Keyhole Gardens: Raised Beds with a Twist


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These seem really nifty, especially for those with limited space or in dry/hot climates (they are water efficient, can build their own soil, and being raised, can be easier to access). For now, here's a few articles about them:

A pretty good summary:
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Keyhole Garden Concept

The Keyhole Garden concept is brilliantly simple. A circular raised bed has a center compost basket that distributes nutrients to the surrounding lasagna-style garden bed. A small pie-slice section of the bed is used for easy access to the center compost basket forming the keyhole design (click the sketch on the left for larger image).

Kitchen and garden waste, along with household gray water, are added to the center basket. The soil bed layers are slightly sloped away from the center to aid water and "compost tea" distribution. As the materials decompose, soil, composting materials, and amendments are added to the bed in later growing seasons.

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