Molecule crop circle?

Interesting! And even more given the explosion in Beirut... just saying.

That compound is also related to RDX (Cyclonite):

RDX stands for Royal Demolition eXplosive. It is also known as cyclonite or hexogen. The chemical name for RDX is 1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine. It is a white powder and is very explosive. RDX is used as an explosive and is also used in combination with other ingredients in explosives. Its odor and taste are unknown. It is a synthetic product that does not occur naturally in the environment. It creates fumes when it is burned with other substances... A more energetic explosive than TNT, it was used widely in World War II and remains common in military applications.
8/8/2020 (Molecule CC)

A most interesting Crop Circle, one should take a closer look at it. It has been suggested that it is similar to Trinitramide, a rocket fuel. Or the more simplified explanation, it goes BOOM as it has explosive capabilities.

Here are a couple of images of Trinitramide. You can see the similarities.


The CC in question is similar which may denote similar aspects. Here is a view of it from the top view of it.


Similar, but only that.

Two items stand out in this CC. It is not symmetrical. From the top view it has symmetry in spacing but the molecules, Centre’s, are oddly positioned. The second item I see is the Centre at the center of CC is formed differently from all of the others. All outlying Centre’s have a simple spiral crop laydown. At the center is has another crop laydown pattern. Here let’s take a look.


All Centre’s have the same cleared center point. The radial laydown of this crop is fascinating to me. I can only imagine a spinning sphere burning out as it flows around the CC, to lay this kind of pattern.

Theory 1:

It is a new form of explosive that we may or may not have been seen yet. The patterning could be part of the structure and signature of the suspected explosive. The perimeter could be a containment element of this suspected explosive. Kind of like using Trinitramide as a rocket fuel, containing the explosion. Could we have seen the results of this suspected explosive? Maybe at Beirut's deadly explosion?

Theory 2:

Why does this look like a clock to me. Take a look at the top view, this could be the presentation of the 4D pocket watch. Of note: I have been looking for this timepiece, it is here is the CC clutter. Major moments of time in the timeliness of 4D and above, could be shown thusly. Not only could it be a way to show these timely events but it could be a way to review events in time. The input device could look like this. You more the arms thusly and you can see the events of this time. You move the like this and you can see what is happening there. Possibly what the C’s use when queried thusly. I expect a symmetrical pattern in the clock would be an event of major importance, this one is close, if it is a timepiece.

Either theory if feasible, if not a thousand others. What is probably true is that this is an STS creation, meant to cause fear to someone. A possible explosive is a tremendous effort to send fear to certain individuals that need to be warned and shown what it can do. A timepiece is also good to show someone just how short the time is to regain control here. This message is not directed at us, it is someone else’s notification, they will know exactly what it means.

In the meantime, stay safe, the best that you can. Haiku …
As I look at it, the bottom segment (consisting of 5 circles in a 'house shape') and the left segment (consisting of 5 circles) are duplicates. The right segment consisting of 5 circles is symmetrical but the 'legs' are spaced farther out.
There was another crop circle that appeared at the end of May, which bears amazing resemblance with the Covid-19 rendering as we know it. It was reported initially on CC Connector at an undisclosed location, to avoid the hoopla, but later the location was revealed as Wiltshire, UK in a barley field, and there was even a press article about it.

Jerry Kroth, renowned author and investigator of crop circles, wrote a study about it, trying to decode its meaning. It's available on Amazon Kindle, 'The Covid-19 Crop Circle’. He goes down into a micro-biology analogy in identifying the elements of the symbol.
Spikes (the nine outward blobs)
Dimers = the three inside plugs
RNA/eRNA = the 3+3 inside circles
Now, the author is not a microbiologist, and he’s acknowledging it - but it does seem to me as a pretty decent exercise in producing a meaningful explanation based on some basic understanding on how chemistry works.

The elongated spike blob, he’s saying - is meant to give us a magnified view of the inside of the blob itself, and there we notice 8 little dots, which he identifies as an “SP8” which is a naturally processed “epitope”, i.e. “the docking station” (my words) where antibodies of a living organism can attach to produce immunity.

This has been identified and made good use of in eradicating previous coronaviruses. So if there was any more indication necessary, it’s that Covid-19 is nothing more than the same, and we should follow the same course of action.

Inside the body of the virus, where the RNA works, the three larger circles are identified as “nonstructural proteins” (NSP’s) producing three little ones - eRNA, and that is what makes the virus “thick”. There it gets complicated, because it’s basically how the virus is built from inside, it involves multiple mechanisms, and it’s hard to tackle it by external mechanisms, such as a vaccine.

There are a few more details in this little book, which I highly recommend (it’s free with kindle subscription) - however, my takeaway is that any coronavirus antidote should focus on boosting the immunization mechanism rather than in producing a vaccine that would neutralize the virus from inside out.
Well... Isn't that uncanny?
Regeneron apparently is pursuing the antibody strategy.

This image was published in June, after the Wiltshire crop circle appeared.

From their June press release:

"REGN-COV2 could have a major impact on public health by slowing spread of the virus and providing a needed treatment for those already sick – and could be available much sooner than a vaccine. The antibody cocktail approach may also have long-term utility for elderly and immuno-compromised patients, who often do not respond well to vaccines."

If REGN-COV2 works on Trump, and has a speedy recovery - it could be a game changer, and the whole vaccine narrative takes a serious blow.
Of course, there will still be detractors, as it goes with the territory.
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