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Found another site with predictions and prophecies:

Here's a sample:

NEW PREDICTION: 11/26/06 -- The initial wave may reach 1/3 mile in height, and still be 100 feet high when it strikes land. The cause is unknown: it could be a meteor impact or some sort of island or shelf slippage. It may be an isolated incident or the leading edge of a series of tidal storms that may begin sooner (March 2007) or later (March 2008). This colossal tidal wave will hit around July 2007.

NEW PREDICTION: 1/24/05, UPDATED 4/16/06, POSTED 9/21/06 -- Flooding of the Mississippi splits the US mainland in half in July/August 2007 and March/April 2008. The Great Lakes empty into the Gulf of Mexico via this great "strait". It will be called the Great Midwest Strait.

From whatever cause, massive flooding in the Midwest in 2007 will be the first stage. The Midwest never completely recovers, but remains chronically flooded, possibly experiencing more flooding in the summer and fall. March/April 2008 will see the completion of the two-staged chronic flood where the Edgar Cayce prophecy will actually be fulfilled when the Great Lakes overflow into the Mississippi and a great watery divide splits the USA right down the middle.

NEW PREDICTION: 10/4/06 -- I know, you say we have already had some. But not like the one that is coming on or near August 2007. The one that impacted in Norway, for example, unleashed only 3% of the explosive force of the atomic bomb detonated over Hiroshima. For all of that, it made a rather unimpressive-looking crater/indentation on the side of a hill.

Thus far, the only fireball to concern astronomers in the same way they are concerned about close calls from asteroids, was the one that passed over the US and Canada in 1972. It was large enough, according to scientists, to vapourise a large city had it hit. Luckily, instead, it left earth's orbit and travelled back out into space.

This one on or near August 2007 will be the first of many mega-fireballs capable of vapourising a US city and, likewise, will be observed over the US and Canada.

Eventually, in July 2008, one of these will hit the Aegean/Ionian seas, but by that time it will be nearly the size of a mile-round asteroid. That is assuming the asteroid that hits in 2008 is not Toutatis, but one of these. It is also possible a few of these will vapourise a city or cause unbelievable flooding. I saw an example of one of these "tidal storms" in a dream I had on August 17, 2006, that I will hopefully relate to you in the very near future. I believe it took place in 2008 during a time of major naval battles. This tidal storm was very terrifying.

As Planet X grows nearer, and for a period after it has passed, this phenomenon will increase, as will also another phenomenon discussed by a number of prophets (John the Revelator, Nostradamus, the Seer of Waldviertel, Ursula Southiel, and others) called "fire from the sky." More on that later.

NEW PREDICTION: 1/24/05 -- Should seismic activity continue to create earthquakes on the high end of the Richter scale as with Sumatra in 2004 and possibly soon in Turkey, India-Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, and the US west coast, "The Great Tokyo Earthquake" and subequent submerging of Japan into the sea, as predicted by the American seer Edgar Cayce, will occur also in September 2007 or January 2009. What will begin as an 8.3 magnitude temblor will escalate into a series of super-shocks, destroying Japan utterly.

NEW PREDICTION: 6/11/05 - REVISED: 8/22/06 -- According to astronomers, once a decade on average, a remarkably bright comet can be expected to be seen. Occasionally a decade is skipped without any memorable sightings. In recent years the 1950s saw two comets that were quite bright, the 1960s and 1970s each witnessed one major sighting, the 1980s were celestially vacant of comets, and two very memorable comets were each seen a year apart in the 1990s.

Thus far, for the 2000s, despite a flurry of reported "naked eye" comets named LINEAR and NEAT, including two comets named Ikeya-Zhang and Machholz, none of them were exactly brilliant. Most of us never saw them, even though astronomy web sites provided locations for viewing and magnitudes of 3.0 or even 2.0.

We didn't see them because a comet needs to be at least a 0 or better, -1.0 or -3.0 for example, to be viewed in suburbann or city settings. Even if you drove 10 miles out of town (if "town" is an average-sized city), you probably wouldn't be able to see a 2.0 or 3.0 magnitude comet due to all the light pollution. But if a comet gets bright enough, like Comet Hale-Bopp did in 1997, then light pollution is less problematic, although a country setting will yield much more detail (you had to be out of the city to see Hale-Bopp's second tail, for example). The exception is a comet like Hyakutake, which could be easily seen at magnitude 3.0 or 2.0. However, that was because it was only 9 million miles from earth, the closest comet in history. Had Hyakutake been as far away as Hale-Bopp, about 90 million miles, we would never have seen it or its extremely long tail.

So, we are starting to run out of time for a major comet sighting in this decade. It could be there will be none. But chances are this will not be like the 1980s again. The odds are that it will be more like the 1950s or 1960s and we will see our great comet in 2006, 2007, 2008, or 2009.

As for a visitor being discovered that will prove to be a "great comet" anytime soon, there are none. However, according to my base 7 system, there is one logical point in time remaining for such a comet to arrive: October 2007.

A 2007 comet, if it comes, will be perfectly aligned with the 1965 appearance of Comet Ikeya-Seki forty-two (6 x 7) years earlier -- perhaps the most spectacular comet of the 20th Century.

Perhaps the comet will go Hale-Bopp one better and be a spectacle unrivalled for many generations. Perhaps it will even be another Lexell's Comet.

If my intuition is correct, it shall be a marvelous sight, not dreadful in aspect. Indeed, the world leaders who seek peace on the earth as it approaches will regard this star as beautiful, and as an omen of hope and not despair. But despair and destruction shall follow, I fear.

I do not believe this comet will be Planet X. However, I do believe that it will be a sort of precursor: an omen that Planet X is only a few years away from being seen and close enough to our inner solar system to cause apocalyptic earth changes beforehand. We read in The Kolbrin of another time that God sent a comet or star to be marvelled at before the true agent of great destruction was to follow:

NEW PREDICTION: 5/3/06 -- Two base 7 vectors exist for this catastrophe: June/July 2007 and March 2008. The ISS will somehow lose its navigational capability and enter into a slow, decaying orbit. It will appear as an awesome blue star for several nights before it crashes. Perhaps even before there is trouble, it will appear this way.

From the Prophecies of the Hopi Peoples (White Feather) --
And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth,
that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies
of the Hopi people will cease.
Who knows?
There have been earthquakes in the midwest before, it is uncommon and therefore they tend to be severe. I remember reading about this, (and not just the one which made the Mississippi "run backwards") that sometime about 1,000 years ago there was an earthquake in the central US that if it happened to day would be "biblical" in proportion.

Also, there has been a lot of talk about what would happen if the Ross ice shelf in Antartica were to collapse. Suppose there is a massive earthquake in central US which "echos" around the planet and causes the Ross ice shelf to break up, the result would look a lot like a tsunami. The sudden increase in average ocean height would not only cause unbelievable flooding along coastal cities, it might very well rush into the relative "vacuum" of the Mississippi valley.

However, the whole Planet X tie-in reminds me of Nancy and Zetatalk...

Regardless, we had better get ready to rock and roll. If it ain't planet x or an asteroid, its that Moron-in-chief who clearly can make a lemon tree out of lemons.
I have just finished reading a book written by Pierre De Chatillon " Bouleversements climatiques - leurs cycles reveles de l'Atlantide au 21e siecle".

Very interesting. According to him, we will have a specific alignment of our planets in 2007 (from july) that will cause a lot of troubles on earth. The same type of alignment during the time of Atlantide.

On many subjests, he goes in the same way that Laura.

For those who read french and who like history, it is a book to read.

Unfortunetaly, it is not available in english for the moment.
I ve found this page wich gives Jyotish analysis for 2007.

Unfortunately it is in Serbo-Croatian so I will translate abit.

Jyotish is basically Indian astrological system which stems from Vedic philosophy and currently has many keen followers around the globe. The website belongs to Croatian Jyotish Academy

Here are some snippets from the predictions for following year, the text seems to be written very much throug YCYOR glasses but still there are some interesting indications. Also I liked the ending wher he hints that its only up to us, that we have to work on ourselves and that knowledge protects.

Translation begins :

2007 - The year of silence

11.01 - 16.07.2007 - The time of tapas - spiritual practice
13.01-22.11.2007 - The time of awakening - hidden abilites develop

This is not sucha bad period. Both periods emphasize the need for looking inward, The second period is initiated by Jupiter who is our hope for easing the tension this year will present, and if I may say the most important star in 2008. I sincerely hope we will let Jupiter guide us in its full glory.

First 5 months of 2007 shouldnt look much different to year 2006, but in May we will be able to see the hints of coming trouble

07.05. -10.12.2007 - The time of lonliness
This period is influenced by North Lunar Node- rahu, It emphasises the need for silence but also it indicates alienation. This wouldnt be so dangerous on its own if it wasnt happening in the year with so many bad omens

The first acute danger:
16.07. 2007-12.11.2007 - The time of dissapointment
17.07.2006 -07.08.2006 - The time of the knowledge loss

During this period Jupiter turns its back on uswhich is kombined with other elements, namely The Time of the Loss of Love which starts on 28.07.2007 and The Time of Karmic debts which starts on 29.07.2007. The biggest pitfall of the Time of Dissapointment is the begining of August 2007 due to the Saturn bad influence and I should call this time the Black Hole of the yearly calendar.
I wouldnt be suprised if hasty actions, agression, war and catastrophes escalate at this time.
If you can try to withdraw to silent places during this period. At this time our academy will organize
so called breaking groups of Race Tehniques nota benne: dont have a clue what he is talking about here :) and we invite all other spiritual people to manifest the silence in any way they can

September brings us closer to the key moment of the year

17.09.2007 -28.04.2008 - The Time of Playfull energy
Although this title has some positive conotations the matter of fact is that this energy referrs to the enrgy of Mars which doesnt necesarily always mean good things. Even the child can play with matches.
The most important thing for all of us is to focus the positive energy.
At this time we shopuld all become spiritual activists - do something entangible, the work now starts outside- spreading the word aabout the importance of positve action and attitude. If we fail... well, the October is The Time of Truth
First mercury turns its back on us which creates difficulties in understanding (13.10.2007) and then on
15.10. The Time of Destruction begins ( it starts in milder form already on 11.10 and ends on 06.11 with peak on 23.10 )
The name of this period speaks for itself. Do I think the end of the world will come at this time?
No I dont think so. Well I hope it wont. You see we it will be left to noone but us.
We have to target all preventive activities mostly to this period, therefore I invite all of you familiar in Race Techniques to bare this in mind.
Who knows, but maybe it is us who will save the world or at least guide it to the crisis solution. It would be best if The Time of destruction would turn out to be destruction of the ignorance and everything else that hinders human race.


The year ahead of us belongs to saturn and South Lunar Node - keth. It could be the year of enlightenment to many and I hope this will not happen with to many sacrifices. Nearing of Saturn and Ket and their conjuction in october cause many unstable and insecure days. These days are called Days of clear thoughts and feelings, which title indicates the best preventive measure, but these days are essentialy evil. In normal circumstances we usually get maximum 4 or 5 such days throughout the year. Alas in dear 2007 we face exactly 20 such days. Taking all other indications of the year into consideration we can easily say that this year will bring ( nota benne: pay attention to the words)
Canonnade from the skys! Impact after impact, quake after quake.
We will need alot of strength so it is very important to be prepared.

Even potentially light days are corrupted in this year. Therefore there is considerable lack of Tantric days , and even if they appear they are under the influence of Saturn or some other malefik which turns them into the days of celibacy. Even the time of Love with exalted Venus comes very early in the year and its followed with retrograde Mercury whih means that comunication , emotional or other - will be out of balance.

But 2007 seems to also carry a promise

22.11.2007-10.12.2008 The time of the Teacher
10.12.2007-02.10.2008 The time of Divine exstasy

These periods herald the year of Jupiter -2008. As after the rain (in this case tsunami) sun always comes those who endure the loneliness of 2007 will enjoy the sunrays of 2008.
Which means - if we act in a right way during 2007, 2008 could be heavenly good.

I dont want to think what is going to happen if we dont succed in 2007. This must not happen .
So think carefully what you do and how you do it in 2007 . How important for you is the silence and knowledge, and how much you are the slave of the force that wants to destroy the world.
The choice is only ours.
I am reasonably sure that what is coming will appear terrible in some aspects, especially to people who have no clue at all. Sometimes I dream of escaping to New Zealand, (or Chile, or somewhere). After all who with a clue would want to be here, (Nashville Tennessee for me), when the poop hits the fan? But sometimes I remember what the C's have said, to paraphrase: it's not where you are, its more what you know that keeps you safe - knowledge protects. (and level of BEing?), So I go back and forth in my thinking/feeling and there seems to be something going on in me like Hedsel's alchemical process of fission; where the light is separated from the dark. If I do decide and even manage to get out of my current situation I will still have to have this deciding within myself. after all, none of us on earth will escape the feel of the entropic pull of those lazy lizzies and their third density aspects. Hey, any ex-pats out there got any stories to tell? Who out there is thinking about getting out of their current situation only to wonder what the best access to transformation really is, (personally)? It's so terrible and wonderful to be alive at this time, and as Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan has said - "balancing terror and wonder is the true art of a warrior. "
Crazy... but in a way i feel it's what we're here for. In the film of our lives, we've been living in the backstory, the ground being laid for the actual plot. I'm excited for that plot to begin, whatever it may be.
Cyre2067 said:
Crazy... but in a way i feel it's what we're here for. In the film of our lives, we've been living in the backstory, the ground being laid for the actual plot. I'm excited for that plot to begin, whatever it may be.
I think the plot has begun long ago, it's the climax we're missing. This is also when the extras and comic relief characters tend to die, usually at various ironic moments of self-importance and wishful thinking, or simply out of ignorance :P said:
As Planet X grows nearer, and for a period after it has passed, this phenomenon will increase, as will also another phenomenon discussed by a number of prophets (John the Revelator, Nostradamus, the Seer of Waldviertel, Ursula Southiel, and others) called "fire from the sky." More on that later.
Planet X references don't fill me with confidence about the sincerity or critical thinking capabilities of the author. A lot of these prophecies sound fairly "new age cookie-cutter" as well. Just a bit of "Aussie Bloke" and "Op Terra" stuff recycled. It reads like it's reasonably well written, but I suppose the best disinfo usually is.

I'm chalking it down as "unlikely" unless further data shows up.
Ryan said:
I'm chalking it down as "unlikely" unless further data shows up.
Me too. But it's useful to grab this kind of stuff so that later they don't come along and claim they predicted stuff they didn't.
Interesting... I was reading for a while around late 2005, right around the time that my awakening began. I guess it was sort of this desire to know something everyone else didn't know... to know what's going to happen, so I can be prepared for it, that sort of thing.
A slight deviation, but there arn't many non-prophecists. What I mean is there isn't really anyone who is saying NOTHING will happen. All of it whether it be consumed by fire, the world flooding, war/nuclear apocalypse, comets, plague, desertification, freezing, over-population, alien attack, earthquakes, tsunamae, all of them are about a guaranteed global purge of some sort, and they are all relatively extreme and iminent.
Many people seem to accept this as for sure without really considering the harsh reality of the actuality. Isn't it a little dangerous for people to be thinking all this. Surely if we are all kind of willing it to happen, it will. DO WE REALLY WANT THIS?????

It has been proven by time that most prophecies are relatively 50/50 in their accuracy sometimes more, sometimes less. The best of them seem to be portrayed not as a work called a prophecy but as in works of science fiction. I am inclined, however ludicrous it may seem, to pay more attention to the subtleties in fiction; the subconscious channeling of an authors projections are probably more in tune with reality than an enforced contrived perception of things based on what is now.

I feel it goes without saying, the difference between the approach of Orwell and Nostradamus, the bible and Clarke or Asimov.

I worry that all of these end time projections are more of a desire than a fear. I myself have numerously hoped for cataclysm. Is this really a good plan? No one predicts blandness. No one predicts solutions apart from that of fire and razing. This hack slash and burn solution relies on the deaths of most of us. Most of us will have to die, including you and me for an effective purge.

I don't believe in terrorists. Now this statement is connected to this thread because, either terrorists are a figment of the media, a very poor bunch of unimaginative fools, or they are waiting, because If I could will anything(predict) that would mean everyone had a different chance, it would be a vast EMP knocking us back a few hundred years. Not car bombs in Oxford street.

These predictions unless I am vastly mistaken are doom related 50/50 wishing, hoping for the explosion to destroy it all.
Many prayers and hopes for eveyone to die?

I am very clear on the preparation in truth and that is not the confusion here, for that kind of transition is positive regardless of if we cataclise, or if we and our future generations have to put up with 5000 years of increasing blandification and nothing happening. The one good thing I suppose after the next 20 or so years, and nothing destroys us, is that at least the history books, the Mayans, the bliblee, will all finally, thankfully be out of date, and we can begin the refreshing and dauntingly huge and slow restart to the way of the world, and get over the past.

Sorry there, kind of went off on one. was going to delete it, but I wrote it and must live with that.

Can't find any constructive prophecies, know any?

joejoeba said:
A slight deviation, but there arn't many non-prophecists.
I think there are, probably even more of them than the paranoid doom and gloomers. I think most people are wishfully thinking that nothing horrific or catastrophic will ever happen, at least not on their lifetimes. This has been my experience with practically everyone I talk to, including my family. I think the C's said it well,
C's said:
A: It is just as dangerous and just as useless to "see" conspiracy in everything s it is to "see" conspiracy in nothing. We
tire of conspiracy "buffs." They are nutty, and serve as perfect false sponsors to those who really DO seek to conduct
widespread mental/psychic manipulations and control.
Which is not exactly about predictions but I think it's essentially the same thing. It's just as silly to assume that all will be well and nothing like this will ever happen, as it is to think that it'll happen any second now, and keep predicting that the world will end tomorrow, and then when tomorrow comes, predict that it's the day after. One thing is clear - everything that has a beginning, has an end. So it's only a matter of time before all of the above does happen, one way or another. But to have any hope of knowing how and when and to what degree - that's where seeing objective reality comes in, and that's where data is the only thing that counts, and the ability to assess the data objectively with respect to all other available data. A dream is data too, but doesn't mean it should be called a prophecy or given any more importance than it really deserves, and as with everything else, the devil is in the details.

joejoeba said:
What I mean is there isn't really anyone who is saying NOTHING will happen.
I think lots of people are saying it, like the mainstream media. Although, they kinda say it totally backwards. They say nothing will happen in terms of meteors and cataclysms - but they do say that terrorists will kill us all if we so much as blink the wrong way. So it's like they are "doom and gloomers" in all the wrong things, and totally ignore the real "doom and gloom" that really IS highly likely based on real evidence. Although probably not tomorrow.

joejoeba said:
All of it whether it be consumed by fire, the world flooding, war/nuclear apocalypse, comets, plague, desertification, freezing, over-population, alien attack, earthquakes, tsunamae, all of them are about a guaranteed global purge of some sort, and they are all relatively extreme and iminent.
Don't forget the other end of the chain: Global ascension, enlightenment, Jesus coming on a cloud and sprinkling god sparks on everyone, the Rapture making all Christians disappear, aliens saving us all, the Golden Age, Nesara finally announced, Nanotechnology changing the world, the technological Singularity (check Ray Kurzweil and others) creating an exponential technological growth with an unpredictable quantum leap in technology any year now, etc. We have a camp of "we're all dead" and a camp of "we're all saved!" and a camp of "you're both nuts, nothing will happen" and then finally a camp that actually asks questions and understands that the situation is more complicated than all others think, and the future is open though most likely pretty painful. But nobody wants to listen to data and probabilities, people love certainties, doesn't matter which way you go up or down or in between, people just love absolute certainties, it's much more "secure" and "comfortable" to have an absolute certainty. Who needs that annoying doubt and uncertainty and constantly fluctuating probability? That's not comfortable :P

joejoeba said:
I worry that all of these end time projections are more of a desire than a fear.
I think so too, it's a belief system whether it is optimistic or pessimistic. The point is not what will happen, but to just adopt and convince yourself of one idea and just go with that, and only look for people who seem certain of it to put your mind at rest that they're right and so you don't have to worry about not knowing what will happen. Whether it's "we're all gonna be ok" or "we're all gonna die" it's an obsession if the approach is not open but closed. And the C's mentioned this before:

C's said:
Q: (L) There are an awful lot of people who are being open and trusting and having faith who are getting zapped and
knocked on their rears.
A: No. That is simply your perception. What you are failing to perceive is that these people are not really gathering
knowledge. These people are stuck at some point in their pathway to progress and they are undergoing a hidden
manifestation of what is referred to in your terms as obsession. Obsession is not knowledge, obsession is stagnation. So,
when one becomes obsessed, one actually closes off the absorption and the growth and the progress of soul
development which comes with the gaining of true knowledge. For when one becomes obsessed one deteriorates the
protection therefore one is open to problems, to tragedies, to all sorts of difficulties. Therefore one experiences same.
joejoeba said:
The one good thing I suppose after the next 20 or so years, and nothing destroys us, is that at least the history books, the Mayans, the bliblee, will all finally, thankfully be out of date, and we can begin the refreshing and dauntingly huge and slow restart to the way of the world, and get over the past.
LOL I often wonder when all the prophecies will finally run out of dates, but somehow I doubt that will happen. People "interpret" something one way and when it doesn't happen they say "oh yeah we misinterpreted, it's actually in a couple of years see?". Then nonsense like Bible Code shows up where ANYTHING can be attributed to ANY DATE, and so I fear the noise will never stop as long as noisemakers exist.

So I have an idea - what the C's ought to do, is use their crop-circle making powers to stop making crop circles out of plants, and start making them out of psychopaths - which are really on about the same level of consciousness as plants so it should be perfectly okay and won't violate free will since there is none. Just take a huge group of psychopaths and use 6th density thoughts to line them up somewhere maybe in the middle of Washington D.C. to spell out "" and maybe put a smiley face. Laura totally needs to suggest that. Or at least maybe just take the whitehouse gang and just line them up on the Pentagon Lawn in the outline of a 757 and add "LOL" underneath. Seriously!
Really good idea!!

LOL x 10

Yes I did overlook the ascension part of the puzzle a bit. Allthough that also relies on death in some respects.
I am truly glad that our life paths in this age are granted the choice and the freedom to research and know more even if huge portions of it is devil's twiddle. If in part through discussion and evidence we might get a little closer to an understanding of the now as it is, all data is constructive.

(i relate to Laura's point about logging everything to use later, as and when, if and IF)

To be obsessed with not being obsessivly obsessed with truth, really backs up my views that fiction is more sublime in truth than fact in some ways as it embraces possibilities. It is the possibility of something happening that will either save us or destroy us, that gives us both hope and despair. I guess as you stated best thing is to lock onto one thing that is possible, a practical thing, with an open mind and follow it through as best as possible. The problem with the truth is that it is rarely totally provable, I guess that is the fascination with the grail.

I predict that things will change, eventually for the better and I believe in a much more slow, cog like way than many think possible in our fast moving epoch.

Has any one read Stephen Baxters manifold series? I was really inspired ten years ago by his future predictions.
Just a follow up to SAO's jovial C suggestion. A moon circle would really wake us all up!! I can't imagine Cassiopaea responding to requests in solid action though, they be a talking type.
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