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Sean Connery, the world-famous actor best known as the original face of James Bond, has died at the age of 90.
The Scottish star was the first actor to play the dashing British spy, appearing in seven Bond films in total.

He netted countless awards and accolades during his decades-long career in film, including an Oscar, two Bafta awards, and three Golden Globes.

Although best known as the ‘original’ James Bond, Connery also gained cult status for his role as Indiana Jones’ father in the wildly popular series created by George Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg.

Connery was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2000. However, he was equally loved and admired by his fellow Scots. Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond released a statement reacting to Connery’s death, describing him as “the world’s greatest Scot, the last of the real Hollywood stars, the definitive Bond.

Connery’s family confirmed that he had passed away, the BBC said, but did not reveal the cause of death. However, the British broadcaster reported that he had died overnight in his sleep while in the Bahamas. He had apparently suffered a recent spell of poor health.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

His last film was "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" in 2003.
Off screen, Connery was knighted in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II
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Actors are very strange human beings. Some are so good that they are part of our road, like Alex Von Sydow, and when they died you feel a little sad. Their death is telling you that time passes, not just for them. But still, they can continue to teach you how to be a good actor and teach you many other things also about the art of acting.

Sean Connery was not for me a good actor. But many people loved him. And many people do not liked Alex Von Sydow. But I am not British and Sean Connery was maybe a representation of what it is to be a cool British? Actors are also part of a machine. Of an epoch. All of them will be forgotten in this new "normality".
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