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Thanks for the different perspective from an airline purser. Sleeping zombies may never wake up until 5D which is kind of an oxymoron. :/
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I'll try and post a summary of the most interesting points of the third book in a couple of days. Or, perhaps someone has already done that somewhere on the internet...I'll have a look.

That would be great, Aragorn! Especially if there's good info not contained in the interview.

Sorry, for taking so long to post any summary of the books. Since posting that above, I got involved in an opera project, where I had the opportunity to do/sing a role – which took a lot of my time (it was fun!). :D

It's interesting to note, that there doesn't seem to be any good summaries published on the information provided in Roth's books. Or, I just didn't find them.

I'll start with book 2, Methodical Deception, since the most important stuff from book 1 is familiar to anyone who have researched the subject. Many things in book 2 are also familiar to most forum members, I guess. Like the Israeli 'moving companies' etc. Anyway, here's a short summary with quotes of the things I found most interesting in book 2, based on my highlightings. I'm using 'Loc' for page locations since I'm reading from a Kindle:

Book 2; Methodical deception

1. Westover – that some the scheduled flights [that supposedly hit the towers] landed there. 


”…after we made our theory public, we started getting calls about Westover; several reserves who were based there knew that the base had been evacuated and was put on lockdown. They told us they were locked out for several days following the attacks of 9/11. Vera received a call from a woman who was stationed there; her unit was activated shortly after the second tower was hit. She also reported that Westover was locked up tighter than a prison, and that none of her unit could figure out why they had been locked out. The reserves were all housed in nearby hotels. (Loc 1702)

2. The plane crew was [possibly] told there was going to be a drill onboard


”Were the flight attendants and pilots told by the handlers [onboard] that their flight was chosen to test the military or the FAA? She wondered if the pilots had been told of the many war games the Pentagon had scheduled that day. What could have possibly gone through the minds of the flight attendants as they realized the gas was not a fake smoke bomb like those so often used in training exercises, but was killing them? Did any of the crew grasp the reality and try to arm and open an exit door?” (Loc 1734-1741)

3. FBI had prior knowledge


”What they [FBI] did do, and did very efficiently, was cover things up. In fact, they were so timely in their execution that there was no question that they had to have had prior knowledge of what was going down; when, where, and how. For example, within minutes of the Pentagon being struck, FBI agens were on the scene confiscating nearly eighty security videotapes from the Pentagon and surrounding businesses. They knew were to look and they knew what they were looking for.” (Loc 1872)

4. MITRE Corporation & Ptech


”Let me move on to the MITRE Corporation. Good Lord, they were involved in absolutely everything, but what causes me the most consternation is that they’re a nonprofit company and extempt from filing the documents that would reveal where they spend their money. Nevertheless, they are basically a shadow government, involved in absolutely everything. They manage federally funded research and development centers, support the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Homeland Security, the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the Federal Judiciary, the Centers for Medicare and Medical Services, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Now, anyone that has looked closely into the collapse of the World Trade Towers knows all about NIST and how they published the most ridiculous theories about pancake collapse and free-fall acceleration, all mixed in with their nonsensical gobbeldy-goop that even a junior high student knows is against all laws of physics.” (Loc 1946-1958)

It’s [MITRE] like a revolving door: politicians, government employees and military officers weave in and out of corporations like MITRE. It’s your old-fashioned good old boy network, but these private nonprofit joints allow them to circumvent restrictions they had in the government or military. These people bring their inside knowledge and next thing you know, they are using that knowledge for evil purposes.”

”What do you know about them [Ptech], Gil? Gordon queried. ”Oh, plenty! They’re the guys, along with MITRE, that made it all happen. With that backdoor installed into their stolen PROMIS software, they became like gods. Both Ptech and MITRE, you’ll recall, were working together in the FAA headquarters. Ptech had completely infiltrated all of our national security computer systems, thanks to their inside connections." (Loc 1971-1979)

5. Israeli ’art students’


”Someone at the DEA thought it suspicious that groups of Israelis claiming to be art students were traveling around the country selling artwork but mostly asking questions about security, phone systems and cameras. What caught the attention of some federal employees was that even the addresses to non-public buildings and agents personal residences were visited. A bulletin went out to several federal officers warning about these art students’ suspicious behavior. After the bulletin went out, several agents started interrogating these art students. Their identification showed they were involved with Israeli intelligence or Israeli Defense Forces. Some of them were explosive specialists and others had backgrounds in communication surveillance. […] Some of them showed addresses that were a block or two away from the reported 9/11 hijackers. […] As it turns out, some of them were associated with an Israeli owned moving company. We all remember reading about the now famous Urban Movers and their vans painted with murals of a plane flying into the Twin Towers. The CEO of the moving company quickly fled to Israel after the attacks. (Loc 3744-3751)

[…] It gets even crazier here, listen to this. There was a group of artists living inside the Twin Towers, Bob managed to find a copy of one of their temporary construction passes. Each artist had a pass which gave them complete access to both towers. The group was sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Center. They were actually living on the nietieth and ninety-first floors. One group of these artists removed an exterior window from the North Tower on the ninetieth floor and placed a platform they called the balcony outside. At the same time an art sponsor rented the top of the Millennium Hotel and a helicopter to photograph the balcony and individual art students standing on it.

[…]Two very important details I need to point out are contained in this photo. The first is, the carboard boxes surrounding the men in the photo. The label on the boxes: BB18, designates a remote control detonation fuse bar and is from a demolition company. […] second is the fact that at least one of these Israeli art students was trained as a bomb expert by the Israeli military. He was also arrested in Texas months earlier and apparently released. (Loc 3769-3774)

So, as you can see, no big surprises here. The MITRE corporation might be good/interesting to look into. One thing I didn't know about was how the 'art students' had removed an window and installed a balcony! However, it is interesting to think that the author probably has corroborated these theories by various informants – she hints between the lines how people have contacted her, providing information.

To be continued...
The Westover base issue was interesting and recalled Roth discussing it in her video briefly. As for MITRE, the not-for-profit Co. with its hands in every corner and its staff acquired from the usual players (Raytheon etc.) complete with their different layers of security clearances, what an ideal hands off nucleus of sorts.

As for the Art students, the NYT depicts them (15 of them) as being from Vienna, or so they said, and wrote a story about them and the possible window event dated August 18th, 2001. The article stated that they took occupancy in the spring of 2000. So they were nestled in for quite some time. _

Here is a poor photo from the pages of the NYT:

Interesting, thanks Argorn.


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