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Re: "Dialogue with 'Hidden Hand,' Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider"

Hi TranscendEverything,

Since it such a long article, would you provide a short summary of it's main points and tell us why you think it's worth reading?
Re: "Dialogue with 'Hidden Hand,' Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider"

This article is from 2008 about the entity the "Hidden Hand".

The subject has been discussed here:,14369.0.html
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Menrva said:
Hi TranscendEverything,

Since it such a long article, would you provide a short summary of it's main points and tell us why you think it's worth reading?

Alleged Illuminati insider & member of the Lucifer social-memory complex has a surprisingly civil discussion with members of the resistance, so to speak. Primary point was to convey that the Lucifer social-memory complex was tasked with testing humanity by giving humans free will through the choice between "good" & "evil," creating many catalysts for polarization to positive harvest (which "Hidden Hand" says is how Lucifer ultimately wants humans to polarize) or negative harvest.

"Hidden Hand" claims that members of the Lucifer social-memory complex are required to stay on Earth and its astral planes as the top ranking members of the Illuminati, creating these catalysts of worldly evil, as they are forced to be negative so humans will hopefully have an impetus to be positive. "Hidden Hand" says that Lucifer as a social memory-complex is primarily positive & light based, but claims that it is necessary for them to play the "villain" towards humans in order to offer a true choice between "good" & "evil" as opposed to the infantile Edenic existence, with no real choices. "Hidden Hand" also claims that as twisted as all of this seems, it is ultimately a labor of love & service, & that they have as much difficulty performing these acts of "evil" as others may have stomaching them.

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The latest posts have been merged with the existing thread on the Hidden Hand subject.The search button is a friend ;)

Ah I performed a search before I posted that thread & only unrelated results showed up... I was surprised that there was apparently no previous discussion on it, which is clearly not the case.

Anyways, I appreciate the redirection.
You can read it here for free:
Hidden Hand

Intergalactic Board of Council

Here is some reading on ascension from bibliotecapleyades (a lot of the original website has been taken down). Just have an open mind until you are finish reading it. It is very much in line with what C or other channeling have been trying to warn us regarding border crossing. The hidden hand talk about the family of secret society and their missions while Intergalactic board of council more about metaphysics and education. Not a difficult reading should be easier to understand than C.
More comments:
The ascension process involves the energizing of your second body and its elevation in vibration so that it emits more light, eventually becoming the Immortal Energy Body (a lot of my comment should be in C sessions). Kundalini begins with the simple movement of your life force up the spine, into your higher brain centers. As this takes place, the energy wheels within your chakras, become activated in new ways. This opens windows of new possibilities, and new insights, new forms of inspiration and creativity blossom. When the energy body reaches a certain strength of vibration, without wavering, it ignites with a type of etheric fire, turning it into Immortal Energy Body. You activate your DNA strands from having positive emotions when you experience your lessons. Try to have discernment on how you are responsible for your suffering lessons. You must learn to separate truth from falsehood. Focus on understanding rather than who is right or wrong. Remember the more you are anchored in yourself the more you will have self respect and the ability to love.

Remember C mentioned about the great illusion that your physicality and your spirituality is separate?
The Controllers are masters of the projection of fear and they are using vast resources of mind control and hypnosis through the media to convince the masses that there is much to fear. If consciousness is locked into fear, it becomes imprisoned by the lower centers, the impulses for survival, sex, and power. The higher truth is your capacity to change your reality, your innate ability to use the two treasures of your sovereign will and your capacity to feel as a means to navigate into new timelines. You must then pass through the portals of limitation that would confine you, to recognize the lies that have been perpetuated.

But let us say that you have the courage and fortitude to undertake such a passage, and for the sake of example, that the timeline you wish to live in is one of benevolence/ loving kindness from current aggressive one. By feeling the vibrational state you wish to be in, you amplify it; you strengthen it. And if you also include a coherent emotional state such as appreciation or gratitude for the vibrational reality, you will hasten its birth. The manifesting of a new timeline into your three-dimensional reality requires accumulated energy. If you persist in holding the vision of the new timeline, with the vibrational field (or feeling of it), along with gratitude for it already existing, you will accumulate energy. The task here is to be true to your vision while paying attention to what the current reality is showing you. It is not about pretending. It is about facing reality as it presents itself to you while simultaneously holding a higher vision. In other words, you deal with the reality of your life while simultaneously holding the vision of a different life.

Using our example, if you desire to create a life with more loving kindness, you would move into that vibrational state by exhibiting loving kindness to others. If you were able to also feel gratitude for this vibrational state, it would accelerate the creation of the new timeline. In reality, there will be a period when you will recognize that not everyone is capable of loving kindness, nor of receiving it for that matter. Your vision will then be refined by the realities of life, and this maturation of your consciousness will take place naturally, as you deal with the realities of your current timeline along with the emergence of your new timeline. One result from this way of proceeding is that you will become a master of loving kindness and a master in dealing with those who cannot express such vibrational states. Eventually you will experience a life of more loving kindness, where more people express that quality to you and you to them. And when you encounter someone unable to express this quality, you will be more able to deal with him or her without losing this quality in yourself. Thus would you seed the new timeline and new reality for yourself.

Time nodes are juncture points where multiple timelines converge, and you can jump from one to the other if you understand how it is done. I just explained the basic principal as it applies to individual timelines. It is possible to live in heaven while others are living in torment. This has little to do with your location in time and space, but more to do with your vibrational state. At the deepest levels of consciousness it is simply a matter of choice. As chaotic events escalate, your powers of intuition will be more important to you than ever before. Some people call them "hunches." Without knowing how you know, you suddenly know what to do in a situation. This is how intuition works. In these moments of intuition you are at a juncture point - a time node - where you can jump into a different timeline and a different outcome. This increase of intuitive receptivity is one of the hallmarks of personal ascension, or the movement upward in consciousness. A more developed intuition has obvious physical survival benefits. Any thought form, no matter how dressed up in sacred garb or political correctness that would limit your sovereign will to choose or your capacity to feel should be avoided. This is a vital necessity for those of you who wish to survive this passage spiritually intact.

You exist in multiple timelines and probabilities simultaneously. One of the timelines you and humanity are living in at this moment is a fulfilling of the prophecies of doom and planetary destruction. This is a very real arch timeline. But, this is only one possible timeline.
You are at a convergence point, a time node, where it is possible to jump from the doomsday probabilities into a new type of Earth and a new order of existence. This timeline is a very different dimension of experience than your current reality. In this timeline, Earth is deeply honored and held in gratitude by the bulk of humanity, which understands and appreciates the truth that all life is interconnected. Here, Earth is not ravaged and exploited for the sake of profit - at the detriment of her very ecosystem. Technologies have been transformed through the elevation of human consciousness. Gone are the life-threatening technologies and life damaging mindsets of your current era. The Controllers who exerted negative forces upon your destiny through their manipulation of religion, economics and international affairs have relinquished their power.

In ancient Egypt there was a goddess called Maat, who held a set of scales, and upon death the heart of an Initiate would be placed upon the scales, and a feather would be placed on the other side. If the heart was as light as a feather the Initiate would be given entrance to the heavenly worlds - meaning higher states of consciousness. But if the heart was laden with negativity, regret, and sorrow, the Initiate would have to return to the lower worlds. Every person who believes in the timeline of doom, destruction and horror will add to its reality. Everyone who holds as real the timeline of the New Earth will add to its reality.

ps: if you are interested in spirituality read the pathwork, they explained a lot about inner reality and creations.
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