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Hi all,

Just want to share my YouTube channel, if anyone is interested. Will be posting about my adventures out in the woods in wicklow Ireland. Here is a link to my first video and FB page.

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That's interesting, thanks for sharing. I'm not really an outdoors person, but I admire those who get out and do bushcraft and that sort of thing. And then forests and trees help with mental health.
Nice Liam, good job. It keeps you busy and concentrated on a creative project that could inspire people to be more grounded while the madness keeps increasing and spreading all around us.

I remember when i was i kid i loved madly to go in the woods, exploring all day long, it felt like a real adventure. The nature is our home and temple...
I subscribed to the channel and 'like' all your videos as an expression of support. I share your interest in cycling.
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