New Show: MindMatters (RIP Truth Perspective)

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Truth Perspective is dead, long live MindMatters! Like NewsReal and Objective:Health, Truth Perspective has now been baptized in the waters of YouTube, and received a new name in the process. Here's the channel: MindMatters

We've got the last three TTP shows up there too. Over the coming weeks we'll be working out the kinks and perhaps adding some bells and whistles. The show will be covering the same kinds of material we've been covering for the past several months: psychology, philosophy, religion, ponerology, plus maybe a bit more history.

Here's the first show:

I just had a listen and thought your first new show was super interesting! Also, it is great to see you both on screen, so to speak.:-D

I am looking forward to more shows. Keep up the good work!

Added: Will you be covering death and the "afterlife" at one point you think if it matches the aims of your show? I would be really interested in hearing your perspective on this, but then again it may be a bad idea...
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I have 3 things to say:

1. Good job!!!

2. I'm SOOO glad we ditched the old radio show system now.

3. Thanks to everyone who has helped create all these new video shows in various languages. Video is THE way to reach people these days, but it requires extra work, technical know-how, etc. Ya'll have just taken the ball and run with it!

Started in on a backlog of shows tonight (now of course video with MP3 option🚬) and have to say, wow, this is such a great direction. Newly coined MindMatters! typifies the direction of what has been a continuum of interlocking topics, so that name is perfect, osit.

Please correct me if mistaken, did not the C's discuss branching out, more or less, eventually to video?

Bravo!!! :clap:
Just subscribed and watched/listened to the first "Mindmatters" show. I am really grateful to have access to such interesting, high level content. Thank you for all the amazing work you do :flowers:
You guys cover a lot of important and fascinating material, thanks from a long-time listener and new viewer. No way I have time to read all those books you refer to, but I I can read some at least.
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