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I have been working on this topic since the Nostratic question was answered, and I wanted to write it up into a thread as a way to show thanks and give something back, especially in light of the fact that many of the questions forum members posted didn’t end up getting a reply. The purpose of this thread is to use the Cassiopaean transcripts to focus on Kantekkian history and culture, trying to infer as much as possible from what we have at hand. Since I am a historical linguist, I am going to do this primarily through the lens of language, although input from other fields would be very welcome. I also include information on other racial groups below in an attempt to learn more about the Kantekkians by way of contrast in a broader context. I apologize for not including individual session dates, which would have been quite daunting – they can be included in the future if need be.

It should be noted that the terms ‘Aryans’ and ‘Celts’ are used somewhat interchangeably throughout the transcripts. ‘Aryan’ seems to be used in the older sense of ‘Indo-European’, whereas ‘Celt’ may be broadly seen as indicating western Europeans, although the term properly refers to a specific Indo-European subgroup. In general, ‘Aryan’ is used as the most inclusive label, although the two are distinguished at one point:

Q: (L) What are the differences between the Celts and the Aryans?
A: Geographic and cultural.

Q: (L) Are there any differences inherent from the former planetary home?
A: No. Post arrival difference development.

Q: (L) Were they the same prior to arrival?
A: Yes.

‘Caucasian’ is designated as a subgroup of ‘Aryan’ as well, being generally synonymous with ‘European’:

Q: (L) Is Caucasian different from Aryan or Celtic?
A: Aryan subgroup Caucasian.

Aryans are also distinguished from the original Atlanteans who were extant at the evacuation of Kantek:

Q: (L) When the Aryans were brought here, were they brought to Atlantis?
A: No. The Aryans were different from the Atlanteans.

Q: Now, you said before that Atlanteans were not Celts, is that correct?
A: No.

Q: The Atlanteans were Celts?
A: “Celts, Druids,” etc... are merely latter day designations.

Pre-Earth History

Q: (L) Is the cluster of fragments in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter the remains of a planet?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was that planet known as?
A: Kantek.

Q: (L) When did that planet break apart into the asteroid belt?
A: 79 thousand years ago approximately.

Q: (L) The planet that was destroyed between Jupiter and Mars, you said was destroyed by psychic energy?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was the source of this psychic energy?
A: Beings inhabiting the planet.

Q: (L) Do beings in this area of the galaxy just sort of destroy their planets from time to time? Is this getting to be a habit?
A: Close. Has been.

Q: (L) Did any of those beings leave that planet and come to earth?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who were they? Were they humans like us?
A: Blond and blue eyed descendants.

Q: (L) Was that a colder planet?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was that planet much like earth?
A: Yes. Blue eyes. Eye pigment was because planet was farther from Sol.

Q: (L) How did the people of that planet come to earth? Did they know it was going to be destroyed?
A: Some knew and were taken by Lizzies and they are the Anunnaki.

Q: (L) What is the origin of the Aryan race?
A: 5th planet now know as asteroid belt.

Q: (L) When did they come to earth?
A: 80 thousand years ago? Difficult for us to use your measuring system.

Q: (L) Were they similar in form and structure to what they are now?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why is it that our scientists have not been able to uncover evidence of such ancient existence?
A: They have. Do not want to acknowledge it.

Q: (L) Where do the Celts come from?
A: Same. Ferocious people. Came from fifth planet.

Q: (L) When was that planet destroyed?
A: 80 thousand years ago.

Q: (L) So, there is some interesting connection! (RC) Does it mean “warrior race?”
A: If you prefer! We have close affiliation with the “Northern Peoples.” Why? Because we were in regular, direct contact with them on Kantek, before they were “lifted” to Earth by Orion STS.

Q: (L) If you were in direct contact with them, how come they were in cahoots with the Orion STS bunch?
A: Who says they are in “kahoots?”

Q: (L) Weren’t they rescued by the Orion STS?
A: Yes. But one need not be in “kahoots” to be rescued!!!

Q: (L) You said that you were in regular contact with the Kantekkians on Kantek before they were airlifted to Earth 80 thousand years ago or thereabouts. Now, was the destruction of this planet a result of Orion Manipulations of the people such as is taking place on our planet at the present time?
A: Maybe somewhat, but not all.

Q: (L) When you were in regular contact with the Kantekkians, what was the nature of this contact?
A: Educational.

Q: (L) Was it coming through a board, or coming to the head, or through transducing it like through StoneHenge, or something altogether different?
A: Seek those most in tune who ask, then enter data when ready.

Q: (L) If the Orion STS brought the Celts here, were the Celts, while they lived on Kantek, in the form they are in now?
A: They were lighter in appearance.

About the Merkabah:

Q: (R) I was wondering about the possible positive uses of the device?
A: Multiple. In ancient times this object was called the Gift of God. It was used to aid in the manifestation of all things needful for existence.

Q: (A) Manifestation? (R) That sounds like Merkabah. The Matriarch Stone. The Mother Stone. (A) So it can do all kinds of things... (R ) Is this the Merkabah?
A: Mother Stone, yes.

Q: (R) So that's it! This is the real meaning of the Merkabah. Pretty neat. And there is only one of these available. This puts a very strange aspect on all this. (L) Where was it created?
A: Kantek.

Q: Was this what was used to help transport the Kantekkians to Earth at the time of the destruction of their planet?
A: Some of them. Others transported by Lizards.

So Kantek is the original home of the Aryans, who destroyed their planet with psychic energy. The Aryans were transferred to Earth via either the ‘Mother Stone’ or with the help of the Lizards. At least some of them had been in direct and regular contact with the C’s on Kantek.


There is not much about original Kantekkian culture. One enigmatic excerpt is the following:

Q: (L) I have tried to imagine a plane full of people of pure Aryan types, or purified Celtics, and it is difficult to imagine what such a culture would be like. Is there anything that we can look at, literary or otherwise, that would give me a concept of what this culture or society could have been like?
A: Search Japan and the Bahamas.

Q: (L) What?! What do Japan and the Bahamas have in common?
A: See for yourself. Remember, learning is fun and energizes. Spoonfeeding sessions do little for you.

Then there is this:

Q: Okay, something that has been bothering me: the Celtic/Kantekkian propensity for head hunting. There are several explanations offered for this, but none of them really makes sense to me. It is almost like a genetic thing for them to cut off heads of their enemies and heroes...
A: Why do you clasp hands?

Q: When you meet someone?
A: No. We mean in prayer.

Q: Oh, my! You mean they cut off heads to accrue negative energy to themselves? Power?
A: Foundationally.

Q: So, it is really kind of like that show on television: “The Highlander.” Is that what you mean?
A: Research for answer. And, on that note...


There is this about ‘Nordic’ genes:

Q: (L) Can you express an opinion about Swedish genes, and any specific properties of these genes?
A: Yes. They tend to produce blonds with the greatest of proficiency.

Q: (L) Are there any specific properties to those genes that are of specific interest to aliens or extraterrestrials?
A: Only that which we have already told you, that this was the last “race” to be seeded on earth in 3rd density.

However, this is said in the course of a conversation about the Nordic Covenant:

Q: (L) Holy Frijoles! ‘Nordic Covenant was a duality’ ... so, when you made mention of the Nordic Covenant, and the banking scandal, was that a double-layered statement to us?
A: Maybe, but you are missing the point! All persons of Nordic heritage hold secret power centers, can be of darkness, or of light...

Then there is this, which leads into a discussion about iron:

Q: The next thing is the dietary restrictions. Many cultures eat rabbits and pigs, in specific, those of Aryan extraction. The rabbit was sacred to Athena, and the Celts ate a LOT of pork. Yet, here these items are restricted from the diet of the Jews. Is there any relation between the diet as outlined here, and the Aryan genetic tendencies to conquest and domination?
A: Trichinosis used to be nonexistent in Aryan types... But, mixing of genetic factors eliminated this.

Q: So, the Jews were susceptible to trichonosis, and the Aryans were not?
A: Originally.

Q: So, it was necessary for the Jews not to eat the pork, but not for the Aryans, and the mixing caused susceptibility. In a general sense, are strong Aryan genetics indicative of the necessity for the consumption of meat?
A: In a sense, but pescadorial features substitute semi-adequately.

Q: Pescadorial. Semi-adequately. What needed to be added so that the substitution would be not just semi-adequate, but totally adequate?
A: Iron/protein levels.

Q: So, it is the iron that the Celts need? Well, that brings me to the next question: In all the Celtic folklore when they talk about ‘fairies,’ which are obviously other density beings very similar to our modern ‘Gray alien,’ these fairy/slash aliens insist that no iron come near them in any way. It was also said that bringing iron into contact with someone thought to be a ‘changeling’ would prove whether or not they were because if they were, they would disappear instantly. Also, the instructions for the building of the Temple of Solomon included restrictions on the use of iron in either the preparation of the materials or the putting together of the building itself, even down to the rejection of the use of iron nails in any part. What is the significance of this restriction on the use of iron by these other density beings, whoever they are?
A: Bloodline trails.

Q: If it was necessary for the Aryans to have iron... okay, maybe the iron is something that interacts...
A: What about iron as an element?

Q: Okay, let’s see: Iron - derived from early Celt ‘iserno,’ via Illyrian ‘eisarno’ from the IndoEuropean base ‘eis,’ which means to ‘move vigorously; strong, holy.’ It is a white, malleable, ductile, metallic chemical element that can be readily magnetized, rusts rapidly in moist or salty air, and is vital to plant and animal life; it is the most common and important of all metals, and its alloys, as steel, are extensively used. Symbol: Fe; atomic weight: 55.847; atomic number: 26; specific gravity: 7.86; melting point: 1535 degrees Centigrade; boiling point 3,000 degrees C. The electron shells are thus: 2,14,8,2. Iron is an element of blood, hemoglobin, and is easily magnetized... there is some new work about iron and magnetite in the brains of people who are psychic or have ‘abduction’ experiences... is it the magnetism?
A: Yes....

Q: Is it something that holds one more firmly in 3rd density, and the elimination of it enables one to switch densities... or...
A: Tis magnetite that acts as a conduit, and perhaps, just perhaps, allows for transference back and forth at will?!? And what about the legend about the alchemists? Is not the key term there really transformation?!? And has not the “smoke screen” really been delivered so effectively by all the concentration upon the substance?!? And does not this remind one indeed of all the misguided concentration upon substance rather than meaning that one finds so regularly on 3rd density??

Q: I get it! So, it is the magnetite in the body, that collects and holds the charge, and it has absolutely nothing to do with an external substance at all! Is that it?
A: You are getting “warmer.”

Q: Am I right, we need more iron for magnetite, or am I completely off base here?
A: You are right, but, do not underestimate the significance of that just delivered! What better deception than to divert the meaning of alchemy, by focusing upon substance, then addicting those souls bound to 3rd density to the substance?

Q: Okay, it is the magnetite that acts as a conduit. And the concentration is upon the substance, that is, the magnetite. Let me conjecture that the thing that is believed to be distilled out of the alchemical operations is magnetite, is that correct?
A: No, because no need, if not deceived by other efforts.

Transition to Earth and Atlantean period

Q: Let’s back up here. You said that the Celts came from Kantek. They were transported by the Lizzies... brought here, correct?
A: Yes.

Q: When the Lizzies did this, how many Celts were physically brought here?
A: Hundreds of millions.

Q: How long, in our terms, did it take to bring these Celts to this planet? Or, is this ongoing?
A: Well, in the sense that you measure it, let us say about a week.

Q: Did they transport them in ships, that is some sort of structure. That is, did they load them up, move them into 4th density, reemerge here in 3rd density, or something like that?
A: Close.

Q: And they unloaded them in the area of the Caucasus, is that correct?
A: And regions surrounding.

Q: And, that was what, 79 to 80 thousand years ago?
A: Over 80,000.

Q: As I understand it, Atlantis was already quite a developed civilization at that time, is that correct?
A: Yes, but regions change with waves of immigration, or conquest... witness your own lands.

Q: You also said once that there was a nuclear war in India and that this was what was being discussed in the Vedas when it talks about the ‘blue-skinned’ people who weren’t really blue because they were Celts, and they were flying in aircraft, and they were engaged in this war, etc. Who were the Celts at war with?
A: The Paranthas.

Q: Now, wait a minute! Who are the Paranthas?! Do we have a new player here?
A: Not new.

Q: Do we know them by another name?
A: Choose.

Q: The Atlanteans? Were the Celts of India at war with the Atlanteans in the Atlantic?
A: Atlantis was merely a home base of an advanced civilization of 3 races of humans occupying different sections of a huge island empire, which, in itself, underwent 3 incarnations over a 100,000 year period as you would measure it.

Q: The 3 races were the Celts... and who were the second and third?
A: Or Kantekkians.

Q: Are the Kantekkians different from the Celts?
A: Only in the sense of long term racial and genetic blending.

Q: So, Atlantis had the Kantekkians and who else?
A: Race you would call “Native Americans,” and a third, no longer existing
race, somewhat resembling Australian or Guinean aborigines, only lighter in complexion.

Q: Okay, I think that you said that this nuclear war happened something like 50,000 years ago. We have taken care of a couple of points; we have 3 races on Atlantis, Celts all over the place... did the Celts conquer the Atlanteans?
A: No.

Q: Did they just move in and hang out?
A: They took over the Northern section.

Q: At the same time, there were Celts in the Caucasus, along the Baltic, in Ireland, England and Europe...
A: Ireland, England, etc. was later.

Q: But there were in the Norse lands, as Sweden, Norway and Denmark, they were along the Baltic, and they were in the Caucasus?
A: Some above mentioned areas were ice covered.

Q: When the philologists track the language roots, they arrive at the Kurgan region, north and west of the Caucasus. Is that where the Celts went when Atlantis was destroyed?
A: Close.

Q: Cayce talks about the division in Atlantis between the “Sons of One” and the “Sons of Belial.” Was this a racial division or a philosophical/ religious division?
A: It was the latter two, and before that, the former one.

Q: When it was a racial division, which group was it?
A: The Sons of Belial were the Kantekkians.

Q: Well! That is not good!
A: Subjective... you are not bodies, you are souls.

Q: (L) Who carved friezes in French caves as well as the cave paintings?
A: People. Aryans. In caves because struggling to survive conflicts between many forces including Lizard being domination.

So hundreds of millions of Kantekkians were dropped in the Caucasus and surrounding region, in what was probably part of Atlantis. They proceeded to take over the northern part of Atlantis, and apparently had a nuclear war with one of the other groups, the Paranthas.

It was also during the time of Atlantis that the Kantekkians/Aryans began to develop a subterranean civilization:

Q: (L) Do these people being bred and raised in these underground cities have souls?
A: Yes, most.

Q: (TK) Are they just like us only raised differently?
A: More complicated than that.

Q: (L) How long have they been doing this?
A: 14,000 years, approximately.

Q: (T) Are the Celts part of these underground civilizations?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) And they came to the surface some time ago...
A: No.

Q: (L) No, they came here, and they were taken underground...
A: No.

Q: (L) No, well, what’s the story?
A: Went.

Q: (L) They went underground? Is that it?
(T) When did they go underground?
A: Several occasions, the most recent being, on your calendar: 1941 through 1945.

Q: (L) That’s when they went underground? 1941 through 1945?
A: Last episode of mass migration, mostly Deutschlanders.

Q: (L) Now, wait a minute. I remember that when they said the Aryans were brought from Kantek, and that they were “sturdier,” or something like that, and I remarked that it seemed that they would be less sturdy - and the C’s answered “on the surface.” Now, that has always bothered me. I don’t think they meant “surface appearances.” Have the Aryans been glorified as the “master race” because they are more suited to living underground?
A: Close. All types there are “Aryan.”

Q: (L) Did the underground civilization develop on its own?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it managed or manipulated by Orions as well?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are these “managers” Orions from other densities?
A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) I don’t understand. Are there some that are 4th and some that are 3rd?
A: The human types there are “bi-density.”

Q: (L) Holy Shiite Moslems!
A: Grays and Lizards are 4th density. They can “visit” 3rd density, but they must keep returning to 4th in order to “regenerate.”

Q: (T) Are you saying that the human/Aryan types can exist as long as they want in any density?
A: In 4th and 3rd.

Q: (L) They can move back and forth, existing with equal ease on either density?
A: Well, not with “equal ease,” because 4th density is easier, naturally. Q: (L) I have thought about my question from the last session and I want to ask it this way: You have said that Hitler received instructions from higher density beings about creating a ‘Master Race.’ Why were the Aryan genetic types seen to be more desirable for creation of this Germanic ‘master race?’
A: Both, similarity and ancestral link most unblemished from Orion 3rd and 4th density stock.

Q: (L) So they were essentially trying to breed a group of people like themselves?
A: Yes.

Post-Atlantean history

Q: Were the Celts the tall blonds known as the ‘Sons of Anak,’ who ruled over the Sumerians as described by Sitchen?
A: “Celts” are what remains of the original prototype.

Q: Okay. Kantekkians. When did...
A: Gravity differences account for the height difference

Q: When did the Kantekkians, or Celts or whatever arrive on the Canary Islands?
A: 12,000 years ago.

Q: Did they arrive there from Atlantis directly?
A: Close.

Q: Where from?
A: Confused by trauma.

Q: What does that mean?
A: Guess.

Q: Did they come from underground?
A: Some.

Q: Were they part of the underground race?
A: No Laura. What “trauma” do you think we are referring to??

Q: The comet cluster? The Flood of Noah?
A: Close enough.

Q: When did the Celts or Kantekkians first take up residence in the British Isles?
A: Same. 12,000 years ago.

Q: You said that there is a group with whom you have been in contact since they were on Kantek. Is this group the Druids?
A: No. We will not as of yet identify.


Q: In reading the Celtic legends, I discovered that Cassiopaea was equated with Danu, or Don, as in Tuatha de Danaan, or the court of the goddess Danu. So, in other words, the supreme goddess of the Aryans was Cassiopaea. And, Cassiopaea is found in the zodiacal area of Aries, the ‘lamb,’ where Cephus the ‘rock’ and ‘king’ is also found, as well as Perseus, ‘he who breaks’ and serpentarius. The image is of Perseus overcoming the serpent, and the ancient Celtic engravings of the horned god show him gripping two serpents by the throat. I would like to understand the symbology here...
A: You are on the right track.

Q: What is the symbology of the ‘breaking of rocks,’ as in the alchemical texts, as well as related to Perseus as ‘he who breaks?’
A: Occurs at a time when rocks break, as in the electromagnetic impulses that emanate from earthbound rocks when sheared by tectonic forces, and much more importantly, the possible utilization of said forces whether naturally or otherwise induced.

Q: Before we take our break, can you say any more about this ubiquitous ‘she’ of the Celts, Cassiopaea, and the relationship to the Aryans?
A: Better continue your search, as this is how you learn and build power!

Pre-Kantekkian Races

The following figure provides a general picture of the major hypothetical language superphyla, some of which are accepted by mainstream academia and others of which are quite controversial:


Map 1: Language phyla of the world (Greenberg) (http://starling.rinet.ru/maps/maps20.php?lan=en)


The African group, which is located in sub-Saharan Africa, is represented primarily by Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Kordofanian. The third and southernmost group, Khoisan, is notable for their small stature and click languages (popularized in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy). The following information exists in the transcripts:

Q: (L) Okay, if it started with the Nordic types, and that is where the other humanoid combinations came from, what genetic combinations were used for human beings? Black people, for instance, since they are so unlike “Nordics?”
A: The Nordic genes were mixed with the gene pool already available on Earth, known as Neanderthal.

Q: (L) Why have black people, in general, for most of recorded history, been living in such primitive conditions with such primitive mind set?
A: Isolation from modern interaction.

Q: (L) Why is this?
A: Karma. Punishment for past society which was cruel master hierarchical.

So ‘black people’ (which I understand to specifically denote sub-Saharan Africans) are the product of hybridization between a Nordic genetic template and Neanderthal. They are said to have had a history at the top of the pyramid in a hierarchical society, were apparently quite cruel, and are working off the karma for that cruelty in the current era. There was one other question about a specific African ethnic group, the Nubians, who originate in northern Sudan (note: 'Nubian' here may have also been used as a more general term for sub-Saharan African):

Q: What is the origin of the Nubians?
A: Caucus range. [Caucasus?]

Q: How come they are so terribly black?
A: Genetic mixing.

Q: With what? Anything particularly special about them?
A: East Indian aborigines.

The East Indian aborigines are part of a large group of Australoid people connected by the C’s with other peoples in the Pacific with a similar phenotype, related to the Paranthas of Atlantis (see below). What is unclear from the above is what the other component of the genetic mixing was (presumably African of some sort). It is also interesting that their origin is said to be the Cauc[as]us range, which is also the general area where the Kantekkians were originally transferred after their rescue from Kantek.


Australoid is a broad cover term for people in the southwestern Pacific area who have dark skin, frizzy hair, broad noses, and other features. They include native Australians, natives of Papua New Guinea, Melanesians, and the Negritos of places like the Philippines, Andaman islands, and southern India (where they were probably more numerous in prehistory). The two language phyla in Map 1 above which correspond to this group are Indo-Pacific and Australian. The closest mention to this group in the transcripts is the following:

Q: So, Atlantis had the Kantekkians and who else?
A: Race you would call “Native Americans,” and a third, no longer existing
race, somewhat resembling Australian or Guinean aborigines, only lighter in complexion.

Q: Was this third group destroyed by the other two?
A: One of the 3 cataclysms.

Q: Paranthas. Who were the Paranthas?
A: Nation of race mentioned above.

Q: So, the Paranthas were the antecedents of the Abos of Australia?
A: Yes, and compare to now existing peoples of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,
Australia, and New Guinea for similarities, bearing in mind genetic mixing and dilution.

Q: Were the Vedas written by the Paranthas or written by the Celts?
A: Descendants of Parantha, as per “Divine guidance.”

So while it is said that the third race of Atlanteans, the Paranthas, were destroyed in a cataclysm, their closest of kin appear to be the modern day Australoids.


I take the term ‘Oriental’ in the transcripts to be equivalent to East Asian, and especially Southeast Asian (including the southern Chinese and the Asians to their west and throughout the Southeast Asian peninsula and into the Pacific – for northeast Asians, see below). The language phylum that corresponds most directly with this group is Austric. The transcripts have this to say:

Q: (L) Where did the Orientals come from?
A: Same as all others. Result of experimentation.

Q: (L) Did they originate on this planet? Are they native to this planet?
A: Both. Orientals reserved for souls most advanced; Aryans most aggressive; Negroes most naturally attuned to earth vibrational frequency. So are “native Americans”.

Q: (L) What was the genetic combination used to obtain the Oriental races?
A: Orientals come from a region known in your legends as “Lemuria,” and are a previous hybridization from 7 genetic code structures from within Orion Union, designed to best fit the earth climate and cosmic ray environment then existent on earth.

Q: (L) Where was Lemuria located?
A: Pacific off South America.

Q: (L) So when the Easter Island natives talk about their ancestors they are talking about people who came from the direction of South America?
A: No. Right near all around. Easter Island is remnant of Lemuria.

Q: (L) What happened to Lemuria?
A: Submerged close to time you refer to as Fall of Eden, approximately.

So East Asians are descendants of the original Lemurians, and are presently located to the northwest of where the C’s indicate Lemuria itself used to be located. There is also a brief exchange about a more specific group, the Tibetans:

Q: Where do the Tibetans come from?
A: Asia.

Q: Were they special in any way? Hybrids or anything?
A: No. All are hybrids. At some juncture.

Native Americans

There are two language phyla which correspond to the term ‘Native American’ which is used in the transcripts. The most obvious one is Amerind, which is located throughout the southern half of North America and all of South America. The other is Dene-Caucasian, which is a super-phylum on par with Nostratic, and extends to the south of Nostratic from Europe, across Eurasia, to North America.


Map 2: The Dene-Caucasian phylum (http://starling.rinet.ru/maps/maps5.php?lan=en)

It can be seen comparing map 2 with map 1 above that Dene-Caucasian was likely spoken more extensively to the north, but it was overrun by Eurasiatic (a Nostratic subgroup), possibly as a result of the speakers of the latter being in a position to take advantage of the land freed up by retreating glaciers after the last ice age (compare map 4 below):


Map 3: Ice sheet coverage during the last ice age (_http://geography.howstuffworks.com/terms-and-associations/ice-age1.htm)

Based on recent work by Vitalij Shevoroshkin, it is starting to look like Amerind and Dene-Caucasian may have a closer relationship with each other than was previously realized, but it is still too early to say for sure. The following can be found in the transcripts regarding the Native Americans:

Q: (L) What genetic type were the Atlanteans?
A: They were the same as the “Native Americans.”

Q: (L) Where else did the Atlanteans go?
A: Americas. Inca. Aztec. Maya. Hopi Tribe. Pima tribe.

The following seems to address more recent prehistory:

Q: (L) What is the source of the Native American Indians?
A: Asia.

Q: (L) Across the Bering Strait?
A: No. Rescued. Transferred.

Q: (L) By whom?
A: Grays.

Q: (L) What were they rescued out of?
A: Cataclysm.

Q: (L) When did that cataclysm occur?
A: 7200 years ago approx.

Q: (L) What was the nature of that cataclysm?
A: Comets.

Finally, the Mayans in particular have been asked about on more than one occasion:

Q: (L) What happened to the Mayans?
A: Taken by Lizard beings to cosmos in 4D. “Lizzieland.”

Q: (BP) Were the Mayans an STS civilization?
A: No.

Q: (BP) Why did they engage in human sacrifice and so forth?
A: They did not.

Q: (BP) They did not?! (L) I think that’s an archaeological fallacy.
(TM) Yes.
(BP) Isn’t that fascinating!
(TM) I am going to be looking into that in the next couple of months.
(L) You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!
(TM) Wasn’t there another group... the Toltecs, were they the ones who engaged in human sacrifice?
A: At some point.

Q: (L) Who and what were the Mayans?
A: The Mayans were a transitory people who still exist in the lands that you refer to as Central America. And who have certain physical features that are not consistent with the rest of human beings on 3rd density Earth environment, due to their interactions, in the past, as you measure time, with beings of other density levels.

Q: (L) What beings would those be?
A: Well, we have described 4th density STS beings on many occasions.

Q: (L) The Lizard Beings?
A: Indeed.

Although it is stated that the Mayans were taken by the Lizards to ‘Lizzieland’, it either wasn’t a permanent trip or otherwise it didn’t include all of the Mayans, since they exist today in Cenral America (as stated above).


Finally, the Kantekkians have been associated with Nostratic, which in the map 1 above includes Dravidian, Kartvelian, and Eurasiatic (which itself includes Indo-European, Uralic, Altaic, and the Paleosiberian languages Gilyak (Nivkh), Ainu, Chukchi-Kamchatkan, Eskimo-Aleut):


Map 4: The Eurasiatic branch of Nostratic (http://starling.rinet.ru/maps/maps8.php?lan=en)

Afroasiatic (which includes Semitic) is considered to be a sister of Nostratic:


Map 5: The Afroasiatic family (http://starling.rinet.ru/maps/maps2.php?lan=en)

Here’s what the C’s have to say about Nostratic:

Q: (L) If Nostratic is a valid linguistic unit, does it essentially represent the original language of the Kantekkians? Well, I guess we ought to break that down and ask it: Is Nostratic a valid linguistic unit?
A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, does it essentially represent the original language of the Kantekkians?
A: Half.

Q: (L) What do you mean by "half"?
A: Half belongs to earth. There was blending at a very early stage.

So the C’s basically say that Kantekkians spoke pre-Nostratic, and that what can be reconstructed as Nostratic using data from the languages of Earth is essentially a heavily creolized form of the language that includes a significant component from the languages being spoken on Earth (probably in Atlantis) at the time. A tentative hypothesis would be that the language phylum Nostratic was most-heavily influenced by was Dene-Caucasian, which includes languages spoken primarily by people with a north Asian phenotype (but also Caucasian in Europe and Amerind in North America).

Q: (L) Okay. So the next question is: The putative Nostratic speakers in East Asia include the Asians that I think were the original shamans which I've discussed in Secret History and elsewhere, Altaic speakers in particular. So if this is the case, and if Nostratic as a linguistic group can be correlated with an original population from Kantek, does that mean that both the early shamans of East Asia and the circle-people of Europe (with the pyramid people further south) have their origins on Kantek?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And does the difference in phenotype between the two groups indicate admixture of the East Asian Kantekkians with a more native group that was already on Earth?
A: Yes. And notice the ongoing dispute over the "out of Africa" versus the "out of Asia" groups. It is an improper assumption. Out of Kantek vs out of Earth is a better formulation.

So it looks like what happened is this: The Kantekkians were transferred to the area in and around the Caucasus when first brought to Earth, and it is still in that area that you find the greatest concentration of their original phenotype (light-haired, light-skinned, blue-eyed). They proceeded to conquer all of what we know today as Europe, and at the same time spread eastward. They entered what is now Asia and intermixed with the ethnic group that was already there (speakers of Dene-Caucasian, and probably related to the group known today as the Native Americans); they also entered India, intermixing with an Australoid group related to the earlier Paranthas.


Of all the Nostratic subgroups, the one asked about most frequently in the transcripts is Indo-European. When Indo-European (Aryan) languages are asked about, Germanic is given as the most conservative subgroup:

Q: (L) Is there any language in existence today that is descended from the Aryan language? Or, that has remained more similar in development from Indo-European?
A: Yes. All Germanic.

Q: (L) Is Celtic considered to be one of these?
A: Yes.

Celtic is normally considered a separate Indo-European subgroup from Germanic, so if the above is not in error, one possible interpretation is that the conservative group being indicated is the one which includes both of these groups as well as Italic (a recent computational phylogeny groups them in this way: [Celtic [Germanic-Italic]].


Map 6: Indo-European subgroups (http://starling.rinet.ru/maps/maps30.php?lan=en)

As a sidenote, Sanskrit, another Indo-European language, is also discussed:

Q: (L) What is the origin of Sanskrit?
A: Atlantean roots.

Q: (L) What is the origin of the Sanskrit language?
A: Atlantis.

This would make sense technically since the Kantekkians were one of the three primary races which comprised the Atlantean civilization.

Q: (L) What is the world’s oldest language, at least of those known to today’s world?
A: Sanskrit.

I am not sure what criteria were used here, or why Sanskrit was chosen – it is not the oldest written language. It is still used in restricted contexts, so perhaps it is meant that it is the oldest spoken language with an unbroken tradition.

We find out more about the Indo-Europeans in the context of questions about the Biblical Levites:

Q: All right, first question is, what is the origin of the Levites?
A: Hittites Moon Worshippers.

Q: Well, before the Hittites became Hittites, what were they?
A: Indo-Europeans.

Q: What was the source of the Indo-Europeans?
A: Aryan sub-race.

Q: Is there any other group the Aryans mixed with to produce the Indo-Europeans?
A: Fourth Density genetic tweak.

Q: Was Abraham a Kantekkian? Was the story of Abraham the story of the Kantekkians being brought to Earth?
A: No.

Q: Was Abraham a Kantekkian or a derivation?
A: Latter. But, so are you.

Q: Was Abraham a Levite?
A: Yes.

Q: Was Sarah Nefertiti?
A: Yes.

Q What was the reason for the strange skull shape of Nefertiti and her family?
A: Genetic tweak.

Q: Was this 4th density genetic tweak done by STS or STO?


Besides the Indo-Europeans, the Semites are also asked about extensively (note that in the earlier transcripts, the Semites and the Jews are not kept distinct, although it becomes clear that they are two separate groups of people):

Q: (L) Okay, what about the Semitic and Mediterranean peoples?
A: Each time a new flock was “planted,” it was engineered to be best suited to the environment where it was planted. Aryans are the only exception, as they had to be moved to earth in an emergency.

Q: (L) If races are engineered on earth to be “best suited,” what factors are being drawn from or considered regarding the Semitic race?
A: They are not engineered on earth, but in Orion lab as all others. They were “Planted” in the Middle East.

Q: (L) Okay, what is it about the Semitic genes that was considered to be so undesirable in the creation of this ‘Master Race?’
A: Would blemish genetic characteristics inclined to ruthlessness and domination.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that there is something, some genetic tendency or set of genes in the Semitic type that would counteract this?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Okay, moving on to the next question: Are Semites a mixture of Aryan genetics and Black genetics as I*** and I have theorized?
A: Partly.

Q: (L) Once before you talked about the "mission destiny profile prior encoding" of the Semitic genetic code structure. Of course, you talked about this being done 130,000 years ago, so that's a long time. But, was that original code structure put into the genetic code of the Black peoples...
A: Yes.

Q: ... to then be spread via their mixture with Aryans - as Semites - into other races?
A: Partly.

Q: (L) What is the other part?
A: Genetic tweaking of Semites.

Q: (H) In reading through the transcripts in the 9/11 book, I was confused about the genetic tweak that was made 130,000 years ago. Was that a tweak that was done to all the Semites, so it wasn't only the Jews?
A: Question is what is a Semite?

Q: (H) You make a remark that this thing with Hitler goes off planet. So was this something that was going on on Kantek before it exploded?
A: Yes.

Q: (H) Did the Semites have a significant role in the collapse of Atlantis?
A: Indeed!

Q: (H) So, when we're looking at a replay, we're REALLY looking at a replay!
A: Yup.

Q: (Discussion of who are the Semites) (H) So the real Semites are the Aryans?
A:You got it!

Q: (L) So that means that the rank and file of Jews that have carried the tradition, the Arabic types, just took on the tradition and carried it and set it back to these Aryan types. They were just intermediaries. (J) Semites is like Middle Eastern, isn't it?
A: Is it? Was it?

Q: (H) Then the genetic tweak, was it made in the Aryan Semites or was it made in the Jews that we know as Jews today?
A: Aryan. Reason for destruction of Jews of the "Abrahamic" line.

So if the Semites are considered ‘Aryan’, it implies that they are originally Kantekkian, meaning that the connection of Afroasiatic to Nostratic (mentioned above) is valid. It is also quite interesting that the Semites played ‘a significant role in the collapse of Atlantis’ and that ‘they were the reason for the destruction of the Jews of the “Abrahamic” line’. Aramaic, a Semitic language, is also asked about, confirming an Aryan connection:

Q: (L) Who were the original inhabitants of the city of Jericho?
A: Aramaic.

Q: What bloodline are we talking about here?
A: Aramaic/Aryan.

Q: Are you saying that the Jews are Aramaic/Aryan?
A: No. Jews are not bloodline categorizable, per se

Q: (RC) Okay. If Aramaic was ancient Hebrew, was it the language spoken in Atlantis?
A: No.

The Egyptians are also asked about briefly:

Q: (L) Where did the Egyptians come from?
A: Atlantis.

Q: (L) Why did the Egyptians draw sideways?
A: Atlantean method handed down. Simply artistic stylization.

Q: (L) Then did the main Atlanteans move to Egypt when Atlantis was destroyed?
A: Yes. And elsewhere.

Q: What white men were seen in South America and talked to the tribes there and promised to return one day and were worshipped as Gods.
A: Egyptians and Atlantean descendants.

Regarding the relationship between the ‘northern peoples’ and the Mediterranean peoples, the following excerpt focusing on the Hyperboreans is interesting:

Q: What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?
A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilizing the Mediterranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.

Genetic Correlations

It is also informative to take a look at a human genetic map (Cavalli-Sforza) and compare it with what has already been discussed linguistically:


Figure 1: Genetic map of human populations (Cavalli-Sforza, from _http://www.friesian.com/trees.htm)

As has been noted by Cavalli-Sforza himself, there is a fairly strong correlation between genetic groups and language phyla. First, African populations stand apart from all other populations. The Asian group breaks into North Asian and a Southeast Asian groups -- in the latter, there is a division between Australoid and Southeast Asian populations, which are correlated above with Paranthan relatives and Lemurians, respectively. The North Asian clade breaks into Caucasoid on the one hand (correlated with conservative Kantekkian) and another group that in turn divides into NE Asian and American. It is the American group that is correlated here with pre-Kantekkian 'Atlanteans', and I suggest that the NE Asian clade represents a 'transition zone' between the Caucasoid Kantekkians and the Amerind Atlanteans where heavy contact took place between the two groups in what is now northern Asia.

More specific ethnic groups

Finally, the following is a list of other more specific groups which have been asked about in the transcripts, beginning with groups which have Kantekkian affinities:


Q: Were the Picts also Celts?
A: No, Atlantean. Remember, “Celt” is latter day moniker.

Q: Were the Picts Kantekkians?
A: Originally.


Q: (L) Who were the Druids?
A: Early Aryan group.


Q: (L) So where did the South Slavs really come from?
A: Caucasus area.


Q: Okay, going in another direction: what other names were the Danaans known by?
A: Scythians.

Q: (L) How did the Scythians get to Egypt?
A: Via Akkad.

Q: (L) Was Sargon a Scythian?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Were the Hittites a genetically altered group of Scythians?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Where do the Scythians come from?
A: China.

Q: (L) How did they get to China?
A: From the Caucasus.

Q: (L) So, they started off from the Caucasus, went to China, and were later driven back West by the Chinese? Is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Northern China or Southern China?
A: North.

Indian Aryans

Q: (L) Who were the blue skinned people written about in the Vedas?
A: Aryans.

Q: (L) Were the Aryans originally blue skinned?
A: No.

Q: (L) Why did the Vedas talk about blue-skinned people and why are there blue skinned people in remote areas of the Appalachians?
A: Are whites real “white”?

Q: (L) Were there ever any really blue people?
A: No. They were perceived as blue due to thinness of skin and contrast with native population.

Q: When did the Aryans invade India?
A: 8243 years ago.

Q: Who was there before that?
A: Asian tribes and number 3 prototype.

Q: What is a number 3 prototype?
A: Known as Neanderthal man.

Q: And what are we?
A: Number 4 types c and d. Translation into English comprehension.

Q: (L) My first question is: What is the source of the Vedas? The Hindu system of philosophy?
A: There is more than one source.

Q: (L) What is the general source, positive or...
A: A very vague question.

Q: (L) Was it a group of people that put them together over centuries, or was it channeled information, or...?
A: It came into being as a result of meditation.

Q: (L) And what race of people was responsible for this information?
A: Caucasian.


Q: Next question: This was something that was bugging me, and somebody sent an e-mail asking the same question, so I thought I would toss it in here. What is the origin of the Finns. They are quite different from their neighbors, and something of a puzzle.
A: Tribal split in transit.

Q: (L) What tribe?
A: In other words, “you take the high road and I’ll take the low road...”

Q: (L) Are they split off from the Hungarians? Were the Hungarians and the Finns originally the same tribe?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And what is the origin of the Hungarians and Finns before they split?
A: Carpathian zone.

Q: (L) Now, you have them in a locator, what is the origin of their genotype since they sort of stand out alone?
A: What do you propose?

Q: (L) I guess that they were another experimental creation. A genetic “tweak,” so to speak.
A: Works for us. [Laughter.]


Q: (L) What are the exact origins of Maltese people? Their language seems to be closely related to today's Lebanese. Is the Phoenician origin theory viable?
A: Close enough.

Notice that the Caucasus is mentioned in both the case of the Scythians and the Slavs, which makes sense if that is the original area where the Kantekkians were located.

The following groups are either non-Kantekkian or their affiliation is unsure:


Q: (L) Where do the Basques come from?
A: Atlantis.

Q: (L) Is their language the Atlantean language?
A: Derivative.

Minoans (and Myceneans)

Q: (L) What was the origin of the Minoan civilization?
A: Atlantean descendants.

Q: (L) When Thera blew, it seems to have destroyed all the Minoan cities except for Knossos.
A: Thera was result of close passage by Maldek. Knossos was not destroyed because structures were fundamentally stronger and blast wave was perpendicular. Underground shelters saved a few of the people.

Q: (L) Knossos lasted for about another 75 years after the events which destroyed most of the Minoan civilization. What were the events which brought about the final downfall of the Minoans?
A: Meteor borne parasites. Meteor destroyed city.

Q: (L) The Myceneans built a city with a 50 foot thick wall. Why was this wall built so if the only dangers were warriors armed with spears and arrows?
A: Protected against frequent cataclysmic events during that period. It worked. Much of wall is still standing.


Q: (L) Which is the older civilization: Sumerian or Egyptian?
A: Sumerian.

Q: (L) Which came first, the Sumerians of the Egyptians.
A: Sumerians.

Q: (L) Which came first, the Sumerians or Atlanteans?
A: Atlanteans.

Q: (L) Were the Sumerians a high civilization at the same time the Atlanteans were?
A: After.

Q: (L) Did the Atlanteans go to Sumeria and afterwards go to Egypt?
A: Travelled.

Q: (L) The Atlanteans travelled to Sumeria?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did they set up outposts in Sumeria?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who were the Sumerians?
A: Study mathematics.

Q: (L) Study mathematics? Is that the answer?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who should study mathematics?
A: You.

Q: (L) Is there something about mathematics that will tell me who they were?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, I have read about the Sumerians, and I have read the Sitchen material...
A: We are not Sitchen!

Q: (L) How did the Sumerians produce their civilization so suddenly and completely, seemingly out of nowhere?
A: Study mathematics for all possible unanswered pieces of the puzzle!!! Interpolate and use appropriate computer program, learning now increases your power tenfold, when you use some initiative, rather than asking us for all the answers directly!!!

Q: (L) Who constructed the great serpent mound in Adams County, Ohio?
A: Armonan sect.

Q: (T) Who are the Armonans?
A: Atlantean descendants.

Q: (T) So, this was a long time ago?
A: (L) Is there anything about them we would be advised to know or learn?
A: “Puzzle pieces.”

Q: (L) What period of time did they live in this area, from when to when?
A: See answers to Sumerian question.

Q: (L) Well, my opinion to this whole thing is that the Sumerians and the Armonans were Atlanteans who set up shop in their respective places when Atlantis went under.
A: Good, now go with that.

Q: (L) I would say that the same answer holds for the White Horse at Uffington, in England?
A: Yup.


Q: Change of subject: I am tracking the clues through the various languages and alphabets. I would like to know which of these alphabets, Runic, Greek, or Etruscan, preceded the others, and from which the others are derived?
A: Etruscan.

Q: Well, who were the Etruscans?
A: Templar carriers.

Q: What does that mean?
A: Seek and ye shall find.

Q: Well, how am I supposed to do that? I can’t find anything else on the Etruscans!
A: No.

Q: What do you mean ‘no?’ You mean there is more out there on the Etruscans?
A: Yes.

Q: Okay. What are Templar carriers?
A: Penitent Avian Lords.

Q: What does that mean?
A: For your search. All is drawn from some more ancient form.

Q: You called the Etruscans ‘Penitant Avian Lords,’ who were also ‘Templar Carriers.’ Is this related to these bird images? Then related to speech, writing and shearing?
A: Pass the test.

Q: So, if you are writing, and you pass the test, then you can be a phoenix, dove or whatever?
A: Discover.

Q: Ark suggested that the Etruscans may have gotten their alphabet as a mirror image. Could it be that they lived on the ‘other side’ of the mirror?
A: Latter is closer.


Q: (L) When the Jews were dispersed, did some of them come to America?
A: A few.

Q: (L) Where did the Jews come from?
A: Atlantis.

Q: (L) Are or were the Hebrews a separate racial group?
A: Not necessarily.

Q: (L) What was the origin of the Hebrew People?
A: Genetic construct.

Q: (L) Who did this genetic construct?
A: Guess.

Q: The Atlanteans?
A: Not that simple.

Q: (L) The lizzies?
A: How about joint effort?

Q: (L) Alright, the Orions created the Hebrews. What was the purpose for which this genetic variation was created?
A: Manipulation.

Q: (L) And what was the desired result of the Hebrew genetic manipulation?
A: Further control through the fostering of mistrust and hostility, leading to enslavement and warring.

Q: (RC) The Tetragrammaton is a code for the name of...
A: Also accomplished renewed and invigorated 3rd to 4th density “feeding.”

Q: Were the Jews that were genetically engineered and then planted in the Middle East... what year was this?
A: 130,000 years ago.

Q: Good grief! Have they managed to retain any racial purity for that long?
A: No.


Q: We would like to know what is the origin of the Gypsies.
A: Genes spliced. Slaves of dark forces.

Q: If the Gypsies were gene spliced, who were they gene spliced with?
A: Alien race, humanoid, and Atlantean drone workers.

Q: What were Atlantean drone workers?
A: Slave people controlled by crystal.

Q: Why do the Gypsies remain so cohesive? Is that genetically programmed?
A: Yes. And mind control.

The Basques and Minoans are both listed as ‘Atlantean descendants’, which makes sense at least in the case of the Basques since their language is a subgroup of Dene-Caucasian. Note also that there seems to have been an extra amount of 4D STS genetic tweaking involved in the cases of both the Jews and the Gypsies.

Edit: Added more maps and genetic tree (with discussion)
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I forgot that the Aryans had destroyed their planet with psychic energy :huh: . What if this sort of energy is back today.

Also interesting this genetic tweak which separates the Aryans from the Jews of the Abrahamic line

Sincerely thank-you very much for this work
Thanks shijing. Very comprehensive as the sessions go.

Sometimes though, strictly drawing from the sessions creates many more questions than they answer, possibly for a good reason. Therefore a recommendation for anyone(everyone ;)) interested in history should really read Laura's Secret History of the World a couple of times to better understand the seemingly contradictions of the sessions.

I got hung up on this same history-according-to-the-sessions in regards to the Mayans(http://www.cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=8988.0). It has been mentioned that strictly reading them does not allow for research that leads to a clearer understanding.
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Thank-you so much for this great job.

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Sometimes though, strictly drawing from the sessions creates many more questions than they answer, possibly for a good reason. Therefore a recommendation for anyone(everyone ;)) interested in history should really read Laura's Secret History of the World a couple of times to better understand the seemingly contradictions of the sessions.

Sure, I would definitely never recommend ignoring any of the work that Laura has done contextualizing the data from the sessions. I am currently on my second read of Secret History myself (which is a lot easier-going the second time through!).

cholas said:
I got hung up on this same history-according-to-the-sessions in regards to the Mayans (http://www.cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=8988.0). It has been mentioned that strictly reading them does not allow for research that leads to a clearer understanding.

That is a good point, and again it is good to have context if it exists. I hadn't read your Mayan thread before, so thanks for linking it (the link itself didn't work for me for some reason, so I re-linked it above) -- it does seem like it generated some good discussion and got people thinking. I am hoping that this thread does the same thing -- it is definitely not intended to be a definitive last word on Kantek and related themes, but by getting all the data together in one place, my intention is that it provide a platform from which people can launch into further research on the subject if they want. I was actually impressed when I put this information together at how consistent the information really is throughout the sessions -- there are a few things here and there that don't seem to add up for one reason or another, but in general it produces a pretty coherent narrative.
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