Really weird "entity" videos

Hi Laura, what a synchronicity... i saw the first video about 6 months ago, when i was looking through videos of the tsunami in Japan - it could have been faked, but i too felt there was something strange about it. I didn't post it thinking that it could have been faked....but it was always at the back of my sort of "feels" real, but i dont know...

The second one reminds me of the case of mass possession or trances that i have witnessed firsthand in the annual Thaipusam festival in Batu Caves, Malaysia. The movements of the guy in the video, were exactly how some of the devotees bearing "kavadi's" were behaving after falling into a trance.

The link to my post describing the Thaipusam festival is here:,159.msg549740.html#msg549740
Laura said:
Perceval said:
First one has been explained as a gas tank rupturing. The second one is weird!

I don't believe that gas tank rupturing business. Just look at the darn thing over and over again.

I can buy the gas tank rupturing, but the guy in the store really gives me the heebiejeebies. "Good" acting if that is what it is...
The first one I initially wanted to ascribe to strong video compression which can cause moving 'artefacts' due to predictive and interpolated P and B-frames, but the white 'mist' does not correspond well to such an artefact, especially because it happens twice, so I have to pass -- could be authentic.

Second one is creepy and could be authentic too, I can't think of anything to criticize it...
Both videos can be real or fake. If real, we are in trouble. :)

The white ghost can be faked easily, because the video footage has so much blur and noise that an effect specialist can get away with anything there. The video has many hardly recognizable forms, lots of chaos for the eye and brain to get lost in, perfect environment for creating water snakes and Nessie types.

The second possession video could just as easily be real or faked, based on local culture pranks, urban legends typical to that area. Possessions are popular in the Caribbean, the Middle East, India, and Africa.

Adding animated reflections to flat surfaces - demon entering and leaving in this case - are common technique in video FX schools and the easiest to do:
1. the glass is a flat surface, no bumps, no structural detail
2. you only have to place a transparent plane object there and make it move together with the camera
3. in this case its a fixed camera so not even "camera tracking" is needed.
4. Add a glass material to that transparent surface, so it reflects the environment, in this case the very video frames per second are reflected.
5. Overlay a blurry demon / ghost animation with cheap particle FX: not much form, just needs to appear animated, alive, mist-like. Basic stuff.
First one has a "fake" feel to it, for me at least..

Second one is strange.
I can't seem to decide whether this person is acting OR experiencing some sort of seizure.
Maybe it is a real case of high-strangeness..
Laura said:
Perceval said:
First one has been explained as a gas tank rupturing. The second one is weird!

I don't believe that gas tank rupturing business. Just look at the darn thing over and over again.

Just did and, well, it still looks like a jet of steam or white 'gas' being expelled from something pressurized to me. Then again, there are 'weird' things that probably look pretty much the same! So who knows.


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At first viewing, the first video looks like a white "gas" being released. But, the way it moves, going from the tree down to the water and up again. So, that's definitely strange.

As for the second video, I kept thinking a "seizure"-like acting. It felt too good. That woman who left after seeing the soda/beer can dropped and then came back at which point the guy points at her - that felt off. Or, just touching the can or the door causes an "emotional imprint" reaction? I don't know. Strange, indeed.
The first one I thought could be a fire extinguisher or CO2 tank exploding. But I don't know what that looks like. And it doesn't explain how it was in different locations.

The second is creepy, and if fake is pretty good acting. Although I wonder if all possessions would be so dramatic? Maybe it would be more subtle, and the resistance would depend on the individual.
The first video is strange indeed. I think there is a faint explosion sound for the first white smokey thing but the second one is moving in weird ways ?

As for the second video I get the same reaction when I hear the top ten singles on the radio :D
Might be that the guy had some real crisis and the video was edited afterwards to make it look spooky or it is entirely faked.
Who knows ?
Concerning the second video...

comment in the Youtube video

Ash Collam said:
Coming from a medical professional and as someone who investigates the paranormal as well, I would like to point out to you and everyone here that is this man was having a seizure, he would have lost most to all of his motor skills. What does this mean? This means that if he was clearly having a seizure, his body would have gone down to the ground at approximately seconds and not minutes.

Also, since his motor functions seem to be clearly in working order from his standing, and his pointing, screaming, moderate head shaking but remains stiff, and my personal favorite, his full regain of function afterwards when typically a seizure victim needs a minute or so to be completely normal in case their is brain trauma. Furthermore, you bluntly explain a fog or haze inside a closed glass door in which moves as a temperature difference, well how are you going to explain a temperature difference behind a closed door, moves and then exits those same cold doors without so much as a movement to open them?

And to disprove your theory of reflections, the camera typically picks up someone's reflection, even when the girl came over to him, her own reflection was different from this supposed entity. Any reflections also tended to show up on only inanimate objects. Ignorance is the down fall of humanity, but yes if I recall, it is blunt disregard for facts and hatred that is the downfall of humanity. After all, thousands of human lives have been taken in the name of god, society, morals, and many more. Ignorance only breeds stupidity, but stupidity hopefully gives a lesson learned so that you don't make the same mistakes. Have an open mind to the possibility that there is the unexplained. What does this video technically prove? That there is the possibility of a life after our bodies perish and that the human soul can and would endure even after death.

p.s Those boxes moved off the shelf without a single gust of wind as well,and spirits can also cause temperature differences themselves, you know, just in case you want to cling to the ideology that everything can be medically explained and that when you die that's it, no more after party or heaven or hell. I can go on with this topic and deduct the bit by bit of explainations of both mysticism and science, but it would get long.

For RobbyDoom and the public that believe that they are always right and that the rest of the world are idiots. Last I checked too, These videos happened in Japan, a country that firmly believes in the unexplained, whom are actually beating our asses in many industries. Hmmm maybe there is something there to consider.. maybe opening your mind to a impossible leads to the possible.

I don't know much about the person that posted the comment above but he does make a few valid points in my opinion. As for the first video, it is really hard to tell but I would expect a gas tank rupture to be more violent. No?
Here's another version of the first video (skip to 10.55)

I've watched this version one over and over and it looks like gas spraying (not exploding) from the water.
A fire extinguisher would be the right color and spray/dispersal pattern, so that seems most probable.

Watching the first video in the thread doesn't make it quite as clear, as it looked like a wave/object moving out of the water with a white leading edge.

As to the second video, I've no idea if it's faked or not. A potential demonic possession?
With an assistant off camera (fish line wrapped around the items on the shelf, pulled at the end) and a little bit of CGI (blurry reflection) it'd be easy to fake though.
My first impression to the first video was 'whoa, what is that!?' The way it moves from place to place seems organized, which makes you wonder. The gas line would have had to ruptured in such a way to create the appearance of organization. Perhaps the force of the water moving in the same direction and rupturing gas lines as pressure builds could lend to the appearance of organization? Hard to tell on this one.

The second video seemed like it was too bizarre to be true, which according to Keel would make it more likely to be true.
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