NASA insider explains densities & how our Solar system looks there


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Keeps you awake, if you are tired and need to stay up:

Video time 11 min 54 secs

(Ignore the embedded Hungarian subtitles.)

NASA insider, who worked at Groom Lake underground base. His team's job was to investigate ET presence everywhere, including our Solar system.

Its exactly as if he read the C's sessions.. But provides a really nice summary, in an easy to understand format.

Video timeline:
[min : sec]

Introduction ends who is who, clearances, etc.. --> 03:20

Structure of densities versus human perception

Probes & UFOs usually come from other densities / "dimensions" = places we can't see

Our Solar system really nicely explained in higher densities!

Food Chain = where are we on it? --> Lower densities 1D, 2D and then a really fun, evasive abrupt stop at the whole explanation, of how the food chain looks like, above us. :lol:

Mars civilization info --> matching the really nice and exciting YT video titled Death On Mars by John D. Brandenburg
Glass: Some hi-tech alien infrastructure explanation on Mars. :huh:

Moon bases. Moon is so full of alien bases that those & traffic were frequently "obstructing" the view of the Moon Mission videos US astronauts tried to make, so it was decided that NASA will use a fraction of that cut footage and the rest they shot it on Earth, at Area 51. What?! :) Its fun! At least keeps you awake! :ninja: Oh, the human Moon base(s) is in the Sea of Tranquility.

Now here is an interesting comparison made:
  1. He claims the government has a camera device that can make limited visibility photos about the higher densities.
  2. According to the footage it was determined that the (A) alien presence on the dark side of the Moon ..
is comprised of a race .. that is at a way lower technological developmental level .. than what [civilizations] they saw on the (B) fully populated / entirely different Higher Density [photos] in our solar system. .. So they determined that the Dark-Side-of-the-Moon-aliens (A) are still thousands or a million years ahead of US technologically.
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Interesting, sounds like his bases and aliens on the moon thing at the end was the disinfo part.


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Thanks for posting lilies, interesting indeed re similarities with the C's (and Ra), must admit i also wonder if those black ops community types are rolling over with laughter when they are done sending such a recording out into the world or if that guy really had to flee 11 years ago (perhaps to the Moon ;) )

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Knowingly dying with a medium-length fuse, such as from some varieties of cancer, would also make the author far safer after a couple of years elapsed. Just speculating there though.

Big koszenems, Lilies.


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Part 2 and Part 3 below:

Part 2 talks about underground bases

Salient points:
  • Upto 20 miles deep (but no central star as in hollow earth theory)
  • Alien communities that have been present for thousands of years
  • Entrances near the poles
  • 80 deg F warm temperature, vegetation etc
  • Gravity is magnetic, created from the light of the sun (and not from mass of the Earth)
  • Any circular object in the cosmos with a dia >21 miles can have gravity

Relevant quotes from transcripts:

May 4, 1996
A: No. How much space exists underground, as opposed to that on the surface?

Q: (L) A lot, I suppose. You aren't saying that the earth is hollow, are you?

A: No, not exactly.

Q: (L) Well, how deep is the deepest of these underground cities?

A: 3,108 miles.

Q: (L) That's pretty deep! But wouldn't it be too hot at that depth?

A: No. Temperature averages 68 degrees F.

Q: (TK) That's pretty comfortable! (L) How do they have light?

A: Magnetic resonance.

Part 3 talks about Roswell crash

  • General Ramey's letter from day of the crash decoded by David Rudiak of International UFO museum as a smoking gun
  • 3 bodies being recovered from the crashed crafts
  • 2 distinct races of Grays, cyborgs or machines - one race doesn't mean harm and flies in disc type crafts, thousands of years ahead of us
  • Contract with world govt to take certain number of people, plants and animals with them for research in exchange for technology
  • Have continued to take people, plants and animals
  • Govt had to reveal presence of these grays or they would show themselves in large fleets
  • According to Grays, Earth is about to transition to a Type 1 planet from a Type 0
  • ETs played a large part in evolutionary history on our planet


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Interesting that the " Death on Mars Dr. John Bandburg" film clip ties closely to " The War in Heaven " remote viewing sessions filmed by Farsight Institute.

War in Heaven Trailer

War in Heaven trailer 2

War in Heaven target reveal

In the Film, 3 remote viewers work on 3 blind targets.
The information that they gather paints a picture of a planet blowing up because of a war and the debris hitting Mars.
They also remote view, how some information may have been gathered by prophets.


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[Alleged] NASA camera able to see into / make photos of 'higher densities':
I found a connection to the narrator's above claim:
David Sereda explains in his two part DVD-series, titled Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs - Part.1 (2004) that most cameras can see into the near-UV wavelength, which is a higher energy state right above, what we can see. The best, clearest video footage is the DVD version he sells. Compared to the DVD, the above linked YT video is a measly, low-resolution footage. So, David explains that to our knowledge: radio-waves are the lowest energy (right), while gamma-rays are the highest energy waves that we know of, to the left. David explains low and high energy waves and states very well, in understandable terms on the above linked presentations.

As you may know, several UFO-watchers have recorded vehicles flying in the sky that were only [!!] visible to their infrared cameras. Remember: you can see satellites / ISS with your naked eyes. IR is a relatively low energy wavelength, just below, what is - to our eyes a "visible light range". When these UFO-watchers looked with their naked eyes or with not-IR cameras - probably recording the sky with both camera types at the same time and comparing footage - , the "IR-visible UFOs" were not visible on the normal camera footage. The very same way the STS-75 footage shows only a few to-human-eyes-visible and a LOT of UV-only visible UFOs. NASA cameras, fastened onto the shuttles during the Space Shuttle program (1972–2011) were apparently adequate at recording these "at UV-and-above-only wavelength visible UFOs".

David explains that because the UFOs are probably in their high-energy state - possibly consisting of very little mass and almost their entire mass is converted into energy - and because UV is a higher energy light wavelength, surpassing our capacity to perceive, it follows that:

  1. these crafts are invisible to us, to our eyes callibrated to low-energy-light wavelength
  2. these crafts, when they were filmed, possibly were in their high-energy mode, so they were composed of energy essentially, which theoretically can allow them light-speed travel, if they so wish.
We know from the C's that Beings in higher densities are a lot more "energized", so essentially they exist in a higher-energy-state in a "higher energy universe".

Its hard to argue with David [and the C's] after this - that what we see on this UV-Camera footage:
  1. definitely at 03min:51sec,
  2. definitely at 36:01, etc.. etc..[there are many segments]
*.. what we see there .. are .. if this UV-Camera footage shows high-energy UFOs - obviously in a higher-energy state, which are invisible to our low-energy-callibrated-eyes/brain, then does this mean that the footage shows both 3rd Density human stuff in space and some "outer-reaches" / lower-energy part of the 'super-high-energy 4th Density' with many-many vehicles in transit in a busy-busy 4thD space superhighway?
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