions. Then just every day privilege being white in America brings.

Again: if you're naive enough to think that this is just a "tool" like every other I would like you to re-examine just how far this "Tool" has brought us. If you're all so aware of it... why is the sickness of racism causing so much harm still? Do you really understand, personally, just how much damage it does to YOU, to non-white, to the planet? How colonialism really swept the planet and ATE it whole?

From these replies you do not.

What ever "this" is it is going to take a lot more introspection and Right-action than it seems ANYONE else here has done about this to fully digest it in a healthy way.

You can't understand what is going on by following mainstream narratives. They have in their purpose, to create all the things you are talking about. That is why it has been suggested to do the readings that have been suggested.

My reading of your points is that they are mostly undigested mainstream narratives. And it seems you are clutching them very tightly, not wanting to see anything outside of them.

John G

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Laura said:
We are interested in the truth about it and no one will argue with you that racism is not a problem. The question is, what is really at the root of it? Another question is: can anything be done about it and, if so, what?

...There is one major factor at the root: evolutionary tendencies in all human beings to distrust anyone not like themselves... And you forgot to mention fat people; I would contend they they are discriminated against by about everyone of any race or sexual orientation and their problem is not something that can be put in the closet as sexual preferences and sometimes race can be...

Yeah I'm halfway through that Righteous Mind book you recommended and it mentioned this in relation to a test that detects innate attitudes towards other social groups:

But be forewarned: it can be disturbing. You can actually feel yourself moving more slowly when you are asked to associate good things with the faces of one race rather than another. You can watch as your implicit attitude contradicts your explicit values. Most people turn out to have negative implicit associations with many social groups, such as black people, immigrants, obese people, and the elderly.

Haidt, Jonathan. The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion (p. 68).

Laura said:
...Can anything be done about it? Yes and no. Yes, some small percentage of human beings are not inclined to be racist either by nature or by upbringing or both. No, for the most part, you cannot change human nature at large or en masse. The most we can hope for is for a core group of people to become the change they want to see, as a group, and magnetize others to that way of being. Just about any other approach you can name or mention will only make things worse. Do not attempt to cure what you do not understand.

Yeah even a leader like Julius Caesar couldn't change the masses and via the Cs, admits it was a mistake to try to do so.
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