Q anon is the being declared the Enemy of New Age Sewage Groups!


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I have gathered a few rants and essays from the "New Age In Crowd" over the last few days.

It seems that The "Yoga Karens" are now being turned on each other, and lines are being drawn, camps declared, and its on!

First is a recent rant from someone I personally have met, she is married to a man I have know for 40 years.

He is now a "New Age Emasculated" lap dog, and I just kinda watch the show from the side lines.

His transformation from Military, Father of sons, and Oil Field Worker to a feminized, candle sniffing goof has been amazing, horrifying, yet fascinating at the same time.
His wife( his 3rd) is one of the esteemed New Age Sewage "Spiritual/Soul Coaches" that are in vogue right now.
They(the New Age Community of "Lightworkers") are all so angry at Dr Christiane Northrup, and that is what these posts are focusing on.
An excerpt from a recent article:

"In recent months, the popular women’s holistic health and wellness influencer Dr. Christiane Northrup has taken to tagging her video dispatches with the QAnon phrase “the Great Awakening.” In one of her recent videos, Northrup stares into the camera from what looks like her living room, her pale blonde hair in a sleek bob and her lips coated a bright red. “Everything is within us. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it doesn’t matter if you look at somebody who follows QAnon, it doesn’t matter,” she tells her viewers, before referencing the noted conspiracy theorist David Icke. “The takeover of who we are as humanity started thousands of years ago.” She encourages her followers, “Keep doing this beautiful job of alchemizing.”

Christine Northrup may be a crank, but she’s far from fringe. Northrup’s “empowering” 1994 book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom reached the New York Times bestseller list, and she was for years one of Oprah’s favored experts. An ob/gyn and noted anti-vaxxer, she has almost 750,000 followers on her various social media accounts. In May, Northrup played a role in spreading Plandemic when she shared a link to the video with her hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, writing, “It’s all here.”

So here is the first Karen rant, the one I know, regarding Dr Northrup:

"Interesting...I wonder why or what made her go in that direction.
What was the catalyst.
I've seen a LOT of people that I know in the states who were very much left leaning liberals their entire lives, switch their views to the other way within the past year or 2.

it's known as "Pastel Q".... ie give the wellness /spirituality folks a thin edge of the wedge on a motherhood type issue like vaccines, or the hashtag save the children about child trafficking, or for some it was 5G etc, and then expose them to all the gory details of q conspiracies bit by bit... before you know it, you want to shoot Hilary for being an adrenochrome/blood drinking pedophile (along with Obama) oh, and Michelle Obama is really a MAN, and Gates wants to microchip everyone by vaccinating them (that's why he started the pandemic of course!! Don't get me started on Mikki Willis' Plandemic) so he could simultaneously rake in more billions (as if he's the only person who makes vaccines..there are umpteen companies and universities doing research.. )

AND depopulate the world through vaccination programs WHILE tracking them all with the microchips. (Why do you want to track people if yer gonna obliterate them all..and then where will all those billions come from once you're depopulated?)

"MSM - Mainstream media" is now one homogenous body that is totally untrustworthy (oh so our local paper and Halifax and National Observer etc etc... the Guardian)....and run by greedy corporatists and the elite lizard people etc and cannot be trusted ..but for some reason discredited chiropractors, holistic healers and doctors who run for-profit US clinics and sell supplements are to be trusted on their You Tube channels)
And so much more.
PS don't wear red shoes, it's apparently a sign you are one of the "pedos".

Why journalists who have worked their asses off and had respectable, ethical careers, and academics who work in university labs and health officials, nurses, and political administrators and buddy down the street who got elected last year who was formerly a teacher or whatever, all our neighbours and friends are now suddenly ALL suspect as being part of an evil elite plot and on a payroll of world dominators spreading a covid hoax or lying about Trump is beyond me.
Not to mention the poll workers who are buddy next doors....But that's what many Trumpers are saying.

And that T is a "lightworker" for some.
People have lost their minds, it sucks you in like a cult, you start to be in an echo chamber where you only see this stuff, you feel groupthink, and get shamed by other commenters if you don't think that way, and convinced that the only reason you can't see the evidence is because the powers that be are so good at hiding it etc... It is online radicalization.
And it is a real danger to society as we are seeing.

A friend of mine locally told me that her otherwise smart, atheist, well-to-do sibling got converted within three months this spring after covid started, into a q adherent who suddenly sold her valuable house, became a raging evangelical and it sounds like she's bought pretty much all these theories (that's where I heard the Michelle O is a man one.!!) It sounds like she's waiting for the rapture where Trump helps everyone "ascend".
This is a real person, formerly sensible, radicalized online within a couple months.
It's Crazyville. And it makes me angry and afraid that people are losing touch.

For further insight check out the Conspirituality Podcast, also Lissa Rankin who has come on board about this, and Seane Corne for a couple in the wellness sphere who are trying to counter-act this scary trend. Stay safe, stay sane.

***A well meaning and fence sitting "Karen" who kinda likes Q, responds:

one of the guys that started conspirituality, is a long time friend of mine here on Facebook. I was introduced to him via old boss here on SSI...and I've been following Seane Corne and her work for decades.
I have lots of respect for them both and have passed on a lot of Seane's instagram posts to friends here on the island.

Yes...The Q "cult" is a rabbit hole with plenty of crazy theories, I agree with you.
I've seen and experienced enough first hand about cults to understand how easily one can be lulled into one without even realizing it.
So that's one thing.

And then there are the people that ask questions.
Those that don't want to take it all at face value, which isn't the same as a cult member...they don't ask questions because they are part of a hive mind.

The whole reason that I initially piped up here wasn't to single anybody out (let me make that really clear from the start) or say "this is happening here" nor go down the Q hole, but to voice the observation that people seem eager to call out and ostracize others in a public forum which then causes that subject to be "attacked" and "cancelled" (I lost all respect for her, I won't be following her anymore, how disappointing, definitely off my list, she's crazy...etc.)

I've seen this around "famous" figures and local people and I've seen it take on a life of its own where people become like a pack of wild dogs moving in to rip that person apart.
And for what?
For supporting someone politically that we wouldn't dream of?
She's entitled to do that. That's the whole point of democracy.

But it goes deeper than this.

What I've noticed is that those of us that would consider ourselves as "liberals" are the ones that are eager to shame others more easily (we see this when someone accuses someone of being a potential "murderer" if they don't have a mask on...though they may have reasons why they aren't or can't), or shaming or laughing (same thing, really) at someone if they have questions or concerns or fears about 5G or about vaccines...without asking THEM how they feel and what's going on for them.

And why do we need to be so public about it all?
Why do we need to call each other out in a public forum?
Why do we need to tag other people to draw them in to participate?

And why do we "like" or "love" or "laugh" at each others comments when they could be hurtful or shaming another?
Hey.. I'm guilty of it!
I am not going to feign innocence here! I will fully own that. I've done it.
We all have. And you know what...? I think we can do better.

One DT's greatest "achievements", if you want to call it that, was dividing the nation.

Well.. he divided far more than that. We see it here in Canada and he's not even our leader, for god's sakes!

Yet we've all been complaining about him and now many are fighting over him.
And when I see people calling others out online....more division.

We are basically doing the same shit that we hated him for doing. We have taken on the same "fake news" narrative that he started. I am even going to go out on a limb here and say that the division was probably there all along, but the light and dark are so pronounced right now, the polarization so extreme, that we can't hide from it any longer.

Welcome to the Kali Yuga.

Yet if we were honest with each other...I would say that we all want the same thing. Unity. Love. Respect. Friendship. Understanding. Most of all, acceptance and belonging.

During this whole covid thing, a LOT of people have had to ride this out alone.
Some were lucky and didn't.
But I can see how many of those that were alone could have gotten caught up in the wave of Q or questioning the narrative...finding others online also asking the same questions and feeling lost...and then feeling like they had a sense of community inside of a dark and lonely time...not knowing what was going to happen or when or if it was ending.

And being in that darkness or place of seeking is when a person is most ripe to slip into a cult-like arena.

A lot of people lost their lives during these past 9 months. Suicides have skyrocketed.
Over 1000 people died of drug overdoses in the first half of 2020 in BC alone.
Many people have been in despair and that was their only way out.

And I'm concerned that this will continue if we don't find a way to come together and support each other, regardless of our opposing views. I'm sure there are people out there that are -flicking-g terrified to say how they REALLY feel in a public forum like facebook because they are scared they will get defriended or shunned.

We are all individuals and we all bring with us a whole world of possibilities within us and an entirely unique perspective, if we are not afraid to voice it. And this is a good thing!
We are possibly about to head into another lockdown...much of the world already is.
This is a lifeline to so many. Social media is all they have.
I would love to see it be a place of support and a place to lift each other up instead of knocking each other down. I would love to see a safe space where people can have real conversation, not just a place to only show our "successful, good side", advertise our business or post photoshopped selfies in tropical locations.'

Next, is who, and where it started, in my opinion.

Lissa Rankin has a dog in the fight I think:

Why I Went “Bliss Hunting” & How I Outgrew Spiritual Bypassing When Life Got Hard -

Lissa Rankin​

NY Times bestselling author, physician, spiritual seeker, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute

When I first left the hospital after twenty years studying and practicing medicine, I was traumatized, depressed, and lost. What a blessing it was that I landed at Esalen Institute as I was off-ramping from my life as a doctor. Esalen was like a hospital for my broken heart, and that’s where I first got introduced to New Age spirituality. Although I lived in California much of my life, I was not raised in the world of the New Age.

My father was a doctor so his religion was science, and my mother was a devout Christian. Between the two of them, anything New Age was “woo woo” charlatanism to my scientist father and “the work of the devil” to my fundamentalist mother. Medical school only clinched it for me that the New Age was full of nonsense and not to be trusted.

But after leaving the hospital, my broken heart opened my mind, and I found myself exploring the kinds of ideas Esalen peddled like pills for broken hearts with the gusto of someone newly converted. I don’t know how I would have handled those years if I hadn’t had this medicine.

It sustained me when I was lost, and I’ll be forever grateful to Esalen, the New Age, and my spiritual bypassing phase for helping calm down my suicidal impulses that flared up around the time when I left my job as a doctor.

Like a kid in a candy shop, I jumped from one meditation retreat to the next conscious dance to the next Native American ceremony to the next Tantra workshop to the next energy healing. I experimented with New Age beliefs like the “law of attraction,” tried on magical thinking like a cute pair of sandals, became a spiritual tourist in hot spots like Pisac and Machu Picchu in Peru, Byron Bay, Australia, and Ubud, Bali, bent spoons, psychically played with animals, and matched up with a “twin flame,” fusing into ecstatic boundaryless Oneness together (while also triggering the crap out of each other in the name of spiritual growth.) I became a regular “bliss-hunter,” cavorting around with other bliss hunters and feeling pretty smug and superior about how enlightened I was becoming, while we thought of ourselves as “witches” and “wizards” and judged the “unspiritual” as Muggles to our Hogwarts. We were horribly lacking in empathy- but part of the bypass is that we failed to even notice we were hurting people. We couldn’t be with someone else’s trauma because we couldn’t be with our own.

Then all hell broke loose in my life as I experienced thirteen back to back traumas that culminated in the death of my beloved mother. I’d experienced a Perfect Storm before, back when my daughter was born by C-section, then within two weeks, my father died, my brother wound up with full blown liver failure as a side effect from the Zithromax he was taking for a sinus infection, my dog died, and then I had to go back to working as a doctor four weeks after my C-section and two days after my father’s funeral. It’s part of what ultimately thrust me out of the hospital and onto the spiritual path.

Since that first Perfect Storm that led to my escape from medicine, I had been dabbling in the New Age on and off for many years. But when five people I loved died within six weeks in September 2015- and thirteen back to back traumas followed in the next two years, I realized that the New Age spirituality I’d been dabbling with wasn’t robust enough to help me survive this much agony.

The next two years of back to back trauma culminated in the loss of my mother in October 2017, which was almost more than I could bear. None of my New Age spirituality held up to the deluge of pain that threatened to drown me, but fortunately, I had been introduced to Internal Family Systems (IFS) two years earlier by my cousin Rebecca Bass Ching, a marriage and family therapist who specializes in trauma. “It’s a total game changer,” she had told me. And she was right.

The only thing that helped me through those two years was my IFS practice.

IFS hoisted me into a whole new phase of my development, which, starting after my mother died, led me to begin weekly trauma therapy for the childhood developmental traumas I didn’t even realize were in my body, my nervous system, and my psyche. Until that point, I hadn’t realized that I was using my spirituality as a way to bypass my trauma. I was so devoted and enmeshed with my mother that it took my mother leaving this planet for me to do the hard core trauma healing and shadow work (around my mother wounds) that I wasn’t brave enough to do when she was still around.

I had already been introduced to the idea of “spiritual bypassing” before my mother died, but it wasn’t until that time that I realized how hollow this kind of spirituality really was. What do I mean by spiritual bypassing? First coined by psychologist and spiritual teacher John Welwood, Ph.D., spiritual bypassing is a common phenomenon, not only in the New Age but in many spiritual circles, including those rooted in Eastern philosophy and religions.

The book Spiritual Bypassing defines it as “the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs… It is a spiritualized strategy not only for avoiding pain but also for legitimizing such avoidance, in ways ranging from the blatantly obvious to the extremely subtle.”

I knew cognitively that spiritual bypassing wasn’t a mature kind of spirituality. I knew I yearned for something deeper than the cotton candy of bliss hunting. But I wasn’t quite ready for what would come next until all that trauma practically forced me into a trauma-informed, embodied, socially aware spirituality that I’m still evolving into.

I’m grateful for the timing of how this all evolved, because it meant that I had already altogether outgrown my child-like New Age experimentation by the time 2020 rolled around. Then when the pandemic hit, I watched with shock and horror as New Age teachers, wellness influencers, Hay House authors, alternative health care providers, spiritual life coaches, and yoga instructors rolled onto the conspiratorial bandwagon, defied public health guidelines, joined the QAnon cult, and suddenly decided Trump was a lightworker. (WTF?)

In polarizing times like this, spiritual bypassing shows up as “conflict avoidance in holy drag,” making it nearly impossible for those who practice spiritual bypassing to take a firm stand for public health or against racism, causing many to escape into delusions of a Great Awakening utopia right around the corner- because the dystopian reality of a global pandemic, a divided United States, systemic racism, climate crisis, increasingly scary and deadly natural disasters, and the existential threat of species extinction bring up lots of intense and legitimate emotions- like fear, terror, rage, grief, helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness.

My own experience helped me understand and even have compassion for those who were vulnerable to cultic influences like QAnon. (There but by the grace of God- and some trauma therapists- go I.) In order to be vulnerable to a cult, you need to have a heavy burden of undigested, unhealed trauma. Because it is not typically trauma-informed, New Age spirituality is a set up for this kind of vulnerability. So while I was surprised how many allegedly progressive spiritual folks went down the “red-pilled” rabbit hole, I should have seen it coming.

Like anyone who has ever lost a loved one to a cult knows, when people join cults, you can’t help them. People join cults because their traumas make them vulnerable, and unless they’re actively seeking help for their traumas, any attempt to save them will only backfire.

You have to let people go when they burn bridges, turn on you, behave abusively because they can’t convert you to their cultic belief system, and give you no choice but to distance yourself, praying the whole time that one day, they wake up to the delusional world view of the cultic leaders. Only then, when they realize they’ve been conned, is there any hope of reintegrating them into consensus reality- and back into your life.

I am not the only one who lost friends and loved ones to the cult of Trump and the spiritual bypassing, Covid denialism, climate crisis denialism, and systemic racism denialism of the “Trump is a lightworker” New Age crowd.

No amount of critical thinking, challenging people with science or facts from medical journals, or sharing news from reputable media sources like the New York Times, PBS, or NPR changes the opinions of people whose traumas cause them to join cults.

We must grieve the ones we’ve lost and tend to our own devastated parts inside our own hearts. We cannot change or control the ones we’ve lost down the rabbit hole.

But what we CAN do is educate ourselves about why New Age spirituality and any spirituality based on spiritual bypassing isn’t robust enough for the back to back traumas of times like these.

What we can do is that I’ll be doing my best to help you understand what I had to learn for myself over the past five years of my own spiritual development. I’m still learning and growing, but I have a trauma-informed birds eye view now on New Age spirituality and how it makes people vulnerable. I understand why I got seduced into the beliefs and practices of spiritual bypassing.

I have some nostalgia for my “bliss hunting” days, but I’m grateful I had good support as I outgrew that phase of spiritual development. (Special thanks to trauma therapists Asha Clinton, PhD, the founder of Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) and Richard Schwartz, PhD, founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS). As such, I have a tender place in my heart for others who are now outgrowing that phase as well.

To begin to offer help, Internal Family Systems (IFS) founder and family therapist Richard Schwartz, PhD and I are offering a free group healing using IFS to treat those with spiritual bypassing tendencies. If you think this might be you- or if you have loved ones who might be open to a richer, deeper spirituality, you are so very welcome to join us. We promise you won’t be shamed or demonized in any way if you’ve been vulnerable to bliss hunting yourself. If you were never vulnerable to those tendencies in the first place but someone you know has been, our free group healing might help you understand loved ones who have been spiritual bypassing and might need support in times like these.

I’ll be sharing more with you about spiritual bypassing, what it is, how to recognize it, why it's not congruent with social justice and anti-racism, and what lies beyond it over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Until then, take good care of your tender heart in trying times.

Why "Spiritual White People" Must Take A Firm Stand Against Hate- And How Silence Is Taking A Stand For Oppression

I'm heartened to hear that A Course In Miracles teacher and former Presidential candidate
Marianne Williamson took a firm stand yesterday against QAnon.

I'm hoping other "spiritual white people" take the risk to their pocketbooks and popularity by doing the same. Yes, it means you'll upset the apple cart.

Yes, you'll put yourself at risk of being abused (and unfollowed) by your followers.
Yes, people will tell you that you're being divisive or self-righteous or judgmental.
They'll shame you for being too "political" and tell you to "stay in your lane."
They'll demand that a spiritual person must stand for unity and Oneness and non-duality and they'll judge you for taking a side and "othering" people on the other side.
They'll hate you for taking a stand against hate, and they'll try their best to threaten you into silence.

But if you're a leader and you're staying silent, your silence is taking a stand for the oppressor. If you're not actively standing against hate, you're perpetrating it.

People in positions of spiritual leadership must unite in our willingness to stand for our spiritual values, which must include human rights for ALL.
I think we need to encourage our spiritual leaders to take a firm stand, so if you're a leader or you're in a community with a spiritual leader, ask yourself or ask them- which side of QAnon and the human rights issues Trump stands against are you on?

Although I find A Course in Miracles to promote spiritual bypassing (and have written about why some BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) consider it racist), I feel so relieved to not be the only leader in the spiritual community speaking out and taking a stand- so thank you, Marianne Williamson.

Marianne wrote:
It’s very disheartening to see how many people with phrases like “spiritual coaching” after their name and lots of hearts and flowers all over their posts seem now to be completely taken in by the right wing authoritarian Trump/Q phenomenon. I don’t know how it happened, but it’s supremely ironic that so many who never even bothered to take a deep look at anything political before have now been sucked into the darkest of dark holes and claim to have figured it all out at last.
Most of them can’t tell you, of course, one serious political issue that draws them there.

Sex trafficking and child abuse have been serious topics for a long time, long before the Q crowd had their so-called awakening, and it’s never been associated with either the political Left or Right - nor should it be. It’s a horrible problem and it’s worth noting that Q and Q followers have done absolutely nothing to save one child. If anything, anyone who truly cares about child abuse should care about Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents at the border and the fact that almost 600 children have never been reunited with their families..

For that constitutes an act of collective child abuse, and it’s been official policy of the US government under this president. Don’t even think about saying “Obama too!” because it’s simply not true. Never was separating parents from children an official government policy under Obama. It was undertaken by this administration to deter immigration from south of the border. Period.

Of course my saying these things just proves to the aforementioned crowd of my fellow citizens that I’m one of the “Deep State,” another dangerous concept that does nothing but distract from the real and very serious political issues that confront us a country and as a global population.

For those of you who wish to now pour onto this page about how horrible I am, don’t bother because I’ll simply delete your post. You have plenty of places where you can spew your “research” but I don’t want it here. Your views are part of a rising tide of global authoritarianism that’s growing more increasingly dangerous every day. It’s the problem; it’s not a solution. I hope you make it through to the other side.
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