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I worked out this recipe for Nanaimo bars that work out to 466 gr fat, 196 gr protein, and 227 gr carbs, so not the best in terms of carbs, but a starting point. There were 64 1"x1" bars in the pan so divide by 64 to get an approx per bar serving.
I list the ingredients followed by their fat/protein/carb content in grams. In some cases theses are approximate as different sources gave different results

1/2 cup butter 92/0.7/0.45
1/3 cup cocoa 4/6/8
1/4 cup erythritol 0/0/0
1 egg 5/6/0.4
1 tsp vanilla extract 0/0/0.5
1-1/2 cup almond meal 62/134/98 (the recipe I got this from suggested 1 cup almond meal and 1/2 cup flax meal)
1 cup coconut 28/3/8
1/2 cup pecans, chopped 38/5/8

melt butter/coconut oil, cocoa, and erythritol in double boiler (or on low heat)
add egg and vanilla extract and stir to cook and thicken, remove from heat and stir in rest of ingredients.
press into 8"x8" pan

4 egg yolks 23/11/1
1/2 cup erythritol 0/0/0
1 tsp vanilla extract 0/0/0.5
400 ml coconut milk 96/12/53
2 tsp agar/gelatin 0/0/0

basically this is the custard, which recipe can be found elsewhere on this site. (fat bombs)
I heated the coconut milk, gelatin, and erythritol, then whisked in beaten egg yolks.
The reason I added the gelatin/agar thickener was because I was not sure how solid or stiff I could get the custard as it seems most
recipes for Nanaimo Bars ask you to use Birds Custard which is cornstarch! I was worried that the custard would be too gooey when eaten.
So in order to be sure the custard was thick enough I decided to bake it, pouring it over the pressed in crust, and baking at 350 F for 45 min.
In retrospect I could have just added the custard over the crust in the pan and chilled it in the fridge as I do for the fat bombs.
Also, baking the custard and crust together dried out the crust and made it unstable (it tends to fall apart while eating the bar)
whereas if I had left it chilled I think it would have held together just fine. On the other hand baking the custard means it can live outside the fridge for much longer as the eggs have been cooked.

6 oz chocolate 19/80/50 ( the more chocolate, the thicker the crust, most recipes called for 4 oz chocolate)
2 TBsp butter/coconut oil 27/0/0
1 tsp stevia 0/0/0

melt all ingredients in double boiler or on low heat, let cool and when cool but still liquid pour over the custard filling, and chill in fridge.

You can score the chocolate surface with a knife when not quite solid. I used a knife dipped in a cup of hot water to gently cut the squares after they had been chilled and that worked for the most part (one bars chocolate surface cracked)

The Toronto EE group seemed to like them!
ken macdonald said:
The Toronto EE group seemed to like them!

Thank you Ken for sharing this recipe. The treat was excellent and definitely satisfying. I loved the dark chocolate topping which added a hint of bitter coco flavor to the sweet crusts. I also would like to try this recipe with pork rind flour one day. :)
Thanks for posting this recipe Ken. I've been looking for some healthier snacks so I'll have to give this a try :)
Thank you for posting this recipe. I tried this recipe this weekend after seeing mouth watering pictures of this . Not every thing went as expected.

- Crust seems to came out ok though it didn't came out completely hard. I used the ingredients mentioned above. Probably little hardening of chocolate before adding other ingredients might have helped it.
- filling: I found out be hard to get any thing even semi solid state even after multiple packets of Gelatin powder. It came out watery. After trying multiple unsuccessful options, I went with the option of using almond butter ( I had) + butter+ erythritol.

- Chocolate topping is OK, though I found adding more butter made it little semi-solid it to spread.

As a whole Taste is good. Here is the photo, though it is not perfect.


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