New Years Greetings 2019


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Well, it is the New Year here in New Zealand. 2018 was quite a momentous time, both personally and in global terms. It remains to see what 2019 brings but I think we can guarantee it is going to be interesting.

Best wishes for the New Year to all members and the Chateau crew. Lets buckle in and enjoy the ride.


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ok we are some minutes away from 2019. Thanks for your wishes and same to you!
Hi eh-elle,

Since this is your first the forum, we would appreciate it if you would post a brief introduction about yourself in the Newbies section, telling us how you found this forum, how long you've been reading it and/or the SOTT page, whether or not you've read any of Laura's books yet, etc. You can read other's introductory posts there to get an idea.

Welcome :-)


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I got my greeting card today, too. Thanks, and also for all your efforts and services. (Was looking for another thread where it's the main topic, but I think that one has been carried over from several years ago).
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