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However, it doesn't has to be Russian style New-Age COINTELPRO as in run by the government. It could be done by Americans and other foreigners who use Russian social media and clueless/naive people to spread disinformation.

Yes, I agree with you. I also don't think that there is a govermental interest here. The name COINTELPRO in this case is used to describe what is happening "in effect".

COINTELPRO is a COunter INTELligence PROgram "aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting". And this can be done by both human and "non-human" agents. And not necessarily with any help of sources connected to the government. The idea is that these actions obfuscate and distort information. Leading astray.

And just to give you another example of strange connections, some time ago I stumbled upon an author named Sergey Gordeev. He has a lot of books on the occult, alchemy and magick. But apparently he is also an engineer, or something similar, and supposedly worked on the Russian space program projects. You can see the mention here.

Don't know in what capacilty, and what exactly he did there. Supposedly his connection with the space program has ended in 2016. He also has several other "businesses" that were opened and closed.

The impression I get that he could be Russian "Vincent Bridges", or someone similar to Jack Parsons.
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