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J'ai toujours senti (English below) que si personne ne commente ou n'aime, je dois emprunter la route jamais parcourue! Merci aux enfants de C d'avoir écouté nos efforts pour partager notre perception en notes et en mots! Toutes mes paroles sous quelque forme que ce soit ont été influencées par la connaissance du monde et par le même reconnaissance de moi-même! Je ne pourrais jamais rendre ce que je dois à Laura, Ark et à toute la communauté! Donc nous faisons de la musique et j'écris des mots qui PEUVENT nous connecter plus étroitement? J'espère bien, sinon quelle vie diabolique, cela aura été un grand gaspillage de 60 ans dans un corps assez sain d'esprit et capable (de mieux en mieux de jour en jour) sur mon dos! Nous reflétons simplement ce que nous ressentons. Et je suis tellement heureux de partager cela avec vous!

Cela me rappelle le dicton: lorsque la question se pose, le maître se matérialise. - pas que mon travail ait quoi que ce soit à enseigner SAUF ceci: rassemblez-vous et créez quelque chose que vous pouvez appeler le vôtre! ... Le temps est proche. Voyons ce que vous avez à l'intérieur, et si vous l'avez LET IT SHOW (avec amour, connaissance et compassion) bien que je ne mette généralement pas de gants pour les écrire!

English - in glitch?
I have always FELT THAT if nobody is commenting or liking I must be going down the road never travelled! Thank you C's children for listening to our efforts for sharing our perception in notes and words! All my lyrics in whatever form have been impacted by the knowledge of the world, and by the same token of myself! I could never give back what I owe to Laura, Ark, and the entire community! So we make music and I write words that MAYBE connect us closer? I certainly hope so, otherwise what the heck life's been a great waste of 60 years in a sane enough and able body (getting better by the day) on my back! We just mirror what we feel. And I am so happy to share this with you!

It reminds me of the saying: When the question arises, the master materialises. - not that my work has anything to teach EXCEPT this: get your head together and create something that you can call your own!... The time is at hand. Let's see what you have inside, and if you have it LET IT SHOW (with love, knowledge and compassion) although I usually dont put gloves on to write these!

- daniel
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Now comes the night
Go tell the human race
We're raining down
Like sparrows
Pouring concrete
On their
...broken wings
Oh oh...
Now comes the night

Now comes the night
Go tell the human race
'Bout a serpent
And the crown
Go tell the human race
Now comes the fright

Shake down
Break down
Your Shakespeare
False face must hide
What false heart
...doth know
...doth know

Break break
Your Blake
Every particle of you
Will breathe forth joy
Don't get all
Hot and bothered
Just yet
Cause this only
The first set
Break shit
If you must
Then could you
And we're going

Grab your shoes love
It's time to run
This should be fun

Remember the love
And that I love you
All part of the plot

Once the tide turns
We'll meet again
So you can be me
And I will be you

- danleMiel


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"This is a war
For your mind
Your mind
I hope that
I hope that
I hope that
That you
That you
That you
That you
Don't mind
Don't mind
This is a war
For your mind"


(NB: this is a time to clean your inner and outer house, use it wisely friend! If you can feel what is happening, please record something anything - all our tracks are downloadable in WAV format, SO: sing, clap, do what u like but do something that is you. If it is connected to one of our expressions of joy, we'll integrate it. Our tracks change daily. Hey 25 hours a day! No time to run now.... Establishing a connection of voices, the voice carries soul, we all agree! Tambourine also carries soul, use your imagination, we have some 300 tracks online. If you mix it yourself send us a link: examples:

Italian poet rapping on our music:

Our voices on a friend's music:

Get used to this, all culture will be through these means. We dont do it for money so we are not on any commercial platforms. But hey, get on the bandwagon, some people chose to make money with their creativity. I Respect! Except I know for a long time now that creativity is Love, not dollars.
- daniel
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