Police devices and technology coming to a city near you


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I just watched this video that gave me the creeps.
I don't know but this kind of new robots (that we know about of course) is the stuff of nightmares when you realize that it could be equipped with weapons (mobile taser dog ??!!) for example.
Even if these kind of robots are for surveillance purpose only it is really "alien" to see them move.

It 's the product of Boston dynamics and they are sponsored by DARPA.

You can watch the video on their website :


Or on youtube :


You can see how this thing moves and keep its balance without problem, it send shivers down my spine.
There are others robots sponsored by DARPA from the same guys.

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Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

indeed creepy stuff.
Good thing is that it has to be vulnerable to some kind of electromagnetic field.
Its prolly first stage , where they achieved balance stability , next will be targeting,defense and other kinds of wicked systems.
And then they will want to try to test it in real world :/
I gotta search more info about this "thingy"


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Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

Oh dear, this type of story really hits a button that gets me a bit angry and depressed. While we have massive and ongoing world food shortages, famine, wars and a global economic meltdown, the psychopaths still manage to find billions of dollars every year to R&D more effecient ways to kill people. In fact the trend nowadays with all the robots, UAV's and unmanned land vehicles is to simply to make unfeeling machines, that unlike human warfighters, are more under control and less likely to make consious choices (or maybe that should be choices of consience). Sickening beyond the pale.


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Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

Watching the video, at least for now you can still hear the robot coming: it's power source makes alot of noise. I would really start to worry if they discover a more silent (and durable) powersource....

But yeah, it still is creepy as hell the direction they are going. Seen that wallcrawling robot?
Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

i watched the video on YouTube and what struck me most was the scene in which a man kicked the robot to demonstrate its well-working capability of keeping balance. the machine takes no offence at such an action. yet.


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Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

Yes, creepy as *ell. I agree that this thing can be a tool for
the psychopaths - just a matter of time to use this monster
"sheep dog" to round up the sheeple. On the other hand, I
can see it's use as a "Mule" to climb Mt. Everest and for
rescue operations. It's a tool, and it all depends on the
operator behind the controls and what this thing is to be
used for is what counts. It can have both evil and good uses.
But it is sure ugly and would scare the jeepers out of unsuspecting
human, animal, or maybe the lizzies ;)

As for DARPA, NSA, CIA, 3-isms agency fundies, they probably
have other sinister uses for it and I doubt that plans are in the
works so as to benefit normal people.



Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

Here`s the parody:D :


hope it`s alright for not posting this on Tickle Me!


Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

nemo said:
Here`s the parody:D :


hope it`s alright for not posting this on Tickle Me!
:lol: LOL - I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Thank you for this!!

I needed it after getting completely creeped out by the real thing...


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Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

lmao! :D


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Bigdog - The most advanced quadruped robot on earth

parody was very well done, esp the slow mo section!!:)


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Police devices and technology comming to a city nere you

Hi, I just got the idea to compile a thread with the new devices that will be implemented or are implemented and less known the for example the now "classic" taser.
The ones in this post is just a few of the many known and less known devices.

Devices like the RapID save police time and money, he said. "And in the end it saves their lives, because they don't let the bad guy go."
But civil liberties groups are keeping an eye on the technology. They're worried such devices could be used to harass people rather than make legitimate identity checks.
"When it's portable it's easier to abuse than if you actually have to get somebody arrested and taken down to the station," said Jeffrey Gamso, legal director of the Ohio chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

You can chew all of the gum you want, but it won't save you from the latest weapon in the police arsenal against individuals driving under the influence. A new device dubbed the "Hawkeye," can record your eye movements/pupil size and accurately determine whether or not you are impared—regardless of the substance used.

Drones like the one you see in the video above might soon be used by the Miami Police Department, serving as an unmanned eye-in-the-sky that can go places where it's too dangerous for human beings to tread. Expected to be rolled out next year first in SWAT team operations, the 14 lb. vehicle is unarmed but can fly just about anywhere, and even goes up to altitudes of 10,500 feet. These particular craft were first tested by Honeywell early last year, and now the FAA has given Miami and Houston permission to use them in their busy airspaces. Cops say they're not going to be using these drones to spy on people. Yet.

Following successful trials, British policemen are to be issued with head cameras while they are on the beat. The £3 million ($6.1 million) scheme, which led to an increase in the number of convictions of offenders when it was tried out in the south-western town of Plymouth, is to be rolled out throughout the country. Three hundred police officers were given access to 50 cameras and body-worn video equipment, which they could strap on during day or night patrols. The visual evidence of crimes meant that it was well-nigh impossible for the perpetrators to get away with it, as was frequently the case. There was less paperwork for the police, less time spent in court, earlier guilty pleas and an increase in convictions.

Officers will carry the guns while patrolling possible terror targets such as Manchester Airport and political party conferences. They could also be used in response to armed incidents and in south Manchester's gangland. But the new gun has led to concern among some firearms officers that a misdirected shot could also pierce police body armour.

Police insist the public are not at increased risk because they would use other less powerful weapons if there was a possibility of anyone being caught in the crossfire.

A police source said: "Criminals and terrorists are wearing body armour and it's imperative that the police service have a response to these individuals and are able to neutralise the threat.

"The new gun will rip through body armour like it's not there. It's an amazingly powerful and penetrative weapon."

It replaces the less powerful Heckler and Koch MP5 and can propel bullets at 920 metres per second and even smash through brick walls.


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Re: Police devices and technology comming to a city nere you

Saw this today: _http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10539799

British police get handheld fingerprinting units

LONDON - Twenty forces across England and Wales are already testing the technology under Project Midas, and other British police forces will get the machines within the next 18 months, the National Policing Improvement Agency said yesterday.

Civil rights groups warned against using the tool to expand what is already the world's largest surveillance database.

Britain has some of the most extensive surveillance powers in the world and has become a leader in what critics call "Big Brother" techniques ranging from secret listening devices to the more than 4.3 million closed-circuit cameras in operation.

The mobile fingerprinting devices will allow officers to check identities within five minutes.

The fingerprints will then be compared against the national police database, which holds information on nearly eight million people and can interface with Interpol on international suspects, said policing agency spokesman Valentine Murombe-Chivero.

Under current British law, fingerprints have to be destroyed if suspects aren't charged. Civil rights groups say laws enacted after the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings in London have given more power to police and allow for the expansion of the national database - already the largest per capita one in the world.



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Re: Police devices and technology comming to a city nere you

PopHistorian said:
Saw this today: _http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10539799

It was carried on the sott page yesterday, just fyi - http://www.sott.net/articles/show/168153-UK-Police-will-use-new-device-to-take-fingerprints-in-street


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Re: Police devices and technology comming to a city nere you

[quote author=anart]It was carried on the sott page yesterday, just fyi -[/quote]

After reading that thread I came up with this one :) There is so much sneaky technology being implemented now that I wanted to collect it to give a overview. Though I guess most or all forum-members are aware of it, it still might be worth the effort, it might be a bit overwhelming to see this without knowning what it is and does, and even then I guess it could be overwhelming but still less.

British police are now using the Microdrone from German company Microdrones GmbH in trials. According to The Times it was used to police a rock festival this summer, and there has also been interest from "MI5, the Metropolitan police, and Soca, the Serious Organised Crime Agency "
Using these devices for military purposes is one thing, but when the police have them the discussion is completely different. Although in principle it won't allow them to spy on anything that couldn't already be seen from a helicopter, small and cheap MAVs are likely to be much more common. And, crucially, unlike a helicopter you will not be able to tell when one is watching you.

Creepy corporate promotional video for the drone.

edit: been done before though :) http://blog.wired.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/10/24/le110l19.jpg
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