Michael Zebuhr, student and 9/11 researcher died last monday


The Living Force
I haven't seen it on the SOTT page so pardon me if this was already published somewhere else.

"... Michael Zebuhr, a graduate student in Bioengineering at Clemson University and most active student member of 911Scholars was killed on the weekend....


"...A 25-year-old college student was shot in the head after he, his mother, his sister and a friend left an Uptown restaurant. Michael Zebuhr, a Clemson PhD student, was critically wounded Saturday just seconds after two men approached his 55-year-old mother, Susanne Strong, and demanded her purse. The visitor from the state of Virginia complied with the robbers demands and handed them her purse. But then, apparently without provocation, one of the men turned his gun on Strong's son and shot him in the head. He died on Monday."

Sounds fishy to me - sounds like a message is being sent, and a 'problem' being taken care of. Oddly enough, Clemson University is where I got my engineering degree. It's a very, very conservative school with a huge ROTC program and a military history. I can't imagine anyone there being involved in trying to uncover the truth about 9-11 -so this guy must have really been extraordinary. One is not encouraged to question the status quo at this University, so he had to be very strong willed and independent. I'm sure he will be greatly missed.
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