Rupert Sheldrake's new book "The Science Delusion" in Spanish


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Just to let you know that Rupert Sheldrake's new book "The Science Delusion" is available in Spanish now as "El espejismo de la ciencia". The book has been discussed in the forum here:,26625.0.html

And here's the note on SOTT about the book in Spanish:

Solo para hacerles saber que el libro "The Science Delusion" de Rupert Sheldrake ya está disponible en Español como "El espejismo de la ciencia". El libro se ha discutido en el foro aquí:,26625.0.html

Y aquí está la nota de SOTT sobre el libro en Español:

:clap: :thup: Thanks. I,m looking for books in spanish QFS list, but it is not proving easy, many of them only in English and some other discontinued. So, this is a good news!
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