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Hola a todos y a todas.Por fin decidì unirme a vosotros y vosotras,despues de estudiar e investigar vuestro trabajo y de haberlo puesto en pràctica y ver los resultados positivos...El trabajo sigue.Debo mover el tracero cada segundo.Gracias a Eurio-Las que lo llevo practicando desde algunos anos,unido a un cambio de dieta y de malos habitos,puedo hacer frente a los desafios diarios en este planeta. ;)

Quiero darles las gracias eternas por semejante ayuda y decirles que vuestra semilla sigue cayendo en tierra fèrtil...Quiero decirle a Laura que apesar de la amargura y la tristeza que percibì en el ùltimo artìculo publicado este 25 de nov.quizàs no todo este ayuda esta de camino y espero que esta vez la revancha sea justa y sòlo queden aquellos a los que de verdad os importa la vida y han echo el verdadero trabajo.

Comparto con vostros una bella pelicula francesa,que en espanol se llama EL PLANETA VERDE.Lo encontrarìs doblada al espanol.Talvez los que queden despues de la desvastaciòn puedan llegar a crear n planeta asì.

Chu,sabes quien soy.Mis planes de ser instructora de Eurio-Las siguen en pie.Tengo los libros recomendados y me pondrè a ello.Espero tener noticias pronto y deseo que te encuentres mejor de tu pancreas.

Un abrazo para todos y todas ;D
Welcome to the forum, munaychasumaq! It's good to see you here.

Could you please write in English? Here is more information about why: ¡Hola y Bienvenidos!

I seem to remember that you said you spoke English quite well, but if not, we're here to help.

Looking forward to seeing you participate!
Added: A google translation of your post, with minor edits for clarity:

Hello everyone and finally decided to join you all, after having studied, researched have put into practice your work, and having seen the positive results ... The work continues. I must push myself every second. Thanks to Eiriú Eolas, which I have been practicing for several years, coupled with a change in diet and bad habits, I can cope with the daily challenges on this planet. ;)

I want to tell you that I'm eternally grateful for this help, and that your seed continues to fall on fertile ground ... I want to tell Laura that despite the bitterness and sadness that could be seen in the last article published on Nov 25th, perhaps not everything is lost ... help is on the way and I hope that this time the rematch will be fair and only those who really care about life and have done a real work remain.

I share with you a beautiful French film in Spanish, titled "The Green Planet". It has been dubbed into Spanish. Maybe those remaining after the devastation can come to create such a planet.

Chu, you know who I am. My plans to become an EE instructor as still standing. I've got the recommended books and I'll work my way through them. I await news soon and wish your pancreas is doing better.

A hug for everyone; D

No problem, whenever you want to resume the training, we're here. You've met other Spanish members, and listen to our radio show regularly if I remember correctly. So, it's good to see that you now also wish to be part of the forum, where most of our networking takes place. :-) And I see you've been reading the iodine thread. Good for you! I'm doing better, thanks.
Hi munaychasumaq!

:welcome: to the forum!

I'm glad to see you here too!
¡Bienvenido a nuestra fórum munaychasumaq!

:welcome: Welcome to our forum munaychasumaq.
Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome :P i`not so familiar wit mashines,but i posting as long as i can some information in spanish(libros en espano) a some comentaries about the in spanish.

besos y mucho ánimo que los tiempos son màs que convulsos :rolleyes:
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