Sahara dust in the southeast U.S.

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Sorry if this has already been posted or discussed, but the article says we can expect to see wild sunsets/sunrises, as well as a milky haze and an increase in allergic reactions. Add this to what is currently going on it seems like some coincidental timing!

Probably just nothing but i thought I'd mention it. I'll have my camera ready anyways.
The SAHARA desert dust is currently having a negative impact on the Caribbean Islands. People with Asthma are more prone to respiratory problems. The article below states this is the worse dust cloud in over fifty years. It is the first we have seen this significant change in the atmosphere.

Massive Sahara desert dust plume drifting toward the U.S.
Jeff Berardelli
CBS NewsJune 23, 2020, 4:52 PM EST

A massive plume of dust from the Sahara desert in northern Africa has been traversing the atmosphere, thousands of feet above the tropical Atlantic Ocean, and is now cloaking the Caribbean and closing in on the southeastern United States.
While summer dust plumes are a common occurrence, this appears to be one of the most extreme in recent memory. It's so large it has been nicknamed the Gorilla Dust Cloud.
"This is the most significant event in the past 50 years. Conditions are dangerous in many Caribbean islands," Pablo Méndez Lázaro, from the University of Puerto Rico's School of Public Health, told the Associated Press.
On satellite images from space, dust typically appears somewhat subtle and faint, but this plume can be seen as clear as day. The picture below was taken on Sunday from the International Space Station. "We flew over this Saharan dust plume today in the west central Atlantic. Amazing how large an area it covers!" astronaut Doug Hurley tweeted.
NASA astronaut Doug Hurley took this photo from the International Space Station showing a plume of dust from the Sahara desert drifting across the Atlantic Ocean. / Credit: Doug Hurley (@Astro_Doug)/NASA

NASA astronaut Doug Hurley took this photo from the International Space Station showing a plume of dust from the Sahara desert drifting across the Atlantic Ocean. / Credit: Doug Hurley (@Astro_Doug)/NASA
These plumes of Saharan dust, termed Saharan Air Layer (SAL) by meteorologists, are whipped up by strong wind storms crossing the Sahara desert. The dust enters the Atlantic Ocean near the Cape Verde islands, inside the Intertropical Convergence Zone where tropical systems often get their start.
NOAA's GOES satellite captured this series of animating images on Friday as the dust entered the deep tropical Atlantic from Africa.
Today's view of a large Saharan dust plume. Watch in near-realtime:
— CIRA (@CIRA_CSU) June 19, 2020
The dust hitches a ride along the trade winds, a belt of east-to-west moving winds near the equator which become firmly established during summertime. The dust layer can extend from a few thousand feet above the surface to 20,000 feet up.
While the dust masses often stay generally intact during most of the trans-Atlantic journey, they typically become diffuse and diluted by the time they reach the Caribbean. However, so far, this particular dust layer is defying the odds.
just speculating, but the last update form the C's did mention weather phenomenon as the very next thing, as we ignore the plandemic, floyd, and all this anarchist mayhem in an election year. In my opinon, the C's have usually referred to any changes to the atmosphere as 'weather' phenonmenom, but this time they specifically changed the tone and word to 'astronomical'.

A: Indeed, but it will get even more interesting before it is all over.

Q: (Artemis) "Over" as in the planet explodes, or what kind of "over" do you mean here?

A: Weather will play a more prominent role next.
(L) Alright... Now let's go back to our intro. You said there were lots of interesting things in the last five months, and there's more to come. Last time, you said there are going to be weather issues.

A: Soon astronomical phenomena.

Q: (L) Hmm.

(Artemis) Astronomical phenomena... Didn't they recently broadcast that aliens or UFOs are now real or something like that? Is that related?

A: Yes. Clever you are!

Q: (Joe) Artemis, you just referred to those recent reports about UFOs - the Pentagon stuff. You asked if that was related to the astronomical phenomena?

(Artemis) Yeah.

(Joe) In what way do you think they were related?

(Artemis) Well, you have a pandemic, and then on the side, "Hey! UFOs are real! LOL!" But then let's just sweep that under the rug. Like they got it out of the way because they have to. It's kind of suspicious.

(L) It's extremely suspicious. And meanwhile, they're pushing these investigations into Obama and his gang in a fairly determined way. With the pandemic thing going on, that's kind of... I mean, they can erase that from the front page with pandemic news.

(Artemis) It's almost like they HAVE to reveal the real existence of UFOs because of some reason, but they don't really want anybody to be paying attention.

More speculation, Now we got the dust about to sweep north america. So what is next? For those paying attention to US geo politics and internal politics(b/c it does reflect back to the world at large), everything started in a election year is suspect. Going all the way back to 2016 election, where Podesta/killary admin was in contact with Tom Delonge, rockstar from the Into the Stars Academy, connected full circle to the same guys helping him, and all tied in to the suspiciously cointelpro Pentagon release of those videos in 2017 and ongoing. So yes, the senate is subpoenas for the 50 or so people involved in cross fire hurricane(spygate), judicial watch is pushing for killary to testify for her emails(crimes of epic proportions), how to put all this and much more into perspective? I think people(masses) are going to wake up to parts of all these shenanigans, and certain parties/agendas will most likely try to pull the veil over the sheep again.

This part goes beyond speculation, since the very essence of talking about 9/11 is pure cointelpro at its finest. But was holograms used in conjunction with what happened during the sequence of events that day? We now, pretty much know the hidden hands always come in to sweep many things under the rug, every so often, according to some agenda. It would also be naive to think the governement, which is always at a minimum 50 years ahead in technology, does not and would not use this on their citizens. Let that sink in, they literally did kill 3k people that day as well.

again speculation and opinions, but for sure we have to keep vigilance and watching what their plays are ahead, if possible.
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