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I've never had any psychic episodes in my life (that I'm aware of), but my spouse has had dreams in which a close family member or friend died about a week before the actual event. In each case the individual who passed away in the dream was not the same individual who died in real life, and the circumstances surrounding the dream death was different than the real life death, but in each case, the dream was very vividly recalled and relayed to me in explicit detail.

Additionally, my spouse has had a kind of psychic resonance with close relatives that manifests itself as a wave of discomfort similar to stomach cramping or nausea when something happens to that relative. The most recent occurrence was last Sunday when my spouse's grandmother passed away. We were out of the house wandering around the Las Vegas strip when my spouse started to complain about a general malaise which turned into stomach discomfort. The feeling passed after a while, but when we were returning home, we discovered a message from my spouse's mother letting her know that her grandmother had passed away. The time of death was right around the time of my wife's discomfort and stomach cramping.

From my what I've seen over the past 13 years, my spouse's dreams seem tend to forbode a sudden unexpected death (not always, but true in most cases), and moments of physical discomfort occur at the actual time of passing.

Has anybody had any similar experiences, and if so, do they follow any kind of pattern at all?


I have had several of the experiences such as your wife had. In 1986 I was just finishing reading the book, "Dancing in the Light" written by Shirley MacClaine. At the end of the book, she describes a meditation to get in touch with your higher self. I thought, Wow! I want to be able to do that. Well, it was bedtime so I went to sleep with the idea in mind that my higher self was going to tell me something that I needed to know. I wasn't quite ready for what I got in response.

Almost immediately a bright golden light appeared to me. In the light was a figure, an androgenous figure, as I couldn't tell if it was male or female, but it was absolutely beautiful. Just then I heard a voice saying, "Your mother is going to die tomorrow". Well...that pulled me up sharp! I woke myself up in a cold sweat and was furious with myself for coming up with that thought. My mother was just fine thank you very much!

Well, the next day I was at work and I just couldn't seem to get my act together. I was a Sales Manager and had clients I was supposed to be meeting with, but things kept interfering with my leaving. I finally got my things together and was about to walk out the door when the phone rang. The receptionist told me that I had a call, so I put my things down to answer it. It was my sister on the telephone. She was almost hysterical and informed me that if I wanted to see Mom alive I had better get down there because they just took her to the hospital and it didn't look good. She didn't seem to know what was wrong, just that she had been having trouble breathing and they took her to the hospital.

Needless to say, my jaw dropped and I was in a state of shock. The dream experience that I had the night before descended upon me like a ton of bricks! By the next morning, my mother was dead and I decided that I didn't want to know more stuff!

However, that wasn't the end of the psychic experiences. A similar event happened when my foster mother died. She had been diagnosed with cancer and was given 6 months to live. My sister and I decided that we weren't going to take chances on not being able to see her alive so we made plans to go and visit her in No. CA. (we both lived in Pacific NW). I talked with my foster mom off and on during the weeks leading up to our departure and she seemed to be holding her own.

One night, about a week before we were to leave to visit her, I had a dream. In the dream I was at the bottom of a grave looking up at my foster father who was crying. I realized in the dream that my foster mother had died. So, the next morning I called her house to find out how she was and my sister-in-law answered and I again hear the words, "If you want to see her alive you better come quick". So I didn't hesitate, I got on a train and headed for No. CA. However, I didn't make it to see her before she died. While I was on the train I was gazing out at the full moon and her spirit came to tell me that she had already passed on. I was deeply saddened, but thankful that she wasn't suffering anymore.

There are times that I have dreams that are signals of things occuring on a global scale. For instance, I once dreamt I was above the map of the United States and I watched as firey bits of metal fell on different states. I believe it was Iowa, Florida and Texas or Louisiana. I didn't think much about it until over the next 3 months several plane crashes occured in those areas.

Two days before the Sumatra earthquake/tsunami I dreamt again that I was over a map. This time it was a world map and I was looking at SE Asia. I knew that there was going to be a big earthquake there, and then the dream turned into a flood of water. I woke up and told my husband that something big was going to happen in the Asia area and I just wanted him to know so if it did happen I had told someone ahead of time. Well, imagine my surprise when two days later I logged on to the internet and saw the earthquake/tsunami coverage!

The dreams and experiences I have had (and continue to have) don't make any sense to me as to why I am having them. I mean, I was close to both my mothers so it's not a stretch to understand why I would have psychic experiences surrounding them, but some of the others haven't even affected me directly. Why did I have those experiences.

I really don't think there is any pattern to my experiences either. The only thing I know for sure is that when I dream of being above a map and looking down at it, there is going to be something affecting that area. That is a definite recurring theme. However, when my father died I didn't experience any kind of dream or knowing that anything was wrong with him!

I recently had another possible precog dream. It was disturbing to me because it seemed to be a sort of "Map" dream. I was standing on a very tall building overlooking a train yard. There was a man standing on the building with me and we both seemed to be anticipating some terrible event. He walks over to me and hands me some small squares of white paper and just then a flash comes from out of the sky and hits the train which explodes. I then float up and look down on a map and see that I am in Kansas City, KS. The train was oriented to the north/south and I have no idea what hit from the sky - a meteor? a bomb? But something hit the train and it spelled doom for that area of the country! I've watched the news and haven't seen anything even remotely about is it just a dream? or is it a harbinger of something else to come? That is the really frustrating part about these kind of psychic experiences.

I suspect that all of us have these kind of precog events, but most people don't recognize them for what they are until later on or if ever! And, in my experience, women seem to have these precogs more often than men. Probably an effect of our societal expectations.

Interesting though.....
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