J.S. Bach on piano for a blind Elephant...


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Really wonderful. I love elephants, they are so sensible. They also cry. They are adorable. This one is beautiful! So nice and peaceful to look at her. Thank you for sharing this video.

caballero reyes

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Thanks for the video , jebediah.

The truth is that "science" has not been able to structure guidelines basics /understandings for a huge amount of issues related to personalities of people or animals, they just try and try to do it, and supposes and supposes but they reach nowhere / without results that convince.
Someone told me that Scarlatti's sonatas attracted the spiders.
Scarlatti - K.141 - Jean Rondeau

Baby elephant walk

caballero reyes

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Fortunately in Mexico, elephants and other animal species are already protected, in terms of their commercial exploitation in circuses:

In December 2014, the Chamber of Deputies and Senators approved the General Law of Wildlife. As of July 8, 2015, the law came into force and has as its axis the conservation and protection of wild flora and fauna. Among its statutes prohibits the use of both wild and domestic animals in circus shows.
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