Magnetite, spinning and meridians

noise said:
A question for GreyCat. When you spin are you actuallly exerting force or is it more leasurely? The difference I'm refereing to is a more calm slow spin versus.. "I'm trying to spin!" First one to 33 anyone? :)
Apologies if my last post was a bit harsh. I'm in the pacific northwest as well...for the moment. The last 8.1 earthquake has me a bit wiggy. On top of it, these lights I'm seeing have been really intense lately. I don't know if you read any of my other posts about neg attacks, but I'm in high season right now for that sort of stuff.
I guess I was mostly trying to empahsize that although it might be uncomfortable initially, if you continue through the experiment you might find some interesting results. Much along the lines of astronauts who need a certain ruggedness to undergo g-forces. When I spin...I try to keep my mind as calm and centered as possible. I spin fast with my arms out. There is a sensation of extending from above and below. It didn't take me long to adjust to the nausea afterwards. Although I have gone through periods where I stopped for a while, several months and the first few spinning sessions after that were rather uncomfortable.
The most interesting thing I find is that spinning actually gives you a physical location to go to in your head that aids meditation. If you keep the internal dialog down while sort of find this center point. It's one of those things that is difficult to explain. I've dubbed it 'internal navigation' and with it you get a feeling of what the C's have called 'the center of within'.
I'm in favor of spinning counter-clockwise. My rationale is that the current system of time that we are so rigidly connected to was set up by STS forces. If you spin counter-clockwise, you are 'countering the clock', something a STO candidate would hope for no?
Tigersoap said:
That makes me wonder about all the things that we should not be drinking that are found in tap water.
session 970705 says:
Q: (L) Okay. You have my undivided attention. How does he get the fluoride out of his system?
A: Recommend daily ingestion of Goldenseal root, as well as vinegar and garlic in moderation, along with up to an hour per every two days of light aerobic exercise.

I've followed this advice for years and found it quite beneficial.
CarpeDiem said:
That is one i'm beating my head off again and again... i can't get myself into conscious suffering. if i'll figure out, will update
GreyCat said:
One last thing from session 020226: A: Suffering activates neuro-chemicals which turn on DNA receptors.
about spinning: i try to do it with my son in arms. Clockwise. So far we can't get over 20-25 as i'm afraid to fall down together with a kid.
Depends on what type of suffering your thinking of. It's silly to undergo pain unless it has a pratical necessity. If it doesn't somehow make you understand yourself better then it's just flagellation.
Don't drop your kid! :)
noise said:
I'm curious cause I'm a wimp in terms of intestinal fortitude when it comes to spinning. Referencing the fact that I see my food quite easily. Or should I just take it slow like 33 sets of 3 and work in reverse starting out?

I have a weak stomach as well. I used to get motion sickness riding in a car on a curvy road, reading in the car, or looking backwards in a car . I really wanted to try first I could only spin about 4 or 5 times slowly. I have been able to work up to about 20 times. I try to focus on one object every time I make a complete rotation. The interesting thing I have found is this....spinning has helped my motion sickness! I have actually been able to read in the car during the long drives my family makes to visit relatives. I was never able to do this as a child. So far, spinning has been beneficial for me in ways that I did not expect.
Isn't there something in the Grail Quest that references singing 'tree's?'?
There just seems to be something in my mind that there is more on this subject.. though it could also be my limited understanding in the first placing telling me to ask more questions.

Would the spinning at all reference the idea of generating magnetism? The crystalization be the magnetized vessal prepared to attaract a soul? Kinda dumb founded here cause I never seen so much context held together within my mind, though again I only have glances of a fuller understanding involved in all the concepts brought up.

This has been eye opening. I'm a bit puzzled or maybe shocked at how little I have come to understand, still I'm certainly going to give spinning some work see-food or not. :) It would certainly be a great help to be able to post specifics instead of half guessing at what I know I read but don't quite have a full grasp, conceptually or hands-on-wise.

Thanks Axel this is very interesting.
No more talk.
Spin for a month, 3 X 33 per day and then post your findings.
Intellectuals are limited. Too much dialog.
Just do it, despite how much it hurts. It won't kill you.
But maybe it will make you stronger.

Try to break the pattern of the intelect.
Sorry to be curt, yet again, and you take it well.
I had a great coach who once told me:

Knowledge ISN'T Power.
Knoledge is Potential.

I notice it in my students alot as well. They start all fired up about an idea (in this case learning my craft.) and have talent and potential. They reach that first hurdle where things are not so fun and suddenly they have found more interesting things to do.
Give it a shot consistantly for 1 month and see where you are at.

I certainly will! Heck one-two spins and I'm at the first hurdle so I don't think I have anything to lose by shooting for 33. I wonder if I get to 10-20 I'll be able to once again do handsprings without feeling all discomboblulated and dizzy like I would now if I tried just one.

Right now I'm going with 3 then pause a few seconds to shake off the dizzyness, then three more.. to hell with the nausea feeling I just don't want to fall over and break something. The handsprings will have to wait. After rolling an ankle about a month ago, the top of my foot, in the last 5-6 days is having some muscle stretching/swelling. I wonder if it has something to do with the recent snow and change to colder weather here.

I will keep at it. You can be curt, I don't mind it at all. I think of it in reverse, and since I am not quite at a place where I can see how I might be coming across to another person it doesn't hurt my pride much to get a slap of reality now and again to restart the thinking process vs. constant intellectual-(let me take some notes..)-ism. I've got plenty of notes but little actual action.

Sorry there wan an hour or two where I got busy with some stuff here. Heh, it might have saved you from reading more rambling though. :) Thanks!
Hi Noise,

A little trick from one who used to "spin" professionally:

Try to keep your focus on the leading hand of your outstretched arm. I think the nausea is from watching the blurry world go by as you spin (kind of like looking down at the ocean when sailing). That blurrieness can be an interesting experience (I actually enjoy it) but it is one to save till you can do your 33 rounds without any discomfort.

There is also "spotting", which is to keep your focus on single spot as you turn till you can't hold it anymore, then recapture the spot as you come around. This is excellent for keeping you from becoming dizzy, but I found in my own experimetation that it seemed to negate some of the effects you strive for with spinning. Learning to cope and become comfortable with the sensory experience of the spinning seems to be part of the process. "Spotting" seems to lessen that input.


I'm with you, Monseur Noise.
Whenever I come across something that is uncomfortable, I often think of what is going to happen in the near future and I figure: I can handle a little bit of this.
Who knows? Maybe the C's recomend spinning because when they start turning HAARP up to full voltage, you'll have to DEAL with a little nausea or succomb to thier suggestions.
I guess thats why I wrote that first post, about clinging on for dear life of the roof of your home.
Spin well, my friend!
Thanks Herondancer,

I've been trying the spotting but due to the nausea and dizzy feeling it seems difficult. I will try focusing on the leading hand. Currently just to keep the spin going I'm going about 4 in one direction and then pause 4 in the opposite. I'm not sure to go clockwise or counter in the northern hemisphere. There is something that I do as a hobby so far as spinning. I like nun-chukus and think I'm a pretty efficiant self-taught geek at them.

Hey GreyCat,

I wonder if a month is going to be enough. I probably only spun about 16-20 times today total.

I'm curious what you meant by "..when they start turning HAARP up to full voltage, you'll have to DEAL with a little nausea or succomb to thier suggestions." Though at the same time, I think I know ..err ok, well, at best think I have a grasp at what you might mean in potential.

I got a couple words for something I think is happening overall for me subject-wise in reference to what I'm grasping overall with this thread; Braingasm(certainly), Epiphany(kinda), Deja-vu (slightly) and that's all I can come up with, I'm on a limited vocabulary. :)

Guess it's spin, study, spin time or maybe it should be study, spin, study,.. hmm...

Edit: I tried watching the leading hand and doubled the number of individual spins right off. I wonder if I should go more liquid diet soon or more solids and breads, LOL!

I am amazed that you can't just actually spin 33 times and then stand still. Maybe you are doing it wrong. For me personally, I don't feel a bit of discombobulaton until I STOP and then it's only slight. Then again, I've been doing this a while.
I will tell you this, I don't SPOT anything. That makes you disy as heck. When I spin, I focus my sight inward. I DO have to spot a point in the distance to know how many times I've spun. But it's almost immaterial. You just tick them off in the back of your head and keep spinning. Forget the thumb thing, just fix a point somewhere ahead and each time you spin, count it. For example, if theres a painting on the wall somewhere, I count it each time I see it till I hit 33. Put your arms straight out, and focus as far as you can see. You will get less dizzy this way.
Or at least I think. Like I said, my body chemistry is geared for this sort of thing. The only time I got nausea after spinning these days is after a night of heavy drinking. Then...well, the whole idea is just bad.

I keep my feet close together and try to keep the spin as tight as possible. That way I don't wobble.
I could be wrong, but it isn't much to spin for that long...
Luck to ya....
noise said:
A question for GreyCat. When you spin are you actuallly exerting force or is it more leasurely? The difference I'm refereing to is a more calm slow spin versus.. "I'm trying to spin!" First one to 33 anyone? :)

I'm curious cause I'm a wimp in terms of intestinal fortitude when it comes to spinning. Referencing the fact that I see my food quite easily. Or should I just take it slow like 33 sets of 3 and work in reverse starting out?
I think there's a particular method to it. So this is how I do it. I extend both my arms out to the side and turn my head (I prefer to the right) so I can look at one of my hands. I think you're supposed to have one hand facing up and one facing down, but I'm not sure about that. As long as you spin with your head turned focused on one of your hands - or you can stick your thumb out and focus on that, as you spin. When you spin, you can count every time your hand passes the same location in the room. But you must not take your eyes of the outstreached hand, or you will get dizzy, nauseous and lose your balance.

When you stop, place both your hands together in front of you in a prayer position and focus on them while the room stops spinning. If you don't, you will fall over. I've found focusing on the one place - either on the outstreached hand/thumb whilst spinning, and when finished on the two hands in the prayer position, is the only thing that makes it possible.

I don't really enjoy it, but it may have some benefits.
I have and do see the "light show" described above by Greycat for many years but I don't know if it has anything to do with spinning.....I just always thought I saw pulsating northern lights in my head since I can remember when I closed my eyes.

I like the "tunning in" theory much better as that's what I seem to expierience after extended days of spinning. I don't know about anyone else but for me to find out if something is having any effect I must expierience it and then not expierience it again and again to find a truth. I'd try it a couple of weeks then stop for a month and repeat just to measure I guess.

So after much trial and effort I have come to the conclution that it might just "tune" you into a different frequency mostly for me having to do with noticing energy transfers of people interacting with one another. It's almost as if I see with brighter eyes....hard to explain.

Could this just be the rejuvination effect that I also feel, possibly.... but headaches have never been expierienced to any degree and I have allways spun to the right (mostly cause it's easier to ballence) with no shoes on and on grass or some other earthly surface....the less carpet or other man made materials between seem to make the expierience more fullfiling.
Plus it's FUN, just like learning.... I got a... try it, you might like it message when reading the transcripts.
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