Real Direct 4D STO Contact?


The C's say they are at 6D level and their communications seem to bear this out, as well as their elevated intentions and advice. There is no mention of disagreements among themselves, nor would I think there would be if they are at the level of practically all seeing/all knowing.

If staying within the C statemens: They are one soul groups of many. They might not have "disagreements among themselves" (proof? Maybe they dont tell you) but they could have disagreements with our soul groups.

All pure speculation.....


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If staying within the C statemens: They are one soul groups of many. They might not have "disagreements among themselves" (proof? Maybe they dontT tell you) but they could have disagreements with our soul groups.

All pure speculation.....
Tycho I would tend to lean towards the fact that what may appear as a 'disagreement' with us in the future, or our soul groups per se, could be misconstrued as a disagreement from our inferior knowledge p.o.v. Perhaps they are purely pointing out things from a higher perspective to help increase our learning/frequency level?

To reach 6th density level I would assume they would all be reading from the same page in everything they do and think? From an STO grounding. Just my thoughts :-)


I'm through page 4 of the thread.

It is good to be sceptical (and I am too, which is why I am asking), but isn't it the same with the C's message? It is also a benevolent group from a higher density helping us evolve to a higher state. It is only by looking at it more deeply that we can see whether it is helpful or not.
They (C's) seem to be willing to give to those who ask. Benevolence? I like the characterization of, "not nice, but smart" more.
That is not really what they are saying though. The supposedly "official" stance of the Federation is no direct contact with humanity, but they disagree with that (to some degree) and with other approaches of the Federation in Earth affairs.
Not only is it direct contact, it sounds to me (although I haven't read it) that they're dispatching "diktats" : or telling us what's what, because they know better based on their 4D level, as established by their claim to be on 4D level...
They are also saying that there are no "negative forces" within the Federation,

Oh, they're outside the bounds of the law of three. Or they're trying to convince us they just play patty cake and only make nice, so we can trust them.
You said you ventured a guess, but now you seem quite sure that it is ultraterrestrial misinformation. It could be, or it could be real. The fact that these are not channeled conversations makes this contact certainly quite unique. The usual flavor of the fake contacts (which @PopHistorian analyzed) seems to be a sort of "all is well" message and only general platitudes, while these do not shy away from stating the problems and the "horror of the situation", such as a genocide and enslavement being likely outcomes of where we are headed.
..."The Terror-of-the-Situation"
"In the name of the causes of my arising, I shall always strive to be just towards every already spiritualized origination, and towards all the originations of the future spiritualized manifestations..."
"..."Faith," "Hope," and "Love."...
" they believe, how they love, and how they hope-- ah, it is exactly in this that all the peculiarity of these three being-properties lies!...
"...consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer --..."
"In consequence of this, the three-brained beings here are for the most part subject just to the perceptions and fixations in their presences of all sorts of "Sinkrpoosarams" or, as it is expressed here, they "believe-any-old-tale.""

In my understanding, the TotS is from our own stunted personal development, and is not related to the existential threat of nuclear war, or aliens waiting out in space, or genocide or enslavement. And rather that possibility for these last two follow from lack of development, and are patterns from history that seem to repeat to service "loosh for the moon".
Why not? The C's have said that they are with the Federation as well (July 30, 1994 session):
But did they display the official insignia, salute, and pledge fealty to future Cpt. Swarru?
And keep in mind that these are not "official representatives" of the Federation, but supposedly just a group of people who disagree with the official approach.
Well if they're not officially sanctioned with the Federation...
How did you recognize the help from 6D STO (C's) as real? Is it more difficult to recognize 4D STO help than 6D STO help?

They are already providing help in the form of information/knowledge and so far I have not seen any contradictions to what the C's have said. A confirmation from them whether this is a real contact or a very elaborate disinformation campaign would still be helpful though.

Beyond information, it is difficult to say what type of help we can expect. It is also not just me who thinks we could use some 4D STO help. Laura was saying the same thing in that session which I posted above:

From what this crew is saying, the main point of disagreement within the Federation seems to be whether the "negative forces" should be allowed to trick us into harmful free will decisions or whether the Federation should put a stop to it or at least expose it. The "official" stance is supposedly that this should not be interfered with, while this starship crew (and many others within the Federation) think that this cannot be allowed since it will lead to an enslavement and genocide type situation.

It does all come down to the free will decision of humanity. And if enough of us ask for help from 4D STO against the negative forces, then we may get it - maybe even in other forms than "just" information. They are also saying that there is much more weight to the free will decisions and asking of "awakened" people - that one person like that can "count" as much as hundreds of those who are asleep and just following programs or the organic portals (which they also talk about).
I think you're trying to weigh this for what it's worth, and I applaud that, as well as your asking questions.

I think that Laura has qualified that the C's material is not a gospel -- that there are methodological problems in the past with formulating questions, making assumptions, etc., and even in my opinion there will be problems in communicating information between parties if there is a gap in language or understanding on the topic in question, as a matter of course.

And I think C's channeling ought to be viewed in the context of Laura, and others involved, asking for things they may not be able to verify themselves, or asking for directions on what to investigate to better inform themselves. I think some times the answers there may have been "functional", as in pointing in a direction or getting thinking to go a certain way, rather than being straight-matter-of-fact. Also, IMO, some of the "feedback" is so hilarious or off-the-wall it dispels to me the idea that she's just using the board for funsies.

So the essence there is they are asking for help because they know they "don't have the whole banana", whereas this Federation group and Swaruu have the deal sealed up, and will present it to you wholesale, by e-mailing Gosia.

Regardless of this I went to the SWARUU website. I couldn't get past the first page. Why is the most advanced other realm extraterrestrial, Yazhi Swaruu, a fighter pilot? Who is she fighting as a fighter pilot? And she is also an 'expert in time manipulations'. Why would any 4th density STO soul be manipulating time or even focus on methodologies of manipulating time to become an expert in it. It just all sounds very STS to me. Then again what is this site's definition of what time even is? [...]
Swaruu: "I am Martha McSally, from the future."
The C's have also said that there will be no nuclear war (July 30, 1994):

Notice that the answer is not "the future is open" or even "that is unlikely", but "No, no nuclear war." This can only mean that nuclear war will not be allowed.
"atomic". "The future is open" is always a potential answer, don't you think? What do you suppose "close", means?
"You've closed discussion by trying my patience."


Q: (J) Would that be nuclear bombs?


It may be the case that neither 4D STO nor 4D STS want an all-out nuclear war on Earth. Maybe that is why the C's said with certainty that there won't be one.
Out around the neighborhood stars seem to be doing nuclear fission/fusion business is booming. If they're sticking their nose in with an agenda, that don't jibe with STO, IMO, and this smacks of self-importance.

I think you should read the entire waves series, maybe that will help you understand many aspects we mentioned before. In this case STO doesn’t “want” or “desire” something, that’s purely STS thinking. They don’t “fight” either like we think in our concept of what we know about a wars. The war mentioned by them in the past transcripts It’s more like a balance thing from the universe itself.
See, the real battle is within ourselves, the knowledge will get us more free will which allows us decide which side we want to be in when the transition happens.
I believe casssiopeans appeared in Laura’s life not because she cried for help to be saved but because she wanted answers, she asked for help to get answers.
Thing is, I’m not going to put my hand in the fire and say this galactic confederation is fake entirely, I won’t say otherwise either, maybe they send real STO messages, perhaps mixed with some lies, even the Cs had some corrupt messages in the past because of the people that were present in those sessions which affected the outcome of the message!
Just for curiosity: It will help you in any way to validate that source?
That is a good point - and it is also one of the trickier lessons we have to learn: using intent without anticipation and without "grasping" at an outcome. It seems that this starship crew is definitely not beyond wanting. Does that mean they are purely STS? Maybe.

I was also thinking that it takes being 51% STO to graduate to the Fourth Density, according to the C's. Which means that in that case we are still 49% STS after an STO graduation. That number of course can be decreased, but it seems that 4D may still be more or less a mix of STO and STS tendencies, unlike 6D which are pure STO.

In other words, even if these supposed Pleiadeans display some signs of STS-type wanting, they may still be primarily STO.

Yes, and this seems to be another quite complex topic. Again, according to this source the Federation learned a long time ago that fighting wars against the "regressives" is not a good idea. Instead they learned not to attract/manifest nightmares, as this group puts it. This seems to describe the same kind of primarily "inner battle" between STO and STS.

On the other hand, they supposedly also have fighter pilots. I am not too familiar with the reasons, but apparently these are necessary in certain situations that are sort of like the exception to the rule.

Maybe, maybe not. I try not to anticipate, but I felt that I needed to ask this question.

"Goals" are a slippery slope in any case, as it usually involves anticipation. But yes, according to this group, the Federation races all agree on the "main goals" (for lack of a better word), but can disagree on the best ways to get there.

That's what this group is saying as well: "You are the help that was sent for humanity", referring to the supposed star seeds. The Ra material calls these people Wanderers who incarnated here from higher densities.

The C's also confirmed that Wanderers as described by Ra are real (August 11, 1996):
So I get the impression of your sincerity in this thread, axj. Let me point out the above bolded quote, though, and instead claim that everything is a slippery slope when there is no defined goal. "Outcome independent" in the outlook, by holding back anticipation of results? I think the work aspects are that we set aims (a necessity, in the system), make efforts toward them, but we do not control results, although we'll likely try to measure results and recalibrate...
I infer that your aim here is to try and vet the material from this source. I'll continue reading, thanks.


Correct me if I am wrong but the quote in italics above (and maybe Mememe's two subsequent quotes) seems to come from something an individual going under the name Montalk wrote back in 2003 after he had a falling out with Laura over the Quantum Future School and its approach.
That's correct.
But, since Mememe not only hijacked this thread, but also did it with a lot of nonsense, this thread was split and Mememe's participation along with members' replies were moved to this thread.
Is that an angler fish popping up ? 🤔 now there's looming many more pages of potential kandelnoost unwindings.

Well, that's just it, I don't think that the issue is that things aren't interesting enough for 4D STO to establish contact. It is us who have to choose to move in their direction, so to speak.

Otherwise, the way I could describe it is, if 4D STO sees us, they see us as the cattle of a farmer inside their fence being toyed around by the farmer. Interfering as such, would be a self serving act.

Which is probably another analogy to describe the group being discussed, the description they've given as motivation for their actions is akin to that one of a vegan activist who disrupts a farm. Disagreement, but self serving nonetheless.
Ayiyi. Analogy of us as sheep hypnotized by the magician...

I've been looking for something relevant to contribute to this thread for a while.

Someone said: Better no knowledge than false knowledge (I am paraphrasing)!

And today I read this from a comment by "Jeep" on the coronavirus thread:

Wetiko is a unique form of mind-blindness that renders us blind to our blindness (i.e., we don’t realize we are blind, but fancy ourselves as clear-seeing). Pointing at wetiko in its own unique way, The Gnostic Gospels says, “The darkness comes to anesthetize the intelligence and spread the cancer of mind blindness.” Seeing how the wetiko mind-virus surreptitiously works—both out in the world and especially within our own minds (which is the only place it can be confronted and potentially dissolved)—is its worst nightmare, for to see it takes away its raison d’etre, which is to perpetuate itself. Seeing wetiko simultaneously dispells its power over us while empowering ourselves.
By Paul Levy
Top of page 9! Perfect spot IMO, and a nice side reference.
I agree with you, Wandering Star, good catch. I think Levy´s way of explaining how psychic diseases develop is quite imprecedent, I would also highly recommend listening this interview and his books for those interested in understanding better how and why the corona virus lies is so damaging people´s sanity.
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