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There is something to 1= 3 = 1, but I think it's symbolic rather than mathematical because looked at from a purely mathematical stand point, it doesn't add up.

There is Gurdjieffs three centres - Instinctive/moving, heart, and intellectual that make up one man but he also tells us that these centres are not working in the way that they were designed to.

Also his idea that there are 3 forces at play in any one phenomenon - active, passive and neutral or affirming, denying, reconciling, or creative, destructive and reconciling. Here we work with the good, the bad and the context that determines which is which. Gurdjieff also says that man is third force blind.

There's an interesting line from the movie Dark Crystal that is given as a prophecy.

"When single shines the triple sun,
What was sundered and undone,
Shall be whole, the two made one,
By Gelfling hand or else by none."

I find that loaded with meaning:

"When single shines the triple sun,..."

The sun is a source of light - or knowledge and the C's tell us 'knowledge is light is love'. So knowledge of the the three forces is the single shining of the triple sun.

"What was sundered and undone,..."

Sunder means 'split apart' or divided, and undone could refer to Gurdjieff's 'man can do nothing' - which I take to mean that action is either fruitless or doesn't achieve what was originally aimed for.

"Shall be whole, the two made one...."

When two people understand and know things in the same way, they don't need to communicate or discuss anything - they just act from knowledge in collinearity with each other. It works the same in groups or where an individual joins a group.

"By Gelfling hand or else by none..."

The Gelfling are mechanically naive, ignorant and idealistic - like all of us to one degree or another, but they must apply themselves to learn and experience. They can be guided (as they were by Auhgra), but the ultimate boon cannot be given to them without their own effort and exertion.


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Maybe Gurdjieff was right in some points that time, for me is far far away :), the man is thirt force blind, well i don't thing so. I was thinking when i was writing a post with a numbers more about Holy Trinity :) That Trinity is one God, the three persons of the Christian thinking:The Father The Son and the Holy Spirit. I have number 3 always in my mind as infinity :) From there are coming the things :)


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(Arky) Not about the water. I want to ask about dialectical logic. There was this guy Hegel. He invented what is called dialectics. It can be summarized like contradictions are important; there is thesis, anti-thesis, and then you have synthesis. Okay... There is idealistic dialectics, materialistic, etc. And of course there are critics saying it's nonsense, that the only good logic is Aristotelian logic, and all this dialectics is just pure nonsense. I would like to have some hint. Should I study dialectic logic and Hegel?

A: Law of Three rules!

Q: (Arky) Law of three?

(Pierre) Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.
As we live in the 3 Density (that is also the 3 Dimensional) we can expect that "three" will arrange various things in our reality. The "three" can be a tip to find the answers.


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As we live in the 3 Density (that is also the 3 Dimensional) we can expect that "three" will arrange various things in our reality. The "three" can be a tip to find the answers.
3D is one of the points. We are in all densities and dimensions at one!Degree of focus point of an EYE (357) is an "illusion" of a reality.
Here and now.
Mirroring of flow of light.
Flow in spiralling "shower" reflects himself(divide) or combining it, depend of a direction of a curve.
All together in one spot.
Like a cross.
12 directions at ones in 3(time, space, moving).
Cloning a fractal part and upgraded him with experience(future) at ones.
It breathing, like a sun. Moving and be statics at a same time.
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