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Thought I'd share a link I had saved, that is a part of an article by Mae Brussell. She was quite a lady! Through her careful observation and collation of news articles and exhaustive research and some real heat generated by serious brain activity, she single handedly managed to penetrate deep into the world of lies and deception a.k.a. the US Government. Her ability to make connections was unparalled Death threats eventually forced her off the air--but didn't stop her from putting out her newsletter. Even though it's now dated one can still learn a LOT (IMHO) just by Googling Mae Brussell and following the workings of a great mind as it lays bare lies (it's still the same old players)!,21,83.htm also:

Here's another link with some more background involving Mae Brussell. I highly recommend each article in the linked series, "Letters from the Matrix"

Here's a sample from: "November 2001 Letters from the Matrix": " For entertainment of a thought-provoking nature check the movie The Odessa File. Check Right Is Wrong with Sean Connery. Check The Formula with Marlon Brando. Check The Parallax View with Warren Beatty and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and the relatively unknown but totally amazing Wild Palms, which was underwritten by Oliver Stone and is a frightening protrayal of the Matrix in 2010 or so. It's six hours long and you can get it at video stores that stock that kind of thing. Also, JFK by Oliver Stone is an admirable work of Stone in a fairly fiesty Bob-like period compared to Nixon, which is still subtle and brilliant and original in its attempt to show the human side of Nixon, but the Larry Flynt movie is a whitewash and spares the viewer the reality of Flynt's Rebel magazine as an all-news alternative to Hustler created so that top-down researchers like Mae Brussell would have a voice in exposing the Kennedy assassination and the Fourth Reich in America, not to mention so many other conspiracies that Flynt was foolishly determined to reveal to all of America rather than staying obscure and writing letters from the matrix that are read by five or six people in all tally. So the Reagan Whitehouse sent old trusty assets G. Gordon Liddy and Gordon Novel to end Hustler as an investigative arm bankrolled by Larry Flynt since Flynt's distribution meant that his stuff would be displayed in all major outlets. By 1984, Rebel was smashed after seven valiant issues that received virtually no advertising at all. Gordon Novel, whom Jim Garrison tried unsuccessfully to bring to trial for his alleged role in the Kennedy assassination, got an in with Larry Flynt by supplying him with pictures of Republican congressman Larry MacDonald, an extreme right, Bible-thumping, return-to-Christian-values programmer, having sex with a woman other than his wife. Flynt published them in Hustler along with some silly locker room commentary. Soon after, Larry MacDonald was on his way to the World Anti-Communist League meeting in South Korea. While Jesse Helms and the rest of his entourage took one flight, Larry was scheduled for another flight: KAL 007, which was blown up in mid-air when it deliberately entered Soviet airspace as the pilot was intructed to do. (His wife doubled his life insurance policy shortly before the flight after he warned her that a dangerous flight was about to happen.) According to tapes played in Japanese parliament, over a minute after the Soviets said the target had been destroyed, the KAL 007 hadissued no warning, and was still flying, which led The Nation magazine to speculate that it was blown up from within and then pinned on the Soviets who actually destroyed a military plan travelling near KAL 007 with the same allocation and spread of lights on the craft. Air traffic tapes in Anchorage, Alaska naturally were immediately lost given the sensitivity of the information. The resultant deaths of the passengers was used as a pretext for a massive arms build-up during the Reagan years. That Larry MacDonald was to be exposed in Hustler magazine by pictures ultimately provided by the White House, and then be put on KAL 007 was related to his being head of Western Goals, a private non-profit anti-communist thinktank which featured many elites and military covert types on its board of directors, including Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb. Western Goals had a direct link to the Los Angeles Police Department's computer, with files on 25 million people and a class action suit involving 75 plaintiffs. This resulted in Larry MacDonald, as then head of Western Goals, being supoenaed to explain, in a California court of law, why Western Goals, a "non-profit, non-government" agency enjoyed such a direct linkage. Being on the doomed Korean Air Lines flight KAL 007 made him unable to ever testify about this. Once, in the company of Novel and Liddy, Larry Flynt, on pain reliever drugs that made him mentally unstable, phoned up Mae Brussell, who agreed to write articles for Rebel despite Flynt's pleas that she be the editor of the ill-fated publication. With Liddy and Novel in the room, both of whom Mae had been exposing for years, Flynt told Mae he was going to get in a plane and go where the KAL 007 was shot down and jump out of the plane to his death in order to get the world's attention cause he was pissed off that the New York Times wouldn't allow him to buy a page and print his version of the event. Mae asked him who he was with, and he said Liddy and Novel. Mae responded that in effect, that was the end of his magazine and he was a fool to let these guys come into his mansion and be involved in his operation. Flynt was naive to think he could handle these people. Of interest to readers is that in 1972, with funding from John Lennon, Mae Brussell wrote the expose of Watergate published in Paul Krassner's The Realist magazine, before Bernstein and Woodward were given the job of helping remove Nixon and having Gerald Ford as President and Rockefeller as Vice-President. Ford was the FBI's spy on the Warren Commission and wrote - at least claimed to - the "Oswald acted alone" story for Life magazine, who owned the rights to the Zapruder film that showed the fatal headshot coming from the front and not the back. Life magazine fixed that problem, on gov't orders, by reversing the order of the stills published in LIFE to make it seem like Oswald shot him from behind. They then sat on the film, locked in a vault for years. Dan Rather of CBS fame had one of his first assignments as a reporter in Dallas when Kennedy was assassinated, he was later given a private showing of the Zapruder film and obediently reported that he'd seen the film, and yes the bullets came from behind, thus the gov't was right and Lee Harvey Oswald killed the American president. Had the Manson family's zombie chick squecked an accurate shot in her failed assassination attempt against then-President Gerald Ford, than Nelson Rockefeller would have become President of the United States without running for the office of either VP or President. But 1976 would see David Rockfeller's Trilateral Commission's project to nominate Carter succeed and Carter duly appoint lots of Trilateral Commissioners to form his cabinet and key posts in his administration. Holly Sklar wrote an excellent book about the Trilateral Commission, whose members also include George Bush, Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Liberal cabinet minister and hydro chairman (under the Bob Rae gov't) and chair of UN sponsored environmental summits Maurice Strong, plus an assortment of editors of mass media assets, bankers, industrialists, newer players, reliable people, etc. etc"


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I was absolutely fascinated with the work of Mae Brussel, until recently when I learned via Michael Collins Piper that her father was quite a powerful Jew, which sort of puts her obsession with Nazis into better perspective: Edgar Magnin - Wikipedia
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