My mother passed away...

My deepest condolences for the passing of your mother, SunEterna. When my mother's own mother passed she had a hard time finding meaning in some of the regular activities of her life, gardening for example. Is there some creative activity that you enjoyed doing with your mother? Maybe learning to find a new joy in that will help you "stay connected?"

Have you read the afterlife thread? It contains a lot of information in which that many here have found solace.
My deepest condolences to you and your family @SunEterna. :hug2: I second whitecoast’s suggestion to read the Afterlife thread. As to what is the purpose of everything, I guess it’s what the Cs said very early on:
All there is is lessons. This is one infinite school. There is no other reason for anything to exist. Even inanimate matter learns it is all an “illusion” [Session 24 Nov 1994].
I am deeply sorry for your loss, SunEterna. My condolences and thoughts go out to you and your family. Thirding whitecoast's suggestion of reading the afterlife thread. This topic and the connected literature (for example, the books by Stafford Betty) give many indications that the bond with our loved ones remain at some level even if they are no longer with us at this 3D plane. Take care. :hug2:
Je vous présente mes condoléances pour la perte de votre maman ... N'oubliez pas, nous ne sommes jamais séparés de ceux qu'on aime ...
Vous pouvez continuer de parler à votre maman comme si elle était là car même dans une autre dimension, c'est le cas ... LOVE

I offer you my condolences for the loss of your mother ... Remember, we are never separated from those we love ...
You can continue to talk to your mommy as if she were here because even in another dimension, she is... LOVE
I am sorry for your loss. The afterlife thread mentioned above might really help you work through and with your feelings and thoughts. And also remember the things that defined her light for you and share them, talk about them. Even if it seems impossibly dark and dim at the moment that light will stay with you. Take good care and all the best for you and your family. :hug2:
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