Jokes about the war in Ukraine

Жить без пищи можно сутки,
Можно больше, но порой
На войне одной минутки
Не прожить без прибаутки,
Шутки самой немудрой.

(One can live for days without food,
Maybe even longer, but in wartime
One cannot live for a single minute
Without jokes and laughter,
Especially a really dumb joke.)

Alexander Tvardovsky: Vasily Terkin
Have seen that on the Telegram channel of Alina Lipp, depicting an article of Frankfurter Allgemeine.

What is seen on the picture means:

"Incident: Anti-Ukrainian graffiti been spotted in Berlin. The police in Berlin conducts a search for the author of a provoking graffiti about Wolodymir Zelensky. The author called him a cannibal."

Same style as above, spotted in Paris (Source):

An interesting “challenge” is taking place in Europe.​

00:40 17.09.2023Telegram review

In Paris, graffiti with Zelensky bloodthirsty devouring the leg of a Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier was noticed. Previously, such a “fresco” was seen in Berlin.
Who is next? Prague? Warsaw? Budapest?

Next is a covid joke but...

Found this GIF in a recent french article and found it funny, it's not directly related to the war in ukraine but can be easily associated.


Note : from my browser i well see the GIF, if you see a fixed image then you have something wrong with your broswer.
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