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I finally got around to starting my own blog and posted my first "official" article, which does cite an SOTT article. It's about Canada's role in the world and it's hypocrisy. It does contain a smitten of unparliamentary language but nothing too bad (removed below). I'd be ecstatic if the article would be included on SOTT and I'll be sure to make more content for SOTT in the future.


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Is it just me or has Canada really changed the past while since 9/11? Growing up here we're bombarded with Canadian synthetic nationalism (seeing as how Canada's effectively a made-up country we need to rely on the CBC and government to fuel us with patriotic fervor, often with rather laughable results if you've ever seen a "heritage minute") we're often told about how Canada is a "peacekeeping" country that doesn't engage in the kind of shenanigans other, less-friendlier countries do.

In reality, it's not that simple. While Canada likes to indulge in it's inferiority complex with it's southern neighbour by bragging about not getting involved with Vietnam or Iraq in 2003, we still armed the US in both conflicts and even had a top Canadian officer participating in the Iraq war of 2003. Canadians like to have their cake and eat it too; we're loyal allies to our southern neighbour, contributing our fine military heritage, while still maintaining a disingenuous "neutrality" supposedly clucking our tongues at American imperialism. Standard Canadian schizophrenia that makes one want to shake one's head how it manages to maintain itself like that all these years.

However, there's no doubt that things have changed since Harper took power over a decade ago. It wouldn't be fair to blame all things bad on ole Stevie and exculpate Canada's previous prime ministers (whose records aren't necessarily all that better) but there certainly is a marked difference once Harper took over Ottawa, formed the "Harper Government" and tried to turn Canada into a "warrior nation". Harper's love of Republican American values and hatred of Canada's "social democratic" values only go so far in explaining this. A more facile attempt would probably imply some sort of "Napoleon Complex" on Stevie, but simplistic armchair psychologizing is a pseudo-intellectual pursuit that again, is rather limited in explaining all that much, not too mention reducing things to the point of meaninglessness.

It also reduces everything to this one individual which is a frankly stupid way of looking at things, much like blaming Hitler for all of WWII and if he had been eliminated it would simply never have occurred (that's utter nonsense but I digress). No, Harper may have delusions of being a dictator, the fact that he reads Stalin's biography for tips should ring alarm bells for most people, but he's hardly the sole reason for Canada's new found love affair with aggressive foreign policy. If Justin Trudeau or whoever was running Canada at the moment, it's doubtful it would be all that different, rather it would just be a milder version of the same type of policies.

Still, it's rather remarkable the degree of Canadian aggression overseas has escalated. Not just "peacekeeping" in Afghanistan, or being "Al-Qaeda's airforce" in Libya, helping destroy the most prosperous nation in Africa, we're now fighting in Iraq, supposedly against ISIS, and are now bombing Syria, apparently one of the only two nations doing so. On top of that, we're helping the US overthrow the democratically elected leader of Venezuela and, having already armed Ukrainian Neo-Nazis, we're taking it to the next level and sending troops over to actually train them (starting on April 20th, Hitler's birthday no less).

Canada's list of dirty laundry overseas is long enough and we can only imagine where we'll be heading to next (Yemen perhaps?) but this is without a doubt a very troubling trend. Let's just focus on the one theatre Canada's involved with that is no doubt the most dangerous, the Ukraine. Never mind that it was the West that overthrew the corrupt, incompetent, yet still democratically elected government in Kiev and replaced it with outright Neo-Nazi thugs, and that these same thugs have committed the very same atrocities that we ostensibly bombed Ghadafi for doing (but never actually did nor was going to). Never mind that Russia has yet to openly intervene in Ukraine despite the former supposedly "invading" the latter a few dozen times now with an army that all the West's satellites can't see. Never mind that, just as we are getting dangerously embroiled in the Shiite-Sunni conflict in the Middle East (brought upon that poor region by the West and it's regional allies) but that we're now getting dangerously entangled with some old Eastern European beefs that could get very ugly very quickly. And never mind that we are helping the old allies of Hitler who committed some of the worst atrocities of the second world war and helping them kill the people who did the lion's share of fighting and dying to end the Nazi menace, the Soviets. Indeed, if it weren't for the Soviets we would have never been able to set foot on Europe proper. And yet now we are helping Nazis kill Russians and somehow we still feel morally righteous about this.

You can't help but wonder that at this point Canada is so full of crap it oozes out of its pores like maple syrup. Canada is so arrogantly proud of it's contribution against the Nazis during WWII and yet now we're openly collaborating with Nazis who intend to finish what Hitler started and aren't exactly shy about voicing that. We've even gone so far as to shoot down a UN resolution condemning Nazi propaganda, being the only 3 nations on Earth to do so. The hypocrisy is truly breathtaking but do Canadians in general give a damn? Of course not. They'll still wear their damn poppies on November 11th without any hint of irony, just as Canadians cities flew the LGBT flag and Ukrainian flag over their city halls, despite the fact that the new Ukrainian government is FAR more homophobic, and violently so, than the Russian government, because in the end it's all about "screw Russia". How a million Ukrainian-Canadian citizens took over Canada's foreign policy in Eastern Europe is beyond me, but it's just as dangerous as the Zionist lobbies dictating our Middle Eastern foreign policy, and can only do harm to Canada, if not its image than itself physically in the near future (and no I'm not talking about those utter BS"ISIS" homegrown radicals from last year, anyone with two working neurons ought to see right through that nonsense).

Now I can't fault Eastern Europeans for being wary of Russia and in fact hating them. But it's one thing to help Eastern Europeans if Russia was on the warpath hoping to rebuild it's past glories. But the reality is Putin is not Hitler and has no interest in conquering Europe. The only place Russia is "expanding" into is the arctic, and Canada's following suit, but I frankly think fighting the Russians over the arctic is a tough sell to Canadians whose morale will rapidly drop once they realize there isn't a Tim Horton's up there. The fact is we have no business being dragged into a Eastern European conflict, mostly fueled by Ukrainians, Polish and Baltic countries who all have a hard-on against Russia and are hoping North Americans can help them get some payback.

It's absurd but only as absurd as the belief that we can actually beat the Russians. The fact is we can't. These are some of the toughest people on Earth and who beat Hitler and Napoleon among others. Harper and, with all due respect, Canada's military don't have a hope in hell. There's absolutely no point in getting involved with this conflict which was started by our side and repudiates all of the values Canada supposedly stands for and will quite possibly lead to a totally unnecessary third world war.

We've come a long way where going to war against Serbia back in 1999 (another horrible atrocity we participated in but I digress) was a big deal but now we're going to war it seems every other week. Can anyone honestly say exactly how many countries Canada is at war with or at the very least participating in hostilities? And where is the outrage against this?

Ever since the Ottawa false flag even from last year, effectively Harper's Reichstag fire, Canada has been heading towards a very dangerous trajectory. While the "Harper=Hitler" card has been beaten to death, it's no longer becoming all that unapplicable. Time and time again has shown that Harper is addicted to power, has a radical vision of Canada that a lot of Canadians probably don't share, and has been putting us on a terrifying warpath that could end very badly for us. It seems we're only one false flag away from outright tyranny, martial law, and endless war. If Canadians couldn't care less that we're helping outright Nazis commit some of the worst ethnic cleansing in a generation, than maybe they'll care once their daily commutes get ruined by cruise missiles. One hopes they'll get their act together before then, for all our sakes.
Nice looking blog, well written article. It's my understanding that Canada is a Confederation much like the American States were prior to the adoption of the Bills of Rights, because without the Bills of Rights the Federal Government would never have been accepted.

They don't teach that in American Public Education, nor do they teach that you have no rights without the Bills of Rights and those which exist in the State Constitutions. There are no protections to individual rights in the US Constitution which are not themselves derived directly from the Bills of Rights. If one right is nullified then a cavalcade of collapse quickly follows in laws built upon those foundations.

The idea here is to see Canadian Government today as a Confederation which the American States once existed under. The question then becomes how a supposedly decentralized form of government ends up acting like the same kind of centralized government which exists in the United States at the present time.

Obviously, in order to have a focused set of policies there has to exist a centralized leadership. So there has to be a power to coordinate policies exterior to the political process. This is the same thing which is ruling the United States by proxy control over the political system.

If Canada is acting like the US then it too must be under the same guidance as the US. Andrew Lobacziewski's Political Ponerology is highly recommended by most people. Has to be good, since Laura Knight-Jadczyk gives the Introduction, and because Zbigniew Brzezinski blocked its publication. I've yet to read it myself, having marched to " ‎The Gulag Archipelago" while holding hands with Hannah Arendt's classic work, "The Origins of Totalitarianism." Not to mention the "Long Walk" back home by Sławomir Rawicz but it sounds like it's right up my alley.
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