Political Ponerology in Spanish!/¡La ponerología política en español!


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¡Tenemos el agrado de informales que La ponerología política, de Andrzej Lobaczewski, está finalmente disponible en español! Muchas gracias a quienes lo hicieron posible, y a todos aquellos que supieron esperarlo pacientemente. :clap: :thup:



¡Que disfruten la lectura!

We are happy to inform you that Political Ponerology, by Andrew Lobaczewski, is now available in Spanish! Many thanks to all those who made this happen, and to those who waited patiently.

Happy reading!
And now it's also available on Amazon.

Soon, the kindle version... :)

Y ahora también está disponible en Amazon.

Próximamente, la versión kindle... :)
Wow, this is good news. Thanks! in the name of my friends that will dare read it! :headbanger:
Well done to all involved! That is a mighty difficult book to read, let alone translate.
:clap: :thup: :clap: :perfect: :cheer: :headbanger: :cheer:

¡¡¡Una grandísima noticia!!! Ya he hecho mi pedido... Qué ganas de tenerlo en mis manos...

Great news!!! I've made ​​my order ... I want to have it in my hands...
Wonderful news ! :perfect:

I have the two english editions and it's been impossible to me to read them. (Very difficult vocabulary)

Thanks to all who has made it available in spanish. Just ordering!
Yeah! Great work guys, indeed! By now, you should be rather well armored or at least have a wide collection of red flags of you own, against ponerology; having read it in english, I know it is scarcely probable any translator would realize this task at all without understanding what Lobacevski intended to convey. A prize well deserved to you all!
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