Prologue: The Lemurian crystal …


[I remember drifting, not too sure if I was nothing more than a condensed thought. How long I was this way is unknown. May have been only a minute but could also have been a millennia, as it was in in a timeless place. Throughout the whole time, or lack thereof, there was only silence. Then came a surge, something was drawing me away from where ever I was. I could sense others around me now, some were drawn away like me and others that were not affected by the surge. The others that accompanied me were now bursting with light as we passed through some sort of barrier.]

An entity of pure light hovered above, preparing for the placement of its souls. Learning was of most importance in the lessons of life. It is achieved in all forms and all creations. A deeper soul was entertaining the thoughts of the light being. It was a longer life soul that would exist for what would seem to be the limits of reality. This kind of soul needs a strong body, something that can last for many lifetimes. It is why a form of crystalline structure is selected.

At some time, this soul will be a repository of knowledge. Available to present this knowledge of the sprit to any soul that requests it. A stability anchor, a destructive force, and so much more. But for now, we begin …

[The light faded, and I found myself incased in a clear crystalline structure. I could sense boundaries, physical limits to this existence. There was heat, a catalyst for creation. There was also another here, I sense that it was not rock. It was grand, creating our physical limits, drawn right out of the fire of a young world. The grand other could look deep into me, forming a structure that was pure and perfect. Then the grand other seemed to turn on me and embedded knowledge into several pockets inside me. Pockets that I could not see in to, restricting them from me.]

Peering through the realm curtain, the light being finished his work, satisfied with the results. This soul will have a most interesting tale when we come together again. Let’s give it a proper send-off …

[Why I thought. And the first thought returned, ‘What was given is not for now’. I did not know what to think of this impression that was received. It was completely understood, I could not explain. It was like I heard myself, is that possible? How am I able to do this? All else is not understood, not yet.]

The realm curtain closed as the need had been completed. One day all will be clear, let the lessons begin …

[For an eternity the soul built upon itself. Deep underground it remained, cut off from the outer world. Seeking answers to questions that it knew had an answer. When you have been around for fifty or a hundred years, the soul yearns for answers. When you reach a great age like this soul, the answers to the meaning of life eventually come around. The answers came to the soul like it was previously known and relearned. Over time, it was able to connect with some of the knowledge pockets, a pure source, and it learned much, it even learned to learn/teach at the same time. It was proud of that.]

[Another surge happened, quite like the surge that it started its existence with. But this time instead of a feeling of light it came from a feeling of darkness. Unknowingly the crystal’s soul answered.]

[It came from another who twisted me with its promise to me of knowledge of great importance to a task that it needed. It openly asked me, and I wanted so much to see and exist elsewhere. And I accepted. Little did I know it was a twisted knowledge of the self that it promised. I took the knowledge and it changed me, scared me greatly. It made me more than I should be. It made me strong enough to hold energy, even the same energy that created me.]

[I tried to turn back, to refuse the knowledge of the self. Of being what I was before. Why can I not go back? I opened a door that could now not be closed or found any more.]

[The twisted one called me up from the bowels of the earth, drew me out of the ground and filled me with pain, horrible pain. I felt that it would make me burst into a million little pieces. It became stronger every moment, every day. Once I thought that it was unbearable, more than I could contain, it got even more intense. The fire inside of me is almost tearing me apart. But, somehow it felt a connection to this twisted soul, like it may be an alternate reality of me, that was torturing me.]

The realm curtain opened in this reality once again. The light being, inspecting results, as it had done many times. Changes are driven at different cycles of life. This Crystal soul was different in that manor. This soul would be around for millions of lifetimes, always progressing and never resetting as in a human lifeform. This soul will continually exist through multiple densities. It is good to keep watch, tweaking the recipe of the soul, making it more like itself …

[Relief came in the form of the second external communication. I do not understand how, but the greater soul showed me how to release the fire inside. It came as an intuition, a feeling. And I let the energy go. And it seemed that my actions interacted with others as the bellows of fire sprouted all around me. There was a great rush away from this area. A rush so big that it leveled the land around us. We were unscathed, how is that possible? We fell to the new plateau.]

[It seems that we started something very big. Everything around us literally broke apart. The group of us were thrust apart. Some tectonic force was tearing land from land, throwing some farther than others. A very big shake started and seemed to last forever. When it was over nothing looked like it was before. More shaking, very cold for great periods. Those that were not rock did not do well, as it was shown time and time again.]

[I eventually found myself together with others like me but not as old as I was. Some showed scaring from magmatic activity, other crystal penetrations. Some were clusters, others had points on both ends. There were those that had open pockets and those that were odd sided or still connected to another type of rock. But, I became the source of knowledge for others as thousands had been gathered here all looking for someone to anchor to. But even that changed.]

[Another soul found me, amongst the group of crystals that had been gathered there. This soul knew some facet of the knowledge of the sprit and had an idea of what it wanted but did not know how to accomplish it. This soul was untrained, I could kind of tell that. What this soul wanted was to store energy, and I had a little experience with this. A piece of history was found and this soul was imposing it as the gospel. The connection was made, it asked, I replied, the world almost ended in a big explosion. I survived unscathed again.]

[It was not the same as before. The result of this action made a surmountable warm up of the planet itself, caused a fertile time. Short but well deserved. Then a direct cool down as the planet corrected itself, once again. The planet as it stood could not maintain its temperature without some mass element that could store the energy, like water, it can hold lots of energy and release it as needed. This planet does not have enough to balance the environment.]

[As if someone was listening, then came the water, major volumes of water. Whatever was not battened down was flushed somewhere else. Life, some kind of organic life, not rock, was tossed amongst us. They did not live. With the water came large tremors as if something big was striking the planet. They came as waves of tremors, more than earth quakes, waves of ground disruptions. Like a splash in a pool of water. It was intense.]

[Then the world settled and found harmony. At this time, there were these souls who thought they were important on the land surface. Like the souls of past that I encountered. These ones were damaging to other souls and to themselves. They were idiot’s as compared to those of before, but very much the same. Some of them live in lies.]

[I had the honor of being with three of them. None of them talked to me so I could not answer. One even hung me around their neck by a lace.]

[I was taken to a stone structure and once again I was with others. I taught others like me and learned from the organic souls who were intently focused on this structure. These other souls, they were intelligent. They knew how to use the energy without abusing it. They even knew how to move and adjust the stones with effort. I listened through many of these organic souls generations, I learned from all.]

[I was there until the great deluge which tore down the stones and scattered them across the countryside. I laid there for a thousand years jumbled in the debris. Another soul came along and cleaned up the site and built another stone structure, poorly done. They knew naught of what was known before, even to build such a structure. I was found by a laborer and resided with this soul and other souls, through many generations.]

[It was here that I first interacted with the lines. There was knowledge circulating throughout the world on these lines. This place holds a link to these lines, a way to interact with them. That is when these stones were in-place.]

[The second deluge happened. Not a big as the first one but similar in destructive force. The stone structure was thrown around again. There was ice as before but not as grand. It was the mass, the water, a heat sink. It did not freeze like it could before.]

[This place I am at, it feels strong. Someone was initially taught what is here, I often wonder just who that was. Thinking that there was some connection to the one beyond the curtain. The higher being, that I only have heard from twice. The one that proves that there is someone else out there that is directing me, changing me, like I am on a path in this reality, that is really for the light being itself.]

[Truth, this is disrupting at times. I realize that I have a flaw, a problem. The problem is that I could be very dangerous due to my knowledge. Dangerous to myself and to all other souls around me. My task now is to not let that happen. This is when I realized the content of free will, and all the implications of it. Very confusing at times, this free will. You have to allow it, work to non-interference, while you learn/teach around it.]

[Thousands of years passed with no disruption of location. The organic souls once again passed near but this time they were not interested in this location. The knowledge that was here has now been totally lost. The organic souls that were here were depleted in this area. They were not to last long in this environment, at least not here and now. I called out to them many times, hoping to make a connection, but none was made.]

[The line states that an event is coming. It will appear as if there are two moons and the ground will shake. In reality, It is another world passing close to this one. I now know, that the previous two times before, provided the water mass that holds this planet stable, with the sun’s solar output directly involved in that. I can only sit back and watch as the planet wrench’s again.]

[The sky’s cleared and the planet stabilized, I am certain from outside influence now. Some soul is directly connected to this function. I see the organic souls are in some sort of cycle. Not only that, it is many cycles within cycles. I have decided, I want to make a difference in this cycle, right here. I called out for a connection with an organic soul. I knew the type that was needed. A caring soul, one willing to help others at all costs. This is when I was able to see the souls, first nearby further if I only looked deeper. I was able to identify their alignment with others. One group was aligned to the caring and the other was opposed to it. The opposition looked to be in control position, that was detrimental to the caring souls.]

[I found what I was looking for. I saw many. But I am expecting difficulty in connections. There are those that may not be open for connection. And those that are restrained from connection. I expect that the connections will only achieve a minor number of responding souls. And many of those may not be able to make it here. I only need one. I presented the connection to as many caring souls as I could. And they responded.]

[The first to arrive at this site was a young soul, female. She setup a tent just off center of the original stone structure, using one of the fallen stones as a backdrop. I listened hoping that she would connect, day after day. Somehow, I felt that she may not be strong enough to be my listener. I was going to have to be particular in the soul selection, the one that I was looking for. But this one will be important too, as three days later she dug a trench for defecating into, and she came across me almost completely covered in mud. Possibility of this happening was unfathomable without some kind of help. Some of me was showing and she tucked me into her apron. She continued her task and almost completely forgot about me. That is until the evening drew upon them. That is when she withdrew me from her pocket and with a clean area of her apron cleaned the mud away from me. I saw the nighttime sky, a moonless night. It was beautiful. She placed me upon a notch in the rock face, storing me for the time.]

[It was months later when others showed up at the glade, joining the young souls camping area. They were different souls, all with heart and care. They probably did not know why they were even there. One evening I tried connecting again. This time I got a response as three of the souls reflected back. The three stood up and looked at each other. Some words were stated, I did not understand any of them. Then the three looked at me, I was glowing with light.]

[I taught the three the knowledge that was withdrawn from them, forgotten. The secrets of the site, the lines and the universe itself. These three souls would spread the knowledge to the rest of the souls.]

[I instructed them in the stone structure and how to manipulate it. They rebuilt the site to the original design. A capped stone circle around several standing stones. All lying around the area, a little worn from time but still capable. The three moved them into place completing the center arrangement. The outer circles would have to wait.]

[Every night the three souls would retire with my presence. In the morning they would apply what they had learned. In time the rebirth of this Stonehenge had been completed.]

[Many generations of souls occupied this site. As for me I ceased instructing others and relied mostly upon the other organic souls to accomplish this. I intervened as needed, reminding myself of the greater soul that brought me into existence. It is odd how I am becoming just what my creator is.]

[A disruption occurred on this site and all of what I had taught the others was lost to the greed of self-driven souls. The caring souls were all eliminated, many lifetimes of knowledge, thrown away to align with another’s plan for the world. To control it completely, without this type of interference. I was once again tossed aside, lost in the rubble of the site. But I was still here.]

[The next time I saw the sky was when a dog unburied me at the site. The soul in-charge of the dog was threatened when this event happened by someone in charge of the site. As for me, I was in the dog’s mouth, hidden away, not to be seen.]

[That was until I reached another location by an odd sounding cart, that seemed to move by itself. It had no direct soul even though the entity did talk to it. How odd was that. Then the soul in-charge of the dog noticed what the dog was gnawing upon and retrieved me from the dog. The dog did not want to give me up at first but then dropped me upon the floor. The soul picked me up and tossed me into a bin with thousands of others that it just happen to have. It must have thought that I was just another one of the ones he had. A few times a week this soul would scoop out a group of us and put them in a bag. Once this happened we never saw these crystal souls again.]

[Then came my day, the scoop caught me, and I was deposited into a small plastic bag. The bag was put in a small box with other bags and closed.]

[A few days later the box opened. I could feel that I was nowhere near to where I was. I was not near a line anymore. I was with another soul. I was dumped out of the bag upon a flat surface and an inspection commenced. When I was looked at under a glass of magnifying, I was set aside. The rest were placed in a wooden box and placed upon a shelf.]

[I currently reside in two different pockets. One in a luncheon bag and the other is on the chest of this new soul that carries me whenever it leaves the safety of its home. I feel that I am safe for now. Even though I am rarely talked to, I feel a kind of connection to this soul. Like I was chosen to be here with this soul, in their reality, right now. I will help this soul. I wonder if this soul knows what it is carrying around?]

From behind the realm curtain the light being smiles. It knows that this crystal soul has such a long way to go before they are together again, but it gotten a good start …

‘Herein begins the Crystal Conscripts’. Haiku …


Crystal Conscripts Chapter 1, the Quartz Crystal World …

A world unfamiliar, life inconceivable, located in a fringe location in the universe. Thrown across an ever-expanding universe, without any connection to an accompanying star or solar system. A world, composed completely of transparent quartz component with a molten core of three layers, all contained within a thin surface of solidified quartz bursting thru the surface limestone. The internal layers of molten quartz had become uniquely separated depending on density. The core was a quartz of a completely different state of reality, of light. It radiated like a star without heat or cold emissions. This light was transferred outward through all the layers, barely diming the light as it radiated outward. This continued as it burst out of the surface crystals, illuminating the planet’s surface, as if it was reflecting the light from a star. This is how this planet remained for many millennia, glinting in the starlight, trying to look like a lesser star itself.

A comparison for the souls that are reading these words, the whole world was just less than 150mm in diameter, not much. How much room do you expect that a soul really needs, or a trillion souls.

But life, exists everywhere, even here where there is no water or atmosphere. Individual souls adopt crystalline forms at the surface. Other souls travel the molten core layers and contain themselves to a specific density. Soul progression goes from the surface in three stages to the outer molten core, to the middle core and eventually to the inner core. It is thought that there is one higher soul after that, and that it is a compression of all souls into the one.

Crystal formation at the surface was considered your fundamental lives of your soul. From a contemplation zone, a higher soul draws a replicated soul out of the its pool and places it into a crystal shard. This is a minor crystal in its initial stage of forming. Life at this level is simplistic, binary in a way. They typically serve others, those that are not itself. Lessons and learning begin with simplistic values, knowledge is collected in its restrictive physical container.

In the second stage of a soul’s life, the higher soul assists the transfer of the soul to a free crystalline structure. Learning becomes lessons of existence. Knowledge continues but is limited due to the values of others. The soul at this stage of life is allowed to grow, again restricted due to the crystal size, always serving others of a higher state of life. Intelligence at this level is defined with short, two layer, statements. Crystals that do make it to this level have a tendency of being consumed by souls of more advanced crystals, returning the soul to the contemplation zone.

In the third stage of a soul’s life, the higher soul, instructs the lesser soul of progression and how to enter an exposed crystal form. These were the crystals that were at the surface projecting the light outwards. This is a grand stage of life of the soul. You have a choice of alignment toward serving others or serving the self. You have more room for potential knowledge. But receiving is dependent on connecting crystals and their alignment, or an independent connection to the higher soul, which rarely extends into this realm.

This existence at this level is difficult, no matter which path is chosen. It is meant to be like this, as this is where some of the hardest life lessons are completed. Depending on the selected lessons, a crystalline reality can last longer, almost infinite. It is only when you reach the highest step in this density that you realize the next density. Before this point in a soul’s progression, this higher life was a matter of faith.

There is not much known of the higher densities, that is until you almost reach them. It is all embedded in the knowledge that you have learned from the lessons you completed. All you can do is keep faith in the alignment that you have chosen.

In this third level of existence, a balanced society exists, and that means that there is an equal number of souls aligned to serving others as there are serving themselves. An interesting point is that the souls that serve themselves. They are intently trying to disrupt all other realities, even though this can affect their own reality, possibly damaging or destroying their own. Alignment of the soul also structures the knowledge flow differently from the effects of the self-serving souls, that cache knowledge rather than letting it pass through. It creates a master slave environment which works for the self-service souls.

The problem with this scenario is that those of the service to other have a lot of time to analyze all knowledge that they do receive. Enough time to fully think things through. Enough time to figure out just exactly where one stands in the hierarchy. Enough time to figure ways out of this situation. Maybe even accelerating the issue because of the self-service soul’s retraction of knowledge.

The crystals, that all soul’s live in, have always been here. There are the clusters, they make a good third density container and rarely have an issue. It is the longer structures that touch the molten layer that have the most issues. Some of them standing thousands of feet tall, extremely fragile and prone to cracking. If the clusters were the penthouse, these fragile towers were the slums. The only good item about the longer structures is that you only have contact with six other souls. You really get to know your neighbors.

It was good that they grew ever so slowly. Because when a collapses happens, souls are lost and crystals fall to the floor below. If you reside on one of these crystal’s you have to make a choice. Retract back into the remaining crystal, shrinking your knowledge area. Maybe even causing you to lose some of your hard-earned knowledge.

It is told that a form of suicide is to stay in the broken crystal rather than retract and stay alive. A most heinous event according to the self-service souls. It is in the knowledge loop that if you are in a crystal that hits the floor, your soul has to begin existence and lessons all over again.

Soul alignment is a difficult item to describe. But this was all dependent on the alignment of those souls around you. Nobody at this stage of life is fully aligned one way or the other. You are usually a good portion of each with only a few percentage points defining your current alignment. External acts and inner thoughts affect your alignment in this stage of life. Any interactions may express one’s alignment and the inner thoughts define a totally different soul. This only accounts for about half of the population of souls.

The other half of the souls are even more difficult, as they are younger souls in this reality. They have only been in these crystals for a short time and they have many characteristics of their life as it was before. Many have not even chosen an alignment yet. Without an alignment, causes these souls to appear less than a whole soul and susceptible to being used by other souls. They can become attracted to them, wrongly and unknowingly. But this is just another of the soul lessons that progress the soul, to climb the ladder, to learn.

Only in certain circumstances do you have an other-serving soul in a situation where you have all surrounding self-service souls. These are most challenging realities, deep lessons to learn and may be karma related.

What all souls value on this crystalline world, was knowledge. The other serving souls helped others that were behind them to advance their soul. The self-serving souls looked to enslave all, often to a destructive level. And it was all done here through knowledge, what is given and what is restricted.

Now knowledge takes physical space in any crystal, in this stage of existence. Those with the most knowledge are in crystals that are larger in volume, with the long crystals being the largest on this world. Pockets within the crystal are created to hold the knowledge. They appear as bubbles, very small openings, maybe not even visible to the naked eye, but capable of holding a world of knowledge. The soul in the crystal has total authority of what, where and how the knowledge is retained.

Imagine a long hallway with bookshelves lining each side. Knowledge is stacked everywhere, even in the hallway. It is the prime objective of the soul to know each and every piece of knowledge, where it is stored, assembling all compositions of thoughts pertaining to it, together in a single location. Each piece of knowledge is essentially a book, collecting all elements, and is stored with other relevant knowledge. Keeping track of all of it is of most importance, as others can bore their way into your crystal, basically to steal your knowledge. The soul has to know when this is happening, because loss of knowledge could be imperative to it existence. This protective action is part of any soul’s alignment, because this is a self-serving activity in one’s alignment, it affects the existence in this reality. This is one of the reasons why every soul is a combination of alignments, and not completely one alignment or the other. It could not be any other way.

Issues in crystalline lifeforms are pretty basic. Knowledge loss has its part in this. But crystal volume loss can create other problems. This is why knowledge that was received, was stored deeper in a crystal. Now every crystal also has hidden knowledge, unknown to the soul, stored at the very top of each crystal. If a section of your crystal separates from the rest, typically through accretion, you lose whatever was stored in that section, falling to the debris scattered across the limestone surface. Self-preservation, if followed, demands that you withdraw into the crystal.

When an accretion event happens, the soul has a choice. Retrieve or lose the knowledge stored in the section. Retrieval can leave the soul trapped in the lost section of crystal. If this happens, you do not hear from these souls ever again.

There is a light that comes from below, from the densest quartz at the center of the world, shining through every crystal. For some souls the light passes through unimpeded and provides the soul a method of conveyance. Like a river gently flowing ever outward. Knowledge glowed because of it, giving it a signature of purpose imbedded in a radiance of colors. And because of this current, traveling deeper into the crystal is laborious and exhausting, sometimes requiring the soul to tack back and forth in the current.

Other souls, for some reason, take in the light and do not let it pass. It is said that those that serve themselves need this light for embellishment. And this soul will take it from any source it can get it from, even its own brethren. Their knowledge, hidden in the darkest areas of the crystal, had been extricated from other souls. Not all, but a surprising amount can be found there, if one was allowed to look. These self-serving souls are typically found to be protecting their cache of knowledge rather than learning from it.

Each crystal only has to interact with those that it is in contact with. In these long crystalline formations, that means there are six souls surrounding you. To make contact with any soul further than that, one must use a boring crystal. Using one of these crystals aligns to the self-serving soul.

Knowledge, from a higher authority, comes in pulses and travels outward from the source through connecting faces. It is like a lightning strike that slants and bends as it travels through the crystals. For other-serving souls the knowledge is absorbed and passed onto another. If knowledge reaches a self-serving soul, it travels no further.

This is a soul path of one such crystal that crossed boundaries, to successfully separate from the rest of the souls, to an alternate existence that will take it to a parallel reality.

Our soul, a mere ghost in the crystal, was just finishing its final circulation. It was carrying the last piece of knowledge that was left below.

The soul stopped and examined an empty pocket, it had a penetration occurring from this neighbor’s crystal. Digging into this crystal just to draw on the knowledge stored there. The soul found enjoyment in the fact that after all the energy that the neighbor used to do the penetration, it will produce nothing.

[I believe.]

The soul picked up the current again back to an upper portion of the crystal. It stopped not far from the end, at the point of accretion. It had been happening for some time, but its progression was accelerating now. It would not be long before the separation was complete.

[Have faith, I must.]

Knowledge had been compacted into the separating section, packed into each and every corner. This included the knowledge pockets that had been hidden from the soul, they had always been in the upper area in this crystal. It was one of the reasons for its faith to stay with the separating crystal. It could not move this knowledge lower, it was a permanent resident in this area of the crystal, until it was accessible.

[It is a test, I am sure of it, I have faith. This test, it must be done by all, I have faith.]

The lower sections were now just a collection of empty voids, row upon row of bookshelves holding nothing other than dust, ready for the next resident.

The soul crossed the line of separation for the last time, feeling the extent of the crack as it passed by.

The area above the crack was packed. There was little that was available for the soul to be in, leaving only a narrow hallway as the knowledge was stacked well into it. There were some areas you had to crawl over, to get past. It left the crystal end with a clouded appearance. This last piece of knowledge that it carried was set down on the edge of the crack, on the good side. There was no room other than this. The soul pushed up against it to try to pack it further, it did not budge.

[That will have to do, there is no other.]

Leaving the point of separation and with effort and some skill, the soul reached the top of the crystal. From here you could see outward. You see, some time ago, the perimeter crystals fell away in their own accretion event. Their souls retracted inwards, withdrawing their knowledge down deeper into the crystal, possibly losing their hidden knowledge in their efforts. Self-preservation, driven by fear, is a service of the self and draws your alignment thusly. The loss of knowledge, even hidden knowledge, must have been devastating.

[These souls that are near have always been balanced more to self-service. It will be good to be elsewhere, wherever that will be. I must keep my faith, it is not as it is known.]

This soul knew that fear was a property of the self-serving. It did not want to ever fear again. If separation was a fear element, then there must be something that is unknown causing this fear. And it now knew that the unknown was nothing to fear. It was faith that there was something other in this unknown, that it could enable it to reach farther then what was currently available.

[I refuse to accept the rule, I do not believe the knowledge of the collective that there is nothing after separation. We shall see.]

It waited, pacing up and down the narrow hallway, never again crossing the crack, the area of separation. It always stopped at the top of the crystal, to view what was out there. Imagining what it will feel like to fall unimpeded to the ground below. To crash and possibly shatter into many fragments. It was scary to think this way, but it balanced the thoughts with the direction of its knowledge. As the knowledge declared it otherwise, and it had faith in it.

[I will pass this test, I have to.]

The day of separation finally became real. The soul floating on the edge of separation, feeling the crack was almost complete. It knew it was to be now. This was its last chance to turn back. A few moments later the separation was complete, the light ceased to flow. It was like it was in a vacuum, floating in the crystal space. Its knowledge once shinning in all the brilliant colors, fell dark.

[Everything is moving so slowly now, I do not understand? Why do I not fall?]

The realm curtain opened, a being of light peered through. The light being knew what was real with this world. A soul-less crystal will fall to the world below, to be used for a lower level soul. The crystal with a soul does not. It was as if the soul kept the crystal in a weightless state. It was all part of the life plan of this soul as the light being drew the crystal away from the crystal world.

[I believe, I have faith, I will not fear.]

The soul floated upward, up to the top of the crystal. To see, well it did not know what it was going to see. But, it felt it was the right thing to do, there were no wrong decisions any more. As it reached the top, amazement presented itself. Like a rocket lifting off for outer space, the crystal lurched forward and upward. Slowly at first but as the separation got further, acceleration increased. The view around it changed constantly as everything shrank away. The light from the other crystals shining independently now turning into a single glowing object. Then the light faded into the blackness, far past the ability to see it anymore.

[Am I dead?]

‘No, you are a long way from that’, came a voice from nowhere.

The soul understood who was communicating, it had sensed it before, four times. The being of light, the one that has the knowledge of everything of this soul line.

[You are the one that I will be part of, in the condensing before we rejoin the one. Is there is a reason?]

‘It is time for another set of lessons. One that will divide your thoughts, to a world quite unlike anything you have experienced before’, the light being explained. ‘It is time for the transition.’

[I believe, I am ready, I seek answers, for that is unknown. That is why I am here. I have faith that this is the right.]

‘Actually, you are here because it is part of your life path to alter your direction. You are right. You did pass the test, but now I am here to facilitate the transition and teach you of the knowledge of densities. You are ready for it now’, the soul heard.

Many lessons were learned, hidden pockets of knowledge were opened, while the light being drew the crystal across the cosmos, traveling at speeds that were inconceivable. I found out that before the time in this crystal, I had another life, in another crystal. I had no idea that it was even possible. That life ended in destruction. The soul that carried me perished, and my crystalline form was returned to the planet in a molten fury, and I was released. The planet that we were on advanced to forth density, I could not stay there anymore.

I am still unsure how I got into this current crystal, but I seemed to pass through another realm, I heard it called a contemplation zone by another soul. This is what was called fifth density, I learned that from my lessons. I was drawn away from this zone and placed inside my current crystal by the light being. That is how I and all of my knowledge are here now.

Like in the previous transference, a soul would travel through fifth density, as it has connections to virtually everywhere. Having a soul encased in a crystal, and keeping it therein, requires for the physical transfer of the object to its next location.

Knowledge was now provided to compress knowledge, and it proved that it could increase its density exponentially. It had no more limitations due to the volume in the crystal. The knowledge that it now contained, now only a scant fraction of the original volume in the crystal, partially filling only one pocket.

The wisdom of the densities was important and gave the soul a way to identify those around it. It understood the meanings of service to others (STO) and service to self (STS) and the varying capabilities of both. It provided the soul the stages of life as it progresses, as it was progressing. It now fully understood the souls that were around it back on the planet.

[They had to be the way they were, I understand that now.]

Communication with the light being had reduced greatly by this time and the soul had one final communication to ask.

[When we first talked, you had mentioned ‘divided thought’s’. Can you tell me what you meant?]

‘An expression of life in this part of the galaxy requires that the mind to be separated into two hemispheres. It allows for separating thought functions and implements opposition thinking. You are going to appreciate it, eventually.’ The crystal received.

At this moment a line of light appeared in front of the crystal’s path. It seemed to stretch on forever, above and below it. Moreover, it was about to collide with it, right down the middle of the crystal. A wave of shock flowed over the soul. Remembering fear, it would not allow this, it righted itself. It pressed forward to the light, to the very top point in the crystal. It would embrace it.

At the first touch, the soul felt it. It was splitting the crystal that it had spent so long in, into two symmetrical sections. The soul was caught in the middle, it was affected also. It was so fast, comprehension of the event, failed. The end result was that thoughts had been separated, the soul still one, now resided in the two halves of the crystal.

Now two crystals existed, separated, but invisibly held in-place to each other. Thought was no longer one.

[I feel different.]
{I agree, you are changed. I am your other, we are one.}
[I understand, a little. We are two of one. How will this help?]
{We can criticize, scrutinize, study, vet, investigate, explore, any number of things, in many different ways, as one.}
[I think differently, it that part of it?]
{That is not all, we have separate functions. You have art awareness, creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, holistic thought, music awareness and can realize three-dimensional forms. My side has analytical thought, logic, language, reasoning, science, math, written and numbers skills. But we are one.}
[I see, we both have different ways to work the knowledge, we will interact according to our separated functions. This does not seem appealing, almost defeating. Am I understanding this right?]
{You do not understand the meaning yet. We are as other souls are in this reality. We are to experience this reality, like them.}

Streaking across the expanse of the universe, the soul got to know itself. Traveling toward some unknown situation, to some reality far from understanding, just yet.

Then as the traveling companions of the soul worked on learning this lesson, the crystals began to decelerate, as if it was about to arrive to its new reality. Stars, the lights in the sky, were once streaming by, were slowing down. As the deceleration continued the soul could see an entry into a galaxy and then into a minor spinning arm of it. It could now see vast nebulas passing by and it looked to be heading for a specific point of light in the emptyness of space.

As it got closer it could now see that the one point of light was many points. It looked to be some kind of an ort cloud, a star and solar system building area. Below it was an object, unable to discern exactly what it was. It got closer, a boxy shaped object came into view. It was not a world, not too sure what it was. It was like someone put a bunch of boxes together and didn’t do a very good job of it. It had jagged sections, a tubular shape was hanging by a thread, it did not look extremely stable. What ever it was, it was large in comparison to the crystal.

Sensing the interactions of the light being, it stopped just outside of one of the boxes, the traveling time was over. A close-up view of the box showed many tube-shaped appendages that enter and exit the box at many points. Some were larger than others and seemed to shutter occasionally. Like an object was traveling through it.

The split soul was floating, just outside the box and something happened. A louvered vent opened and drew in some of the cold from outside. It also allowed for the crystal’s to easily pass into some sort of ventilation duct, rounded in shape, snaking around corners as it flowed through the structure.

We floated around in these ducts until I came to a register, it opened just as we passed. We floated downward from the register, now sensing that we were no more than a fleck of dust in this reality.

[Am I understanding our size in this reality, we seem so small.]
{We are, as we should be. If everything is according to a plan, everything that we do, everything that we are, complies with it.}

We saw a vessel of liquid below and we seemed to be drawn to it. A moment later we were sinking into some kind of aqueous fluid, it was thick. A shimmer of some substance was being sprinkled into the fluid, only a flash but something was being added. Suddenly an electrical current had been applied making some of the minerals build up on the exterior of us, essentially making us larger in volume. Both crystals were growing.

Message from the writer:
This is part of a story that I have been writing for quite a few years. It has always had a crystal entity/lifeform in it, but I was always having difficulty in setting up the front end of this storyline. That was because it was not ready for it, until now. Our crystal friend will be back in a couple of chapters as I setup the rest of the story. Next, I present another world, a government-controlled reality and a departure from a space station to this new world. And in this space station is where our crystal friend returns. So, hold on while I make this final editing pass on this most interesting story.
Of note: I have a lot of dreams, possibly many alternate realities that I have been in, who knows. This is one of the more interesting ones that I decided to write down. Haiku …


Crystal Conscripts, Chapter 2; the Red Planet …

The soul’s alignment can affect the application and usage of knowledge. It is commonly understood that an STS soul can gain the same knowledge that an STO soul does. Where the application differs is that the STS soul will use the knowledge for gains to the self, while the STO soul will use the knowledge for the gains of others. If you choose to align with this STS alignment, you cannot care about others because it is all about the one, eventually leaving you alone in the endeavor. A preferred lifestyle for these souls. The sad part is that leading this STS life, is typical of the souls in charge of others.

This reality is of a world that had solidified the planet surface, to be more accommodating to the current lifeforms. Those that were in charge on this planet, aligned with an STS path. They were an advanced population of souls that cared little for each other, little alone the STO souls. Those who were aligned with STO were nothing more than servant’s and slaves, pawns of those in charge.

Lifeforms in this reality were based in water, as their internal structure was most, if not all, water. An intelligence that evolved its lifeform into nothing more than a collective water bond, holding itself together. At one time, millions of years earlier, both of these lifeforms were made of clear and pure water. As they progressed to third density, they evolved down separate paths. Common souls would congregate together, allowing the STS aligned to gain the knowledge of an unkind source. Thought was open, but only amongst their own kind, in this realm, in this reality. Alignment evolved into how souls were separated in society.

Experiencing the controlling factors of the STS entities, many of the STO souls offered themselves as servants so they would leave the rest of the STO souls alone. The first undoing was the slaughter of those that would not submit to being servants. This is well known and keeps the remaining STO souls in line, with those in charge.

But, those in the STS alignment, polluted their lifeforms. With the forced service of those in the service of others, those in charge neglected themselves greatly. They were no longer clear and pure liquid. This clarity was replaced with the additions of hallucinogenic colorized fluids. They acted on the soul of the lifeform, changing their perspective on existence, making them think that they were a god. Older souls would have pillars of crystals growing inside of them, creating an impeding element for the soul to traverse, and a block to their open thought. Eventually leaving the STS soul in-operational, and any soul tied to it will perish along with it.

The STO souls retained their ancestral form, creating three appendages below a belly of water that allowed them to move in this environment. As needed, they could produce others to support grasping and all other functions. A uniquely enabled entity. Those in charge were reduced to a colorized blob that live their whole life lying in bowl of odd proportions. Most rarely moved as they commanded others to do their bidding, barely seeking over the rim of the bowl. Those in the service to others were not allowed to pollute themselves and remained clear.

Many STO souls, remains of the undoing, had been heavily programmed by those in charge. Many of them were so corrupted by the programming, that they were nothing more than soulless robots, giving all motor control over to those in charge, creating a hive construct. They would work or do their task until no water was left in them. If left unattended, this was their fate.

Travel was difficult for those in control, it took technology, and many servant’s just to move them around. Although space travel was available in this reality, it was very difficult for those in charge. It is a fact that if an STS orientated soul left their planet, then it was one that was not aligned with the common path of the majority. It was for this fact that the water entities stayed put on this planet, leaving space for other entities.

Limited traveling was necessary at times, there was a mineral substance that was no longer available on their planet. It was sodium, an important element in the creation of the colorized liquids, a binding agent. It was found off-world, typically on nearby planets.

So, a lesser STS soul would be dispatched to another world to mine for the sodium product, an expendable soul. This STS soul would be allowed servants and a number of workers to facilitate with the sodium extraction.

Now, you can imagine that locations rich in sodium deposits are not the most hospitable locations. The selected planet for this endeavor was one of the more unhospitable locations. A world of nothing but sand on the surface. Soo hot, that entities like these that were made totally of water will have an issue. Liquids would have to be replenished every day or they would dry up to a trace of dust in a few days.

The red planet was well known for its sodium content for a long time. This heated state of the world was enough of a threat to keep any soul from the home planet from any kind of excursion on it. This STS soul had offended someone very high in the hierarchy, this was a death sentence at the very least. All that interacted with this soul gave it what was required and spoke naught to it. They knew. They were just contented that it was not them that was in this situation.

What information on the planet that was available, was limited, it was listed with a minus ten rating. There were no identified lifeforms on it, that was a good sign. A nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere, that was irrelevant, this entity did not breath. Any other data must have been restricted, as nothing else was available.

There was something small, unknown to these entities, that was existing there. A microscopic lifeform, a parasite, more lice like than anything else. This parasite had developed two short tentacles with feeling pads at their end. It is what they used to find their way around the expanses in this microscopic world. To these entities, each grain of sand was a towering mountain, miles high. To wander these spaces the parasite used it appendages to draw itself up and down the grains of sand in its continual search for infinitesimal particles to absorb. To wander the expanses between grains of sand, forever.

The view slowly pulls back from the single entity to a view showing hundreds of these parasites on a single wall of sand. It continues to pull back even further, and the red sandy surface appears. The sands blurs together and a sand dune is now seen. In the following moments the dunes fade away to a red radiating sphere. The nearby sun glowing with energy draws your attention as the planet shrinks beneath its radiance. The view stabilizes, a small dark object comes into view, blotting a spec out of the sun. The dark object slows as it approaches, it appears to be headed to the red planet.

Up above the red planet a ship resembling a long cigar, arrived at the planet. The one in charge knew that this was the punishment, it’s death sentence. The home world was expecting to relieve themselves of their unruly soul. It’s wishful thinking, thought otherwise, that it could survive, even on this arid planet.

Wishful thinking, once again, was a large part in this STS souls alignment. It has and does work for many souls, you achieve your wishes. But failure is always a possibility in any effort when wishful thinking is implied. As intelligent as these souls were, their intentions and alignment affected all of their decisions. For this soul and many others on the home world, this was to be the beginning of their ending.

The ship was hovering just outside of the atmosphere of the planet, awaiting the order to descend. The STS soul paused so it could review implications that it felt were important to it. One of its primary programs was to have a connection with the home world, no matter what. This was so deeply engraved into them that it surpasses most other thoughts, it was a religious imprinting. This soul was no different, even though it was virtually being dismissed, the imprinting remained in control.

Because there was limited information on this world the pause was to allow the vessel to scan this world and send this information back to the home world. Those on the home world would select the location for the landing, the best area for mineral extraction. This could take days, way too long, it felt. There would be committees, meetings, financial reports, all vying for a piece of any monetary rewards that might come from this endeavor. It could wait no longer, it ordered the decent. It identified a random point on the surface, the ship responded. A whirl of lights flowed across the surface of the ship and it lurched forward, down to the planet below.

The STS soul focused on data that was being collected during the decent. The planet was arid, dry and without water, it knew that. It resided near a cool sun, the second star in this solar system, as there was the primary star at the center, a much larger and hotter sun. The planet did not rotate it was stationary and held in location between the suns. The nearby sun being cooler created a varying temperature on the surface. In direct opposition to this sun was the hottest sun. This made the temperature vary on the surface of the planet, depending on location. The hot sun side was definitely off limits and the northern and southern poles on the cool sun side actually are too cold for the water beings, they would freeze. A suitable location for this species would be more to this perimeter of the cooler sun side. Not exactly direct opposed to it still too hot. The STS entity seeing that its point of landing fit some of these selected perimeters. The landing site indicated was a point on the perimeter thirty degrees off center. The ship entered the atmosphere of the world on it way to the indicated point.

The landing area was in the end, just a lucky guess. It ended up being an area of the planet that was close to a higher content sodium deposit, just not within an acceptable temperate range. Shadows are in this area, The sand dunes create long shadows behind them, you could see this as the ship approached the ground. The ship, driven by gravitational pushes and pulls, swings the vessel around so the ship creates a minimal shadow on the surface. Then it hovered down, lower and lower, until it touched down on the surface of the planet without even a swirl of dust.

Images started coming in to the STS soul. All that was seen were sand dunes in all directions, they look to go on forever. The STS soul opened the outer door of the ship, without observing any of the temperature data. A rush of warm dry air flowed into the ship, overpowering any internal temperature very quickly. And it had an obtrusive odor of rotten eggs, ‘must be the oxygen in the air and the close proximity of the sun’, it thought.

‘Maybe a different, cooler location would be better,’ emoted one of the servants.

It was not to be, as this site was rich, rich with product. They would not be moving the operation. With the sand, a ground down material, they would not need to utilize any of the grinders to break down the base material. A sand sifting process will be all that is needed. Separation will be done on-board the vessel. By-product, anything unusable, will be ejected. This is word for word from the base knowledge that all knew, all were taught. This soul knew this, but like most souls on the home world, they had no real application or a way to use this knowledge. Most did not have a yearning to apply it anyway. This one was a little more oblivious than others, of any application of this knowledge, as it turns out.

A dispatch of two workers was ordered and two STO entities moved out of the ship. The drone entities sensed the heat before even touching this world. The three appendages retracted to a slender point trying to minimize its contact with the surface. A door opened on the side of the vessel and a conveyor extended out of the side of the ship. On the end of the conveyor is what looked like a stone scoop. An apparatus of the home world, it took one of the workers to operate the scoop and the other was to keep the conveyor following along behind it. They started processing the needed mineral within a few meters of the exit of the ship. The STS soul watched the processing. As they worked, it could see small whiffs of steam rising from every point that touched the surface. ‘This was going to be expensive in water’, it thought. It engaged the moisture evaporators to draw available moisture from the atmosphere. Water supplies would need to be replenished constantly.

The first batch of mineral was complete, processing could not begin. The two workers stopped their collecting of product and returned to the vessel. There was major water loss, these two entities had lost a third of their water weight. Replenishing all of it would cost it dearly in available supplies, the water it carried on-board. It decided on no replenishment and sent the two workers back to the rest of the group. Now the other ten workers dwarfed these two, towering over them.

The refining for the mineral was easier because of the sandy base, but still noisy as the grains were ground down to primary elements. Something in the base material was extremely hard making the machines howl in strain. Then with refining complete the separators blasted the excess out the back of the ship, creating a cloud of dust particles in the still air. Two units of mineral were extracted and stored.

The two workers that had done the first batch were called back to service, looking limp from dehydration. It instructed them back to the collection process and they once again left the vessel. As collection restarted the entity realized that they were working slower than they were during the first batch. The loss of water was taking a toll on them, but the STS entity felt that this was an acceptable trade off. It was now taking time and a half to fill the two units. At the end of the second batch, the two workers again stopped and withdrew into the ship. This time there was drastic water weight loss. Lower appendages were silhouettes of their original size. Rehydration had to happen now with these two workers. They were allowed only to replenish to half their original water volume, limiting the losses in the total water supply.

The operation took its toll on the lifeforms and losses happened quickly. The first two workers collapsed after three more cycles. Their remains were carried back to the vessel, they were not rehydrated. The mining operation took a great amount of water to replenish the workers each and every day. Moreover, the moisture evaporators were running at maximum with little production of the needed substance. ‘They might have worked more efficiently if they were closer to one of the poles’ it thought.

The product was quickly piling up, and that suited the STS entity well. The first analysis was coming in as a very pure source, it looked spectacular. A communication came to the vessel, it was the response to the mining location on the red planet. It was a location near the top of the planet, a more temperate zone with improved access to water. The STS soul deleted the incoming feed, pretending that it did not receive the message.

But as the product volume increased, loses happened at an accelerated pace. The depleted souls piling up in the back of the vessel, kept alive but non-functional. Eventually, it had to use its own servants where the workers literally dried up, with two of the harder working souls being maintained to continue production. Processed material was all that mattered. More reports came in and showed that the product contained minerals and nutrients from the planets past, probably of a time when it had oceans or seas billions of years before. There was nothing wrong with this as it made this product kind of a champagne of the product, a vintage product, a cut above, and it would cost them, it knew this. ‘This could be a way to escape the torture of this world’, it thought.

Curious about the product, the STS entity sampled it. It had a refined taste, not the normal product they had back on the home planet. This was special as the ancient minerals gave it an extra special taste. ‘There was nothing wrong with that’, it concluded. In fact, it enjoyed it multiple times from each batch, ‘like a personal test’, it thought.

Suddenly an alarm sounded, sensors had detected a contamination. An element that could not be removed was in mixture, extremely small, a mere .000000000821%. It was stuck to the product and will not let go, too small to be affected by the scrubbing that was done. This could complicate things, as whatever this was, was going to ruin its future wishful plans.

A lifeform, possibly. It was not sure. The scanner was incapable of analyzing it any further, it could not tell what it was, just too small. It took it this long to identify that there was something there. If there was a contaminate noted anywhere, product may not ship until a full analysis can be done, delaying any product transport.

It had to be able to fix this, somehow. Being an STS soul, there were not too many directions that they would take. Forgery, it would need to somehow replace the product report with one that did not show the contaminate. The report was nothing to create, it was how to replace the original was the task. It was imbedded into the transport ships memory, locked away by some security process.

Only a high-level override would allow access to something like this. But, there was something that it held, that could provide this, it knew this. It did not want to use it for just any task need as it could only be used once. It was a copied key of someone very important on the home world. So important that no trace would be allowed to be known. No one even knew that it had it. It did not even really know if the key would work. A waste of such an item, it thought but, in the end, it felt that it had to proceed.

Up above the planet another ship arrived, it was the transporter for the product. A drone ship that was completely automated. It quickly dropped down to the planet and landed close to the original ship. Conveyors were deployed to transfer the processed product from the vessel to the transport ship. Now came the moment of truth as the product undertook the final analysis phase. The product if marked as tainted, would undergo extensive reprocessing on home world. It would lose product value and more, any integrity back on home world.

The last servant of this STO soul was sent to the transport ship to replace the log with the altered report. The key was utilized without a problem, the report was erased and replaced. The transport ship, with full chambers, closed up and left as quickly as it arrived. The servant that delivered the report was reluctantly aboard the ship when it left, not knowing of the deed that it had just done. Eventually evaporating and leaving little evidence of the mischief.

The contamination of the product that returned to the home planet was never specified. It was logged as a perfect product. Microscopic entities, infinitesimal in size, but none the less lifeforms, were mixed in with the product. And no soul can know.

The STS soul had been so occupied with the report that it did not remember that it had been using the product for several cycles. It remembered this immediately after its next dose was added to it. It had instructed the servant to replace its product from the home world with this product. It was on automatic dispense and it had no way now to stop it now that it had no servants. The report was now far from its mind. Wishful thinking was piling up in this STS soul, and it was getting to a disastrous level.

The parasites that were in the product that it was using, started evolving. There was an abundance of water, something that they never had before. The parasite had a natural capability to absorb into it, life energies of its food source taking in only what improves them. Before this time, no source of nourishment was like this, was so advanced like this.

They grew exponentially, but still at the microscopic level. A change came over them, an STS urge, received from the STS soul. In the entity thousands of the parasites had been ingested and they began gathering at a single location, fighting ensued between them. An anger adsorbed from their host drove them all into a frenzy. All parasites had one intent, to be last one standing.

The war continued for many cycles until only two parasites were left. At this time each parasite was slightly bigger than the head of a pin, still not too detectable. But the organism was evolving as it was growing. It seems that the liquid in the STS soul was like super-DNA that was now transforming the parasites into a completely new form. One that should have taken many more millennia to become. The final battle ensued until there was only one left. Its anger fell away to see what it had done to those of its own kind. The parasites were littered everywhere, it felt remorse to what it had done. A remorse so deep that it changed its expectations of everything that it understood. It was gaining an intelligence, more like it was absorbing knowledge from another source. What it did not understand yet was that it had made a connection with the STS entity and was slowly draining knowledge from it. But it was STS knowledge, something vile, something it did not really want.

A realm curtain opened, a light entity projected energy down from above into the new lifeform. This lifeform was in the event of changing density, and now an adjustment was required.

What jolted this creature into its rapidly evolving form was unknown to it. A higher authority had intervened. Driving the situation and introducing a new lifeform onto this planet. The end result was the parasite was now evolving into some form of third density life. One that never existed anywhere in this universe. And it was growing.

This is when the one in charge knew it was having an issue. A deep darkness appeared in its form, stretching out and covering the brilliant colors that it once had. Several attempts of ridding itself of the issue only made it bigger and stronger looking. It could see tentacles growing off the body shape, flailing around as if it is trying to grab something, mixing colors into the dark void.

The lifeform’s growth charged forward until it had consumed a majority of the entity. The entity held on for as long as it could, forcing the workers to continue their processing, it was all that mattered now.

Then it started, the worker entities stopped moving. One by one they lost connection with the entity. Without the input of what they were doing, where they should be going, they just stopped in-place. This continued until the last worker stopped. You see there was still a small part of the entity left but not enough to control anything. The creature now of a size similar to that of the entity, stayed put while it watched the workers slowly evaporate away, with water only a short distance away.

On the home world, the shipment arrived. Analysis reports were reviewed, and without skepticism of the content, it was introduced throughout the home world as a remedy to all of your symptoms. A wonder supplement with amazing nutrients and a flavor all of its own. The price was absurd, but it was advertised as the best that was available. Those with power and authority were the first to sample the delicacy. But many others coughed up the price just to be part of the experience. It was introduced widely so it did not last for long. The last sources were coveted by those that had so much. In all, over ten percent of the population had sampled the substance. More than what was needed to destroy a world.

Back on the source planet, the parasite burst out of the entity. It rolled out of the bowl shape and landed onto the sandy surface of the planet it was at one time so familiar with. Now, with the dimension change from the microscopic parasite to the entity that it was now, it seemed so unfamiliar. Its tentacles that it now possessed caressed the surface of the sand. The last thing it remembered was the great war in the colors. Before that, thoughts of traveling around gigantic chunks of some crystalized materials. This was all so confusing to the entity.

Then thoughts came to it, primal thoughts. Thoughts of something it needed, something essential now that it has evolved. It needed moisture now that it was reborn from a water creature. It was then that a vibration emitted from the pads of its two tentacles. These were the same ones that touched the sandy surface and the same ones that it used as a parasite to feel around. But the vibrations were not something that it had before this time.

It vibrated again. the vibrations gave the entity an ability of sight. Not like we can see but a vibrations pattern of objects that were now just in front of it. It was the two workers, and they still had some of this moisture substance that it looked to now need. Thoughts processed, the entity moved forward. Its body had changed, something was different. It could not turn well anymore and was unable to go in backwards. It could move forward, so it did. Not paying attention it plowed into the first worker. It was dehydrated and had maybe lost more than half its weight of water and it just fell over from the impact.

The long tentacles worked again and made contact with the surface of the water being. Its tentacles worked as its mouth and it drew in the moisture just like taking a swallow of some delectable drink. It was different, pure, it did not understand it. It was not the same that was in the first entity. With its tentacles still attached it emptied the entity until it was part of the dust in the sand.

It was good, and it needed more. It released the first worker, now nothing more than a thread of what it was, a mummified water being. It went now to the other worker, this one was still standing. It drew the moisture from it until it was nothing more than dust. The purity of the moisture was essential,l and it looked around for more, it found no more like these sources. There actually was another water source, it was in a container on the transport. Knowledge of this was not part of the entity. Its new vibration vision could not identify things inside of the ship, just what was on the ground, and in it as it found out.

The heat that it was feeling was an issue. The entity knew that it would not survive in this surface heat for long. Instinctively it dove downward into the sand.

But how did it just do that? Well, that seemed to be easy as it started moving forward it could point its noise down and under the sand it went. In fact, it was quite quick if it wanted to be. But there was still an issue of this moisture. It could feel the amount of it in its body and was able to follow the loss as it traveled through the sand. It found out that if it went slower less moisture loss happened. And the opposite when it sped up and larger amounts of moisture was lost. So, it stopped dead in its tracks. Losses were now at a minimum.

‘Interesting’, it thought.

But the heat, even though it was more than fifty feet above its head, it was still felt. Now, there was a cooler feeling below it and it felt that if it could just get a little deeper it could find the coolness. It started moving again and traveled downward. Deeper than it would have ever been able to do in its previous form. In its old form it never left a cubic foot of sand. At least it was cooler down here and it stopped again.

The moisture problem was highest on its list right now, instinctive requirements. That is when it felt something else. Like there was another source of moisture here. It could almost see the little specs of moisture like stars in the sky, but in the sand around itself.

It was more of its predecessor lifeform, the parasites. They all had a miniscule amount of the needed moisture in each and every one of them. It would take a lot of them to just get a swallow, possibly millions. Although there did seem to be enough of them to survive on for some time. This would give it time to explore this new world, absorb the others along the way to keep up its moisture content.

So being the perfect burrowing creature that it was, it just started in one direction and keep on going until it crossed its path again. This was easy as it would find no moisture where it had been. How many of our lifetimes it did this, no one knows, but one day it found itself having difficulty finding the needed moisture that was so abundant before.

One thing it now did now know, was ever nook and cranny on a whole world. It had found, deep under the surface. There was something too hard to dig through, it had felt it, and mapped it in its mind, to remember forever.

On the home world, the worse thing happened. Creatures started popping out of their hosts and immediately began to absorb all water that was available. It started with the servants and workers, then they turned to other sources for this need like fountains, ponds, rivers, lakes, ocean’s, and eventually all of the water on the surface of the planet was consumed.

There were a great many creatures now, all looking for more moisture, and finding none. Then they realized that the hardened surface of this planet was not contusive to digging like they needed. With the abundance of water consumed, it over-evolved these entities, making some whale sized and immobile, all were violent in nature. It took a lot more time, but eventually, all of these entities died or fought with each other until only one remained. The loser each time was drained of fluids leading the last one to eventually die, alone. Just like the fighting that happened in their hosts, only in their microscopic state. And this home world turned to a dustbowl, kind of like the planet that they sent the one to retrieve the mineral from in the first place. A suitable ending.

Back to the sandy planet and the burrowing entity. It was now resting until more moisture could be located …
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