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I just found this funny FB page about Putin doing stuff. It's in Spanish, and some captions are senseless unless you're from Argentina, but there are a few that are worth translating:

Putin teaching dolphins how to swim

Putin working as Steven Seagal's bodyguard.

Putin checking the amount of fish in the Russian lakes.

Putin hiding Merkel under a blanket.

Putin forcing the Pope to find the source of a bad smell in Vatican.

Putin recovering 30% of his assets of oil and gas.

The page: https://www.facebook.com/putinhaciendocosas


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I like it. We need more "Putin Doing Stuff" pics with captions!


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My personal favorite is the Obama photo. :lol:
Maybe we could launch an english version of the page with permission of the admins whoever they are?


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I think the picture and underlying messages are really great and funny :lol:.


The dolphins appear to know exactly, which president is worthy of Love.


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I found a few and added some captions :).

Easy rider!

Formula One - head to China!

I'll be James Bond!

Take that Obama!

Using your opponents weight to throw him off balance!

Gonna catch me a big un!

Well at least your handshake is far stronger than any EU politician!

What? This used to be a Bald eagle - America's national bird?

I told you I'd catch something big! No it's not called Wanda! It's called Nato!

True Grit!!!

I walk the line!

Iron Man!


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forge said:
The dolphins appear to know exactly, which president is worthy of Love.
Yeah, and I suspect the dolphins would try to hold Obama underwater. That would be some picture!
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