Narcissist, psychopath, sociopath: how to tell the difference

The interviewer was playing "straight man" in order to feed the questions to help the interview along. He wasn't really uncomfortable.

Having said that, it is actually a great little segment; the psychologist is clear, concise, and explains everything clearly.
Its a pity psychopaths don't come with warning, as they lie all the time and create havoc where ever they go usually leaving a trail of legal procedures (against them) behind them, such as drug dealing, assault, breaking and entering, stealing. Family usually end up with intervention orders against them because of their violence and abuse towards anyone near them.

I once looked after a 40 year old in hospital for an arm injury. The previous history on this person was: OCD, Bipolar, drug use, oppositional defiance disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. They also had an auto immune condition. You can imagine the havoc they caused (and continue to cause) when they moved back in with their elderly unwell parents who happened to be my neighbors....

This person will never change and always manages to fool people into thinking they are the victim before they end up abusing them (either physically, emotionally or financially). Hence, it would be good if they came with a warning.

It does look like psychiatrists and perhaps psychologists are reluctant to use psychopath or sociopath as part of a medical diagnosis.
Good video. I ended up watching the other ones made by the same interviewer to this psychologist on narcissism and they're also quite good, I think. There's a lot more that can be said of course but they give a good down-to-earth overview.

The interviewer was playing "straight man" in order to feed the questions to help the interview along. He wasn't really uncomfortable.

Having said that, it is actually a great little segment; the psychologist is clear, concise, and explains everything clearly.

Yeah, that seems true, in fact the interviewer looks indeed very interested in the topic and the way he choses his questions shows he´s probably already well informed around narcissistic traits.

I watched two more interviews with Dr. R. Durvasula where she makes herself very energetically and brilliantly understand in her differentiation between narcissistic, sociopathic and psychpathic personalities, and what must be taken in account when being in the presence of the latters . All in all, she´s summarizing in a clear-cut way most of what we´ve learned so far. And as she rightly says: 'Over all my years of practice, I´ve never had to deal with a psychopath in my consulting room, because in the first place they would never seek help in such a place since they are born that way".

I can´t remember exactly where Laura wrote that the marker of people with souls is that they can be irritant, osit, and this had a profound impact on me at that time. I went like, sheesh, just like narcissistic people! Well, yes and no, because narcissistic people can´t stop harming themselves since they´re clueless why in all goodness is it that the world is so cruel or unrewarding towards them. Quite different from people who are dealing within their ability with their daily responsabilities, even in the face of their nervous system raising some highly stressing pressure on them along the road.
Thanks for sharing Azur! I saw a similar behavior in a family member, and what she says about their indifference to situations that could frighten anyone is very, very real. My uncle was a drug dealer who came out of jail in 2016 and the stories he tells about his life inside there and the people he met are so interesting if you look at them from a psychological point of view. He once told me about how he hid drug packages when he had to travel with them (of course talking about his adventures as a drug dealer as if they were the most amazing deeds ever performed), and the first thing I asked was “weren’t you scared?”, he laughed as if being afraid would be something stupid, and well, you can imagine that his answer was a “no”. He is not even afraid of going back to jail, on the contrary he was waiting for his parole to expire so he could do the same things again. He isn’t like “yeah, let’s go back!”, but he knows it’s part of what he does. And his time in jail wasn’t even bad, he got along very well with the officers and inmates.

These people are very difficult to discern, anyone who meets my uncle for the first time has a good impression of him, mainly because he is very charismatic and friendly, but they can't believe the things he did/does. I couldn't help but nod during the whole video, it was so relatable.
I thought the video and interview was well done too. It''s good to know that more and more people are becoming aware of psychopathy and related disorders.
Here is a rare female psychopath in the US Navy. Recently discovered and fired from her position. Did she fail upward? Short video: 1 min 49sec.

CAPT Danielle C. DeFant
(click on image to enlarge)

Report: Fired USS Lake Erie captain instilled a ‘culture of fear’
Capt. Danielle DeFant — who commanded the ship for roughly 14 months — was ousted following an investigation that began after three unnamed subordinates aired grievances about “toxic command climate and/or sexual discrimination.”
Fired San Diego Navy ship captain struck, bullied, screamed at crew, investigation finds. A recently obtained Navy investigation says a San Diego ship captain created a culture of fear by bullying and screaming at subordinates. KPBS military reporter Andrew Dyer has more. (YT)
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