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Re:911: The Ultimate Truth by Laura knight Jadczyk

As I looked though, I remembered which had something about bombs inside WTC. He has also compiled a four hour video which has been on sale since 2002.

And regarding the Pentagon Strike is this:
"The first Official reports of the Pentagon Attack was that something "Unidentified" had struck Pentagon
at circa 9:30 (Washington Local time).
As a matter of fact this Official theory of an "Unidentified Plane" crashing at circa 9:30 was presented
by most of the big Newspapers here in Denmark (Europe) on September 12, 2001.
Some other papers said circa 9:45 , but in general most Newspapers said 9.30
Later on Sept 13 - the FBI changed all this. Also the route of "Flight 77" was changed.
On Sept.12 all the Danish Newspapers reported that "Flight 77" flew from Washington "Dulles" to New York and crashed into TOWER 2 (the 2WTC "Southtower") at circa 9:03 (New York local time)
But the next day all this had suddenly changed. WHY ???
On Sept.13-14 the FBI explained that "Flight 77" did not fly to New York, but had hit the Pentagon instead. Then they also changed the time from 9:30 to 9:43 (or 9:45).

Obviously the factual and correct "Pentagon time" 9:30 - is very important !

Several Eyewitnesses confirmed that they saw "Smoke from Pentagon" at circa 9:30.
And if there is smoke,..............there is also,........ (Fire) !?
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