October 4th 2023


The Force is Strong With This One
Hi all,
Today was the much anticipated FEMA emergency broadcast test in the USA and mentioned in the last C’s session. The test was conducted at 2:20pm EST.
I am in Canada so did not receive the notification/alert. However, at 2:25pm EST I heard a very high pitched ringing sound like tinnitus for about 30sec.
I’m just wondering if anyone else experienced anything? US residents what occurred for you?
I am in central Mexico, obviously nothing happened here, however Christian groups claimed on Tik tok and Facebook that three days of darkness would happen, while local conspiracy theorists claimed it was the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. None of that happened, however, I was struck by the beeping sound used.​

And here is text used

The exercise carried out in Russia.

So, I think we have to wait and see now.
The negative effects may be in the days to come. I have to wonder however if turning phones off, putting them in faraday bags, etc. does anything. Are the signals embedded only in the audio if you listen to it or are the signals in the EM wave sent out, like HAARP. The EM wave signal is everywhere, translating it into audio and hearing it is entirely different. You received the EM signal with your phone off or on regardless.
I got it too, the only thing I noticed during my nightly news round was a shooting from an 11 year old to his friends over a bag of chips, but that isn't that uncharacteristic.

We'll have to keep our eyes peeled.
I did not get the emergency message or sound. I watched Scottie's video about making a Faraday bag, so I wrapped the phones in aluminum foil, put that in a zip lock bag, and wrapped the bag in aluminum foil. Hours after the scheduled emergency test, I unwrapped the phones and turned them on, and no emergency message or sound arrived.
I'm in the southern region of the United States. We shut our phones, computers, TV, and wifi off. I knew it might not really make much of a difference as we live on one end of a 4-plex building with neighbors close by. I didn't notice anything during the test and neither of our phones went off. That evening after everything was turned back on I had a feeling of agitation--not anger, just feeling a sense of too much energy in the body/hard to wind down. It was hard to go to sleep and my husband did not sleep well during the night. I agree with what others have said here, we'll have to wait and see on this one.
The neighbor on the other side of the wall has a bird feeder on his patio, which is beside ours. There are always a lot of birds flying around, landing and taking off, on our bushes, my flowers, the patio furniture, etc. During that time, there were no birds flying around. There was only a couple of pigeons, and they were laying down on the concrete patio. We thought that was kind of odd. :huh:
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