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Sometime ago, I had this dream where I was witnessing what I can maybe define as a parallel reality.

Reading Kay Kim post in the last session, I remembered this dream from some time ago and decided to share it.

Maybe we would experience some abnormally colder weather in different regions, because the earth is changing, but the transition seems come sooner than later.
Because it seems the things happening right now is the event’s that Cs describes in some situations we are facing right now, the wishful thinking of 4th density STS become so desperate, that they trying to control whole earthly population to make their own slave. That is what happening.

And recently the Comets increases and there will be more to come. Then there will be Comet-Cluster comes with realm border Wave.
But it seems like the Sun’s twin, the brown star/dark star is the final phenomena that what we will see before crossing over to the 4th density.

As the Wave keeps increases as near the realm border, some people already started to merge with other-self, but most of us are will be at the realm border crossing. when that happens, I think we will have incredible energy and knowledge from all the experience we gathered, from other-self from parallel realities, perpendicular realities, alternate realities, maybe there are more we don’t even know at this time, haha.

The transition mean, we are not moving one location to another, rather changing one’s perception.

This transcript explain the thousand years transition, it’s more likely happening in the 4th density, because we would not fully STO beings when we get there in the beginning, probably we needed to work ourselves to be qualified to become true STO beings. So that will take sone times, some might take longer than others. So the thousand years transition means maybe just metaphorical way to describe the words, if my memory is correct then, because the 4th density life span is about 400 years.

From this transcript, when transition occurs, we STO candidates and the same time the STS candidates will mover up to the next density, according to one’s vibration frequency.

I recognize where I am, the farm where I grew up. Everything is there, the house, garage, stable for the horses and arena for training the horses in winter. I’m somewhat hovering above the ground observing this reality but not being part of it. Many people are in the courtyard but none that I recognize except one, me. He walks around saluting everyone stopping here and there. Across the court yard he meet a group of men that are preparing some kind of vehicle, heavily modify with weapon and protection, right out of a mad max movie was my impression. Coming closer he meet with some men working on this machine and some words are exchanged, one men threaten him and is answer is direct and unequivocal, he doesn’t approve of what they are doing and he propose to that men if he prefer to deal with him manu a manu.

Now I turn my attention to the environment, the landscape, the sky and horizon. Something is different; the colors of the sky and the shimmering like effect looking at the horizon, like looking at a mirage all around.

Still absorbing this reality I come closer to my other me and then I realise what this represent and I say it out loud, This is fourth density. The reaction of me in that reality is instantaneous, he stop for a moment, eyes fixed on nothing, best way to describe it is as Trinity is reaction in the matrix when she ask for a download to fly the helicopter. For a moment he looks like he is downloading information and the reaction is wonderful. Immediately after that moment of ‘’Downloading’’ he look at the sky and just take flight. He fly above the courtyard laughing and looking at the people in the court yard and told them; here we can fly, we can fly. Immediately two ladies follow him but as I observed, one after taking some altitude start falling back, she will crash to the ground and severely injure herself I thought. I couldn’t do anything to stop her, I was just an observer, a thought form without physicality but then I jumped in that other me in that reality, passing from and observer point of view to his point of view just long enough to turn is attention toward the lady falling. His reaction was instantaneous, the lady never hit the ground, he caught her in his arm and continued flying with her.

Next, I follow my other self in the house but from a much closer vantage point. Many people are in the house, it doesn’t look anything close to what the house use to look, there are many more room to many to be contained it the house. He meet a woman and ask where his wife is and she told him that she die and the reason why she think she die. Next he asks for his daughter and the woman told him that she is in her room. Turning around to take a corridor, There is a mirror on the wall and for a moment I ‘’jump’’ in my other self, looking through his eyes at my reflection. We very much alike but with difference, the most obvious is his hair, short and dark. Mine are long and blond but I use to have short dark hair in the pass. So for a moment a kept looking at his reflection and then let him go to his daughter room. When she opened the door I was shock, I don’t know how to describe it, don’t know if I want to because it really wasn’t a pretty sight. Anyway, he took her arm and said, come daughter we are leaving.

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