Loose Change documentary suggests no crash in PA


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Cyre wrote:
Dont think it was shot down. Watched this video called Loose Change and they give a good argument and witness testimony that it landed at Chicago's O'Hara Airport. Further witness testimony described passengers being evacuated to the NASA Research Center that was on the grounds. Whatever happened to them from that point on is anyone's best guess.

I posted a link somewhere, lemme go find it.

Ah ha! <a href="http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848&q=911"> Here it is. </a>
I watched the Loose Change documentary on 9/11 events (available free at http://www(dot)seeloosechange.com) and it suggested from pictures and eyewitness testimony that there was hardly anything there in Shanksville to suggest a plane crash. The film explains that there was a small hole with some debris in it, no bodies, and not a drop of blood. It also suggests evidence that Flight 93 landed in Ohio, and that the occupants were evacuated into an unused NASA building (?) and never seen again. Weird.
I watched the loose change video (not the newer version) and read a few conspiracy sites, and I don't understand where this "Evacuated into the unused NASA building" comes from. The NASA Glenn Research Building they are referring to near Hopkins Airport is used daily, and has never been abandoned. I live near it, and have my whole life. The place is always packed from 7-4 and has been forever. There was even a budget crisis recently that threatened to shut it down, and the news covered it daily about all the jobs that would have been lost in Cleveland...
well, in all honesty, I don' think this changes anything much - the theories about what happened to that flight have always been the flakiest because there is no reliable trail of clues. the flight was 'vanished'.

but anyway: new data! perhaps you should ask the loose-change guys, see what they say about that?
you're definitely talking about the same building they are, right?
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