Prem Rawat - Maharaji, The Lord of the Universe

retro said:
To be conscious: (something that you could do with...)

Whilst watching, I found myself comparing him more to 'Anthony Robbins'. The reason being the language and the way the words were delivered. Recently I changed 'job' and found myself on a course where this type of delivery was in use, I found it to be hard to follow and messes with the head a lot. Back to 'AR', my younger brother worked for a certain Australian karate company who forced his (and others like him) books onto their would-be 'karate teachers.' He lent me one of his books and from it you could see the same type of delivery, the same language.

The main problem that I have with these people, is that their message is: "give me money and I'll tell you you are beautiful, great, fantastic, you can do anything, you can come to my lectures and I'll tell everybody their how superb they are, just remember to keep up with the payments."

The thing is, I know I'm great, beautiful, fantastic, able to do a lot (but not quite everything), superb, etc

Only costs me a few seconds of my time.

(I didn't want to mention it but it's all NLP to me, can't stand it - far too many superlatives for one thing. Another is the way that it attempts to alter the way I remember/learn things)
wilecoyote said:
I was involved with SRF (self realization fellowship). Paramahansa Yogananda was the guru, and the organization encouraged having pictures of the gurus to get their 'shaktipat'.
As eso said, these men pass as gods to ordinary, every day people, because they are able to tweak the nervous system via induction..
This brings to mind the writings of Gurdjieff about the "way" of the Fakir, Monk and Yogi.

All three of those "types" are incomplete in some way, missing a "true" crystalization like man #4 strives for.

So the "great" gurus (monks) can make you feel good; but after the "feel good" expereince, what is next? What does one actually ACCOMPLISH?

The Fakir's can do great physical feats, such as sleeping on nails for days on end. But, what does this actually ACCOMPLISH?

The Yogi's have knowledge and thinking ability. But they DO nothing with it. So, what does this actually ACCOMPLISH?

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