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New work. Now I have added some dialogues trying to create comic/manga type illustrations.


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Really cool renders Bluegazer. Im wondering what programs you use? I have some very small experiencer with 3D renders in blender.


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@placematt Thank you! The workflow is as follows: The robot is modeled in solidworks (functional mechanism for 3D printing) then the model I export it to Keyshot for renders. I do the same for some parts of the scene.

For the background I sometimes use some high resolution photo like for example a picture of the milky way.

For the characters I use a japanese video game that has an editor, apart from the main game. This allows me to give a pose to the character, clothes, expression, etc. Then I make a capture / render of the character either with a pre-made scenery or background or just the character with a transparent background (PNG).

When I have all those elements, I dump them into photoshop to finish the scene and give it the final touches.
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