Peanut butter - to give or not to give to dogs?


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I just listened to the following FB video about feeding peanut butter to dogs as snacks or as an aid of giving them pills. It is very interesting and also useful not only for pets but humans as well. It's true that many humans react to nuts, so this should be taken into account, but if you do like peanut and other butters, this video will help you make a more knowledgeable choice.

Thanks for sharing! It was actually very informative and short enough, I must admit I never knew that xylitol could be toxic to dogs, oops!

My pup has a very sensitive stomach, and whenever his diet diverts enough he has GI upsets, though I think this is true with all dogs. But I might try this out as a treat from time to time and see if he tolerates it properly.

As I was watching I was reminded of a friend who mentioned making peanut butter cookies that were flourless, I searched for a recipe and found this one:

By modifying it a bit (particularly removing the splenda!), I dare say one could make nut butter cookies as treats!
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