Path of the Skinwalker


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Thanks for sharing. I didn't read the book, but according to the George Knapp's video about same thematic, seems worth of reading. I found pretty interesting Knapp's accordace with Jacques Vallée's Magonia's theory and John Alva Keel's ultraterrestrial concepts.
Last night at first I was watching, Laura's videos about strange "smoke figures" filmed during Tohoku, and even more stranger CCTV video of Japanese man that looked like possessed for couple of minutes, and after that, Knapp's video presentation about Skinwalker ranch. Jeez that really gave me a goosebumps. I wonder if today's Bigelow Ranch is simply situated close to some kind of 4D STS portals (considering Knapp said many occurrences of strange tunnels and entities popping put from them), or does it have to do something with strange underground sounds, perhaps connected to the possible underground facilities and the fact Utah is a part of UFOland in the Four Corners?


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The Orchard Movies Published on Jul 2, 2018
Based on the best-selling book by George Knapp & Dr. Colm Kelleher, Hunt for The Skinwalker investigates the confidential, most extensive scientific study of a paranormal hotspot in human history. Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is famous throughout the world because of the myriad of frightening, seemingly supernatural events that have been reported in the scenic basin surrounding the property for hundreds of years.

Sightings include orbs, UFOs, animal mutilations, unknown creatures, poltergeist-type activity, and many other inexplicable incidents. An exhaustive, multidisciplinary scientific study began in 1996, spearheaded by an enigmatic Las Vegas billionaire named Robert Bigelow. A team of PhD-level investigators was deployed to collect evidence and spent more than a decade on the ground, interviewing witnesses, searching for explanations, and directly confronting an unknown intelligence.

Recent headlines have revealed that a second, government-funded but confidential study was initiated by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). This second investigation was designed to determine if the phenomena at the ranch might have national security implications or could point to technological breakthroughs.

The shroud of mystery hanging above Skinwalker Ranch and the Uintah Basin has fascinated director Jeremy Corbell for years. He finally journeyed to the property to interview eyewitnesses - including the new owner of the ranch - and uncover rare, previously unreleased recordings.
Cast: George Knapp, Dr. Colm Kelleher, Robert Bigelow, Robbie Williams, Dr. John B. Alexander, Mark Allin, Dr. Eric Davis, Jeremy Corbell


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I read the book a couple of years ago, and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I didn't find that much to back up the claim that this was the touted "most extensive study" on the subject. This of course had to do with the nature of the phenomenon (that John Keel called 'The Cosmic Trickster'); almost every time they set up their equipment and tried to record or measure things, the Trickster was elusive and hardly appeared. I would have liked more 'meat on the bones'. Nevertheless, the witness testimonies were interesting and hair raising.


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I recently finished reading the book, 'Hunt for The Skinwalker' so good to see that there's a documentary coming out about it. The Facebook page for the book and film shows the film launches on iTunes 9/11/18.
Looks like they will involve footage of the cattle mutilations in the documentary. I found that to be the most bone chilling (and convincing) aspect of George Knapp's lecture on Skinwalker ranch, when he showed footage of the mutilated carcass. To see the results of the mutilations is deeply unsettling. Of course the carcass could be an elaborate hoax, but I think it's highly unlikely. The pertinent part starts at 57:00 and lasts about seven minutes.

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