Mayan Calendar; a new day dawns



The 'Mayan Calendar' is unlike most other calendars in that it does not simply record the movement of heavenly bodies as a background reference for events. I.e. as a reference point for history or a planned/foreseen future.

Unlike, for example, our Gregorian Calendar, which is based on the endless circling of our Sun by Planet Earth (365 days ... each day being one 24 hour 'spin' of Planet Earth), the Mayan Calendar is measuring something else.

The Mayan Calendar is measuring the wave pulse of creation ... and creation's primary intent. Namely, the evolution of consciousness.

There are, in fact, about 20 'calendars' that were used by the Mayans, including a precisely known calendar of 365 days known as the HAAB calendar. This latter was used for agricultural purposes (dates for ploughing, sowing, harvesting, etc.) and for purposes of collecting taxes - usually at harvest time!

Under the popular term 'the Mayan Calendar' are actually 2 Calendars that are closely inter-related - namely the Tzolkin (Daily Calendar) of 260 days, and the Tun (Prophetic Calendar) of 360 days. These two 'calendars' intermesh like gears, and if you can visualise the smaller Tzolkin 'gear' on the left as circular with 260 teeth (days) intermeshing with the larger Tun on the right (360 teeth, or days), then as the Tzolkin turns so does the Tun. (Or vice versa.)

It takes 72 turns of the Tzolkin calendar ('gear') and 52 turns of the Tun calendar ('gear') for each 'tooth' (day) of each 'gear' (calendar) to come into contact. I.e. 18,720 days (72 x 260 or 52 x 360), or approximately 51 Gregorian calendar years. (18,720 / 365 ).

52 turns of the Tun Calendar (approximately 51 years) was the age at which a Mayan became an elder. No mean achievement with an average life-span of about 35-40 years! It signified that the 'elder' had lived through all of the recurrent and cyclic energies of creation.

And this is what the Mayan Calendar is about .... the energy patterns of creation.

The Mayans describe 9 frequencies, or 'underworlds' that underpin, guide, and infuse the Universe.

These 9 frequencies initiate in sequence, each newly initiated frequency blending with the frequencies already pulsing.

Together the 9 frequencies build into an integrated chord that climaxes in 2011/2012.

Each frequency is divided into 13 equal time-spans, or heavens, and the odd heavens are known as days, while the even heavens are nights.

So for each frequency we have:

Day 1; Heaven 1 (Sowing)
Night 1; Heaven 2
Day2: Heaven3 (Germination)
Night2; Heaven 4
Day 3; Heaven 5 (Sprouting)
Night 3; Heaven6
Day 4; Heaven 7 (Proliferation)
Night 4; Heaven 8
Day 5; Heaven 9 (BUDDING)
Night 5; Heaven 10
Day 6; Heaven 11 (Flowering)
Night 6; Heaven 12
Day 7; Heaven 13 (Fruit-ing/fruition)

Each frequency is one twentieth the overall time-span of its predecessor, and initiates in the last heaven, Day 7, of its predecessor.

So, the first frequency, or underworld, commenced with the Big Bang 16.4 billion years ago, and each 'heaven' lasted for a period of approximately 1.26 billion years.

In Day 7, heaven 13, of the first underworld - which we are still in - cellular life evolved.

The second frequency initiated 820 million years ago (16.4 billion divided by 20), with 13 heavens of approximately 63 million years each. Day 7 of this cycle is still running, along with Day 7 of the first cycle.

In Day 7 of this second underworld mammalian life developed ...

Underworld 3 commenced approximately 41 Million years ago, with 13 heavens of approximately 3.15 million years each ....

And so on.

... up to the cycle we are in at the moment - the penultimate cycle - that began on January 5 1999.

Remember that all the preceding 7 cycles (or Underworlds) are still pulsing within their 'last Day', and the 9th and final cycle (or Underworld) will initiate on 10 February 2011 and last for 260 days - at the end of which all the 9 Underworlds will have come to the end of their 13 heavens of varying spans (or 'wavelength').

To-morrow - 24th November 2006 - is Day 5 (or 'heaven' 9) of this penultimate 12.7 year cycle.

Each 'heaven' (or resonance or frequency) of this cycle lasts 360 days, and this 'resonance' - Day 5 - beginning this Friday, 24 November 2006 lasts until 18 November 2007, when we go into Night 5 or resonance (heaven) 10.

Day 5 is always a crucial resonance period in a cycle, it somehow 'exemplifies', 'establishes' or 'sets the stamp or seal' on the nature of the whole cycle.

Day 5 is ruled by the God of Light - Quetzalcoatl. We can expect a big change in our perception of things, and the way things will be thereafter on this our world.

By way of example, the previous cycle (and we are still in the last day of ALL the cycles that previously initiated - as already mentioned they superimpose, or blend, with one another, (building into a sort of 'cosmic chord' of frequencies if you like) all coming to a 'grand finale' in 2011/2012) - the previous cycle commenced in 1755 and lasts for 256 years, each of the 13 'heavens' or 'resonances' being 19.7 years. It was a cycle all about physical/technological/scientific power awareness and its management, and you will note that the Day 1 (1755 to 1774) was the start of the Industrial Revolution in Britain ... placed at about 1760 by most historians.

Day 5 of the previous cycle commenced about 1912.

In 1914 the First World War broke out. A real demonstration of power! Also the Russian Revolution ... 1917. Boy oh boy ... did the world ever change after day 5 of the last cycle!

Unfortunately, after Day 5 comes Night 5, and, yes, you've guessed it, it doesn't seem to get better. Quite the contrary!

Night 5 (which in this current cycle begins 19 November 2007) is ruled by the God of Darkness - Tezcatlipoca!

Night 5 in the previous cycle was 1932 to 1952. I'm sure I don't need to remind you what happened during that one!

BUT ... before too much despair sets in, remember that the Mayan calendar appears to be all about the evolution of CONSCIOUSNESS - and planet Earth (third Density if I may borrow the term) is a spiritual gymnasium for the evolution of consciousness.

WE chose to be here at this time!

All those 'horrors' of the 5 Day and 5 Night of the previous cycle were certainly an impetus to a vast expansion of awareness and consciousness among many people in the world.

The First World War sounded the death knell of the old autocratic and monarchic 'political' systems (government by whim!), and did - albeit counterbalanced by the communist regimes - clear a way forward for a more democratic period of involvement in Government 'by the people'. Unfortunately, we know how that is turning out. It does seem to me that, very sadly, we just won't wake up and stay awake unless we are vigorously shocked into it!

The previous cycle, although about power, was also an opportunity for us to relate to power and manage it sensibly. For example, the Albany Congress of 1754 was the first attempt at democratic union in the English colonies in America. (Day 1)

The Declaration of Independence followed in 1776 (Night 1).

The fall of the last totalitarian empire - USSR - occurred in 1992 - the precise start date of Day 7 of the previous cycle.

(Unfortunately another totalitarian empire is now attempting to take its place!)

The Days of a cycle (underworld) are usually the 'initiation' of a new energy. The 'learning' of a new skill/understanding/awareness. The nights appear to be their 'applications' or 'results' - and the results can sometimes be 'accidents' through still unpractised use - and can be painful!.

In fact the Days are related analogously to the growth of a plant or flower like this:

Day 1 - Sowing
Day 2 - Germination
Day 3 - Sprouting
Day 4 - Proliferation
Day 6 - Flowering
Day 7 - Fruition.

The Mayan calendar, although not a precise event-specific prophesy system, is fascinating when approached as an overview of energy rhythms within the Universe (and therefore also applicable to all planets, ours included), possibly effected through a 'world tree' kind of 'tuning fork' centre of emanation.

Interesting to overlay the 9 cyclic rhythms and their 13 heavens upon the history of our planet. This is something you can do for yourself by purchasing a good 'History of the World' with timelines since the Big Bang.

And remember, the first base cycle (Underworld) commenced about 16.4 billion years ago!

(Quite a calendar for a few Meso-American Indians to come up with a few thousand years ago! Or could they also have come upon it from .... who?)

And as for 16.4 billion years ago ... could that have been the precise date (in our earth-time terms) of the Big Bang - that is now popularly agreed at approximately 15 billion years ago, but was previously thought to have been 10, 12 and 14 billion years ago?

If you would like to sit back and enjoy a very accessible presentation of the Mayan Calendar from the above perspective, here are the links to parts 1 and 2 of a 3 hour presentation currently on Google Video entitled 'The Mayan Calendar comes North.' Presented by Ian Xel Lungold, who has now, sadly, passed away.

The Mayan Calendar Comes North:

Part 1

Part 2

There are also two excellent books on this by Dr Carl Johan Calleman (formerly a microbiologist who studied the effects of radiation at cellular level), entitled;

'The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.' (This is the second, and, in my opinion, the more easily assimilable work.)


'The Mayan Calendar: Solving the Greatest Mystery of our Time.' (Dr Calleman's first book)


"This is only where I am today."


The Living Force
There are an awful of assumptions in this article. Hard to even start to pick them out.

While the Mayan Calendar and the infamous 2012 date are well known in New Age circles, what is less well understood is that the relative dating of the Mayan Calendar to the western calendar is tenuous. According to this article:

there are over 50 different schemes that have been proposed to correlate the two. It may be the entire story of the mysterious disappearance of the Mayans is simply because the calendars were mismatched. The centuries long hole may not really exist.

Dr. Antoon Leon VOLLEMAERE said:
For more than a century, many students have tried to find a correct correlation between the Maya calendar system and our old European Julian (not Gregorian!) calendar. There are for the moment no less than 52 Maya correlation propositions! The most striking fact is that there are more than 1000 (!) years between the first correlation (Bowditch14.01.-3632) and the last correlation proposition (Vaillant2 259.04.-2593) for the second zero point 4 Ahau 8 Cumhuh.

This means in other words that Maya history can be moved back or forwards, 'a su gusto', with a maximum of 10 centuries! In other words, one can falsify Maya history with a difference of many centuries. And that is what unfortunately has happened with the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson correlations.
According to the author of this article, the dates are off by 520 years. The calendar needs to be advanced by that much, covering the 'hole'.

Furthermore, the analysis found here:

suggests that according to his calculations, the Mayan calendar has already ended: in 1546!

Dr. Antoon Leon VOLLEMAERE said:
For the calculation of the period after 4 Ahau 8 Cumhu till the end of the calendar, you need to read our publications about the solar eclipses of Codex Dresdensis 51-58. It is good to know that the Maya calendar ended on the winter solstice of 12.12.1546. Almost every mayanist believe totally wrongly in a ending on the wintersolstice of the year 2012. The Maya calendar ended already in 1546!
I am not expert, and I have no idea whether Vollemaere's work is correct or not. However, it certainly raises serious questions about the dates as they are accepted by many people, including scholars.


Hi Henry,

All that you write is true.

The article was not, however, intended to be a definitive or didactic definition of the 'Mayan Calendar', but rather an entree to the subject with suggested links to take the ideas further.

As you know, to argue each point against each counter-point regarding the Mayan Calendar would have involved writing a book! (Or several!)

I have read much about the Mayan Calendar.

It fascinates me on many levels. Not least because it is not a 'calendar' as we know it. I.e. it is not based upon the repetitive motions of our local planetary system.

My gut feeling - and intellectual response - after all I have read and listened to on the subject, is that Dr Calleman - referred to in my post - has got it the most right. And this has been fairly recent.

All that I have written in my post is in accordance with Dr Calleman's hypotheses.

So if the Mayan Calendar (specifically the Tzolkin and the Tun - the 'prophetic' calendar) is not based upon the physical orbiting of local planets, that record the number of revolutions since the assumed birth date of some religious figure, what is it measuring and recording?

Dr C's hypothesis is that the Calendar is measuring or tracking the growth and evolution of 'something.' Something pulsing within creation. Or something that is precisely the pulse/frequency of creation.

The something being tracked is postulated as being the evolution/growth of consciousness. It appears to build with the initiation of new 'frequencies' (and we know from Chladni discs the 'building' power of frequencies!) that engage one after another over time ('time' as perceived in our world), initiating ever more rapidly until apparent closure 2011/12. (Dr Calleman has re-calculated the 'end-date' of these cycles (NOT necessarily the end of the world!) to 28 October 2011.

This 'calendar' is actually very fluid and open, recording the development of universal (not just our solar system) currents and pressures rather than fixed, pre-programmed happenings. It leaves us in the position of navigators, faced with currents and directional winds that we either learn to use to our own advantage - to take us where we have decided we want to go - or that we ignore and simply remain at the mercy of ... possibly to be over-turned and shipwrecked!

Although many books and opinions have been written about the Mayan calendar over the past centuries and decades, the Coba stone was only found in the jungles of Central America in 1942. This is a 12 foot stone monument found face-down in the earth and covered with carvings of dates. There is a time period depicted, and cycles within cycles, and, amazingly, it was gradually realised - and ignored! - that the first cycle seemed to begin 16.4 billion years ago!

Is that not staggering?

I mean, think about it. A stone with carvings of dates on it, assumed carved by 'primitives' a thousand or two years ago, and eventually discovered to be recording a time-line that - using the Gregorian Calendar - dates back 16.4 BILLION years!

What's yer average Mayan Indian doing with a calendar that begins 16.4 billion years ago???!!!

And the answer probably is - not a lot!

But someone knew something ... assuming they didn't just enjoy carving immensely large numbers on big rocks!

So many archaeologists and Mayan calendar 'experts' just ignored that bit. And concentrated on what the Mayan 'priesthood' itself seemed to mainly concentrate upon, i.e. the so-called 'Great Cycle' which was Cycle (or 'underworld') 6 that initiated in 3,114 BC - or pretty much the date of the founding of the first real Nation in our 'time' ... Egypt.

(Pretty strange that they seemed to identify that cycle! Let alone mentioning distracting things like 16.4 billion years ago! Long before we had come up with the Big Bang that now seems to be creeping more and more towards that date.)

Anyway, our story continues ....

... along comes one Dr Carl Johan Calleman, already a distinguished micro-biologist, whose specialty is the study of influences of pollution and radiation on the cellular/DNA levels of organic life. Hmmm. Frequency interactions with organic life. Not a bad background for what was to come.

Dr Calleman first visited Maya-land in 1971. Then felt drawn back in 1979. Then found an increasing interest (hobby at first) in the meaning of the strange Mayan calendar. Was dis-satisfied with overall state of explanations. Decided to do his own research, bringing his own disciplined scientific approach and background understanding of 'influences' to bear.

Finally it clicked.

The Mayan calendar is recording the 'intent' or 'directional pressure' of our unfolding Universe.

Ah-ha. So THAT could be why the Mayans had such a long-term calendar that isn't linked to any planetary or stellar movement! Such movements are secondary to our unfolding World. The real 'movement' is the evolution of 'consciousness.'

Consciousness - light - thought - matter.

Anyway, there is a great and fun way to follow up on Dr Calleman's research and hypothesis ....

... become familiar with the cycles and how they are structured ...

... then overlay them against our historical background ...

... and see if they make a kind of sense.

Don't be put off by the use of numbers as some people are. Why 7, they ask, why 13 or 20??

I don't know.

Why the 'Golden Mean' ratio of 1.62 to 1 found throughout nature? The spiral formation of hermit crab shells for example.

Maybe mathematics is just the way we 'language' the regularities of Nature.

Anyway, Henry, please do watch the Google video (linked in my previous post) showing the presentation by Ian Lungold of the Mayan Calendar based upon Dr Calleman's work. It is very enjoyable, and also a quick entree to gain familiarity with the basic concepts, possibly leading one on to further research.



"The English have always loved a man with absolutely no talent or ability whatsoever ... provided he is modest about it." - Oscar Wilde


The Living Force
StarFraction said:
Dr C's hypothesis is that the Calendar is measuring or tracking the growth and evolution of 'something.' Something pulsing within creation. Or something that is precisely the pulse/frequency of creation.

The something being tracked is postulated as being the evolution/growth of consciousness. It appears to build with the initiation of new 'frequencies' (and we know from Chladni discs the 'building' power of frequencies!) that engage one after another over time ('time' as perceived in our world), initiating ever more rapidly until apparent closure 2011/12. (Dr Calleman has re-calculated the 'end-date' of these cycles (NOT necessarily the end of the world!) to 28 October 2011.

How does Calleman arrive at this idea? I don't have his books, and our internet connection is such that watching hours of video off of google isn't possible.

StarFraction said:
Although many books and opinions have been written about the Mayan calendar over the past centuries and decades, the Coba stone was only found in the jungles of Central America in 1942. This is a 12 foot stone monument found face-down in the earth and covered with carvings of dates. There is a time period depicted, and cycles within cycles, and, amazingly, it was gradually realised - and ignored! - that the first cycle seemed to begin 16.4 billion years ago!

Is that not staggering?
May. Maybe not. It could also simply be the result of choosing the numbers 13 and 20 and playing with them. In the schedule of the nine cycles given by Calleman, cycles 2 through 8 are multiples of 20. Cycle 8 is 18 times the length of cycle 9, not 20. Why the difference? And the first cycle is 200 times the length of the second, not 20. Again, why the difference? If you lop a zero off of the final cycle, you end up much further away from 16 billion years. ;)

Does Calleman explain this in his books?

StarFraction said:
But someone knew something ... assuming they didn't just enjoy carving immensely large numbers on big rocks!
Maybe, maybe not.

StarFraction said:
Finally it clicked.

The Mayan calendar is recording the 'intent' or 'directional pressure' of our unfolding Universe.
How did he determine this?

StarFraction said:
Anyway, Henry, please do watch the Google video (linked in my previous post) showing the presentation by Ian Lungold of the Mayan Calendar based upon Dr Calleman's work. It is very enjoyable, and also a quick entree to gain familiarity with the basic concepts, possibly leading one on to further research.
As I mentioned above, I won't be able to watch the video.

I went to his website and noticed he talks about Harmonic Convergence. That is a first danger sign. What is the science behind the Harmonic Convergence?

StarFraction, the problem I have with his schema is that it seems pulled out of a hat to me. When he discusses the development of religion or communication according to the different cycles and days of the Mayan Calendar, it feels to me as if he has pulled his facts out to fit the calendar. It seems arbitrary.

Also, the assumption behind the calendar, or at least what I am reading from his interpretation of it, is that somehow this is just happening to us. There is little discussion of what we are supposed to be doing. Where does free will enter into this automatic evolution?

Gurdjieff also talks about cosmic influences, but the forces that just happen to us are not positive from the standpoint of our individual evolution. It is perfect for the functioning of the cosmos as a whole, but he emphasizes that to evolve as individuals, we must in some sense make a stand against those forces. If we follow the cosmic influences, we end up being food for the moon. The individual needs to make a conscious choice to oppose these forces, also called the General Law, in order to evolve as an individual.

Here is Gurdjieff talking about this as related by Ouspensky in In Search of the Miraculous:

Gurdjieff said:
One must begin with the causes that are in man himself. How can he be independent of the external influences of great cosmic forces when he is the slave of everything that surrounds him? He is controlled by everything around him. If he becomes free from things, he may then become free from planetary influences.


And, at the same time, humanity as a whole can never escape from nature, for, even in struggling against nature man acts in conformity with her purposes. The evolution of large masses of humanity is opposed to nature's purposes. The evolution of a certain small percentage may be in accord with nature's purposes. Man contains within him the possibility of evolution. But the evolution of humanity as a whole, that is, the development of these possibilities in all men, or in most of them, or even in a large number of them, is not necessary for the purposes of the earth or of the planetary world in general, and it might, in fact, be injurious or fatal. There exist, therefore, special forces (of a planetary character) which oppose the evolution of large masses of humanity and keep it at the level it ought, to be.

"For instance, the evolution of humanity beyond a certain point, or, to speak more correctly, above a certain percentage, would be fatal for the moon. The moon at present feeds on organic life, on humanity. Humanity is a part of organic life; this means that humanity is food for the moon. If all men were to become too intelligent they would not want to be eaten by the moon.

"But, at the same time, possibilities of evolution exist, and they may be developed in separate individuals with the help of appropriate knowledge and methods. Such development can take place only in the interests of the man himself against, so to speak, the interests and forces of the planetary world. The man must understand this: his evolution is necessary only to himself. No one else is interested in it. And no one is obliged or intends to help him. On the contrary, the forces which oppose the evolution of large masses of humanity also oppose the evolution of individual men. A man must outwit them. And one man can outwit them, humanity cannot. You will understand later on that all these obstacles are very useful to a man; if they did not exist they would have to be created intentionally, because it is by overcoming obstacles that man develops those qualities he needs.

"This is the basis of the correct view of human evolution. There is no compulsory, mechanical evolution. Evolution is the result of conscious struggle. Nature does not need this evolution; it does not want it and struggles against it. Evolution can be necessary only to man himself when he realizes his position, realizes the possibility of changing this position, realizes that he has powers that he does not use, riches that he does not see. And, in the sense of gaining possession of these powers and riches, evolution is possible. But if all men, or most of them, realized this and desired to obtain what belongs to them by right of birth, evolution would again become impossible. What is possible for individual man is impossible for the masses.

"The advantage of the separate individual is that he is very small and that, in the economy of nature, it makes no difference whether there is one mechanical man more or less. We can easily understand this correlation of magnitudes if we imagine the correlation between a microscopic cell and our own body. The presence or absence of one cell will change nothing in the life of the body. We cannot be conscious of it, and it can have no influence on the life and functions of the organism. In exactly the same way a separate individual is too small to influence the life of the cosmic organism to which he stands in the same relation (with regard to size) as a cell stands to our own organism. And this is precisely what makes his 'evolution' possible; on this are based his 'possibilities.'

"In speaking of evolution it is necessary to understand from the outset that no mechanical evolution is possible. The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness. And 'consciousness' cannot evolve unconsciously. The evolution of man is the evolution of his will, and 'will' cannot evolve involuntarily. The evolution, of man is the evolution of his power of doing, and 'doing' cannot be the result of things which 'happen.'

"People do not know what man is. They have to do with a very complex machine, far more complex than a railway engine, a motorcar, or an aeroplane-but they know nothing, or almost nothing, about the construction, working, or possibilities of this machine; they do not even understand its simplest functions, because they do not know the purpose of these functions. They vaguely imagine that a man should learn to control his machine, just as he has to learn to control a railway engine, a motorcar, or an aeroplane, and that incompetent handling of the human machine is just as dangerous as incompetent handling of any other complex machine. Everybody understands this in relation to an aeroplane, a motorcar, or a railway engine. But it is very rarely that anyone takes this into account in relation to man in general or to himself in particular. It is considered right and legitimate to think that nature has given men the necessary knowledge of their machine. And yet men understand that an instinctive knowledge of the machine is by no means enough. Why do they study medicine and make use of its services? Because, of course, they realize they do not know their machine. But they do not suspect that it can be known much better than science knows it; they do not suspect that then it would be possible to get quite different work out of it."
When I contrast Gurdjieff's ideas with those of Calleman, I find the latter is describing something mechanical. A false evolution because it is happening to us, not as the result of the conscious choice of an individual, the application of a conscious choice, of Will.

Nothing is gotten for free. To evolve is to work. Gurdjieff acknowledges this great truth. Many, many so-called teachers don't; they sell the lie that liberation can just be had for nothing. And the idea that somehow we are entering into a new age of cosmic consciousness without any work seems fishy to me. What if this so-called "cosmic consciousness" is in fact the obliteration of any idea of self as organic life on earth starts evolving all over again from the start, fulfilling its mechanical role in its place in the grander scheme of things, a role much different than the one claimed by egocentric humans who put themselves at the centre of life?



Hi Henry,

Where to start ....?

I am delighted to dialogue with you about the Mayan calendar - particularly Calleman's hypothesis - but please be assured that I have no axe to grind here. If we come to the conclusion that the Mayan calendar and/or Calleman's hypothesis about it are flawed, incorrect or delusional then that will be a clarifying result.

Needless to say, I do not think the above at this stage. But I do only hold all such systems and views as, sort of, 'background info' to my search, and with the proviso that they will be immediately 'ditched' if they show strong evidence of being false, or contrived for an ulterior motive.

(Funnily enough I had somewhat of a prejudice against the Mayan Calendar 2 or 3 years ago, thinking it to be another kind of Nosteradamus-like prophesy system - whereby you only seem to be able to see the 'prophecies' AFTER the event, and then only MAYBE!' - and with a predicted end of the world on the Winter Solstice, 2012.)

I had hoped that anyone whose interest may have been piqued by these posts would be able to go to the Ian Lungold presentation I gave links to. This presentation covers most of Dr Calleman's hypotheses - and certainly gives a good introduction to the system he believes he has uncovered - and takes about 3 hours! Add to that the fact that Dr Calleman's 2 books are each over 250 pages of texts, charts, diagrams and tables, and you can see that I have no hope of covering all bases in a couple of posts.

This then makes discussion a little difficult, as I am naturally talking and writing from the basis of a system that I have studied and worked through for some time, so will inevitably seem to make non-sequitur assumptions at times as I make statements based on premises I am already familiar with.

Incidentally, it is interesting that part of the 'strategy' for debunking anything is to attack the conclusions - usually as 'mad', 'unsupported' or 'obviously ludicrous' - without examining the premises. So, someone hearing about Gurdjieff's teachings for the first time might easily respond: "What do you mean most of humanity are unconscious? I am perfectly conscious. I see lots of other people going around conducting their daily lives perfectly conscious of what they are doing! And what is this 'food for the moon' idea? Why haven't I heard of this before? Where is your proof? Does it have any scientific basis in fact? And no, I don't agree that most people are 'mechanical' and 'robots.' Some may be less intelligent than others. But I see many people making intelligent conscious choices every day that are not in the least bit mechanical! Was Einstein 'unconscious' and 'mechanical'? And was he ' food for the moon?' Was Shakespeare, or Mozart or Bertrand Russell? What on earth are you talking about?!"

However, if one has read through and pondered Ouspensky's works, and Maurice Nicholls' and the writings of Gurdjieff himself, and autobiographical reports from his students' experiences, then one can see exactly what Gurdjieff means. (Absent the tendency to go into denial about it of course.)

So, I write the above just to clear the way for further discussion on the basis that 1) I do not have an axe to grind here, 2) I am certainly not asking anyone to believe what I write without making their own independent researches, and, 3) I currently feel the whole Mayan calendar scenario to be another 'piece of the puzzle', from what could be a very important perspective - the tidal shifts of creation.

By the way. I don't like Calleman's web page at all!

Having read his 2 books and watched the video presentations by Ian Lungold, I was very dis-appointed when I first searched for his website.

I have found independent articles posted by Dr Calleman (or his followers) on the web, and these are generally of a high calibre as are his books. But the website .... No .... Smacks too much of commercialism to me, and is a bit 'cheap' without any of the depth and information to be found in Dr Calleman's books. I have a feeling that maybe his site is being run and managed for him by 'followers' (he has, as you would expect, accumulated quite a few adoring fans!), and his followers are not doing him too good a service here! (And I do hope he does not succumb to the lure of playing the 'Guru!')

Anyway, to return to some of the matters you raise ....

First of all the numbers.

Many people, myself included at first, immediately think: 'Why number 13? Why 7? Why 9 and 20, and a 'stand alone' 18, etc???'

I don't know the why of the particular numbers, any more than I know the why of the Golden Mean ratio of 1.62 (to two decimal places) to 1 that repeats so often in nature's growth patterns, and seems to be aesthetically pleasing when, either deliberately or unconsciously, it is incorporated in the structure of a work of art, a painting or architecture.

But first of all bear in mind that Dr Calleman did not make up (or fit together) these numbers himself. They are the number cycles used by the Maya - and possibly the civilization before them, the Olmecs. Dr Calleman did, however, elucidate the way they most probably 'fit' together, and the hypothesis of what they appear - when expanded into the calendar form - to be tracking.

I can assure you that the numbers do work (i.e. are mathematically consistent) with the cycles the Mayans identified when you gain familiarity with them.

The basics are:

1 day = a 'Kin' (pronounced 'keen')
20 days = a 'Uinal' (pronounced 'weenal')
360 days = a 'Tun' (pronounced 'toon')

The cycles, that all end (according to Dr Calleman's calculations) on 28 October 2011, are as follows - from last cycle (not yet initiated) down:

Universal 13 x 20 kin = 260 days
Galactic 13 x 20 (to the power of zero) tun = 13 x 1 x 360 = 4,680 days (12.8 yrs)
Planetary 13 x 20 (to the power of 1) tun = 13 x 20 x 360 = 93,600 days ( 256 yrs)
National 13 x 20 (to the power of 2) tun = 13 x 400 x 360 = 1,872,000 days = (5,125 years)
Regional 13 x 20 (to the power of 3) tun = 13 x 8,000 x 360 = 37,440,000 days = (102,000 yrs)
Tribal 13 x 20 (power of 4) tun = 13 x 160,000 x 360 = 748,800,000 days (2 million yrs)
Familial 13 x 20 (power 5) tun = 41 million years
Mammalian 13 x 20 (power 6) tun = 820 million years
Cellular 13 x 20 (power 7) tun = 16.4 billion years

So we have 9 cycles, called by the Mayans 'underworlds', and each cycle from the bottom up is one twentieth the preceding cycle, save for the final cycle ('Universal' - Calleman's terminology) which is one eighteenth.

In the Mayan scheme all the cycles run together (one does not end and the next begin), and they initiate throughout the overall span of the 'base' cycle (Cellular) of 16.4 billion years, initiating and accelerating faster and faster as they approach the 'end of time' (as the Mayans referred to it - NOT the end of the world!) in 2011/2012.

By the way, the number 18 multiple between the penultimate and ultimate cycles (Galactic and Universal) comes from using the Uinal (260 day cycle, or 13 x 20 Kin) for the last cycle, while all the other cycles are multiples of the Tun. To me this argues for the calendar being the attempt to measure something, rather than just a hypnotic playing around with numbers that all come back to the same basic multiples.

The bulk of the Mayan calendar is, however, an identifiable (numerically) rhythm or frequency. But I stress the above is just the basics - though a crucial foundation for further study - and the interplay of the various rhythms can become very complex. But then, so can music, using the same repetitive pattern of the octave, but with many different combinations of notes.

The 9 underworlds are symbolised in the main - and tallest - Mayan step pyramids as 9 levels, or steps. (There is also an abbreviated form of 5 steps - 4 up one side, 5th step at the top, then four back down again. 4 + 1 + 4 =9)

The 7 step pyramids symbolise the 13 rhythm (each cycle is divided into 13 'heavens' ruled by a 'God' aspect/energy), being 6 steps to one side, the central step, 7, then 6 back down the other side; 6 + 1 + 6 = 13)

The 9 step pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen-Itza has been cleverly built so that each year at the time of the Spring Equinox a shadow is formed by steps at one point on the pyramid that outlines the ripple-like body of a serpent descending from the apex of the pyramid to the base, and at the base is the carved serpent's head to which the shadow attaches. Symbolic of the descent of the Plumed Serpent - the downflow of creative energy into the Universe.

And where we have a flowing energy we might reasonably believe some sort of 'flow pattern' to be capable of discernment. Some sort of pulse effecting the electro-magnetism of matter and life and consciousness ... and DNA.

This is not the case of an 'automatic evolution' - at least not beyond a certain point - any more than the development of a fertilised ovum into foetus and eventually adult human male or female. I certainly agree with you that we 'have to complete the work that nature has left undone.'

But with knowledge of some of the laws inherent within the unfolding creation, we may be able to plan our 'work' more efficiently, and be aware of times that are going to be conducive to openness and the sharing of information, and times when it might be best to build an ark!

If there truly are such laws/frequencies operating as described by the Mayan calendar I see them as pretty impersonal ... like gravity. And gravity exists whether we register it as such or not. Ignoring the laws of gravity is likely to be injurious to ones health. Like stepping out of the top window of a skyscraper. On the other hand, a sky-diver relies on the fact that when he leaps out of his plane to enjoy a few minutes of free-fall and acrobatics, he is always going to go down, back to Mother Earth ... rather than up and out into space! He uses gravity creatively.

I may post up a timeline using one of the Mayan cycles later - so you can form your own opinion about the overlay of historical events over the postulated energy changes.

This would also be quite a long post though, as I would have to outline the cycles within cycles and the different 'energies' represented by the Mayan or Inca Gods.


"I like talking to a brick wall, it's the only thing in the world that never contradicts me." - Oscar Wilde


Hi All,

Following on from my previous post I will give an outline of how each 'underworld' or 'cycle' within the Mayan calendar is broken down and analysed, and an example of a historical overlay over one of the previous cycles.

There are 9 'underworlds' or 'cosmic rhythyms' delineated by the Mayan calendar, symbolised by the larger Mayan 9-step pyramids'

As referred to above, these cycles are as follows, this time starting from the first or 'base' underworld.

Remember that all of the cycles 'kick in' in sequence and begin running together, until, in theory, they all come to an end (the end of time as we know it) in 2011/12 ... 28 October 2011 according to Dr Calleman's calculations.

The following names of the cycles are Dr Calleman's nomenclature, and indicate the end result of each cycle, achieved in it's last phase, which is also the period in which the next cycle comes on line:

1. Cellular Cycle. Commenced 16.4 billion years ago. (Big Bang?)
2. Mammalian Cycle. Commenced 820 million years ago.
3. Familial Cycle. Commenced 41 million years ago.
4. Tribal Cycle commenced 2 million years ago.
5. Regional Cycle. Commenced 102,000 years ago.
6. National Cycle. Commenced 5,125 years ago.
7. Planetary Cycle. Commenced 256 years ago.
8. Galactic Cycle. Commenced in January 1999, to run for 12.8 years.
9. Universal Cycle. Due to commence 12 February 2011, and last for 260 days.

Now, the next step in the analysis is that each cycle is divided into 13 equal parts, known by the Maya as 'heavens' or 'intentions'. (The Maya spoke of creation as continually combining and manifesting 13 'intentions' and 20 'aspects' of creation - which is why these two numbers figure so prominently in the numerics of their sacred calendar. Also 7 which is 20 minus 13.)

So, the first, 'cellular' cycle of 16.4 billion years is divided into 13 heavens of 1.261 billion years each.

(By the way, I am of course approximating the numbers to make them more manageable, and to save having to write out years, months, days spread across the page. You can do your own maths on a calculator starting from the base cycle of 16.4 billion to get more precise figures. You would, of course, have to exactly use the Mayan claendar to be spot on.)

In the last heaven of each cycle the next cycle initiates, and commences exactly 7/20ths into the last heaven, therefore running for 13/20ths of it.

So, for the cycle following the cellular, i.e. the 'mammalian' cycle of 820 million years, this divides into 13 heavens of 63 million years each, and commenced functioning 7/20ths of the way through the last day of the cellular cycle.

(1.261 billion divided by 20 and multiplied by 7 = 441 million years into the last day of the cellular cycle, leaving 1.261 billion years, minus 441 million years = 820 million years of the mammalian cycle - now running together with the base, 'cellular' cycle. You can repeat this calculation for the following cycles yourself, if you wish!)

After the 'mammalian' cycle comes the 'familial' cycle of 41 million years divided into 13 heavens of 3.15 million years each (and starting 7/20ths of the way through the last heaven of the 'mammalian' cycle), which, when it initiated started running with the already commenced (and now both in their last 'heaven') cycles of the 'cellular' and 'mammalian' underworlds.

And so it goes on ....

... we are now in the 'Galactic cycle' that commenced in January 1999, runs for 12.8 years, and is divided into 13 heavens of 360 days each.

Time, and more particularly, experience and change is speeding up!!! Does that resonate with your experience at all?

The Galactic cycle is also running against the 'background' of ALL the preceeding 7 cycles, each of which is now in its last 'heaven' - or has pretty much accomplished and completed the task/development it was all about. (We'll come to that.)

So, what the hell do these numbers and cycles all 'mean' and how do you use them? - and how did and do the Maya (some of them still), Inca and Hopi use them?

Dr Calleman gave the cycles a particular name for a reason. Each cycle is named for what it appears to have initiated for to achieve, this achievement being what the next cycle has (the start material if you like) to commence working with - to go on to fulfil its own pupose, which would provide further and new material for the next cycle to commence with ... and so on and so on.

So lets look at a schema of what each cycle had as the primary phenomena to be developed by its 13th heaven - starting with the first, base or 'cellular' cycle.

Cellular (First) Cycle - 16.4 billion years.

Evolution of Cellular Consciousness. Step by step evolution of the physical universe from the 'big bang' or 'original whim of creation.' Galaxies, stars and planets; evolution of chemical elements. Cellular life.

Mammalian (Second) Cycle - 820 million years.

Evolution of mammalian consciousness. Evolution of multi-cellular organisms, sexual polarity, a continental structure and plant kingdom to support higher life. Higher mammals.

Familial (Third) Cycle - 41 million years .

Evolution of anthropoid consciousnes. Lemurs, monkeys, Australopithecans with the ability to walk upright and use tools. Organised in 'families.'

Tribal (Fourth) Cycle - 2 million years.

Evolution of Hominid consciousness. Human beings (Homo) who make complex tools and have a developing oral communication. Organised in 'tribes.'

Regional (Fifth) Cycle - 102,000 years.

Evolution of Human consciousness. Homo Sapiens with ability to make complex tools, spoken language, art, early religion, mythos. Organized in 'cultures'.

National (Sixth) Cycle - 5,125 years.

Evolution of Civilised consciousness. Written language. Major construction. Historical religions, science, fine art. Organised in Nations. Egypt founded as a Nation approx 3,115 BC.

Planetary (Seventh) Cycle - 256 years ago. Commenced 1755.

Evolution of 'global' consciousness. Materialism, industrialism, mass production, communications, 'Americanism', democracy, republics, electrotechnology. Organised planet-wide. The last 'heaven', 13th, that we are now in, began 1992 - the Internet and the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The following descriptions of the Intentions of the last two 'underworlds' are necessarily more speculative (in my view). Dr Calleman's suggestions.

Galactic (Eighth) Cycle - 12.8 years, commenced January 1999.

Evolution of Galactic Consciousness. Transcendance of the material framework of life. Telepathy, living on light, genetic technology. Galactic awareness. Organised in galaxies.

Universal (Ninth, and final) Cycle - 260 Days of 13 heavens of 20 days each!

Evolution of Cosmic consciousness. No limiting thoughts. Timelessness. No organising boundaries. Creation by thought.


So, we can see also that as the underworlds progress that there are more and more events and developments 'squeezed' into less and less time.

In the Planetary cycle, commenced 1755, each heaven lasted approximately 20 years - what we also referred to as the 'generation gap.'

In our Underworld, the Galactic - commenced January 1999 - each heaven lasts 360 days; or nearly one year. And who can keep up with all the technology and social changes these days?
And in the last Underworld - the Universal - commencing in February 2011, the heavens change EVERY 20 DAYS! (Remember the base 'cellular' cycle? - each heaven lasted 1.26 billion years!!!)

Now lets refresh our memories of the influence of each of the 13 heavens (waves and troughs if you like) within an overall cycle, or underworld. (Frequency)

I posted this in my first post:

Day 1; Heaven 1 (Sowing) God of Fire and Time
Night 1; Heaven 2 God of the Earth
Day2: Heaven3 (Germination) Goddess of Water
Night2; Heaven 4 God of the Sun and Warriors
Day 3; Heaven 5 (Sprouting) Goddess of Love and Childbirth
Night 3; Heaven6 God of Death
Day 4; Heaven 7 (Proliferation) God of Maize and Sustenance
Night 4; Heaven 8 God of Rain and War
Day 5; Heaven 9 (BUDDING) God of Light
Night 5; Heaven 10 God of Darkness
Day 6; Heaven 11 (Flowering) Goddess of Birth
Night 6; Heaven 12 God before Dawn
Day 7; Heaven 13 (Fruit-ing/fruition) Dual-Creator God

The Days are roughly thought of as the initiation or introduction of an energy/force change, or changed mode of consciousness/awareness, and the Nights the application of or response/reaction to the new energy.

So, short of direct metaphysical intervention or inspiration, how can we see if there appears to be anything in these so-called cycles, or underworlds, and their 13 heavens?

Well, lets take a cycle and use an 'historical' overlay to see if we can make sense out of the development within the cycle and the influence of the 13 heavens - 'days' and 'nights' - as the 'development' unfolds.

The Mayans paid most attention to Underworld 6 - the 'National' cycle - which is the 'active' cycle they were living in. All preceeding cycles, remember, were already in their last heaven, or day 13. (The 'active' cycle we are now in is the Galactic - commenced January 1999).

The 6th cycle has therefore become known, to us, as the Great Cycle. It lasts approximately 5,125 years, commenced in 3,115 BC, and each of its heavens (and we are now in its last heaven, remember) lasts approximately 394 years. (A nice easy going pace of change!)

Calleman postulated that the most fundamental 'religious insight' of the Great Cycle - almost unknown before - was that there is but one God who is the God of all humanity. Its main development was through the Chaldean-Jewish-Christian tradition, and whatever one's personal opinion may be of this tradition, it would be difficult to deny the impact of this consciousness on our world - even today. Maybe particularly today! Dr Calleman looked at this development compared to the phases of the 13 heavens of the cycle, concentrating on the 'initiating' days.

Day 1; (Sowing) 3115-2721 BCE. Sumer's Anu.
Night 1; 2721-2326 BCE.
Day2: (Germination) 2626-1932 BCE. Abraham's move to Canaan. (2300 BCE)
Night2; 1932-1538 BCE
Day 3; (Sprouting) 1538-1144 BCE. Moses (1480 BCE)
Night 3; 1144-749 BCE
Day 4; (Proliferation) 749-355 BCE Isaiah (748 BCE) Zoroaster (c. 550 BCE) Deutero-Isaiah (c. 550 BCE) Pythagoras (c. 550 BCE)
Night 4; 355 BCE - 40 CE
Day 5; (BUDDING) 40-434 CE Jesus/Paul (33-37 CE); Paul's travels. Christianity(Constantine/Nicea) Talmudic Judaism
Night 5; 434-829 CE
Day 6; (Flowering) 829-1233 CE Expansion of Christianity to Northern and eastern Europe; Crusades; Height of papal power.
Night 6; 1233-1617 CE
Day 7; (Fruit-ing/fruition) 1617-2011 CE Expansion of Christianity world-wide; English Pilgrims (1620)

The above is just a rough outline. Dr Calleman does write pages around it - and also analyses the developments of 'religion' in the Far East and the rise of Islam.

He also looks at other developments, like the all important development on our earth of communications in the 'planetary cycle' - from the theory of the telegraph in Day 1 (1755-1775) to the internet and accelerating computer networks in Day 7 (1992-2011).

Anyway, I'm sure the above conveys the idea. Those who wish should go to Dr Calleman's books, or if able, watch the Google Video presentations I linked to in my first post in this thread.

Now ... what to make of all this? Especially trying to read the current 'Galactic' cycle that we are in, and that has just entered Day 5 (Budding) - or Heaven 9 - of the cycle, last Friday, 24 November 2006.

I have to say I'm starting to worry a bit about what Dr Calleman is currently putting out. He seems to be becoming more and more obsessed about conflict in the Middle East ... and, to me at least ... to be implying a certain inevitability about it. Continuing war with Iraq. Escalation into Iran. Etc.

We all know the dangers of this.

And we also know that this sort of persuasive talk is exactly what certain powers want to hear.

Dr Calleman certainly has no difficulty in propagating his material, and is becoming something of a New Age Guru.

And after the horror of Armageddon, of course, we are all going to be able to create what we want with the power of thought, travel timelessly around the Universe, and generally enjoy life in any way we feel!


I think there is real underlying truth in the system of the Mayas. The currents of creation. A sort of evolutionary pressure within the expanding Universe. And it could go in a number of directions.

But I sort of hold it all as background info at the moment.

Probably, in any case, real conscious expansion is only for those who want it (pretty obviously! And there don't appear to be that many!) and who are prepared to work on themselves to benefit from such potential undercurrents within the Universe.

As with all such systems and teachings, however, we need to be on our guard against being led by the nose onto a very suspect ride.

Make of it what you will.


"I can believe anything as long as it is incredible." - Oscar Wilde


Hi guys,

I am now going to finish up my posts on the Mayan calendar by sharing with you my own observations and interpretation of the cycle we are in the middle of at present ... i.e. the 'galactic cycle covering the period from 1999 to 2011.

I will assume in this post that you have read my previous posts, and are now at least familiar with the basic structure of the Mayan calendar, and particularly with the idea of the 9 'underworlds' and their division into 13 heavens.

So I now want to look at the latest underworld to initiate - and that we are now more or less in the middle of - the 'Galactic Consciousness Cycle'

This underworld initiated on 5 January 1999, and will run for 12.8 years (4,680 days) ending on 28 October 2011.

Each of the 13 'heavens' within the cycle lasts for 360 days, as follows:

1. 5 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 1999 (Heaven 1 - Day 1)
2. 31 Dec 1999 to 25 Dec 2000 (Heaven 2 - Night 1)
3. 25 Dec 2000 to 20 Dec 2001 (Heaven 3 - Day 2)
4. 20 Dec 2001 to 15 Dec 2002 (Heaven 4 - Night 2)
5. 15 Dec 2002 to 10 Dec 2003 (Heaven 5 - Day 3)
6. 10 Dec 2003 to 4 Dec 2004 (Heaven 6 - Night 3)
7. 4 Dec 2004 to 29 Nov 2005 (Heaven 7 - Day 4)
8. 29 Nov 2005 to 24 Nov 2006 (Heaven 8 - Night 4)

9. 24 Nov 2006 to 19 Nov 2007 (Heaven 9 - Day 5)

10. 19 Nov 2007 to 13 Nov 2008 (Heaven 10 - Night 5)
11. 13 Nov 2008 to 8 Nov 2009 (Heaven 11 - Day 6)
12. 8 Nov 2009 to 3 Nov 2010(Heaven 12 - Night 6)
13. 3 Nov 2010 to 28 Oct 2011(Heaven 13 - Day 7)

What follows is my own interpretation (and limited attempt at prophecy!) based upon my own understanding and ponderings about the Mayan Calendar, and being particularly influenced in my interpretations by Ian Xel Lungold.

Ian Lungold, who personally knew and worked on some aspects of the calendar with Dr Johan Calleman (who certainly must take credit for unravelling the incredible numeric system and time span, and also his linked work on 'the World Tree' which I haven't touched on in these posts), takes a slightly different view as to where the calendar - if it is, in fact, tracking a creative, cosmic agenda for the evolution of consciousness - is pointing.

Sadly Ian Lungold died - I think in about 2004 - and we now receive little other than prognostications of global war blowing up from the Middle East. The nuclear conflict scenario may well be true and come to pass ... but it does not necessarily serve the purposes our political masters may anticipate. (As a Zen master, whose name I forget, once remarked to a worried student: "The Universe is confident!")

(There are a number of Ian's presentations of the Mayan Calendar on Google Video, and I gave links to an excellent 2 part presentation in my first post in this thread.)

Ian Lungold's stance is that 'consciousness' is primary. Consciousness comes first. In creation the 'process' might be considered as following the pattern:

Consciousness -> Light -> Thought -> Matter

And within the unfolding Universe what is being brought to the surface within our material world is 'consciousness.'

Ian has a working definition of consciousness for our use. It is: 'The awareness of being aware.' (Ian does not mention Gurdjieff, but this is, of course, another expression for 'self-remembering' - and most of us don't possess it on a permanent basis. We are usually in a kind of 'hypnosis', absorbed with whatever we are thinking of, or doing, or dreaming moment by moment. And therefore vulnerable to suggestion ...)

So, if the underlying 'game-plan' of creation is the awakening of higher and higher levels of consciousness, and individualised 'self-awarenesses' - no matter that it might take a 'Great War' to jump start a few million dreamers! - then we should really be concentrating on it from this perspective.

Judeo-Christian-Islamic last day 'Armageddons' may well occur, but many who survive them will have received a thorough 'shaking' (as the Hopi Indians actually refer to the Great Wars and the predicted finale!), that may well have the same effect as taking hold of and vigorously shaking a half-awake individual who is unaware of his situation.

"The Universe is confident!"

Ok ...

... Firstly, Ian qualifies the name for Dr Calleman's 'galactic cycle' that we are now moving through, by identifying the tenor of the emergent consciousness that the cycle is generating. He calls it the 'Ethical' consciousness ... or ethical cycle. He admits this to be a slightly awkward choice of name, but wanted to avoid 'morality' - which is basically local custom; i.e. the morality of a pygmy head-hunter is probably somewhat divergent from the morality of a Tibetan monk! - and also to avoid the word 'conscience' as this can be interpreted very subjectively.

By the Ethical Cycle/Consciousness Ian is indicating his understanding that this is the cycle in which consciousness is evolving from its almost total entrapment in awe of power and hierarchical systems (the previous 'Planetary' cycle ... which is still running in its Heaven 13 or Day 7) to the realisation that ethics must take precedence over power and a waking up to the fact that the 'power-possessors' - previously held in almost inviolate awe - are not necessarily the lofty altruists, wielding power for the benefit of the 'people', that they would have us believe.

In other words, basic consciousness that manifested chemical and cellular action/reaction, then mammalian response, then hominoid and human consciousness. Then human consciousness that awoke to tool-wielding, cave-painting, mythology, construction, problem solving, writing, religious experience, fine arts, technics, industrial power, the manipulations of energy, computerisation and communications, and the power of humanity itself to wield such power (rather than being a hapless shuttlecock of ineffable powers and deities!) ....

.... This 'human' consciousness that is possessed by many today is now being imbued with a drive to going beyond the primal wielding of vast external energies and power to the understanding of a necessary 'catching-up' of inner human development to properly and 'ethically' manage it.

And naturally the immediate prime focus of such expanding awareness is to watch how power (of all kinds) is being used, and, MORE THAN EVER NOW, to question the morality and ethics of those who are using it, and the nature of their 'character' to be permitted to remain in such places of power, and in a position to wield it over others - namely over us!

(Naturally the 'power-possessors' are very aware of this developing sea-change, and are now rushing to put all the systems in place necessary to thwart it. We are in a race against time ladies and gentlemen. The more we wake up, the more the suppressors distort and suppress and declare their real intent! The more they declare their real intent, and play their hand, the more people wake up! It's a fascinating dynamic ... and I now understand more than ever the old Chinese curse: 'May you live in interesting times!'. But more of this later)

So, having given something of an overview lets work through the detail. Being about half way through the Galactic/Ethical Cycle (5 January 1999 to 28 October 2011) we can both identify the events that have already occurred in line with the cyclic rhythms of the 13 heavens, and then project forward, at least to some extent, over the forthcoming cyclical 'Days' and 'Nights'

As I said above, this is strictly my interpretation, utilising my own understandings (where I am today) of the Mayan cycle, and influenced in my approach by Ian Lungold's focus.

Hold tight .....

First, as we enter the Galactic Consciousness Cycle we are rapidly gaining more and more widening knowledge of our Galaxy! Our awareness, as individuals, is becoming more and more Galactically oriented.

The prior cycle was the Planetary cycle (1755 to 2011) in which we greatly increased our knowledge of our planet (navigation, exploration, climatology, oceanography, botany, zoology, anthropology, etc.) and gradually as a species developed a 'planetary oriented' and more cosmopolitan attitude.

International travel and holiday making is the norm now. Compare that to 1755. Or 1855. Or even 1955. A 'planetary consciousness'.

This was in marked contrast to the almost universal 'National' consciousnesses of the previous cycle. (The National cycle; 3155BC to 2011 AD)

So here we are entering the Galactic consciousness cycle, gaining more and more information about our Galaxy and our location within it, and becoming more and more familiar with concepts and ideas of space travel and extra-terrestrials, meteorites and orbiting comets, and galactic ecology. Our 'galactic consciousness' is kicking in!

(Take a clue here and reflect that the final cycle that begins on February 10 2011 is called the 'Universal' consciousness cycle.)

Rather than tabulations and linear charts that make a lot of people go cross-eyed (and turn off!), I'm going to talk through the Days and Nights of the Galactic cycle. (Refer to the chart of dates and 'heavens' and 'days' and 'nights' at the top of the post if you need to re-orientate.)

Heaven 1 - Day 1 - 5 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 1999


Y2K was a major event in this period. Or non-event as it turned out. What it did do (mainly through media fear-mongering and over-reporting) was to make the public very aware of all things to do with computers and how much they are now an integral part in our lives, and how much we are in dependence on them, (and the first inklings of controlled by them?) and the possible disastrous consequences of the malfunction of a key element in our power and control systems.

An apprehensiveness of our dependence upon power/technology alone - and who was responsible for developing, monitoring and controlling it - was awakened.

The over-population problem also arose in the public consciousness, as the world population was officially announced to have exceeded 6 billion. The consequences and possible solutions began to be widely discussed. Peak oil and the energy gap became a real issue. Once again, the dependence on material power alone became a source of anxiety. But who should regulate it?

The film 'The Matrix' was released and widely acclaimed. People were fascinated by it. Could such a hidden manipulation really happen? Could it somehow be happening out here in our 'real' world? Is everything not quite as we think we see it? More sowing of the seed.

Running in background, from 1998, Bill Clinton was impeached on December 19 1998, and subsequently acquitted by the Senate on February 12 1999. Bill did a great job in waking up many people to the scandal and duplicity of those in the 'very highest office', and the glib double-talk that could side-step virtually any fact-based accusation. Many of those who automatically thought that Mr President walked on water were beginning to have uncomfortable doubts.

In many ways throughout this Day 1 ideas and consciousness were seeded that maybe we ought to take a more careful look at power and resources and our use and management of them, and also at what might 'really' be happening 'behind the scenes' in the world we were so confident we understood!

Heaven 2 - Night 2 - 31 Dec 1999 to 25 Dec 2000

The Millennium! Although technically not - according to the Gregorian calendar which starts with year 1, so the Millennium was technically 2001. The world however, where partying is concerned, is supremely unconcerned about such technicalities.

So 2000 was, for all except a few cloistered academics, the MILLENIUM! The dawn of a new century. A new age! A feeling of something special. Great things to come.

(By the way, celebrating 2000 didn't stop a lot of people celebrating again at the start of the technical Millennium - 2001! A party is a party, after all!)

Yes, everything was looking like a party!

The Iron Curtain had fallen nearly a decade ago. The 'cold war' threat and hostilities had been removed. The Internet was booming. Internet companies making fortunes, their creators getting rich quick. Global expansiveness, travel, a falling of barriers. Ecological concerns and proposed solutions, alternative energy projects, New Age love vibes ... still a few nasties to iron out - like Kosovo and those thorny Middle East guys - but, on the whole, an optimistic, space wandering future to look forward to in the 21st Century.

.... But, late in Night 2 something evil had come.

In December 2000 George W Bush was awarded the Presidency of the United States. Fraudulently.

He took his satanic wolves into the White House with him.

The most powerful Nation in the world - that could have been a source of good and support for the needful, and with the resources and unchallenged leadership to put an end to all hurt and want - this undisputed Colossus ... fell under the control of a gang of murderous, delusional psychopaths. Figureheads for an even greater evil, pulling the strings from the corrupt and venomous shadows behind them.

In December 2000 the body and soul of this planet began to bleed into each other.

Heaven 3 - Day 2 - 25 Dec 2000 to 20 Dec 2001


Much is being left out here as I examine each 'heaven'. You can go, for example, to Wikipedia to see a summary of all the events (with hyper-links) for each month of a Calendar year. But for our purpose we simply need to concentrate on the most pivotal and consciousness impacting events.

For 2001 there can probably only be one event imprinting the public consciousness - 9/11.

At first I wondered about this. If the Mayan calendar were correct about a cosmically driven evolution of consciousness, why 9/11 at this crucial time?

But let me repeat something I wrote earlier in this post:

"Naturally the 'power-possessors' are very aware of this developing sea-change, and are now rushing to put all the systems in place necessary to thwart it. We are in a race against time ladies and gentlemen. The more we wake up, the more the suppressors distort and suppress and declare their real intent! The more they declare their real intent, and play their hand, the more people wake up! It's a fascinating dynamic ..."

So this 'oh so clever' false flag operation. This deceit to railroad the American people into war with Iraq, and an endless 'war on terrorism' as a pretext for the repeal of civil liberties ...

This 9/11 is the very event that is eventually going to pull these people down!

It will NOT go away!

Look at the ever-growing demands for a new investigation. Look at the ever-growing numbers of people in the United States and world-wide who KNOW - based on the evidence amassed and the dissembling of the President and his minions - people KNOW that 9/11 was an 'inside job!'

Look at the escalating web-sites, groups demanding more enquiry, videos, demonstrations, technical experts who demonstrate the impossibility of the 'official explanations', 9/11 conventions, televised presentations, etc.

The pressure is building and building and building ....

And everything they do to deny it makes it worse ... because they simply cannot answer the questions. NORAD stand down? Rogue aircraft flying around for 1hr and 40 minutes without interception? Controlled demolition style tower collapses? Including WTC7 not even hit by an aircraft? A hole in the Pentagon that is quite clearly too small for a 747 and its twin Rolls Royce engines? And no debris? Or body parts? Etc., etc., etc.

Lies, lies, lies. And the army of people world wide who are realising it is growing and growing. We are on our way to 'critical mass' with this one!

There were other events in 2001 that registered with groups of people - like the 'message from the stars' crop circle that appeared in Milk Hill in England on the night of August 19-20. There was an effort made by crop circle followers to make a big media splash with this - even cointelpro or not, imagine the reaction of a public seeing this incredible crop circle (which is not a circle at all, but a coded reply to the template radio signalled in to space by NASA from about 1974). But with 9/11 the world had other things on its mind.

And on 6 October 2001 the 'war on terror' gets under way with the signing of the First Patriot Act. Passed in the Senate by a vote of 98 to 1, and in the House by a vote of 355 to 66. The 'war against terror' is generally supported by the American people.

'Father forgive them. They know not what they do.'

Heaven 4 - Night 2 - 20 Dec 2001 to 15 Dec 2002

Remember that the Days in a cycle are usually thought of as initiating new energies or impetus, whereas the Nights are the time of application, reaction or resistance.

The application begins:

March 1, 2002, United States forces invade Afghanistan. 'Operation Anaconda.'

March 19, 2002, Operation Anaconda ends, after, apparently, killing 500 Taliban and Al Qaeda. American losses 11. Mission accomplished.

We are starting to rock!

May 21, 2002 - The US State Department releases a report naming 7 state sponsors of terrorism: Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. An 'axis of evil' begins to take form.

July 15, 2002. In Washington DC 'American Taliban John Walker Lindh' pleads guilty to aiding the enemy and possession of explosives during the commission of a felony. Lindh agrees to serve 10 years in prison for each charge.

These 'terrorists' are everywhere!

November 5, 2002. U.S. Elections: The Republican Party maintains control of the House of Representatives and regains control of the Senate.

November 25, 2002. U.S. President George W Bush signs the Homeland Security Act into law, establishing the Department of Homeland Security.

December 7, 2002. As required by the recently passed U.N. resolution, Iraq files a 12,000 page weapons declaration with the U.N. Security Council. Although it is supposed to be a complete declaration, it is seen as incomplete by the Security Council and weapons inspectors.

There are, obviously, other events around the world, but, generally, this is a time of 'terrorism alert' that Western Governments begin to use (as was obviously intended) as an excuse to create a proliferation of as many laws as possible, with the objective (at this time, 2006, almost complete) of being able to detain any citizen for anything - or nothing - indefinitely. Even 'thought crimes' can now result in lengthy incarceration.

Freedom of speech is under continual attack - although this is only a real problem for those still capable of critical analysis and independent, coherent thought. I.e. precisely the people the Governments now seek to neutralise, murder and otherwise eliminate.

And with good reason .... For these are the people who are beginning to wake up and warn their fellow citizens. Something is wrong. 9/11 doesn't stack up. Explanations are required. The terrorism laws are contravening the Bill of Rights. Civil liberties are being signed away? What is happening?

'There is something rotten in the State of Denmark.'

Heaven 5 - Day 3 - 15 Dec 2002 to 10 Dec 2003


February 1, 2003. Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates over Texas upon re-entry, killing all 7 astronauts onboard. Another shock around the world about our fallibility with the uses of power and technology.

In March 2003 the United States, United kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq.

The pretext was another lie. 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'.

Still not found to this day. And now cynically dismissed by Bush and his vampires.

George Bush, President of the United States, and Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United kingdom, REPEATEDLY hammered home to all-comers - their people, their ministers, their critics, the Press (the ones that actually questioned them, that is!) - that Saddam Hussein harboured Weapons of Mass Destruction that he was preparing to unleash agains the Western World, and even his own people. We HAD to stop him! A DIFFICULT CHOICE! But we HAD NO ALTERNATIVE! And we had to SAVE THE IRAQI PEOPLE!

Sad to say, our President and Prime minister lied to us.

Bald-faced lies!

Our Governments lied to us.

Our media covered up the lies to us.

We are murdering hundreds of thousands of people on the pretext of lies.

And we are beginning to wake up to that fact world wide!

Our national leaders are ALL murderous liars!

And more and more of us KNOW it!

The very tactics they employ to fool us, control us, implement their agenda ... are the very factors that are jolting more and more people 'awake'!

So they have to pass laws, and build detention centres. In preparation.

They know what is coming. They know what we will do to them when enough of us wake up.

And now the 9/11 questioners and campaigners are waking up in earnest! An unstoppable wave of outrage, and demand for explanation, begins to roll out from the crimes of 9/11 and the lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and gains momentum.

Heaven 6 - Night 3 - 10 Dec 2003 to 4 Dec 2004

The war and subsequent occupation of Iraq continue throughout 2004.

More and more people begin to question the war and the 'allied' occupation.

The United States refuses to sign the Kyoto agreement.

Terrorism continues to largely dominate media coverage.

Awareness of the duplicity of Governments continues to grow.

In response to growing awareness and internet communication about 9/11, WMDs and State Control, an ongoing restriction of civil liberties and an increase in State surveillance techniques proliferate around the world.

SOTT releases the first version of the flash movie Pentagon Strike. It circulates the Internet like wildfire.

To be continued .....


"I took the speed reading course and read 'War and Peace' in twenty minutes. It's about Russia." - Woody Allen


The Living Force
FOTCM Member
Please, if you are going to study the Mayan Calendar, go to the source remaining:

thank you



Thank you for the site-link Gimpy.

It is one I have already visited.

In fact, I have visited probably ALL the 'Mayan Calendar' internet sites since I first began to take the Mayan Calendar seriously about ... oh ... a year to a year and a half ago.

I am not impressed with most of them.

Actually (very English word this!), for me, the Mayan Calendar was real fringe stuff for decades! New Age fantasy as far as I was concerned. Give me Nosteradamus for a really good laugh anytime!!!

Then a good friend, whose judgement I pay attention to, pointed me toward Dr Calleman and his works about the Mayan Calendar.

Well, to cut a long story short, I was immediately hooked.

Perhaps I should explain ....

... my background is numerate rather than literate. I am a mathematician by discipline ... the Mayan Calendar - as expanded by Dr Calleman ( a micro-biologist) - is, foundationally, a numerate code.

So, when my friend pointed this out to me, I was hooked.

The numeric code of the Mayan calendar is absolutely fascinating. I doubt that any mathematician - irrespective of his/her metaphysical bias - could resist working through it once their focus has been drawn to it.

But the overlay of the numerics is .... subjective interpretation!

I don't think you could accuse me of disguising my own interpretation of the Mayan Calendar under any authoritative/revelatory umbrella. I have been at pains in my posts to declare where I am taking my information from, and also to state when interpretations are mine alone.

This is known as freedom of speech. (I gather it was once highly thought of.)

Anyway Gimpy, I can only recommend to you Dr Calleman's works - particularly his first book entitled: The Mayan Calendar: Solving The Greatest Mystery Of Our Time.

But I do forewarn you - and anyone else - that this book is not an easy read! It is more like a physics textbook (albeit 'for the layman'), and requires working through.

But it does repay the study.

Best wishes,


To continue from my post of 1 December 2006.....


Heaven 7 - Day 4 - 4 Dec 2004 to 29 Nov 2005

Not too sure I'm very happy about the way this is turning out. But that's irrelevant ...

Anyway, talk about 'proliferating' ...

Just about the middle of this period - 7 July 2005 - was the London Bus and Underground bombings. Four explosions rock the transport network in London, 3 on the London Underground and 1 on a bus; 56 people die and over 700 are injured

And guess what ....

An identical training exercise was running at the same time. The very same stations at the same time and day! Wow! What a staggering coincidence! .... And CCTV cameras 'malfunctioned' at critical points - including the one on the bus that blew up! And which was the only bus in London to be re-directed to where it subsequently blew up, away from its normal route! All sound familiar? Certainly these terrorists might be forgiven for thinking God was on their side!

And, of course, afterwards we were all told about the necessity to fight 'the war on terror' yet again ... mainly by giving up more civil liberties, accepting RFID cards (Though 80% of Brits polled don't want them! So much for representative Government!), and many more of those fantastic CCTV cameras that ALWAYS seem to malfunction just when they are needed!!!

Yep, I guess you could say something is 'proliferating' here!

Other interesting things ....

Hurricane Katrina in August 2005; Bali bombings in October 2005 ... and generally plenty of 'terrorism' throughout the year.

Pretty depressing.

Heaven 8 - Night 4 - 29 Nov 2005 to 24 Nov 2006

2006. Night 4 continues with a ceaseless barrage of 'terrorism' reporting, including that ludicrous scenario at airports where everyone had to jettison fluids, deodorants, baby foods, toothpaste, etc, in case they were intending to combine them into a bomb as part of killing thousands(!) of Americans and Europeans simultaneously on flights across the Atlantic.

(I was amused to read that in some places the dangerous ingredients were boxed up to be donated to the homeless and needy! Perhaps no one cares if they blow themselves up!)

I can only surmise that the 'race' is really on at this point. That someone is aware of an approaching deadline. Got to get the controls and detention centres into place fast now! Before too many people (and there are already millions!) wake up to the lies, deceit, corruption and sheer ludicrousness of the endless coincidences and far-fetched stories! And to the fact that our so-called representative Governments are not listening to their people in the slightest .... NONE of them.

The Democrats gain control of both houses of Congress, and, despite the dire warnings during the election run-up of demands for explanations to come - and even possible impeachment - they immediately declare that impeachment of George Bush is 'not on the table.' And neither is the re-opening of enquiry into 9/11. Too costly and 'counter-productive' I gather. Must all look to the future working happily together.

Big change, wasn't it?!

And the speaker of the house is lovely Nancy Pelosi - ex-mob background - who "voted for the war in Afghanistan, for the Patriot Act, for Homeland Security and against a bill that simply condemned torture of prisoners in Iraq. Pelosi is the pro-torture "saviour" who we are told will keep in check the pro-torture Bush administration."

Dear oh dear ... is it possible to just keep falling lower and lower ...?

And now -


We have arrived. The axial point of the Cycle. DAY 5:

Heaven 9 - Day 5 - 24 Nov 2006 to 19 Nov 2007

Prophecy time. My first attempt. And this is solely my own attempt to read the signs of the times and utilise the rhythms of the Mayan Calendar as far as I think I have understood and intuited them.

I shall keep a copy of this post and review it again at the end of Day 5 - 19 November 2007. (Assuming I haven't transitioned to 5th Density by then, of course!)

Taking into account that Day 5 is ruled by The God Of Light, Quetzalcoatl (one of the good guys!) and that the cycles of the Mayan calendar are all about the evolution - as far as possible en masse - of levels of consciousness, my prediction is that there will be a shocked awakening this year (probably the middle, May/June) of the consciousness of millions of people world wide as to what our Western Axis Governments - particularly the USA UK (and Israel) - are doing and HOW MUCH they are LIEING TO US!

I'm talking about those millions who simply 'don't want to know' (and would rather watch the Big Brother House and American Idol!), as well as those who are in 'active denial' and can't face the thought that their own Government may be a gang of ruthless criminals.

I think the crucial awakening will come with indisputable revelations about 9/11 by someone (or group) who was involved. It could be one of the Bush gang - or maybe a Mossad agent or high-level Israeli government minister. But what I think is that it's going to be the final shock when millions and millions pf people can no longer deny to themselves that the American Government - maybe with overseas assistance - murdered over 3,000 people on 9/11, when they cynically destroyed the Trade Centres, and left others ill with lung dust and injuries, and others shocked and grieving with the loss of loved ones.

They then used this atrocity as a pretext for war ... fooling and frightening many Americans into a war in the Middle East they had never wanted!

What do you think will happen when that realisation hits home ... really hits home to the American people at all levels ... because it can no longer be denied. From some unchallengeable quarter - maybe one of the highest level perpetrators - the truth has come out? (If it does. Remember, this is my prediction.)

Now, sadly, all of this is mixed up with events in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, and Day 5 - albeit ruled by the God of Light - is not without the potential for some very nasty (consciousness arousing?) happenings!

Day 5 of the previous cycle was approximately 1912 to1932. The Great War - 1914-18, followed by the Influenza epidemic that killed even more people, and also the Russian Revolution and the founding of Soviet Russia.

Hmm. Quite a shaking.

Well, sad to say, my view is that we are in for another one.

I hate writing this, but I do think that nuclear weapons will be unleashed in the Middle East in 2007. And, if a war of the West against the Middle East gets under way in real earnest, what do you think is going to happen across Europe and the UK where so many hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners are now re-located?

A veritable global bloodbath will unfold.

I have no desire whatsoever to be right about this!

Heaven 10 - Night 5 - 19 Nov 2007 to 13 Nov 2008

After the day comes the reaction - the night.

And this Night is ruled by the God of Darkness - Tetzcatlipoca. (One of the 'bad' guys.)

In Night 5 things usually get a lot worse before they get any better!

Night 5 of the previous cycle was 1932 to 1952. Yes. The Great Depression. World War 2. The horrors of Nazi Germany. The atomic bomb. The start of the 'Cold War'.

In Night 5 commencing 19 Nov 2007, I think we will see a reaction from the 'powers that be' to the wave of public outrage provoked in Day 5. I wouldn't be surprised if those behind the scenes didn't openly sacrifice Bush and the Gang and throw them to the public wolves to protect themselves.

But then they will hit back hard. Surveillance, identification procedures, arrests, lengthy incarcerations, executions of 'enemy combatants', martial law, suspension of elections (not that these are worth much now anyway!) ... the full nine yards!

And the War will go on, as Israel and the Western powers desperately and savagely try to eliminate the Arab world, and the Arab world fights back for its very survival.

I will stop here.

I can't imagine what could follow next. But then, would we ever have imagined where we are today when we were in the, say, early or mid-nineties? Could we have dreamed that The United States of America (the land of the free) would, within a decade, be the new Evil Empire? Seen by more than half the world as 'the Great Satan.' Its own people in increasing fear of surveillance, arrest, and even torture?

Briefly, after Night 5 comes the 6th Day, ruled by the Goddess of Birth. The Flowering.

And after Night 6 (8 Nov 2009 to 3 Nov 2010) commences the 7th Day, on 3 November 2010.

The Fruition. But what fruit - sweet or bitter - shall we reap?

On the 10th February 2011 the Final Cycle of the Mayan Calendar initiates - the Universal Cycle - and runs for 260 days, with 13 Heavens (Days/Nights) of 20 days each.

All 9 Underworlds come to closure - convergence - on 28 October 2011.

I wonder if we will still be here.

Regards to all,


"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything." - Friedrich Nietzsche
Well, I'm not sure I'm quoting the Cassies exactly, but they did say something about "Help is on the way".

"I wonder if we will still be here."

"Here" but at a different density level perhaps?


Hi Petey

I haven't got to the part about help being on the way yet! At least I don't think so ... and I'm sure I would have noticed!

I do keep wondering, as events unfold: "Where are the Good Guys????"

Anyway, for anyone who has read these posts, and may have some interest in the Mayan Calendar, but has not seen the Google Video links I gave in my first post in this thread, and/or do not have access to Dr Calleman's books on the Mayan Calendar, here is a link to an essay of Dr Calleman's that gives a pretty good overview of his ideas.

Not too lengthy either.

'The True meaning of the Mayan Calendar - Precession or Divine Creation.'

In this essay Dr Calleman continues his debate with John Major Jenkins - a popular advocate/interpreter of the Mayan Calendar - and by inference is also debating with all those who try to explain the Mayan Calendar as derivative from the Precessional Cycle and/or the Yuga teachings of a 24,000 year cycle of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron ages.

Dr Calleman argues his case that consciousness/creation comes first - planetary movements are secondary (although quite likely synchronistic with the original creative/conscious impulse - my comment) - and gives a brief overview of his own work and interpretation.

To quote Dr Calleman:

"At the heart of this discussion however rests two fundamentally different views of the world, a materialist and a spiritual. In Jenkins' view the driving factor behind the changing ages is seen as a physical cycle of matter. Much of Babylonian-European astrology, which Jenkins seems to be influenced by, is in fact based on the same idea, that the locations of physical bodies, e.g., the planets and the precessional cycle, are behind events on earth. In my own view on the other hand consciousness is primary to matter, and even the movement of matter is ultimately subordinated to cosmic creation cycles.

"Through my own research I have come to the conclusion that the Mayan Calendar is actually conceived of on a much greater scale than a precessional cycle of some mere 26,000 years. It is in fact a calendar of the Cosmic Evolution Plan, a time schedule for all of Creation, and so, it goes back all the way to its beginning with the Big Bang about 15 billion years ago. In this perspective the precessional cycle of our particular earth dwindles and we may become aware that the Mayan Calendar is something of such a grand scale that, properly understood, it may serve to unify science and religion. This then also leads to a deep realization that we are fundamentally all one, and one with the Cosmic Intelligence.

"The fact that the creation cycles that the Mayan Calendar describe go back to a time, the Big Bang, when no planets, no solar system and even no Milky Way existed irrevocably shows that this was not based on astronomical cycles, especially not the precessional cycle of the earth, a planet that came into existence only about 5 billion years ago. So the time periods that the Mayan calendar describe must be based on something more fundamental than the gravitational cycles of matter. What I assert is that they are based on the evolution of consciousness subordinated to a strict divine cosmic time plan."

"Partly this discussion then touches upon our view of ourselves. If the prophetic Mayan Calendar, as Jenkins seems to think, is primarily based on material processes, then matter would be primary to consciousness and this would affect also our view of ourselves as a lump of matter rather than a spirit. On the other hand, if we are primarily consciousness, evolving according to a cosmic divine time plan, then we are aspects of the divine coming into existence, and the purpose of human evolution will gradually manifest as we approach the end of these creation cycles on October 28, 2011."

I am currently about half-way through Book 3 of the Wave series, and I note the C's comment (earlier in the series) that the Mayan Calendar was slightly off target. Seeing the precision that the C's require before they make an affirmative statement, I wonder if their comment (and I can't find it at present) referred to the state of interpretation of the Mayan Calendar when Laura raised the question. I.e., until Dr Calleman conducted his research nearly everyone was obsessed with working to an end date of the winter solstice (December 21) 2012, and basing the Calendar on the Mayan's own, supposed, monitoring of the heavenly bodies. They sort of started with this 21 December 2012 date as a given, and worked back from it.

Dr Calleman tried to identify/start from the beginning of the Mayan's own start date, (based upon the inscriptions on the Coba stone discovered in 1947) 16.4 billion years ago, and worked forward to come to an end date - convergence - of all 9 cycles on 28 October 2011.

I also keep reflecting on the 'Macro-Cosmic Quantum Wave Collapse' anticipated early 21 Century, and wonder if this is the same convergence of 9 underlying Underworlds/Cosmic Frequencies that the Mayan Calendar is possibly tracking - all ending precisely on 28 October 2011 (per Dr Calleman's calculations).

I frankly admit that I am tremendously impressed and intensely attracted to Dr Calleman's hypothesis (and his further work on the cosmic World Tree that is really an integral part of the Calendar - not sure I have the energy to post on this! Its in his book!), but I do strive to remain objective about it.

Its just that I keep being re-directed (vectored?) back to it by many other things I study or come across.

Anyway, if you are at all interested, do take a look at his essay, linked above.

(And can someone please tell me how to copy and paste quotes into nice white boxes within the post?)

Regards to all,

"What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." -- Morpheus


Hi StarFraction, very nice, very eloquent. I first watched Ian Lungolds presentation a few months ago and what struck me was the quickening as we move towards the end of the cycle, as you probably know this is the main thrust of Terrance McKenna's argument when viewing the wave form within the I Ching.
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